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    un des meilleurs guides que j ai trouv , cens , intelligent, justeje m en sers r guli rement pour trouver l inspirationc est fait avec sinc rit et passionen anglais bien sur

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    Easy to understand, detailed explanation of each card

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    My first books on the Tarot over 40 years ago were those by Eden Grey These were followed by Eileen Connoly s three Handbooks to this day, probably my favorite of the dozens that I have read Hajo Banzhaf s Tarot and the Journey of the Hero is quite possibly the most enlightening book on the Major Arcana that I have ever read Why do I mention all of these other books Because as much as I love every one of them for how they have helped me understand the Tarot, if I was to recommend a single book to a beginner who wanted to start on a meaningful journey into the Tarot, it would be this one.There s no way around it if you want to achieve meaningful results with the Tarot, you have to commit to learning the 78 meanings 156 if you use reversed meanings , and this takes time But with the excellent descriptions of the cards themselves, and especially valuable discussions of the symbols contained on the cards, I believe the time can be condensed, and a deeper understanding of the cards obtained using this book than any other single book that I have read Even for someone who first learned the cards 40 years ago and whose memory is not quite what it once was , this book provided an excellent refresher and provided some new insights that I had not read before.Note This book is very closely tied to the Rider Waite Coleman Tarot deck and is illustrated with the Universal Waite deck Although there are many different Tarot decks available I have about a dozen , I HIGHLY recommend using one of the Waite decks for study with this book.

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    I like quick reference meanings on both major and minor arcana see photo The book has good, extended section on major arcana, but generally I find the interpretations overly complicated and somehow lacking at the same time It s difficult to remember the meanings because of that I find Tarot plain and simple by Anthony Louis much better,especially for a tarot newbie.

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    This is a truly wonderful book if you are interested in learning the meanings and symbolism of the Rider Waite Smith Tarot or one of the decks based on the RWS systemfor Crowley or Marseilles, look elsewhere It is very easy to read, provides heaps of info on every esoteric aspect of the cards astrological associations and Kabbalistic Tree of Life, for example A quick history of Tarot and the basics of reading the cards are also covered The book itself is gorgeous publication with full colour illustration throughout, glossy pages and a sturdy cover The author uses the Universal Waite Tarot, which does not come with the book, but I bought it purposely at the same time and was surprised to discover that it s quickly become one of my favourite decks Thank you, Liz Dean An aside as great as I think this book is, it is really and truly a guide to the meanings of the cards, not an exhaustive tool that will teach you how to read Tarot like a pro If you would like a comprehensive study of the cards, I recommend Rachel Pollack s 78 Degrees of Wisdom a very thought provoking book or Tarot 101 by Kim Huggens just like taking a class.I m glad I bought this book and thoroughly recommend it to anyone who wants to understand the RWS Tarot symbolism.

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    If you were confused by all the beginning tarot books, set them aside and buy The Ultimate Guide To Tarot by Liz Dean It is by far the best book on tarot I ve read so far So many other books ramble on with incredibly esoteric concepts which unless you ve studied them your whole life, would be difficult to understand This is literally a card by card, step by step, introduction and guideline to reading and comprehending tarot cards For most readers you would have to go no further than this book Each card is featured with a large, clear photo, and all of it s attributes plainly written in a logical and sensible format If you had to buy one and only one book on reading tarot, this has to be it.

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    This is an incredibly insightful book Beautiful color and detailed explanations of each card This is everything you need to know as a tarot reader beginner or experienced There is something in here for all tarot readers This even includes the Kabbala tree of life pathways, chakra points, crystal correspondence to each of the major arcana This book shows some cool tarot spreads too I m so happy with this purchase This really is the only tarot book you need I have read hundreds of tarot books..this one takes the cake

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The Ultimate Guide to Tarot (The Ultimate Guide to...) (English Edition) download The Ultimate Guide to Tarot (The Ultimate Guide to...) (English Edition), read online The Ultimate Guide to Tarot (The Ultimate Guide to...) (English Edition), kindle ebook The Ultimate Guide to Tarot (The Ultimate Guide to...) (English Edition), The Ultimate Guide to Tarot (The Ultimate Guide to...) (English Edition) 05b40658f6e3 Discover The Facts, Myth, History, And Mystery Of The Spiritual Art Of Tarot Reading Whether You Want To Learn To Read The Cards Or Deepen Your Tarot Interpretation Skills, The Ultimate Guide To Tarot Honors The Deep Heritage Of Tarot, While Guiding You Through Practical TechniquesTarot Expert Liz Dean Offers An Overview To All Of The Important Elements Of Each Card From Symbols, To Links With Astrology, Kabbala And Numerology The Ultimate Guide To Tarot Also Includes All The Classic Tarot Spreads Celtic Cross, Horseshoe, Star And Astrological Year Ahead Plus, A Mini Layout To Try For Each Of TheMajor CardsLearn How To Combine The Three Essential Ingredients Of A Great Tarot Reading Knowing The Meaning Of The Cards, How To Lay Them Out, And Trusting The Intuitive Messages The Images Often Spark Within Us During A Reading This Synthesis Is The True Magic Of TarotWith The Authority And Confidence This Book Offers, The Ultimate Guide To Tarot Will Be The Must Have Companion For Beginner Readers And Tarot Aficionados AlikeZ DEAN Is A Professional Tarot Reader At Psychic Sisters In Selfridges, London A Bestselling Tarot Author, She Has Researched And Read Tarot Since She Happened Upon Her First Tarot Deck, The Morgan Greer, InLater Favourite Decks Included The Sacred Rose, Visconti Sforza And Rider Waite Tarots Liz Is The Author Of Six Tarot Divination Decks And Books, Including The Victorian Steampunk Tarot Fairy Tale Fortune Cards, The Golden Tarot, The Mystery Of The Tarot, The Love Tarot And The Bestseller The Art Of Tarot Liz Is Also One Of The Tarot Masters Included In Kim Arnold S Eponymous Collection OfEssays Liz Is Particularly Interested In Creative Empowerment In Tarot Using Archetypes And Tarot Symbols As A Pathway To Intuition And Psychic Development, While Researching The Evidential Origins Of The Earliest Tarots In Renaissance Italy And Their Pre Occult Usage She Is Also A Former Co Editor Of The UK S Leading Spiritual Magazine, Kindred Spirit , And An Award Winning Poet She Lives In South London