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A Spark of Light: A Novel summary A Spark of Light: A Novel, series A Spark of Light: A Novel, book A Spark of Light: A Novel, pdf A Spark of Light: A Novel, A Spark of Light: A Novel 6fa896bf6f The Center Squatted On The Corner Of Juniper And Montfort Behind A Wrought Iron Gate, Like An Old Bulldog Used To Guarding Its Territory At One Point, There Had Been Many Like It In Mississippi Nondescript, Unassuming Buildings Where Services Were Provided And Needs Were Met Then Came The Restrictions That Were Designed To Make These Places Go Away The Halls Had To Be Wide Enough To Accommodate Two Passing Gurneys Any Clinic Where That Wasnt The Case Had To Shut Down Or Spend Thousands On Reconstruction The Doctors Had To Have Admitting Privileges At Local Hospitalseven Though Most Were From Out Of State And Couldnt Secure Themor The Clinics Where They Practiced Risked Closing, Too One By One The Clinics Shuttered Their Windows And Boarded Up Their Doors Now, The Center Was A Unicorna Small Rectangle Of A Structure Painted A Fluorescent, Flagrant Orange, Like A Flag To Those Who Had Traveled Hundreds Of Miles To Find It It Was The Color Of Safety The Color Of Warning It Said Im Here If You Need Me It Said, Do What You Want To Me Im Not Going The Center Had Suffered Scars From The Cuts Of Politicians And The Barbs Of Protesters It Had Licked Its Wounds And Healed At One Point It Had Been Called The Center For Women And Reproductive Health But There Were Those Who Believed If You Do Not Name A Thing, It Ceases To Exist, And So Its Title Was Amputated, Like A War Injury But Still, It Survived First It Became The Center For Women And Then, Just The Center The Label Fit The Center Was The Calm In The Middle Of A Storm Of Ideology It Was The Sun Of A Universe Of Women Who Had Run Out Of Time And Had Run Out Of Choices, Who Needed A Beacon To Look Up To And Like Other Things That Shine So Hot, It Had A Magnetic Pull Those In Need Found It The Lodestone For Their Navigation Those Who Despised It Could Not Look Away Today, Wren McElroy Thought, Was Not A Good Day To Die She Knew That Other Fifteen Year Old Girls Romanticized The Idea Of Dying For Love, But Wren Had Read Romeo And Juliet Last Year In Eighth Grade English And Didnt See The Magic In Waking Up In A Crypt Beside Your Boyfriend, And Then Plunging His Dagger Into Your Own Ribs And Twilightforget It She Had Listened To Teachers Paint The Stories Of Heroes Whose Tragic Deaths Somehow Enlarged Their Lives Rather Than Shrinking Them When Wren Was Six, Her Grandmother Had Died In Her Sleep Strangers Had Said Over And Over That Dying In Your Sleep Was A Blessing, But As She Stared At Her Nana, Waxen White In The Open Coffin, She Didnt Understand Why It Was A Gift What If Her Grandmother Had Gone To Bed The Night Before Thinking, In The Morning, Ill Water That Orchid In The Morning, Ill Read The Rest Of That Novel Ill Call My Son So Much Left Unfinished No, There Was Just No Way Dying Could Be Spun Into A Good Thing Her Grandmother Was The Only Dead Person Wren Had Ever Seen, Until Two Hours Ago Now, She Could Tell You What Dying Looked Like, As Opposed To Just Dead One Minute, Olive Had Been There, Staring So Fierce At Wrenas If She Could Hold On To The World If Her Eyes Stayed Openand Then, In A Beat, Those Eyes Stopped Being Windows And Became Mirrors, And Wren Saw Only A Reflection Of Her Own Panic She Didnt Want To Look At Olive Any, But She Did The Dead Woman Was Lying Down Like She Was Taking A Nap, A Couch Cushion Under Her Head Olives Shirt Was Soaked With Blood, But Had Ridden Up On The Side, Revealing Her Ribs And Waist Her Skin Was Pale On Top And Then Lavender, With A Thin Line Of Deep Violet Where Her Back Met The Floor Wren Realized That Was Because Olives Blood Was Settling Inside, Just Two Hours After Shed Passed For A Second, Wren Thought She Was Going To Throw Up She Didnt Want To Die Like Olive, EitherWhich, Given The Circumstances, Made Wren A Horrible Person The Odds Were Highly Unlikely, But If Wren Had To Choose, She Would Die In A Black Hole It Would Be Instant And It Would Be Epic Like, Literally, Youd Be Ripped Apart At The Atomic Level Youd Become Stardust Wrens Father Had Taught Her That He Bought Her Her First Telescope, When She Was Five He Was The Reason Shed Wanted To Be An Astronaut When She Was Little, And An Astrophysicist As Soon As She Learned What One Was He Himself Had Had Dreams Of Commanding A Space Shuttle That Explored Every Corner Of The Universe, Until He Got A Girl Pregnant Instead Of Going To Grad School, He Had Married Wrens Mom And Become A Cop And Then A Detective And Had Explored Every Corner Of Jackson, Mississippi, Instead He Told Wren That Working For NASA Was The Best Thing That Never Happened To Him When They Were Driving Back From Her Grandmothers Funeral, It Had Snowed Wrena Child Whod Never Seen Weather Like That In Mississippi Beforehad Been Terrified By The Way The World Swirled, Unmoored Her Father Had Started Talking To Her Mission Specialist McElroy, Activate The Thrusters When She Wouldnt Stop Crying, He Began Punching Random Buttons The Air Conditioning, The Four Way Flashers, The Cruise Control They Lit Up Red And Blue Like A Command Center At Mission Control Misison Specialist McElroy, Her Father Said , Prepare For Hyperspace Then He Flicked On His Brights, So That The Snow Became A Tunnel Of Speeding Stars, And Wren Was So Amazed She Forgot To Be Scared She Wished She Could Flick A Switch Now, And Travel Back In Time She Wished She Had Told Her Dad She Was Coming HereShe Wished She Had Let Him Talk Her Out Of ItShe Wished She Hadnt Asked Her Aunt To Bring Her Aunt Bex Might Even Now Be Lying In A Morgue, Like Olive, Her Body Becoming A Rainbow And It Was All Wrens Fault You, Said The Man With A Gun, His Voice Dragging Wren Back To The Here And Now He Had A Name, But She Didnt Want To Even Think Of It It Made Him Human And He Wasnt Human He Was A Monster While Shed Been Lost In Thought, Hed Come To Stand In Front Of Her Now, He Jerked The Pistol At Her Get UpThe Others Held Their Breath With Her They Had, In The Past Few Hours, Become A Single Organism Wrens Thoughts Moved In And Out Of The Other Womens Minds Her Fear Stank On Their Skin Blood Still Bloomed From The Bandage The Man Had Wrapped Around His Hand It Was The Tiniest Of Triumphs It Was The Reason Wren Could Stand Up, Even Though Her Legs Were Jelly She Shouldnt Have Come To The CenterShe Should Have Stayed A Little GirlBecause Now She Might Not Live To Become Anything ElseWren Heard The Hammer Click And Closed Her Eyes All She Could Picture Was Her Fathers Facethe Blue Jean Eyes, The Gentle Bend Of His Smileas He Looked Up At The Night Sky When George Goddard Was Five Years Old, His Mama Tried To Set His Daddy On Fire His Father Had Been Passed Out On The Couch When His Mother Poured The Lighter Fluid Over His Dirty Laundry, Lit A Match, And Dumped The Flaming Bin On Top Of Him The Big Man Reared Up, Screaming, Batting At The Flames With His Ham Hands Georges Mama Stood A Distance Away With A Glass Of Water Mabel, His Daddy Screamed Mabel But His Mama Calmly Drank Every Last Drop, Sparing None To Extinguish The Flames When Georges Father Ran Out Of The House To Roll In The Dirt Like A Hog, His Mama Turned To Him Let That Be A Lesson To You, She Said He Had Not Wanted To Grow Up Like His Daddy, But In The Way That An Apple Seed Cant Help But Become An Apple Tree, He Had Not Become The Best Of Husbands He Knew That Now It Was Why He Had Resolved To Be The Best Of Fathers It Was Why, This Morning, He Had Driven All This Way To The Center, The Last Standing Abortion Clinic In The State Of Mississippi What Theyd Taken Away From His Daughter She Would Never Get Back, Whether She Realized It Now Or Not But That Didnt Mean He Couldnt Exact A Price He Looked Around The Waiting Room Three Women Were Huddled On A Line Of Seats, And At Their Feet Was The Nurse, Who Was Checking The Bandage Of The Doctor George Scoffed Doctor, My Ass What He Did Wasnt Healing, Not By Any Stretch Of The Imagination He Should Have Killed The Guy Would Have Killed The Guyif He Hadnt Been Interrupted When He First Arrived And Started Firing He Thought About His Daughter Sitting In One Of Those Chairs He Wondered How Shed Gotten Here If She Had Taken A Bus If A Friend Had Driven Her Or He Could Not Even Stand To Think Of It The Boy Whod Gotten Her In Trouble He Imagined Himself In An Alternate Universe, Bursting Through The Door With His Gun, Seeing Her In The Chair Next To The Pamphlets About How To Recognize An STD He Would Have Grabbed Her Hand And Pulled Her Out Of There What Would She Think Of Him, Now That He Was A Killer How Could He Go Back To Her How Could He Go Back, Period Eight Hours Ago This Had Seemed Like A Holy Crusadean Eye For An Eye, A Life For A Life His Wound Had A Heartbeat George Tried To Adjust The Binding Of The Gauze Around It With His Teeth, But It Was Unraveling It Should Have Been Tied Off Better, But Who Here Was Going To Help Him The Last Time He Had Felt Like This, Like The Walls Were Closing In On Him, He Had Taken His Infant Daughterred And Screaming With A Fever He Didnt Know She Had And Wouldnt Have Known How To Treat And Gone Looking For Help He Had Driven Until His Truck Ran Out Of Gasit Was Past One Am But He Started Walkingand Continued Until He Found The Only Building With A Light On Inside, And An Unlocked Door It Was Flat Roofed And Unremarkablehe Hadnt Known It Was A Church Until He Stepped Inside And Saw The Benches And The Wooden Relief Of Jesus On The Cross The Lights He Had Seen Outside Were Candles, Flickering On An Altar Come Back, He Had Said Out Loud To His Wife, Who Was Probably Halfway Across The Country By Now Maybe He Was Tired, Maybe He Was Delusional, But He Very Clearly Heard A Reply Im Already With You The Voice Whispered From The Wooden Jesus And At The Same Time From The Darkness All Around Him Georges Conversion Had Been That Simple, And That Enveloping Somehow, He And His Girl Had Fallen Asleep On The Carpeted Floor In The Morning, Pastor Mike Was Shaking Him Awake The Pastors Wife Was Cooing At His Baby There Was A Groaning Table Of Food, And A Miraculously Spare Room Back Then, George Hadnt Been A Religious Man It Wasnt Jesus That Entered His Heart That Day It Was Hope Hugh McElroy, The Hostage Negotiator George Had Been Talking To For Hours, Said Georges Daughter Would Know He Had Been Trying To Protect Her Hed Promised That If George Cooperated, This Could Still End Well, Even Though George Knew That Outside This Building Were Men With Rifles Trained On The Door Just Waiting For Him To Emerge George Wanted This To Be Over Really, He Did He Was Exhausted Mentally And Physically And It Was Hard To Figure Out An Endgame He Was Sick Of The Crying He Wanted To Skip Ahead To The Part Where He Was Sitting By His Daughter Again, And She Was Looking Up At Him With Wonder, The Way She Used To But George Also Knew Hugh Would Say Anything To Get Him To Surrender To The Police It Wasnt Even Just His Job Hugh McElroy Needed Him To Release The Hostages For The Same Reason That George Had Taken Them In The First Placeto Save The Day Thats When George Figured Out What He Was Going To Do He Pulled Back The Hammer On The Gun Get Up You, He Said, Pointing To The Girl With The Name Of A Bird, The One Who Had Stabbed Him The One He Would Use To Teach Hugh McElroy A LessonPicoult At Her Fearless Best Timely, Balanced And Certain To Inspire Debate The Washington PostThis Is Jodi Picoult At Her Best Tackling An Emotional Hot Button Issue And Putting A Human Face On It PeopleTold Backward And Hour By Hour, Jodi Picoults Compelling Narrative Deftly Explores Controversial Social Issues Us Weekly Thoroughly Realistic Storytelling Picoult Has Achieved What Politicians Across The Spectrum Have Not Been Able To Humanized A Hot Button Issue Excellent For Book Clubs, This Should Also Be Considered For Discussions In Critical Thinking And Political Debate Library Journal Starred Review The Author Presents The White Knuckled Narrative In A Reverse Chronological Order The Effect Is Mesmerizing, AsPicoult Establishes Moments In The Overarching Event, Before Revealing How They Came To Be Houston ChroniclePicoult Delivers Another Riveting Yarn In This Carefully Crafted, Utterly Gripping Tale Booklist Starred Review An Important And Thoughtful Read That Is Perfect For Book Clubs Looking For Deep Conversations PopSugarNovels Such As This Are Necessary Kirkus Reviews

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    Really disappointed in her depiction of pro lifers She made no effort to understand pro lifers She made them look like a bunch of ignorant religious fanatics who are concerned about religion than people This book was a waste of time I ve always enjoyed her books because they make me think about both sides of an issue This book had an agenda but it fell on deaf ears because she didn t take time to develop the pro life characters She treated the abortion doctor like a saint It was really slanted.

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    In A SPARK OF LIGHT, Jodi Picoult attempts to address the hot button divide between pro choice and pro life advocates in this country, specifically the Deep South Given the current political climate in America, this could have been a provocative story in the manner of SMALL GREAT THINGS, her magnum opus on racism Instead A SPARK OF LIGHT reads like the script of a mediocre Lifetime movie Never afraid to confront controversy, Jodi Picoult, to my great disappointment, let me down The Author s Notes are far intriguing than her fictional account of The Center, a women s health facility in Jackson, Mississippi.Using a literary device that sometimes works, she begins with the denouement and works backward to the beginning of a pivotal day in the lives of several women and a doctor who performs abortions The story begins when a man enters The Center and begins shooting and taking hostages From there, Picoult goes hour by hour back to daybreak, introducing each character By the time she reaches breakfast, I have repeatedly heard the same stories.George, the shooter, is a pro life zealot who is avenging his daughter, presumably because she had difficulty during an abortion Wren, the motherless teenage daughter of a police officer, is seeking birth control Bex, Wren s aunt, is her mother figure Hugh, father of Wren, is the hostage negotiator Izzy, a nurse, is contemplating an abortion because she, who grew up destitute, does not want to tie down her wealthy boyfriend Olive, a lesbian neuroscientist, has an unspecified medical issue Joy, who grew up in foster care, is pregnant as the result of an affair with a married judge Vonita is the motherly owner of The Center Louie Ward is the physician Janine, a pro life advocate, pretends to be pregnant in an effort to demonstrate that The Center advocates killing babies Beth, a teenager, is lying in a hospital bed, having been charged with murder of her unborn child.Every character is a stereotype every plot line is cliche The reverse timeline doesn t work for me Over and over, the characters tell the same stories, and I became terminally bored by them, not to mention unsympathetic Needless to say, I don t expect resolution of this highly charged and emotional debate in one work of fiction, but I hoped that Jodi Picoult would tell a interesting story What a disappointment.

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    As a long time fan of Jodi Picoult, I could not be disappointed in A Spark of Light First of all, her choice to write the entire story backwards was a poor one It s not that I had a hard time following it, but that the plot what little plot there was didn t warrant it The twists were cliches at best, and all were apparent to me before 25% of the book had passed As for the characters they were afterthoughts, chosen to serve Ms Picoult s chosen and timely issue None were followed up on in the Epilogue except the detective and his daughter and even that was just the immediate aftermath Every other character was left hanging, except the ones we knew were dead from Chapter 1 While her afterword claims she was open minded to both sides of the issues, her pro life characters were all cliched and extremely unlikable Even the main antagonist, the shooter, wasn t well written Despite being hit over the head early on with bad childhood, PTSD, yadda yadda, and even given what was his motivating factor, I couldn t see how quickly he had moved from the life he was living to mass murder The entire time I was reading, I just felt like there were missing pieces everywhere I know Ms Picoult is a much better writer than this, and I m not sure what happened Maybe she should go back to writing compelling characters instead of relying on gimmicks and making the hot issue of the day the main character of her story.

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    I was sadly disappointed with this book, and until now have been an avid fan of Picoult s books There was no spark between the words and me Nope, not at all And then the cutesy artifice of writing the book in reverse Who wants the denouement in the first chapter Not I Save your money Hope she redeems herself with her next book.

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    It kept my attention on a rainy weekend The backwards timeline made it a bit confusing.Prolifers like myself will probably be a tad irritated The pro lifers in the book are made to look like either hypocrites or insane and the pro choice characters like the abortion doctor are made to look like saints And no, Ms Picoult, one cannot be a Christian and ok with abortion.Disturbing, Ms Picoult, that you admit you witnessed several unborn children being killed, yet don t seem to be bothered by this You should have included some pictures of the mangled body parts of the unborn children, if you really wanted to educate your readers about abortion.

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