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    Review originally posted at THOUGHTSThough its cover might initially cause readers to balk at the nearly indecipherable and chaotic image, the story that lies in wait is simplistic in the best possible way, progressing swiftly and easily and entertaining us with every page In the beginning as we are introduced to Ada s healing gift, we quietly chastise her for her attitude and unwillingness to help those so clearly in need as Jessie does As the story moves forward though we begin to feel how much of a burden such a gift can truly be, questioning ourselves instead of Ada and wondering how we would deal with the weight of deciding between life and death, pain and relief, and misery and euphoria for strangers and friends alike We quickly come to realize the predicament Ada is in, and our yearning for her gift coupled with our rejection of the responsibility that accompanies it makes for an emotionally enthralling read.Connecting to Ada in the beginning is a bit of a challenge in and of itself, her seeming disdain for people in general understandable given her experience in the foster care system, but her icy quips and finely honed instincts telling her to push everyone away have the desired effect It doesn t take long for us to become extremely involved in her life as she goes on the run though, willing the displays of strength we ve seen from her thus far to carry her through and help her find a permanent home and family The she uses her gift, the protective of her we become, shifting our disapproval regarding its use from Ada to those around her who risk her exposure and capture by repeatedly asking for assistance We then have to physically shake ourselves for that reaction, knowing if we were suffering we would seek out any help possible as well Thus, we as readers see Ada s gift through a variety of different filters, instinctively reacting to each one and learning about a different aspect of humanity through every new instance.Beautifully blended into the turmoil surrounding Ada s healing ability is a sweet relationship with Daniel, a young man she meets in Paris who helps her learn to defend herself and perfect the art of escape With each interaction we hope for Ada to find a haven with Daniel, awed by the lessons he gives her in expertly traversing the streets of Paris, and intrigued by the subtle quality to their increasing affection for one another Though a taste of romance is present, the flavor of the overall story is not consumed by it, and we are continually swept from event to event as Ada searches for answers.Ada, Legend of a Healer is a pleasantly surprising read, absorbing us into its pages quickly and refusing to relinquish us until the very action packed end This story isn t one to linger in one place too long, keeping us constantly on the move with Ada which, while keeping us glued to the pages, can also at times make us feel like we are playing catch up as we attempt to chase after Ada before she gets too far out of our grasp Additionally, this tale does end a touch abruptly, kicking us out mid adventure but leaving us very much looking forward to meeting back up with Ada and Daniel again.Rating 4 5

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    Article first published as Book Review Ada Legend of a Healer by R.A McDonald on Blogcritics Raised in the Foster Care system, Ada has pulled her last stunt At fifteen, she is rebellious and tired of moving from place to place Her caseworker has finally had to make a decision, they will contact her aunt Jessie O Neil, if Jessie cannot take her, she will have to reside in the between house, a place for kids no longer able to be placed.Jessie is not really her aunt, but her mother s best friend she has the healing touch and she has been on the run for as long as she can remember Originally, when she learned about her healing abilities, she was free with healing, joining a program put together by Senator Harold Grimes As time went on, the Senator wanted the healing only for himself Escaping his facility, she has been on the run, and can only stay for short periods in any local She refuses to stop healing, but must move quickly as the news spreads, bringing the Senator and his henchmen after her each time.Jessie knows that Ada too has the healing touch What she does not realize is that Ada is stronger, capable of healing the most chilling of conditions However, Ada is also stubborn and does not find her healing to be a miracle, to her it is a curse Treated with fear each time she would make a comment on another s health, her youth was peppered by incidents of healing and disbelief Considered a freak for as long as she remember, healing held no magic for her As Ada follows Jessie from place to place, a young paraplegic approaches her Choosing to try her healing on in an unthinkable fashion, surprise is in store Her healing power is beyond that of other healers, and his body begins a restructuring process Promptly, her skill comes to the attention of the Senator.Now Jessie has disappeared and Ada is running for her freedom Immediately thinking her mother can be of assistance, she begins searching for her She has been missing since Ada was a baby, but Ada is able to find a trace in Paris, France After reaching France, Ada finds group of teenagers that have found a unique way of traveling in the city After watching them and trying to emulate their maneuvers, she becomes convinced this type of travel will help her stay clear of the Senator while she looks for her mother Her life has taken an unexpected turn, she is in a strange place, with people she does not know, and yet she must find her way Can she stay ahead of the Senator, or will he finally take her captive as he has many of those before her Will her new friends make the difference In Ada Legend of A Healer, R.A McDonald has built a story around the mysterious healing abilities of a small group of people Ada is a charming but stubborn rascal, with a good sense of humor, but she is also an angry young woman Left on her own, she has had to deal with her abilities without direction They are anathemas to her, and yet she cannot control her visions, or her seeing of others illness Her anger sometimes gives way to kindness, the coldness melts and she uses her abilities to heal those she feels a connection to The rebelliousness of her age and background determine her decisions.Jessie is doing what she can to heal as many as she is able Having Ada with her brings attention she does not need However, Ada needs her Jessie felt that leaving her a ward of the state was the only thing protecting Ada all these years Her best friend and Ada s mother disappeared years before leaving her to make tough decisions She is feisty and gregarious, insistent on using her abilities even when they put her at risk Sending Ada to find her mother and doing her best to stay in touch only makes that risk palpable.Ada Legend of a Healer, is a wonderful story of coming of age Ada deals with problems that others her age will never realize She has found a way to deal with the issues and continue with her life In Paris, she finds a new group of friends, those who will back her in any way they can This is a charming story the art in the book is beautiful and unique only adding to the reading experience.I would recommend this book for the young reader in your home, but it is a delightful read for any age It is thoughtful and well written full of suspense and wonder, a great addition for any library.This Book was received from the Author All opinions are my own based off my reading and understanding of the material.

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    Ada is not your average fifteen year old She doesn t know her father, her mother s whereabouts are unknown and she is pretty tired of being bounced around in foster care Sure, she has her problems and isn t the easiest person to live with, but that s normal for a teenager, right When her current foster parents call Ada s social worker to come pick her up, Ada knows it is back to the half way house for her until they find her another foster family But Ada is determined to live with her Aunt Jessie, and she does come to pick up Ada But Jessie is a bit different and likes to live on the road She takes Ada to many hospitals and sick places, all along asking Ada if she has ever hurt herself badly and healed herself Ada pays attention to the questions and learns that she has healing abilities like Jessie does But Ada thinks it makes her a freak, not anything to be proud of But when a senator determined to using her abilities so he can be forever youthful is out to get her, the stakes heat up When Jessie disappears, Ada goes to Paris where her mother was last seen, but dodging those that want to use her for only her abilities takes creativity and wit Ada blooms in this novel We meet her as a troubled teenager who through trial, error and life, she manages to try and find her path Mystery, fantasy and a coming of age story mesh together into a phenomenal page turner McDonald is a masterful storyteller whose characters are brilliantly developed and compelling Not just for young adults adults will enjoy this one too

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    Ada is a well written, but in my humble opinion not very believable Y.A novel Based on the cover, it looks like something I d never read Even my daughter asked me why I was reading that Goth book I don t care for the art work either.However, it is not Goth, nor is it about vampires, which is what my other daughter thought when I suggested she read it It has an intriguing premise a young girl with the ability to heal Not only can she heal, but she can heal anything from cancer to life threatening wounds and not only can she heal others but she can also heal herself Nice Who doesn t dream about such gifts The thing is, in Ms McDonald s book, the central character, Ada, can heal at will no matter what her mental, emotional or physical state There are no catches, no limitations, and no requirements well she can t bring people back from the dead But aside from that, she can do just about everything she sets her mind to whenever, wherever and and as often as she likes Now I don t know about anyone else, but for me as a reader, I find this unsatisfying Never mind the religious side of me which believes such rare gifts come by the Grace of God, to the humble, well disposed soul after deep and profound prayer Let s say just for the sake of a riveting good read, we have a character who has this God given gift through no merit of her own Even if she could heal at will, there are still constraints when characters expend so much energy as is described so vividly by the author of Ada performing one of her healings Even fantasy fiction must abide by a certain sense of logic, fair play or something resembling E mc By rights Ada should be spent and wasted after one of her healings and not able to go on healing others or herself endlessly growing stronger as she goes the physical draining of energy caused by the healing energy going out from her would leave her weak and vulnerable, or at least hungry or tired or something Of course, the author s answer is that Ada is healing herself so the energy is contained, but still the energy has to come from somewhere Or perhaps what I mean is, the energy has to come at some price Something doesn t come from nothing And it takes something massive to produce all that healing energy It s illogical to portray it as inexhaustable Ada would have to consider how and when she used her gift realizing that when she did, she left herself open to others who were after her and her gift The author has Ada constantly running from those who want to exploit her, which I do think is believable But Ada s unlimited and even growing powers seem to lack any check except available daylight hours and this reader s credibility Every character needs his or her weakness es even superheroes, perhaps especially superheroes It s what makes them loveable Without them, they don t seem real Ada needs an Achilles heel The story is set up for sequels We shall see.Interesting premise Major flaw was the major character had no flaw.

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    Ada is 15 and at the Between house after getting kicked out of another foster home, like her history of being kicked out of schools or upsetting her foster parents She has 3 days for her Aunt Jessie to contact them before her social worker will have to send her to juvenile Ada can tell by felling or smelling there is something wrong with someone But they don t like hearing it when Ada asks or suggests health issues, hence part of her troubles with foster homes The others are just not nice people Ada s Aunt finally shows up and comes through but she travels for her own business with herbs Ada s Aunt tells her she knows it s been hard on her but it was preparation for what s to come After learning about herself and who might be after her if they know about her ability, Ada goes on the run and finds herself in Paris, meeting a nice young man and looking for her lost mother.Ada is a strong young girl that has come from some harsh surroundings Not only has she been in homes that are not so nice, but in lovely homes she loses after she mentions something about someones health not being good, even for something small But all this hardens Ada to deal with the not so nice people that find out what she can do, at the same time as she finds out Ada is a fighter She is one to keep going and survive And even makes her own way in the world as well She is a strong young girl.Ada has a strong belief about helping people And a big part of me believes the same as her But I do see the other side of the coin Actually both sides of extreme here with healing But you have to read the book to get the view as well To me the author has opened my mind a little to think on the helping of others There are different views to each side and legitimate reasons to each I really liked the way the author pulled this all together and keeping each character true to their thoughts.Ada finds clues taking her to Paris, France Here Ada learns about herself and grows as well She starts to see another side to helping people willingly Ada even makes a few great friends that help her in learning many new things to protect herself My only hope for future books, is we get to see Daniel again I really liked him and his Uncle Very nice Daniel has been kind and yet challenges Ada to try and do without pushing her Just him being around makes Ada want to do and better.This is nice story for a Young Adult or even a Young Reader I would definitely pass this book along to my son or a friends child with no worries at all.I found I enjoyed this Young Reader book than I was expecting And so much so I would love to read of Ada and her journeys.

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    Instantly you get the sense that Ada hasn t had a lot of love or caring relationships in her short life Her attitude and personality is rough, hard, and flippant, but in the first few pages the very first chapter to be exact we see that in her there is a part that is compassionate And that really sums up the essence of Ada s story In the beginning of the story Ada says, Everyone hangs on for a stale crumb of the good life The compassionate thing she does in chapter one and what she says here are the two things that really shaped Ada for me Btw, that was only pg 11 I had to go look it up to quote it exactly As a teenager she had already written the world off, like so many of us did then or perhaps do now When it came down to do or die time we watch as people with substance good and bad come into her life, such as Jessie, out of obligation others out of lust, greed or even hatred But for Ada it will take finding those individuals that don t want something from her or for her that affect her view on the world.I felt that Ada, Legend of a Healer was a quick, exciting, and intriguing read It pulled me right in and the action style of writing combined with the dark captivating drawings at the beginnings ends of chapters kept me engaged Though once or twice predictable, there were twists that kept me biting my nails literally I can t help it I loved that parkour is in the book, I think it brought about a light on Ada s gift, goals and personal dangers because of the people after her that couldn t have been shown better in another way Parkour is amazing to watch can be very dangerous Reading about the adventures I could visualize everything it really gave me a scare at times It was awesome I really enjoyed that in the end, the book isn t wrapped up with a bow There are many questions left unanswered and paths that are untold As many have mentioned before, I look forward to reading the next book Or at least I hope there is a next book.Disclosure I received this book from the illustrator and author All opinions are my own.P.S Please let there be a next book.

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    I really enjoyed Ada by R.A McDonald I even stayed up late to finish reading it a fairly rare occurrence So I m glad I persevered beyond the longer title to read the story Legend of a Healer sounded oddly pretentious to me I wasn t sure I wanted to read some new teen world view legend But Ada s story isn t pretentious at all It s hard hitting, gritty, built on teen anger rather than angst, with deep questions and fascinating characters Plus it s a really intriguing tale.Ada s anger at life is well founded, and the reader meets her first as yet another foster home fails her In a fairy tale dream she would find her family now, but in this tale family s a fragile thing, eagerly sought, but maybe not quite living up to eager expectation Perhaps Ada s right to trust no one, or perhaps she just hasn t had the chance to learn.The story travels the world of nations and possibilities The excitement of running, adrenaline of the chase, despair at betrayal, and burgeoning hope of friendship all are beautifully told Ada herself seems very real, her point of view poignantly given, and her character honest in her questions, her slow learning of mystical power, and her determined hope.Questions raised for the reader some are given at the back of the book certainly leave no room for easy answers, just like real life And that, I suppose, is why I couldn t stop reading the author convincingly portrays a questioning girl in a questionable world a girl with power to heal and honesty to know she can t heal everyone with care and concern hiding beneath her shell and with hope, though I ll have to read the next book to know where that hope might lead her.The back of the book calls this one of the greatest girl empowering novels of its generation I m not sure I d go so far I m not sure I m qualified to go so far But I would say it s a really good read that raises some really intriguing, and yes, maybe even girl empowering questions And the late night staying up for the end was worthwhile Disclosure I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review, and I m really grateful to have had the chance to enjoy it.

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    There are many sci fi fantasy books out there that are directed towards young people Most of them are about monsters and magical lands far away that don t exist This is not one of those books This story is set in real places and deals with real characters The settings are metropolitan areas, ranging from Seattle to Paris Cities which are depicted realistically, as both charming and at times dangerous The outstanding illustrations allow the reader to connect with these places and people in a very tangible way The heroin, Ada is a resilient and resourceful young girl, who s been thrust into a chaotic whirlwind of events in search of what little family she has left She is a very real character, not made to seem like a prodigy or super hero She s a real kid with real problems, who was born with a power that even she doesn t fully understand The fantasy element in the book is the power to heal with the touch of a hand The idea is well constructed, utilizing elements of science and also confronting a social dilemma that proves Ada s moral character time and time again Throughout her journey she meets people who genuinely care for her, but also people who are only interested in her powers It s her struggle to discern who really cares for her and who s trying to exploit her One of her defining traits is being a good judge of character, something of increasing importance and rarity in this day and age I commend this author for not patronizing young people and addressing real issues.

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    When I first saw this book, the cover fascinated me I loved the mysteriousness of it and the title itself made me want to learn about it Then I received it.Once I picked this book up, I had a very hard time putting it down I read it very quickly as I had no choice but to keep reading I had to know what Ada would do next where her adventure would take her Ada is a product of the Foster system She is not happy with her Foster parents She knows that she is not exactly right but has no clue why When she is hunted down by weird strangers she meets Jessie, new light is shed on who she is She makes a vow to go on a finding mission She is ready for anything, or so she thinks She has great adventures not only learns a lot about herself but also about the world around her Is being a Healer a curse or a gift I LOVED the questions at the end of this book LOVED THEM I love to think about a story I just read I love to hear how the author challenges you on a view or perspective you have after reading the book Sometimes these simple questions can make you see a whole new picture LOVE THEMI got to the end very sad as I wanted to keep reading I always read the ending than once to make sure I did not miss anything This book is DEF a 5 star to me Any book that leaves me wanting at the end is so worthy of a 5 Thank you Conner for sending me this wonderful book I really do appreciate it.

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    I got this book at 445pm on a Monday, stayed up until 3am Tuesday morning and had the book finished by 8pm Tuesday night It is a great read for both teens and adults and an excellent book to read and discuss with others The characters are very well developed and the plot has enough twists and turns to keep anyone reading well past bedtime More than just a fun read, this book raises questions such as If you have the ability to help someone, are you obligated to help that person , If only certain people are deserving of help, how do you decide who is deserving and If a person has the ability to help large numbers of people, does the government have a right to make that person use his her abilities I know that a lot of people will compare this book to Twilight, because of the well developed story line and characters However, while I enjoy the Twilight books, and consider them excellent brain candy I think that this book has to offer in terms of encouraging intelligent conversations.

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Ada summary pdf Ada , summary chapter 2 Ada , sparknotes Ada , Ada d1914d3 No Sickness, No Injuries, No Pain, No LimitsIf You Had The Power To Heal, What Would You Do For Fifteen Year Old Ada Discovering That She Can Heal Feels Like A Curse Than A Gift When She Learns Of The Mystery Surrounding Her Mother S Disappearance, And Sees The Indifference Of So Called Friends, She Sets Out For Paris To Find HerThe Power To Heal Protects Her, But Also Has Her Hunted By A Man Who Sees Her As Nothing Than His Fountain Of Youth Ada Realizes Her True Power Is Her Will To Survive, And That Her Only Chance At Freedom Is To Become The Best At EscapingAda Hasn T Grown Up In A House With A White Picket Fence Instead She Was Cast Off And Absorbed Into The Foster Care System, Quickly Putting Up A Shield Of Hostility Always Knowledgeable Of The Sicknesses Of Those Around Her And Never Getting Hurt Just Seemed Like Facts Of Life Finally On Her Last Strike Of Trouble, An Estranged Aunt Comes To The Rescue, Giving Ada The Knowledge Of How To Use Her Healing Power Now Ada, Who Up To This Point Has Shunned The World, All Of The Sudden Has The Power To Heal ItThis Book Delves Into The Psychology And Growth Of A Teenage Girl Coming To Grips With The Knowledge That There Are Some Good People Out There Some People Worth HealingAlong With Action And Adventure, Ada, Legend Of A Healer Also Brings To Light Numerous Philosophical Issues Like Many Middle And High School Girls, Ada Is Introduced To Society S Harsh Realities At A Young Age, So She S Built A Wall Of Anger To Strengthen Her Self Reliance, To Survive Despite The Pressure And Demands, Ada Refuses To Sacrifice Her Self Worth, And In This She Discovers That A Strong Will Overcomes All ObstaclesI Was Asked, Why The Questions At The Back Of The Book My Answer Because Girls Like To ThinkRA McDonald

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  • 260 pages
  • Ada
  • R.A. McDonald
  • English
  • 13 June 2019
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