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The Poems of T.S. Eliot pdf The Poems of T.S. Eliot, ebook The Poems of T.S. Eliot, epub The Poems of T.S. Eliot, doc The Poems of T.S. Eliot, e-pub The Poems of T.S. Eliot, The Poems of T.S. Eliot 6489d6aaa62 Originally Broadcast On BBC Radio , Jeremy Irons's Perceptive Reading Illuminates The Poetry Of T S Eliot In All Its Complexity Major Poems Range From 'The Love Song Of J Alfred Prufrock', Through The Postwar Desolation Of 'The Waste Land' And The Spiritual Struggle Of 'AshWednesday', To The Enduring Charm Of 'Old Possum's Book Of Practical Cats'The Spectator Praised Jeremy Irons's Interpretation As 'so Accessible, Reading Eliot As If Finding His Words For The First Time, Grappling With Them, Relishing Them, Using Them To Express Feelings That We All Share As We Struggle To Accept, To Recognise Or Relinquish' Dame Eileen Atkins Also Appears Alongside Jeremy Irons In The Reading Of 'The Waste Land'

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    Those who heard Jeremy Irons reading Eliot’s verse a couple of years ago on Radio 4 will know what to expect. If you’re new to this set you will be delighted and moved by it. Jeremy Irons gives wonderful weight and meaning to Eliot’s often obscure but frequently musical poetry. Indeed, throughout these recordings the music of the verse is an unexpected bonus because the reader’s voice is so finely measured to enhance the sound and aptness of the words. Ted Hughes’ readings and those of Eliot himself are very different in that respect, perfectly valid and often powerful in their way, but for sheer beauty, as well as for clarity of expression, Jeremy Irons’ set here is supreme. Strongly recommended.

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    This review is for ‘The Poems of T. S. Eliot’ Read by Jeremy Irons. Faber & Faber 2018
    I have enjoyed listening to Eliot’s poems on these 4 CDs. Jeremy Irons reads well and expressively, at times presenting the poems in a new light for me. One star fewer because where Eliot has used foreign languages, Irons doesn’t always seem to have troubled to find out how they should be pronounced - a very irritating British fault. Perhaps as well that none of the French poems have been included...

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    A superb set of readings by Irons who brings out the meaning of the poetry with exemplary skill. Eileen Atkins makes an excellent contribution to Irons in The Waste Land. I cannot think of a better reader for the work of Eliot. These CDs are a real collectors item for all those interested in the poetry of Eliot.

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    Fabulous set brilliantly read by a master craftsman! Eliot’s work is dense and complex but Irons elucidates the meaning and communicates the richness of the verse in an exemplary manner.

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    If you ever thought TS Eliot was impenetrable, listen to Jeremy Irons reading his best known poetry. Unlike many actors reading poetry (as though you are a full theatre), you can believe he is reading to you only.

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    Jeremy Irons voice is perfect for this cd. Eliot's poetry is far from easy to comprehend, but internet research is helpful & well worth the effort,

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    Brilliant poetry brilliantly read.
    A real joy.

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    Love the poems and love Jeremy Irons voice reading them.

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    Excellent - love it.

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    Great reading of poems and audio superb

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    Compré este disco porque consideraba que Jeremy Irons tiene una de las mejores voces que puedan existir para leer poesía. Y no me equivocaba. Es ideal para escucharlo con unos buenos auriculares y, además, es muy útil para aprender inglés: gracias a que él es británico, el acento y la pronunciación ayudan a que el oído se haga a las palabras y al idioma. Además, como es poesía, la lectura es muy suave y relajante. Si eres fan de Jeremy Irons (como una servidora) y te gusta la poesía, lo recomiendo muchísimo. A disfrutarlo.

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    My first thought on hearing Jeremy Irons read the Four Quartets on this set was that it's a bit lugubrious, a bit slow and monotonous. But after a couple of minutes, I realized just how perfect his voice was for these works. You need to take the time to let the words sink in; you can't listen to these works too quickly. He takes about four minutes longer than Ralph Fiennes; ten minutes longer than Alec Guiness; and fifteen minutes longer than Eliot himself, who, to be fair, was not a great reader of his poems. There is subtle musicality in Irons' readings, and he brings out the depth of these poems. This is a must-have set for any fan of Eliot's poetry

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    An excellent reading by Irons, as one would expect.

    My main quibble is with the selection of Poems, particularly (and only really) Disc 4. Of course most selections are what one would have expected and are no-brainers, but the overall quality of the selections would have been enhanced by substituting the excellent "Choruses from 'The Rock'" for the "Cats" poems. There is a reason the "Cats" poems were never included in "The Collected Poems" editions of Eliot's work, as he didn't consider them to be part of his real oeuvre which he cared to see preserved for posterity. They are only famous because of the dreadful and banal Lloyd Webber musical.

    Also, a quibble on format: Having seen the complaints from people who bought the "Audible" version, I don't understand why the discs aren't simply available for download as ordinary MP3 tracks, just as tracks from a regular musical CD would be, rather than in some single "Audible" file with unlabelled "chapter" contents making it difficult to navigate to what poem you want at any given time. I don't do "Audible" or audiobooks in general, so this is why I bought the CDs. That way I could just rip the tracks to my computer (and leave out the "Cats" stuff altogether, and a few other minor poems I don't care for) to put on my phone and iPod Classic, and could also edit the meta-data as desired (download services generally do a very poor job at this, so if you don't edit the data yourself, things end up being sorted in bizarre ways, making it difficult to find what you want in your audio library; things as simple as filing by last name of author/artist, rather than first).

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    Jeremy Irons provides wonderful nuance and delivery. Hearing T.S. Eliot's work is wonderful, because the scansion is complex and often requires re-reading certain lines to get it the way you think it probably should sound, were it read aloud. The actual recording here allows you to listen and enjoy sublime imagery Eliot put into The Wasteland and the Quartets. I like, too, that each poem is introduced with its title. I don't think anybody who loves the work of this poet could go wrong getting this! I listen to it over and over.

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