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    L aventure continue ou plut t reprend aux USA, et , ce n est qu un d but Vivement la suite

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    Parfait tat.

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    le livre est arriv comme neuf, rien a redire

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    Read all three of the first series to my son and we enjoyed them immensely We also picked up the book of short stories and enjoyed that as well This outing is proving very hard to get through The book is incredibly forced Whereas the first series felt like something that grew out of the inspiration of the photos Ransom Riggs had collected, this book feels like he decided that the only way to write it would be to follow the formula for the first ones exactly There are characters who appear in the story for the sole reason of showing you the picture he d found Worse yet is that Jacob s voice has been overtaken by Ransom Riggs own Being a first person narrative this teenager talks an awful lot like a middle age man than an awkward kid stumbling his way through an adventure and his first outing with true love The third strike against this story is a complete lack of cadence As I read allowed a well written story I can often anticipate who will be speaking next and the mood and inflections of the characters before I get to the descriptors In this book I m have a very difficult job doing that, with random characters blurting out just to remind you that they are along for the ride, or yelling when you think they should be whispering Of course, this isn t too big of a problem because Riggs relies heavily on he said, she said, back and forth, over and over Oh, and then there are the dialects Riggs is writing accents from new places without understanding them For example, there is a rhythm in how folks talk in the south And he just don t seem to understand it It s a whole lot than just putting some twang into what you re saying.

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    Map continues the saga of Miss Peregrine s peculiar children, with Jacob home in Florida, and Miss P and her wards rescuing him from his parents who are about to institutionalize him Jacob is intent on learning about his deceased grandfather Abe, a peculiar with many secrets Jacob s relationship with Emma continues to develop but runs into obstacles when she confesses that she is still in love with Abe This story thread gets tedious halfway through the book Although it has its moments, the latest novel lacks the magic and excitement of the first three Fans of the series will enjoy the book, but nobody should read this without having read the first three books there are just too many back stories to be aware of The postcards that were so weirdly special in the other books are now very ordinary, with Riggs stretching his story to match the photos, instead of the reverse On the plus side is the stopover at the Flamingo Manor, the terror at the high school, and the discovery of Noor, a young peculiar with an amazing talent Riggs has indicated this is the start of a new trilogy to be set in America Let s hope he tightens up his plotting.

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    I loved the book With the exception of a slow beginning I think this was my favorite book in the series so far.SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERTThe Emma Jacob SHIP has always been a little weird since Emma and Abe were a very real thing I love that we really delved into this in this book and I think I might actually SHIP Noor Jacob.Miss Peregrine freaking out then his peculiar friends turning on him really made what I hope is coming next, a possibly even bigger event.Jacob leaves them all and we learn from H that there is a book that s sounds very prophetic Apocryphon Seven peculiars who will emancipate peculiardom There is a secret organization with state of the art tech and helicopters who are after the seven We know Noor is one of said seven.H called Jacob Baby Moses in the reeds Think about Moses story, then think about Jacob and his journey is he one of the seven Is he meant to find and guide them Then Noor took his handI can t wait until the next book END SPOILERSShipping Note The first book I got was beaten until the pages were visible in the binding I blame whoever decided to put the book in a regular envelope, not a box promptly sent me a second book in perfect condition and I returned the first book.

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    It s first edition contains a few copy edit misses which are a bit jarring early on and seem oddly sloppy Riggs seems a bit rusty as well, and takes a while to find his rhythm with the story Once he does, however, it s an adventure worthy of the Peculiar world, though less under the wings Miss Peregrine than ever before.Like trying to re fold a highway or ordinance map, A Map of Days can seem pretty complicated at times, jumping from timeline to timeline up and down the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, popping into the 1930 s from the 1960 s and out the back door to the 2010 s and doubtless I m not exactly accurate here You can either try to keep it sorted out and make it make sense, or you can just accept it as it is, and just go with it.Regardless, A Map of Days is a fun read that brings growth to old friends, introduces intriguing new characters and begins to explore a new continent and its new rules and traditions and taxonomies and histories Ultimately we are left with the promise of many adventures from the Peculiar world of one Jacob Portman and the suspicion that the dot on the horizon is quite possibly a furious Peregrine keeping a worried eye on the goings on below.

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A Map of Days download A Map of Days, read online A Map of Days, kindle ebook A Map of Days, A Map of Days 3c13bcc540d1 PrologueNever Have I Doubted My Soundness Of Mind As Often As I Did On That First Night, When The Bird Woman And Her Wards Came To Save Me From The Madhouse Thats Where I Was Going, Pinned Between Beefy Uncles In The Back Seat Of My Parents Car, When A Wall Of Peculiar Children Seemed To Leap Directly From My Imagination Into The Driveway Before Us, Aglow In Our High Beams Like A Formation Of AngelsWe Skidded To A Stop A Wave Of Dust Erased Everything Beyond Our Windshield Had I Conjured Their Echo, Some Flickering Hologram Projected From Deep Within My Brain Anything Seemed Believable Than My Friends Being Here, Now Peculiars Had A Way Of Making Anything Seem Possible, But A Visit From Them Was One Of The Few Impossibilities Of Which I Could Still Be CertainIt Had Been My Choice To Leave Devils Acre To Go Home Again, Where My Friends Couldnt Follow I Had Hoped That In Returning I Might Sew Together The Disparate Threads Of My Life The Normal And The Peculiar, The Ordinary And The ExtraordinaryAnother Impossibility My Grandfather Had Tried To Sew His Lives Together Too And Failed, Estranged In The End From Both His Peculiar Family And His Normal One In Refusing To Choose One Kind Of Life Over The Other, He Had Doomed Himself To Lose Bothjust As I Was About ToI Looked Up To See A Figure Moving Toward Us Through The Clearing DustWho The Hell Are You My Dad SaidAlma LeFay Peregrine, She Replied, Ymbryne Council Leader Pro Tem And Headmistress To These Peculiar Children Weve Met Before, Though I Dont Expect Youd Remember Children, Say HelloChapter OneIts Strange, What The Mind Can Digest And What It Resists I Had Just Survived The Most Surreal Summer Imaginableskipping Back To Bygone Centuries, Taming Invisible Monsters, Falling In Love With My Grandfathers Time Arrested Ex Girlfriendbut Only Now, In The Unexceptional Present, In Suburban Florida, In The House Id Grown Up In, Was I Finding It Hard To Believe My EyesHere Was Enoch, Splayed Upon Our Beige Sectional, Sipping Coke From My Dads Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tumbler Here Was Olive, Unstrapping Her Lead Shoes To Float Ceilingward And Ride Circles On Our Fan Here Were Horace And Hugh In Our Kitchen, Horace Studying The Photos On The Fridge Door While Hugh Rustled For A Snack Here Was Claire, Both Mouths Slack As She Gazed At The Great Black Monolith Of Our Wall Mounted Television Here Was Millard, My Mothers Decor Magazines Rising From The Coffee Table And Splitting In Midair As He Skimmed Them, The Shape Of His Bare Feet Imprinted Into Our Carpet It Was A Mingling Of Worlds Id Imagined A Thousand Times But Never Dreamed Possible But Here It Was My Before And After, Colliding With The Force Of PlanetsMillard Had Already Tried To Explain To Me How It Was Possible They Could Be Here, Apparently Safe And Unafraid The Loop Collapse That Had Nearly Killed Us All In Devils Acre Had Reset Their Internal Clocks He Didnt Quite Understand Why, Only That They Were No Longer In Danger Of Sudden Catastrophic Aging If They Stayed Too Long In The Present They Would Get Older One Day At A Time, Just Like I Did, Their Debt Of Years Seemingly Forgiven, As If They Hadnt Spent Most Of The Twentieth Century Reliving The Same Sunny Day It Was Undoubtedly A Miraclea Breakthrough Unprecedented In Peculiar Historyand Yet How It Had Come To Be Was Not Half As Amazing To Me As The Fact That They Were Here At All That Beside Me Stood Emma, Lovely, Strong Emma, Her Hand Entwined With Mine, Her Green Eyes Shining As They Scanned The Room In Wonder Emma, Whom Id So Often Dreamed About In The Long, Lonely Weeks Since My Return Home She Wore A Sensible Gray Dress That Fell Below The Knee, Hard Flat Shoes She Could Run In If She Had To, Her Sandy Hair Pulled Back Into A Ponytail Decades Of Being Depended On Had Made Her Practical To The Core, But Neither The Responsibility Nor The Weight Of Years She Carried Had Managed To Snuff The Girlish Spark That Lit Her So Brightly From The Inside She Was Both Hard And Soft, Sour And Sweet, Old And Young That She Could Contain So Much Was What I Loved Most About Her Her Soul Was BottomlessJacob She Was Talking To Me I Tried To Reply, But My Head Was Mired In Dreamy QuicksandShe Waved At Me, Then Snapped Her Fingers, Her Thumb Sparking Like Struck Flint I Startled And Came Back To MyselfHey, I Said SorryWhered You Go Im Just I Waved As If Raking Cobwebs From The Air Its Good To See You, Thats All Completing A Sentence Felt Like Trying To Gather A Dozen Balloons In My ArmsHer Smile Couldnt Mask A Look Of Mild Concern I Know It Must Be Awfully Strange For You, All Of Us Dropping In Like This I Hope We Didnt Shock You Too BadlyNo, No Well, Maybe A Little I Nodded At The Room And Everyone In It Happy Chaos Accompanied Our Friends Wherever They Went You Sure Im Not Dreaming Are You Sure Im Not She Took My Other Hand And Squeezed It, And Her Warmth And Solidness Seemed To Lend The World Some Weight I Cant Tell You How Many Times, Over The Years, Ive Pictured Myself Visiting This Little TownFor A Moment I Was Confused, But Then Of Course My Grandfather Abe Had Lived Here Since Before My Dad Was Born Id Seen His Florida Address On Letters Emma Had Kept Her Gaze Drifted As If She Were Lost In A Memory, And I Felt An Unwelcome Twinge Of Jealousythen Was Embarrassed For It She Was Entitled To Her Past, And Had Every Right To Feel As Unmoored By The Collision Of Our Worlds As I DidMiss Peregrine Blew In Like A Tornado She Had Taken Off Her Traveling Coat To Reveal A Striking Jacket Of Green Tweed And Riding Pants, As If Shed Just Arrived On Horseback She Crossed The Room Tossing Out Orders Olive, Come Down From There Enoch, Remove Your Feet From The Sofa She Hooked A Finger At Me And Nodded Toward The Kitchen Mr Portman, There Are Matters Which Require Your AttentionEmma Took My Arm And Accompanied Me, For Which I Was Grateful The Room Had Not Quite Stopped SpinningOff To Snog Each Other Already Said Enoch We Only Just Arrived Emmas Free Hand Darted Out To Singe The Top Of His Hair Enoch Recoiled And Slapped At His Smoking Head, And The Laugh That Burst Out Of Me Seemed To Clear Some Of The Cobwebs From My HeadYes, My Friends Were Real And They Were Here Not Only That, Miss Peregrine Had Said They Were Going To Stay Awhile Learn About The Modern World A Bit Have A Holiday, A Well Earned Respite From The Squalor Of Devils Acrewhich, With Their Proud Old House On Cairnholm Gone, Had Become Their Temporary Home Of Course They Were Welcome, And I Was Inexpressibly Grateful To Have Them Here But How Would This Work, Exactly What About My Parents And Uncles, Who At This Very Moment Bronwyn Was Guarding In The Garage It Was Too Much To Grapple With All At Once, So For The Moment I Shoved It AsideMiss Peregrine Was Talking To Hugh By The Open Fridge They Looked Jarringly Out Of Place Amid The Stainless Steel And Hard Edges Of My Parents Modern Kitchen, Like Actors Who Had Wandered Onto The Wrong Movie Set Hugh Was Waving A Package Of Plastic Wrapped String CheeseBut Theres Only Strange Food Here, And I Havent Eaten For Centuries Dont Exaggerate, HughIm Not ItsIn Devils Acre, And Thats Where We Had BreakfastHorace Burst From Our Walk In Pantry I Have Completed My Inventory And Am Frankly Shocked One Sack Of Baking Soda, One Tin Of Sardines In Salt, And One Box Of Weevil Infested Biscuit Mix Is The Government Rationing His Food Is There A War On We Eat A Lot Of Takeout, I Said, Walking Up Beside Him My Parents Dont Really CookThen Why Do They Have This Whomping Great Kitchen Said Horace I May Be An Accomplished Chef De Cuisine, But I Cant Make Something From NothingThe Truth Was That My Father Had Seen The Kitchen In A Design Magazine And Decided He Had To Have It He Tried To Justify The Cost By Promising He Would Learn To Cook And Then Throw Legendary Dinner Parties For The Familybut, Like A Lot Of His Plans, It Fizzled After A Few Cooking Lessons So Now They Had This Hugely Expensive Kitchen That Was Used Mostly To Cook Frozen Dinners And Heat Up Day Old Takeout But Rather Than Say Any Of That, I ShruggedSurely You Wont Perish Of Hunger In The Next Five Minutes, Miss Peregrine Said, And Shooed Both Horace And Hugh From The Kitchen Now, Then You Were Looking A Bit Wobbly Earlier, Mr Portman Are You Feeling All Right Better Every Minute, I Said, A Bit EmbarrassedYou May Be Suffering From A Touch Of Loop Lag, Said Miss Peregrine Somewhat Delayed In Your Case Its Absolutely Normal Among Time Travelers, Especially Those Who Are New To It She Was Speaking To Me Over Her Shoulder As She Moved Through The Kitchen, Peeking Inside Each Cabinet The Symptoms Are Usually Inconsequential, Though Not Always How Long Have You Been Feeling Dizzy Only Since You All Got Here But Really, Im FineWhat About Leaking Ulcers, Bunion Clusters, Or Migraine Headaches NopeSudden Mental Derangement Uh Not That I Can Remember Untreated Loop Lag Is No Laughing Matter, Mr Portman People Have Died Heybiscuits She Grabbed A Box Of Cookies From A Cabinet, Shook One Into Her Hand, And Popped It Into Her Mouth Snails In Your Feces She Asked, ChewingI Choked Back A Snicker NoSpontaneous Pregnancy Emma Recoiled Youre Not Serious Its Only Happened Once, That We Know Of, Said Miss Peregrine She Set The Cookies Down And Fixed Me With A Stare The Subject Was MaleIm Not Pregnant I Said A Little Too LoudlyAnd Thank Goodness For That Someone Shouted From The Living RoomMiss Peregrine Patted My Shoulder It Sounds As If Youre In The Clear Though I Should Have Warned YouIts Probably Better You Didnt, I Said It Would Have Made Me Paranoid, Not To Mention That If Id Spent The Last Month Sneaking Pregnancy Tests And Checking My Feces For Snails, My Parents Would Have Long Before Banished Me To An AsylumFair Enough, Said Miss Peregrine Now, Before We Can All Relax And Enjoy One Anothers Company, Some Business She Began Pacing A Tight Circle Between The Double Ovens And The Prep Sink Item One Safety And Security Ive Scouted The Perimeter Of The House All Seems Quiet, But Appearances Can Be Deceiving Is There Anything I Should Know About Your Neighbors Like What Criminal Histories Violent Tendencies Firearm Collections We Had Only Two Neighbors Ancient Mrs Melloroos, A Wheelchair Bound Octogenarian Who Only Left Her House With The Help Of A Live In Nurse, And A German Couple Who Spent Most Of The Year Elsewhere, Leaving Their Cape Codstyle McMansion Empty Except During The WinterMrs Melloroos Can Be Kind Of Nosy, I Said But As Long As No Ones Being Flagrantly Peculiar In Her Front Yard, I Dont Think Shell Give Us Any TroubleNoted, Said Miss Peregrine Item Two Have You Felt The Presence Of Any Hollowgast Since You Returned Home I Felt My Blood Pressure Spike At Her Mention Of The Word, Which Had Crossed Neither My Mind Nor My Lips In Several Weeks No, I Said Quickly Why Have There Been Attacks No Attacks No Sign Of Them Whatsoever But Thats What Worries Me Now, About Your FamilyDidnt We Kill Or Capture Them All In Devils Acre I Said, Not Ready To Change The Subject Away From Hollowgast So QuicklyNot Quite All A Small Cadre Escaped With Some Wights After Our Victory, And We Believe They Absconded To America And While I Doubt Theyll Come Anywhere Near YouI Daresay Theyve Learned Their LessonI Can Only Assume Theyre Planning Something An Abundance Of Caution Couldnt HurtTheyre Terrified Of You, Jacob, Emma Said ProudlyThey Are I SaidAfter The Thrashing You Gave Them, Theyd Be Stupid Not To Be, Said Millard, His Voice Ringing Out From The Edge Of The KitchenPolite Persons Do Not Spy On Private Conversations, Miss Peregrine HuffedI Wasnt Spying, I Was Hungry Also, Ive Been Sent To Ask You Not To Hog Jacob We Came An Awfully Long Way To See Him, You KnowThey Missed Jacob Alot, Emma Said To Miss Peregrine Nearly As Much As I DidPerhaps Its Time You Addressed Everyone, Miss Peregrine Said To Me Make A Welcome Speech Lay Out Some Ground RulesGround Rules I Said Like What Theyre My Wards, Mr Portman, But This Is Your Town And Your Time Ill Need Your Help Keeping Everyone Out Of TroubleJust Be Sure To Feed Them, Said EmmaI Turned To Miss Peregrine What Were You Saying Before, About My Family They Couldnt Stay Prisoners In The Garage Forever, And I Was Getting Anxious About How We Were Going To Deal With ThemYou Neednt Worry, Miss Peregrine Said Bronwyn Has The Situation Well In HandThe Words Had Hardly Left Her Lips When A Percussive, Wall Rattling Crash Sounded From The Direction Of The Garage The Vibrations Sent Glasses Toppling From A Nearby Shelf To The Floor, Where They ShatteredThat Sounds Like A Distinctly Out Of Hand Situation, Said MillardWe Were Already RunningPraise For A Map Of Days The Best Selling Miss Peregrines Peculiar Childrenseries Returns, This Time With A New Story Arc That Takes Place In America With Weirdly Wonderful Characters I The Stakes Are Higher Than Ever As Jacob And His Friends Are Thrust Into The Untamed Landscape Of American Peculiardom Tor A Map Of Daysreveals Ransom Riggs At The Peak Of His Powers, Leaving Loyal Fans Ravenous For NY Journal Of BooksRiggs Reinvigorates His Best Selling Series, Expanding The Peculiar World And History, Whiledrawing Parallels To Contemporary Hot Button IssuesThis Series Is A Big Deal Booklist Praise For TheBestselling Miss Peregrines Peculiar Children Series A Tense, Moving, And Wondrously Strange First Novel The Photographs And Text Work Together Brilliantly To Create An Unforgettable Story John Green,New York Timesbestselling Author Of Turtles All The Way Downand The Fault In Our Stars Readers Searching For The Next Harry Potter May Want To Visit MissPeregrinesHome For Peculiar Children CNN With Its X Men First Class Meets Time Travel Story Line, DavidLynchianimagery, And Rich, Eerie Detail Entertainment Weekly Peculiar Doesnt Even Begin To Cover It Riggs Chilling, Wondrous Novel Is Already Headed To The Movies People A Thrilling, Tim Burton Esquetale With Haunting Photographs USA TodayPop Candy