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The Witch Elm: A Novel chapter 1 The Witch Elm: A Novel, meaning The Witch Elm: A Novel, genre The Witch Elm: A Novel, book cover The Witch Elm: A Novel, flies The Witch Elm: A Novel, The Witch Elm: A Novel 2365082b056f4 An Best Book Of OctoberUnlike Tana French S Earlier Novels, The Witch Elm Is Narrated Not By A Dublin Murder Squad Detective, But Rather By Toby, A Charming Young Man Who Always Seems To Have Luck On His Side Tobys Life Is Forever Altered After A Home Invasion At His Apartment Leaves Him Brutally Beaten, His Future Uncertain Who Would Do This To Him, And Why That Appears To Be The Story French Is Going To Tell, But While Toby Is Convalescing At The Familys Ancestral Home A Human Skull Is Discovered The Identity Of The Deceased Leads Back To A Long Ago Summer When Toby And His Cousins Lived At The Houseand A Whole New Mystery Begins To Unfold How Well Do We Really Know Those Closest To Us Or Even Ourselves These Are Questions That French Elegantly Poses In The Witch Elm, And The Answers Are Not As Obvious As They Might Seem Tana Frenchs First Standalone Mystery Is A Twisty Delight For Existing Fans It Is Also The Perfect Book For Newcomers To Discover One Of Fictions Best Crime Writers Seira Wilson, Book ReviewPraise For The Witch Elm Ive Always Considered Myself To Be, Basically, A Lucky Person Thats The First Line Of Tana Frenchs Extraordinary New Novel Heres A Things Go Bad Story Thomas Hardy Could Have Written In His Prime The Book Is Lifted By Frenchs Nervy, Almost Obsessive Prose This Is Good Work By A Good Writer For The Reader, What Luck Stephen King, The New York Times Book ReviewTana French Is At Her Suspenseful Best In The Witch Elm Tana Frenchs Best And Most Intricately Nuanced Novel Yet She Is In A Class By Herself As A Superb Psychological Novelist Frenchs Heretofore Finest Novel Get Ready For The Whiplash Brought On By Its Final Twists And Turns Janet Maslin, The New York TimesLike All Of Her Novels, It Becomes An Incisive Psychological Portrait Embedded In A Mesmerizing Murder Mystery French Could Make A Target Run Feel Tense And Revelatory LA TimesLike All Of Frenchs Novels, The Witch Elmcan Be Swooningly Evocative Even If Toby Isnt On The Dublin Murder Squad, The Events In The Witch Elmspur His Great, Transformative Upheaval The Discovery They Force On Him Revolves Around One Question Whose Story Is This By The Time French Is Done Retooling The Mystery Formit Seems Theres Nothing She Cant Make It Do, No Purpose She Cant Make It Servethe Answer Is Clear Hers And Hers Alone Laura Miller, SlateMs Frenchs New Standalone Is A Stunner Unapologetically Atmospheric, The Book Is Thought Provoking And A Pleasure To Read At The Sentence Level Her Suspense And Crime Elements Are Done Exceptionally Well And With Great Originality Paula Mclain Head Spinning French Has Spun An Engrossing Meditation On Memory, Identity, And Family A Master Of Psychological Complexity, She Toys With The Minds Of Her Characters And Readers Both Vogue The Witch Elm, Which Follows A Privileged Man Whose Life Gets Derailed, Is A Timely Window Into What Happens When Men Lose Their Precious Power Frenchs Masterful Character Study Is Absolutely Riveting And Timely Buzzfeed Detail Rich Sequences Lead To Psychological Insights And Unexpected RevelationsThe Wall Street JournalThe Literary Worlds Favorite Mystery Writer The Cut Since Bursting Onto The Mystery Scene With Her Genre BendingDebut In The Woods, Tana French Has Cemented Her Reputation As A Literary Novelist Who Happens To Write About Murder VultureTana French She Of The Lusciously Complex Sentences, She Of The Dense And Eerie Atmospheres Is One Of The Greatest Crime Novelists Writing Today The Witch Elm Is A Rich, Immersive, And Spine Chilling Book, Because Tana French Is Great At What She Does And She Knows How To Tell A Story But Its Also A Scathing And Insightful Deconstruction Of Social Privilege, Coming From A Master Of The Form At The Height Of Her Powers VoxA Crime Thriller At The Top Of Its Game InStyleTana Frenchs New Novel Is An Intriguing Blend Of Whodunit And Who Am I A High Priestess Of Tense, Twisty Plots The Mysterys Resolution Is Astonishing O, Oprah Magazine Spooky One Of The Premier Voices In Contemporary Crime Fiction The Final Revelations In Witch Are Startling A Whodunit Far Memorable For The Why Than The Who Entertainment Weekly Frenchs Alluring Storytelling Keeps You Hooked TimeFrench Burrows Deeply Into Her Victims Psyche, Plucking Out His Thoughts And Presenting Them With Such Elegantly Worded Descriptions One May Think The Author Has Nestled Herself In An Armchair Squarely In Tobys Frontal Cortex This One Is Worth Two Readings The First With The Constant Tightening Of The Chest That Accompanies All Of Frenchs Work, The Second After The Reader Can Breathe Again The Associated PressScratch A Bit Beneath The Surface Of The Witch Elm, Then, And Youll Find A Book That Captures The Tensions Of Our Current Era, Which Is Defined Both By Identity Politics And The Backlash Against Them Through Toby, The Novel Offers Powerful Insight Into How Luckwhich Is, Often Enough,another Way Of Saying Privilegecan Blind People To The Suffering Of Others, With Disastrous Consequences Quartz A Thrilling Novel About Privilege, Family Lore, And Perception PopSugar The Crime Writer For People Who Think They Dont Like Genre Fiction Her Prose Is Enveloping And Intricate, But Casually Masks Its Cleverness She Sucks You In With Mystery, Then Unfurls A Masterfully Rendered, Super Specific Slice Of Irish Society Vogue Tana French Is At The Cutting Edge Of Crime Fiction, And The Witch Elmpushes Its Boundaries Further The New Republic A Spellbinding Stand Alone Novel Carefully Crafted In Her Unique, Darkly Elegant Prose Style Booklist Prose So Smooth You Forget About It And Just Sink Right InLiterary Hub Exquisitely Suspenseful Bustle Tana Frenchs The Witch Elmis A Chilling Mystery About The Unreliability Of Memory Real Simple You Savor The Details The Delicious Portrayal Of Crisp Fall Weather In Ireland As You Race Through The Pages A Tick Tocking Mystery And A Fascinating Portrayal Of Memory As A Cracked Mirror, Through Which The Past Cant Quite Be Seen Clearly Seattle Times An Amazing Read From An Iconic Thriller Writer Mystery Tribune Fans Of Tana Frenchs Previous Dublin Murder Squad Books Will Find Themselves Happily Tangled Up In Her New Novel, And Ultimately Delighted By The Deep Psychological Dive She Leads Them On Mystery SceneTana French, Having Tailored Psychological Suspense To Her Own Voice, Demonstrates Anew That The Solution Never Fits Neatly Into The Crime Solving Order That Detective Novels DemandBookforum Edgar Winner French Is At Her Suspenseful Best In This Standalone, In Which An Irishman, Whos Always Considered Himself A Lucky Person, Has To Reassess His Past In The Light Of A Gruesome Find On The Grounds Of His Familys Ancestral Home Publishers Weeklythe Story Is Compelling, And French Is Deft In Unraveling This Book S Puzzles Psychologically Intense Kirkus ReviewsFrenchs Slow Burning, Character Driven Examination Of Male Privilege Is Timely, Sharp, And Meticulously Crafted Recommended For Her Legions Of Fans, As Well As Any Readers Of Literary Crime FictionLibrary Journal

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    When you consider reading a book, you might do well to first ask yourself a couple of questions Such as, Am I in the mood for a quick read A read that doesn t require me to stop and think over what I just learned about the main character or as to what I would do in a similar circumstance In The Witch Elm we have a character driven absorbing read that will, on occasion, challenge you Folks looking for a quick read, especially commuters, may want to look elsewhere.If you re still here, welcome to my reading room POV First person, which imparts an intimacy that is needed by a tale such as this Getting inside Toby s head to learn how he experiences, and attempts to recover from, his fall is one of the major themes in this character driven story.BLUSH FACTOR To put it gently, unless your church group differs greatly from mine, you will NOT be reading this aloud to them In fact, you re likely to disavow any knowledge of this book, even if you did read it in bed and keep it hidden from view by visitors.ADVENTURE Yes, at least for me, as I m a Yank For people in the UK, I have no idea.THE WRITING Friendly, intimate, chatty Good flow and, dare I say, sway Almost feel like it s a waltz Mind you, when I was younger I abhorred think books, which, at 528 pages or thereabouts, I would have run the other way to find a quicker read I was the sort who decried the loss of trees for such books Now, though, I ve come to appreciate what additional pages really means character development, asides that afford us time to view how the other half lives Or, permit us to develop a one on one relationship with the narrator to appreciate how they can draw us in with a gentle tug here and there.In other words, if you re looking for a quick read, this is liable to disappoint It also, however, might draw you in to show you the value of what I stated above.GRAMMAR, EDITING SUCH This is a first rate production by a premier writer Bear in mind, though, this is written by a writer in the UK, so some terms might need a little interpretation to fully appreciate their meaning.CHARACTER Watching how the writer brings Toby from a full, happy, lucky man downwards is engrossing.ExcerptThis excerpt comes from quite early in the story, so is free of what I consider spoilers, plus free of words that does not permit in reviews This glimpse, however brief, will show a side of Toby that may dispel any prejudices in his favor If that could annoy you, please pass on reading the excerpt hadn t there been some coke left over from that Paddy s Day party But surely if they had been planning to give me hassle over that, they would have mentioned it by now How about your car Martin asked Oh, I said My car hadn t even occurred to me Yeah It s a BMW coupe I mean, it s a few years old, but it s probably still worth Did they take it They did, yeah, Martin said Sorry We ve been keeping a lookout for it, but no joy yet The insurance ll sort you out, no problem, Flashy Suit told me comfortingly We ll give you a copy of the report Where were the keys Martin asked In the living room On the, the word gone again the sideboard He blew air out of the side of his mouth In full view of the windows, man Ever leave the curtains open Mostly Yeah Martin grimaced You ll know better next time, wha Did you have them open last Friday evening I don t Getting home, going to bed, everything in between, it was all blank, a black hole big enough that I didn t even want to get near it I don t remember Did you have the car out that day It took me a moment, but No I left it at home I had figured that, whatever happened with Richard, I was going to want a few pints In the car park in front of the building Yeah Do you drive it most days Not really Mostly I walk to work, if the weather s OK, save the hassle of parking in town But if it s raining or, or I m running late, then yeah, I drive And if I go somewhere at the weekend Maybe two days a week Three When was the last time you had it out I guess I knew I had stayed home for a few days before that night, couldn t remember exactly how long The beginning of that week Monday Martin lifted an eyebrow, checking You positive Monday Maybe I don t remember Maybe it was over the weekend I got where he was going with this The car park was open to the road, no gate Martin thought someone had scoped out my car, clocked me getting into it, watched the windows till he identified my apartment, and then come looking for the keys In spite of the element of creepiness me sprawled contentedly on my sofa eating crisps and watching TV, eyes at the dark crack between the curtains I liked that theory, an awful lot better than I liked my Gouger one Car thieves weren t personal, and they were hardly likely to come back Anything else valuable Martin asked My laptop My Xbox I think that s it Did they Yeah, Flashy Suit said Your telly, too That s the standard stuff easy to sell for a few bob We ll keep the serial numbers on file, if you veFrench, Tana The Witch Elm A Novel pp 57 59 Penguin Publishing Group Kindle Edition.BOTTOM LINEAs other reviewers have stated, the story slows a bit during the development stage, but that I believe was an artistic decision and has nothing to do with why I m taking a star away Oh, and although there is some hint of sex in the romantic aspects of the story, there is nothing graphic, from my viewpoint In fact, I might have preferred to see some So, why four stars The profanities and other slang are so numerous Mind you, I agree with the decision to include rough street talk to set the tone However, in my thinking, less can be Mostly though, I just want to ensure readers wishing to avoid such talk are properly alerted.Four stars out of five Still, four stars is certainly a strong recommendation to read.I am striving to produce reviews that help you find books that you want, or avoid books that you wish to avoid With your help, my improvement will help you and me improve book reviews on Together, you and I can build a great customer review process that helps everybody Will you join me It is people such as you who have helped me improve over the years I m still learning, and I have a great deal yet to learn With your help, I ll improve every day.One request Be respectful and courteous in your comments and emails to me I will do likewise with you.Thank you so much for indicating if this review helped you, or for your comment.

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    Having enjoyed the author s other books, I found this one to be a slog Ms French is a very skilled writer, but finishing this one was a battle At the center is Toby, a twenty something hail fellow well met He spends his time pushing the ethics envelope on the job, drinking with his buddies, pulling adolescent pranks and occasionally paying attention to his girlfriend, Melissa, who is the only ray of sunshine in this gloomy book and although he professes to love her, it s hard to see why she cares about him.On an ordinary evening, two men burgle Toby s apartment and beat him nearly to death Since he is the narrator and spends the first third of this book in the hospital, there is very little action and is largely written as though he were not on a morphine drip and completely aware Even drugs do not keep Toby from being annoyed He s in pain, hates the doctors, wishes his mother would leave him alone and so on.Released from the hospital, Toby has lasting effects from the beating, some physical, some psychological He doesn t want to do anything but mope around while resenting anyone who tries to help He s such an unlikable guy it s difficult to feel sorry for him Just when I was ready to give up on this book, his family convinces Toby to move in with his bachelor uncle, Hugo Hugo is terminally ill and can t be alone and since Toby isn t doing anything anyway, he agrees Both Melissa and Toby move in with Hugo, who is failing but whose attitude is the opposite of his nephew, gentle and considerate Melissa goes to work and Hugo spends his days tracing people s ancestry online Toby takes too many drugs and wanders around feeling sorry for himself Each Saturday the extended family visits The Ivy, Hugo s home They bring food There are parents, cousins, children and they drink and talk and talk and talk These conversations are not much different from most family get togethers Lots of resentments pop up, eyeballs roll, parents yell at the children Just when it appeared that nothing was every going to happen again in this book, Eureka At one of these Saturday free for alls, Hugo shoos the children outside to go on a hunt for buried treasure and one of them discovers a human skull Half the family is for tossing it over the fence but Hugo insists they call the authorities There is much discussion among the family members about whether the skull is ancient or contemporary and so on and, of course, they have no idea.When the identity of the deceased is discovered to be contemporary, the police become involved and the hunt is on The police are called and to a man they are menacing and suspicious while being verbally obsequious With nothing else to do, really, Toby sets out to be a detective He plies his cousins with alcohol and engages them in verbal jousts and asks what he thinks are brilliant questions in hopes of gaining some clues as to what they know Toby has become paranoid and afraid after his beating so poking his nose into deep waters would not seem to be logical but forward he rushes, drunk and stoned Melissa is disgusted and moves out Toby whines.The characters, with the exception of Melissa and Hugo, are not sympathetic and they talk, talk, talk and Toby complains for hundreds of pages This might have been a better book if Toby himself had been the victim as the suspect pool would have been wide From the point where Toby moves in with Hugo, this book is like a play All the action takes place at The Ivy, home of the Witch Elm of the title Toby doesn t leave, Hugo doesn t leave Melissa leaves and comes back and the rest of the cast wanders in and out, airing complaints The last half of the book is nearly all dialogue It s a trial to read a book where the narrator is a a self absorbed brat who stays stoned and is all about me me Rarely do I dislike a book so much that I considered chucking it half way through.

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    As others have noted, this novel is a departure from Tana French s other works The plot is, perhaps, overly intricate, though the unreliability of the narrator provides an excuse for that It is occasionally brutal, occasionally beautiful but, for me, the unlikability of 95 percent of the characters made this book a difficult read I truly didn t care about them As a result, the long, long road to resolving what happened became a battle between mild curiosity about what might have occurred and increasing dislike of everyone involved.

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    Why Why didn t her editors tell her how bad this was Why does Toby spend most of the book feeling sort for himself Why can t I tell you how bad this book is without revealing the plot Would I dislike the book as much if I didn t know French was capable of so much I m not sure But I slogged through it for that reason The basic kernel of the plot could have been a good book and the author is certainly good But our main characters are not likeable, and our hero spends much of the book telling us how miserable he is, and nothing at all uplifting comes out of the mess that is their lives I m not saying that a mystery should have a happy ending, just.wow.

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