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A Map of Days: Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children, Book 4 summary A Map of Days: Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children, Book 4, series A Map of Days: Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children, Book 4, book A Map of Days: Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children, Book 4, pdf A Map of Days: Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children, Book 4, A Map of Days: Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children, Book 4 3bb17134db The Number One Best Selling Series Returns With A Thrilling New Story Arc Set In America Vintage Photographs Reveal The Never Before Seen World Of Peculiar America With A Stunning Addition Full Color Images Having Defeated The Monstrous Threat That Nearly Destroyed The Peculiar World, Jacob Portman Is Back Where His Story Began, In Florida Except Now Miss Peregrine, Emma, And Their Peculiar Friends Are With Him, And Doing Their Best To Blend In But Carefree Days Of Beach Visits And Normalling Lessons Are Soon Interrupted By A Discovery A Subterranean Bunker That Belonged To Jacob S Grandfather, Abe Clues To Abe S Double Life As A Peculiar Operative Start To Emerge, Secrets Long Hidden In Plain Sight And Jacob Begins To Learn About The Dangerous Legacy He Has Inherited Truths That Were Part Of Him Long Before He Walked Into Miss Peregrine S Time Loop Now, The Stakes Are Higher Than Ever As Jacob And His Friends Are Thrust Into The Untamed Landscape Of American Peculiardom A World With Few Ymbrynes, Or Rules That None Of Them Understand New Wonders, And Dangers, Await In This Brilliant Next Chapter For Miss Peregrine S Peculiar Children Includes A Bonus PDF With Haunting Vintage Photographs That Reveal The Never Before Seen World Of Peculiar America With A Stunning Addition Full Color Images PLEASE NOTE When You Purchase This Title, The Bonus PDF Will Be Available In Your Audible Library Along With The Audio

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    Read all three of the first series to my son and we enjoyed them immensely We also picked up the book of short stories and enjoyed that as well This outing is proving very hard to get through The book is incredibly forced Whereas the first series felt like something that grew out of the inspiration of the photos Ransom Riggs had collected, this book feels like he decided that the only way to write it would be to follow the formula for the first ones exactly There are characters who appear in the story for the sole reason of showing you the picture he d found Worse yet is that Jacob s voice has been overtaken by Ransom Riggs own Being a first person narrative this teenager talks an awful lot like a middle age man than an awkward kid stumbling his way through an adventure and his first outing with true love The third strike against this story is a complete lack of cadence As I read allowed a well written story I can often anticipate who will be speaking next and the mood and inflections of the characters before I get to the descriptors In this book I m have a very difficult job doing that, with random characters blurting out just to remind you that they are along for the ride, or yelling when you think they should be whispering Of course, this isn t too big of a problem because Riggs relies heavily on he said, she said, back and forth, over and over Oh, and then there are the dialects Riggs is writing accents from new places without understanding them For example, there is a rhythm in how folks talk in the south And he just don t seem to understand it It s a whole lot than just putting some twang into what you re saying.

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    It s first edition contains a few copy edit misses which are a bit jarring early on and seem oddly sloppy Riggs seems a bit rusty as well, and takes a while to find his rhythm with the story Once he does, however, it s an adventure worthy of the Peculiar world, though less under the wings Miss Peregrine than ever before.Like trying to re fold a highway or ordinance map, A Map of Days can seem pretty complicated at times, jumping from timeline to timeline up and down the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, popping into the 1930 s from the 1960 s and out the back door to the 2010 s and doubtless I m not exactly accurate here You can either try to keep it sorted out and make it make sense, or you can just accept it as it is, and just go with it.Regardless, A Map of Days is a fun read that brings growth to old friends, introduces intriguing new characters and begins to explore a new continent and its new rules and traditions and taxonomies and histories Ultimately we are left with the promise of many adventures from the Peculiar world of one Jacob Portman and the suspicion that the dot on the horizon is quite possibly a furious Peregrine keeping a worried eye on the goings on below.

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    Map continues the saga of Miss Peregrine s peculiar children, with Jacob home in Florida, and Miss P and her wards rescuing him from his parents who are about to institutionalize him Jacob is intent on learning about his deceased grandfather Abe, a peculiar with many secrets Jacob s relationship with Emma continues to develop but runs into obstacles when she confesses that she is still in love with Abe This story thread gets tedious halfway through the book Although it has its moments, the latest novel lacks the magic and excitement of the first three Fans of the series will enjoy the book, but nobody should read this without having read the first three books there are just too many back stories to be aware of The postcards that were so weirdly special in the other books are now very ordinary, with Riggs stretching his story to match the photos, instead of the reverse On the plus side is the stopover at the Flamingo Manor, the terror at the high school, and the discovery of Noor, a young peculiar with an amazing talent Riggs has indicated this is the start of a new trilogy to be set in America Let s hope he tightens up his plotting.

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    I loved the book With the exception of a slow beginning I think this was my favorite book in the series so far.SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERTThe Emma Jacob SHIP has always been a little weird since Emma and Abe were a very real thing I love that we really delved into this in this book and I think I might actually SHIP Noor Jacob.Miss Peregrine freaking out then his peculiar friends turning on him really made what I hope is coming next, a possibly even bigger event.Jacob leaves them all and we learn from H that there is a book that s sounds very prophetic Apocryphon Seven peculiars who will emancipate peculiardom There is a secret organization with state of the art tech and helicopters who are after the seven We know Noor is one of said seven.H called Jacob Baby Moses in the reeds Think about Moses story, then think about Jacob and his journey is he one of the seven Is he meant to find and guide them Then Noor took his handI can t wait until the next book END SPOILERSShipping Note The first book I got was beaten until the pages were visible in the binding I blame whoever decided to put the book in a regular envelope, not a box promptly sent me a second book in perfect condition and I returned the first book.

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