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The Forbidden Door: (Jane Hawk, Book 4) chapter 1 The Forbidden Door: (Jane Hawk, Book 4), meaning The Forbidden Door: (Jane Hawk, Book 4), genre The Forbidden Door: (Jane Hawk, Book 4), book cover The Forbidden Door: (Jane Hawk, Book 4), flies The Forbidden Door: (Jane Hawk, Book 4), The Forbidden Door: (Jane Hawk, Book 4) 79d57a78e7c1e When This Relentless Rogue FBI Agent Comes Knocking, Her Adversaries Will Have To Answer With Their Lives In The Latest Thrilling Jane Hawk Novel By TheNew York Times Bestselling Author Of The Silent CornerWe Re Rewriting The Play, And The Play Is This Country, The World, The Future We Break Jane S Heart, We Ll Also Break Her WillShe Was One Of The FBI S Top Agents Until She Became The Nation S Most Wanted Fugitive, A Happily Married Woman Before Becoming A Devastated Widow Now Jane Hawk May Be All That Stands Between A Free Nation And Its Enslavement By A Powerful Secret Society S Terrifying Mind Control Technology She Couldn T Save Her Husband, Or The Others Whose Lives Have Been Destroyed, But Equipped With Superior Tactical And Survival Skills And The Fury Born Of A Broken Heart And A Hunger For Justice Jane Has Struck Major Blows Against The Insidious Cabal But Jane S Enemies Are About To Hit Back Hard If Their Best Operatives Can T Outrun Her, They Mean To Bring Her To Them, Using Her Five Year Old Son As Bait Jane Knows There S No Underestimating Their Capabilities, But She Must Battle Her Way Back Across The Country To The Remote Shelter Where Her Boy Is Safely Hiddenfor Now As She Moves Resolutely Forward, New Threats Begin To Emerge A Growing Number Of Brain Altered Victims Driven Hopelessly, Violently Insane With The Madness Spreading Like A Virus, The War Between Jane And Her Enemies Will Become A Fight For All Their Lives Against The Lethal Terror Unleashed From Behind The Forbidden Door

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    This series is a bloated monstrosity, it s like the author has run amok with no editor daring to rein him in due to his notoriety All the books need to be read in order as one begins where the last book ended At least this book doesn t have embellished side plots that go nowhere It s nonstop action where Jane is rushing to Travis, her 5 year old son, before the Arcadians find him The story ping pongs between the Arcadians, Jane, Travis, and her in laws My biggest complaint is the Arcadians hunting them are nuts and it s hard to believe that they have been successful infiltrating government organizations to further their cause of taking over the world They are such loose cannons that they should be taken out by their own people for jeopardizing the mission and should have been at the top of the Arcadian s List to be eliminated By now with this fourth book, it was depressing to continually read about the Arcadians using their nano machine brain implant on innocent people, ruining their lives This series has been drawn out way too long The author really gets his kicks writing about the sadistic ways you can dehumanize, torture and kill people in the worst way turning family members against each other in a killing frenzy I hope the next book is the last one I m only reading this never ending story because I want to know how Koontz is going to wrap it up Better than the last novel , it is a compelling read finding out how Jane and her in laws outwit the Arcadians, hence the four stars I said I would bail if there was a fifth book, but I m hoping the end is in sight so am sticking with it for now.

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    I ve been reading Dean Koontz s books since Lightning was published in 1988 If you haven t read it, give it a try You won t be disappointed What I love about his style of writing is he s like a literary juggler he always has several genres up in the air when he s telling a tale You get horror, suspense, humor and human emotions all in one book because, seriously, that s how real life is He tells a riveting story while making you fall in love with the main character and detest the villains The Jane Hawk series is wonderful In this fourth book, Jane is still up against the Techno Arcadians and she still hasn t gotten to the head of the snake yet Cut off the head and the body dies This book has her racing against time to rescue her five year old son, Travis, before the Techno Arcadians can get to him The agents of that evil organization, some of whom are certifiably insane, commit numerous atrocities while trying to run Jane down I really couldn t take any innocent people being injected with their vile nanotechnology serum I can t wait until Jane finally locates their leader and punishes him her for all the misery the Techno Arcadians have caused I enjoyed the fact that there is a growing community of good guys in the series now, and they re taking action to stop the bad guys I loved the following characters Travis, Jane s little boy Bernie Riggowitz, the Auschwitz survivor Cornell Jasperson, app inventor with a touch of autism and Luther Tillman, ex cop and freedom fighter Go, Jane I can t wait for book 5, The Night Window, coming in May 2019

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    Dean Koontz has always had a special ability to make insightful commentary on the world around us with his fictive dream Odd Thomas was my favorite series of all time and Koontz my favorite author At first I was disappointed that this series was not another Odd Thomas styled novel However, the I read, the I recognized truth in the words His characters some than others have depth, and even humor in a horrible situation In this series, especially The Forbidden Door, Koontz has taken liberties with his antagonists and dared to make them humorous, dared to give them word time and personality so that when they are thwarted we are entertained I hesitated to purchase this latest novel because of what was said in poor reviews I m so very glad I went with my gut.

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    I waded through four of the books in the series, only to find at the end of this book that the story is not at an end, and we have to wait for yet another installment I wasn t happy with the first book, and I m not very happy now Not enough of the storyline issues are resolved, and it seems like the author is just stretching this out so he can sell books The bad guys are sufficiently evil, and certainly easy to dislike I want to see Jane Hawk kick their asses down a very deep mineshaft, but I will not read yet another book to find out that she doesn t even know where the mine is located Jane Hawk is a likeable character I d keep reading if the stories were self contained, but they re not, so I am done You should be too.

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    This one wasn t as good as the first three in this series Thought the story was going to end, but evidently, there is another installment Maybe Koontz wondered away from the story several times in the first half, to meander through the minds of some of the TechonoArcadians Didn t really move the story along and hard to get through If I wasn t a die hard fan, might have stopped reading The second half picked up somewhat.

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    I read the previous books in the series and was looking forward to reading the latest.At 50% of the way through I wanted to stop But I paid for the book and was bound and determined to finish it At 75% I wasn t sure I could continue but did make it to the end.The book meandered and at times went into endless details on a character s actions There were a couple to characters that, when present, were very entertaining Others were so boring I wanted to scream.Needless to say, I won t be reading the next book in the series no matter how many 5 star reviews there are.

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