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The Gulag Archipelago chapter 1 The Gulag Archipelago, meaning The Gulag Archipelago, genre The Gulag Archipelago, book cover The Gulag Archipelago, flies The Gulag Archipelago, The Gulag Archipelago 24bf621d05294 To Live Now And Not To Know This Work Is To Be A Kind Of Historical Fool Missing A Crucial Part Of The Consciousness Of The Age WL Webb Guardian The Ferocious Testimony Of A Man Of Genius Stephen Spender London Magazine What Gives The Book Its Value Is The Sound It Gives Out The Harsh Roar Give Out By A Wise And Experienced Animal As A Warning That The Herd Is In Danger Rebecca West Sunday Telegraph He Is One Of The Towering Figures Of The Age As A Writer, As Moralist, As Hero In The Gulag Archipelago He Has Acheived The Impossible Edward Crankshaw Observer The Gulag Archipelago Is Solzhenitsyn S Masterwork, A Vast Canvas Of Camps, Prisons, Transit Centres And Secret Police, Of Informers And Spies And Interrogators And Also Of Heroism, A Stalinist Anti World At The Heart Of The Soviet Union Where The Key To Survival Lay Not In Hope But In DespairThe Work Is Based On The Testimony Of Some Two Hundred Survivors, And On The Recollection Of Solzhenitsyn S Own Eleven Years In Labour Camps And Exile It Is Both A Thoroughly Researched Document And A Feat Of Literary And Imaginative Power This Edition Has Been Abridged Into One Volume At The Author S Wish And With His Full Co Operation

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    Praise is not needed It is excellent To be read or reread An good reminder of what happened in Stalin s Russia.

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    Why is this book so hard to get Won a Pulitzer but not readily available via prime or on kindle For one of the most important works in human history about government oppression I find it odd that this was so hard to get a hold of.

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    I regard this book as of the most needed reads of the current generation of Western Civilization As a millennial, throughout my life there are few things that I have heard than the power of the collective through community I have heard this most often in reference to some form of Communism or Socialism Always accompanying these isms have been general statements of their respective failures as political theories quickly silenced by blanket statements such as, Yeah, but it s a nice idea though or Oh yes The USSR was an ugly blot on history of Marxism BUT that is not REAL communism The Russians did it wrong Those statements, not only logically fallacious but also exceedingly arrogant, comes out of the mouths of almost every young person 14 to 30 that I speak to about Communism They believe, through the meddling of media and academia, that Communism is a caring ideology that wants what is best for others They are all about feelings and the supremacy of people s experiences Well, that is what Solzhenitsyn does he brings to you the reality of the sinister totalitarianism that is Marxism Though he is regarded as one of the finest scholars of the 20th century he has done what the millennial generation wants he has made it personal This book has opened my eyes to the horrors of Soviet Russia and what is , throughout his story, he reveals important aspects of our human nature You Western son or daughter MUST READ THIS BOOK It will change your life if you do.

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    This book put in words what many of my extended family members in the Soviet Union went through And, to think that many here in North America want to replicate that evil system here.

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    Although there is nothing inherently wrong with abridgements, books like this, and this book in particular, should never be abridged I have read the 3 volume paperback version and it is worth the timeand some effort.I m writing this review so people will know they are buying the abridged version and not as an attempt to trash this masterwork This is a great book Because of this it should be read in its entirety.Also, as an eBook there is no reason all 3 books could not be sold as oneafter all, there is no weight to them.Happy Reading.

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    This book is a real page turner I couldn t put it down I think it s really important that people start educating themselves about the former soviet union and the real atrocities that occurred There s been a lack of education in the US I went to public schools and they basically told us a little bit about WWII and Nazi germany and left the soviet union entirely out of the conversation The book smelled a little funny when it arrived but was brand new so I m guessing just musty from storage.

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