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Churchill: Walking with Destiny pdf Churchill: Walking with Destiny, ebook Churchill: Walking with Destiny, epub Churchill: Walking with Destiny, doc Churchill: Walking with Destiny, e-pub Churchill: Walking with Destiny, Churchill: Walking with Destiny 06ebf7a9d81 Praise For Churchill Brilliant, Breathtaking, Unputdownable The Definitive Picture Of Our Greatest Political Leader All Roberts S Past Life Has Been But A Preparation For This Hour And This Work, And This Brilliant Book Is A Fitting Crown To His Own Career London Evening Standard Terrific By Drawing On Many Previously Untapped Sources, Mr Roberts Has Produced A Complete Picture Of His Subject Than Any Previous Biography The Economist The Best Biography Of Winston Ever Written Bursts With Character, Humour And Incident On Almost Every Page The Sunday Times Astupendous Achievement Lucid, Erudite, Intelligent, But Also Inspiring Roberts Catches The Imperishable Grandeur Of Churchill S Life As No Other Historian Has Done Roberts Does Full Justice To Churchills Superhuman Range Of Activity Standpoint Magazine The Best Single Volume Life Imaginable Of A Man Whose Life Itwould Seem Technically Impossible To Get Into A Singlevolume Daily Telegraph Roberts Brilliantly Conjures Up One Of The Most Fascinating Characters Of All Time He Enriches The Saga With Wonderful Examples Of Churchill S Aristocratic Eccentricities, Glittering Oratory And Wit Literary Review Its The Sort Of Biography That, One Feels, Churchill Himself Would Have Wanted Colossal, Energetic, Deeply Knowledgeable, Properly Critical, But Also Sympathetic And, In Places, Deliciously Funny Noel Malcolm, Sunday Telegraph Aheroic Biography, Appropriately Matched To The Ambition, Egotism, And Undoubted Achievement Of The Life It Describes It Will Surely Remain The Outstanding Churchill Biography For Many Years To Come International Churchill Society This Biography Is Exhaustively Researched, Beautifully Written And Paced, Deeply Admiring But Not Hagiographic, And Empathic And Balanced In Its Judgmentsa Magnificent Achievement Publishers Weekly Starred Review A Clear, Well Limned View Of A Complex Figure Who, In No Danger Of Being Forgotten, Continues To Inspire The Most Comprehensive Single Volume Biography Of Churchill That We Have In Print And A Boon For Any Student Of The Statesman And His Times Kirkus Reviews Starred ReviewIn This Landmark Biography Of Winston Churchill Based On Extensive New Material, The True Genius Of The Man, Statesman And Leader Can Finally Be Fully Seen And Understood By The Bestselling, Award Winning Author Of Napoleon And The Storm Of WarWhen We Seek An Example Of Great Leaders With Unalloyed Courage, The Person Who Comes To Mind Is Winston Churchill The Iconic, Visionary War Leader Immune From The Consensus Of The Day, Who Stood Firmly For His Beliefs When Everyone Doubted Him But How Did Young Winston Become Churchill What Gave Him The Strength To Take On The Superior Force Of Nazi Germany When Bombs Rained On London And So Many Others Had Caved In Churchill, Andrew Roberts Gives Readers The Full And Definitive Winston Churchill, From Birth To Lasting Legacy, As Personally Revealing As It Is Compulsively ReadableRoberts Gained Exclusive Access To Extensive New Material Transcripts Of War Cabinet Meetings, Diaries, Letters And Unpublished Memoirs From Churchill S Contemporaries The Royal Family Permitted Roberts In A First For A Churchill Biographer To Read The Detailed Notes Taken By King George VI In His Diary After His Weekly Meetings With Churchill During World War II This Treasure Trove Of Access Allows Roberts To Understand The Man In Revelatory New Ways, And To Identify The Hidden Forces Fueling Churchill S Legendary DriveWe Think Of Churchill As A Hero Who Saved Civilization From The Evils Of Nazism And Warned Of The Grave Crimes Of Soviet Communism, But Roberts S Masterwork Reveals That He Has As Much To Teach Us About The Challenges Leaders Face Today And The Fundamental Values Of Courage, Tenacity, Leadership And Moral Conviction

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    Les biographies de Churchill sont nombreuses, tant en anglais qu en fran ais On pensait avoir fait le tour de la question avec le monument en anglais que constituent les trois tomes de William Manchester dont le dernier n a m me pas t traduit en fran ais ou les multiples ouvrages que lui a consacr s Fran ois Kersaudy Mais la recherche historique continue progresser, de nouveaux documents ou t moignages sont d couverts Walking with Destiny vaut donc la peine d tre lu par les inconditionnels du grand homme qui y d couvriront des informations m me s ils ont lu Kersaudy et Manchester.

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    I can t comment on the quality of this book Going by reputable reviews, I think it is probably superb I ordered it for my husband who I think would love it But the typeface is so small, he can t read read it without great difficulty I ll be donating it to our library I think the publishers should be reprimanded Who do they think are the main consumers of literature on Churchill Older people Don t be such cheapskates This book should have been published in two volumes in a legible font.

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    Sir Winston Churchill 1874 1965 lived an epic life of heroism, statesmanship, scholarship and artistic accomplishment He was the Prime Minister taking office on May 10th 1940 as the dark skies of Europe were clogged by the odious Luftwaffe of Nazi Germany of Great Britain Churchill s father was the cold and aloof Randolph Churchill who served in Parliament and the fetching beauty Jenny Jerome Churchill his social butterfly American mother She had affairs with many men including the Prince of Wales and wed three times Winston was scorned by his parents and considered by them to be a failure He graduated from Sandhurst and served with distinction in India and South Africa where his daring escape from the Boers made him a household name In a long career in Parliament he served in many posts such as Home Secretary, Secretary for the Colonies and Lord of the Admirality He was blamed for the Gallipoli disaster of World War I and served for six months as an officer in the trenches of France Only with the coming of Fascism did Churchill emerge from the political wilderness to lead his land to victory, By blood, toil sweat and tears the Allies at last defeated the Axis Churchill drafted the English language and put words to war as his brilliant oratory will live forever in the minds and hearts of freedom loving people Postwar he served as Prime Minister and wrote his war memoirs Churchill was a genius He was a personally kind man who loved his adoring wife Clementine, his five children, pets, painting and a vast array of eccentric friends from all walks of life He was pro Israel and had compassion for the poor and helpless in society He is my ultimate hero along with Abraham Lincoln and Franklin D Roosevelt his wartime counterpart and friend who was POTUS Andrew Roberts has written the best one volume biography of Sir Winston While I admire the yeoman work of Martin Gilbert and Roy Jenkins in their fine biographies of Churchill this new biography is my favorite one On its many pages Roberts has illuminated a great life in all its complexities and challenges Churchill s wit and good humor, his refusal to surrender and his indomitable love of the British Empire are a wonder to behold The author was able to obtain the permission of the Royal Family to see George VI s diary entries on his many meetings with Churchill This magisterial biography is now the new sine qua non for Churchill scholars and general readers The breath of the scholarship combined with Roberts prose style have set a new standard for excellence in Churchill scholarship The best biograpy of Churchill is well worth your money and your time Kudos to Andrew Roberts and thanks to Sir Winston Churchill a beacon of liberty and love in a world of cruelty and hate Excellent

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    I love the content of the book However the publisher did a poor job on this initial release The book literally stinks the room not sure if it is the paper or the ink Many pages were smudged, wet ink from one page got onto opposite page, please see the attached photo of a example.

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    Winston Churchill gets a lot of biographies so the most obvious question is why has Andrew Roberts written yet another one Since the last major Churchill biography by Roy Jenkins in 2001, and light on new archival research numerous new archives have opened up Most importantly Andrew Roberts got permission from Buckingham Palace to read the previously unopened wartime diaries of King George VI These diaries shed new light on the relationship between Churchill and the King and offer and insider s view into Britain during the war Roberts also has access to the recently discovered diaries of the Soviet Ambassador to the United Kingdom Ivan Maisky and to the papers of Churchill s children, neither of which were available to previous biographers.Of course, Andrew Roberts is at his best describing the moments when Churchill was at his best the precarious hours in 1940 when France fell to the Nazis and the members of Churchill s own War Cabinet were seduced by offers of peace It fell to Churchill to rally a wavering cabinet and an out gunned nation to defend herself against Hitler at a time when no other nation would Roberts mastery of the detail is near perfect and his prose is dare I say it Churchillian The reader feels heat of the clashes in the War Cabinet in the spring of 1940, trembles with anticipation during the Battle of Britain even though we of course know how it all turned out and savors in the glory of Britain s and the world s victory in 1945.When it comes to Churchill s life before the War, there is considerably information that is already known and Andrew Roberts is excellent here as well The reader sees how Churchill s aristocratic confidence in Britain and unyielding confidence in Winston Churchill guided him through the controversy over the Dardanelles, the Gold Standard, India, and ultimately appeasement, the one crisis where Churchill is unanimously credited with getting it right when damn near everyone else got it wrong Finally, Churchill returns to the premiership in 1951, unable to bring the United States and the Soviets together and unwilling to yield to his cabinet s desire that he stand aside When he finally does stand aside, the reader can t help but admire Churchill s tenacity and desire to stay in politics even when he is clearly too old to stay in the fight.Although Roberts is willing to acknowledge that Churchill was flawed in some ways, the conclusion is that Churchill s monumental significance outweighs all of those flaws and his victory in a titanic struggle against an unimaginable evil makes those flaws seem like dust I have my own biases to be sure as I was privileged to advise Andrew on the proofs of the book spelling, style, fact checking, etc , but the work is his own entirely and my praise is my own entirely This is an extraordinary book and if you are even tangentially interested in history then you would do well to buy it and buy a few for your friends.

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    A remarkable book that hold the readers interest throughout its entire length a tribute to the writing and, truthfully, a great life As other reviewers have said, new sources add only a little to a well known story, but it is such a story that the reader hardly notices If Churchill had been a fictitious character, one would have struggled to believe all that one man could go through so many adventures personally, militarily, and politically.The fact that the author is clearly a Churchill fan occasionally jars, but for the most part this a well balanced account that is than just hero worship There is also the very, very occasional factual error that slipped through proofreading editing, but again these in no way take away from an absorbing read Five stars, fully justified.

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