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    This is probably one of the most profound and challenging books I have read in a long time As Americans, we naturally extol our way of life, seeing it as a model for the rest of the world If only they could be like us This book puts our capitalist ideals in the perspective of much of the third world, revealing that our success has often been achieved through the misery of others In response, a theology of liberation has developed within these oppressed societies that seeks to proclaim a gospel that is consistent with Christ s identity with the poor, oppressed, and suffering a gospel consistent with the ethic of the kerygma of Christ that takes concrete steps to alleviate human suffering and create a world where justice and equality is given its due place One thing that this entails, within the societies where this focus on liberation is developing, is a sympathetic view of the Marxist observations of capitalism, as well as seeing socialism as being consistent with biblical values, while acknowledging that any future system can not be designed or achieved with any resemblance to previous Marxist experiments, all of which have failed miserably These are people who have been exploited by and through today s capitalist systems and therefore, see nothing of value in such For readers, such myself, who live in and benefit from a capitalist system, it will be difficult to relate with these observations But, when we consider the fact that our insatiable demand for goods and services, all at the least possible cost, has demanded the exploitation of countless millions of people around the world, only then can we begin to understand the worldview from which this theology of liberation is developing Another disturbing reality observed in the book is the deliberate complicity between the world system of exploitation and the church This is a reality that can not be ignored, and must be changed Thus, the emphasis on taking concrete steps to reform and change this situation Many Christians within these oppressive systems, many of whom are clergy, struggle to find a way to work towards justice in a way that is effective, yet at the same time, consistent with biblical and Christian ethics There are some, faced with unimaginable injustice, who have resorted to violence, seeing no other option While Bonino does not encourage such action, he does recognize the precarious situation these believers are in and as such, tempers his judgment As stated above, this book was extremely challenging There is so much here that is difficult to comprehend because I come from a completely different culture and have never faced the world these fellow believers live in It is easy to judge and make assessments based upon my cultural understanding, but the idea of not judging another until you ve walked a mile in their shoes is very applicable here Additionally, the emphasis on love, mercy, and justice are fundamental to the Christian narrative and mission I can not help but think that the call for this new theological emphasis is only a reflection of the very heart of the gospel Its unfamilarity to many of us within our comfortable western cultures is an indication, and unfortunately, an indictment, to how far we have fallen from our true purpose This is a book that I will retain and reread often I recommend it to all One last thing this book is written by a theologian of the highest caliber, and its language is somewhat difficult to follow This is not a book that can be read casually, but any effort expended here is well worth it, in my opinion.

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    I thought this book was good Bonino obviously cares passionately about the book s title, Doing The logy in a Revolutionary Setting, and I appreciate that I liked how he calls a spade a spade and states clearly that our world is awry and that the most recent form of dysfunction is global capitalism He rightly states that Christians should have something to say about this.However, the book is ultimately a thinly veiled defense of a patriarchal socialism sacralized by Christian faith He argues that we cannot simply start a Christian politics but instead must ally ourselves as Christians to secular political movements And to Bonino, the appropriate movement is socialism utilizing Marxist but not acritical Marxist analysis He has no real reason why this is the most appropriate He fails utterly in connecting any form of orthodox or even orthopraxic values to Socialism He just can t quite marry the two, Christian faith and Socialism, but he says they should be tied together He s just not sure why.That being said, I appreciate how he calls out European and North American Political The logians who state that the message of Jesus is political and should drive us to be so but fail to take a stand they do not join a political side I agree This is frustrating, and Bonino argues cogently that Jesus picked a side In fact, he went so far to one side that he was executed for it.Bonino remains ambiguous about violent revolution Essentially, he states that nonviolent direct action is the absolute best form of Christian witness and behavior, but he prefers violence over inaction This is a difficult and multivalent topic A quote from Dom Helder Camara a much better The logian than Bonino ultimately clears it up.I would suggest this book to anyone wanting to be totally immersed in Latin American The logies of Liberation.

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