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Gambling On Maybe files Gambling On Maybe, read online Gambling On Maybe, free Gambling On Maybe, free Gambling On Maybe, Gambling On Maybe fdd6be11f When Phoenix Police Officer Stephen Miranda Offers Tipsy Zachary West A Ride Home One Friday Night, He S Just Doing His Job He Doesn T Expect To Unleash A Glittery Whirlwind On His Orderly, Very Homogenized Life From Minute One, Zach Is Like Nothing Stephen S Ever Known And Like Everything He S Secretly CravedZach Doesn T Hide Who He Is For Anyone S Comfort, Even His Own, But For A Chance At A Man Like Stephen, He D Be Willing To Be An Undercover Lover But While Stephen Lusts After The Vibrant Man, Hooking Up With A Guy Who S Never Used His Closet For Anything But Fashion Isn T Going To Do His Straight Acting Routine Any FavorsThe Sex Is Sizzling, No Doubt, But Stephen Wonders If There S To His Relationship With Zach That S Worth Gambling On

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    This is a fun, short and very sexy read from Fae Sutherland and I loved it Zach our fabulously dazzling Twink and Stevie the shy retiring Police Officer are both great characters and Ms Sutherland manages to keep us smiling right to the end with this most unlikely pairing, you just can t help but adore them both Sergeant Stephen Miranda, after breaking up a disturbance outside one of the clubs on The Strip in downtown Pheonix is left shocked and speechless when a young man dressed in a mesh top, pleather shorts and knee length platform boots plonks himself in the passenger seat of his patrol car and demands a lift home Apparently the drag queen and the boyfriend he had just chased off were the boys ride home For some reason he wasn t even sure of, he agrees to give the cheeky, overconfident, full of attitude boy a lift home I say boy, his name is Zach and he was actually 26 but barely looked legal and I suppose to Stevie at 38 he probably did look like a boy Zach flaunted his than confident, glittery personality through his clothes and attitude, a larger than life character that wasn t about to apologise to anyone for his appearance or sexuality I just loved Zach, he was hilarious and knows he creates a buzz and attracts attention which only goes to feed his flamboyant nature further.Stephen, or Stevie as Zach had taken to calling him is totally gob smacked at his blatant audacity Stevie is firmly locked in the closet, a sad and lonely figure, which is something the astute Zach recognises in him and duly plans and schemes to get his Officer Hotness into his apartment and into his bed Zach spotted his Officer Hotness standing by a desk with his back to Zach and, ugh, his aura just spoke of not nearly enough shiny people sharing their happy with him Well, that was about to change There is absolutely NO filter attached to Zach s mouth or his larger than life personality and Stevie was attracted to him and as much as he tried to deny himself he was unable to resist the cute pretty boy Twink with mascaraed brown eyes and lots of sparkle There is a follow up to this book in the Games Boys Play GlitterBomb 2 which continues the story of these two characters I am off to read that one now For reviews, please visit our blogSinfully Sexy Book Reviews You can now also find us on Facebook

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    3.5 StarsGruff gentle giant cop Stephen Miranda, has a little run in with flashy, out and proud Zach, and it s no surprise that Stephen can t keep the gorgeous guy off his mind.Zach is not shy and he knows the rugged cop wants him he ll just have to make himself that much tantalizing.These two can t deny their attraction and it was sexy and sweet Throw in a little conflict where Zach tries to do right by Stephen, which only serves to push Stephen to jump in 100% Another feel good shorty that brought a smile to my face

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    Finally, the slump is over This is a super sweet, super short read I loved the MC s and the sex was smokin.

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    This So many levels of fabulous How could I resist a series called GlitterBomb Zach reminded me quite a bit of Cheeks from the webtv show Husbands and I loved him I wish this had been than a novella novelette For such a short story, the characterizations are rich and descriptive This was a fun, sexy read where opposites attract and combust.

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    Fae Sutherland s Gambling On Maybe is a quick, sexy, sparkly blast of fun topped with an inspirational squeeze to the heart I had so much fun here Zach and Stevie had me grinning from ear to ear Haha Over the weekend, I made a promise to myself to cut down on my exclamation point usage, but hell promise broken already This book is an exclamation point user s dream come true D Why be something he didn t like just to make people he didn t know comfortable Sparks, hope, passion, and sexy chemistry jump off the page when Zach, an openly gay man filled with confidence, color, and an infectious fun energy, meets a very lonely, in the closet Officer Stephen Miranda I was hooked on these two instantly From the very first un zip of his knee high boot, Zach had me smiling and rooting for him It never ceases to amaze me how one person can inspire others to want, change and reach for in themselves and life These guys fit, shared, smiled, and flirted from the get go BUT are Zach and Stephen aka Officer Hotness ready to gamble their hearts Maybe.This is my second Sutherland story and it will not be my last She creates such strong, likeable characters on the page with simple, honest emotion I could feel Zach s energy and Stephen s want for in my own blood My heart is still smiling I want If you need some cheer and a smile, please jump on in and meet Zach and Stevie They will pull on your heart strings and just maybe make your whole day Besides, who couldn t use glittery goodness in their lives

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    This is short, sexy and fun Zach is flamboyant, swishy, glittery and full of it, but not in an arrogant way , full of joi de vie and an I m me take me as you find me attitude, exudes mischief and fun Steven a cop meets him outside a club where he s called to smooth over an argument thats kicked off Because of it Zach loses his lift home and cheekily persuades Steven to take him home in his squad car Zach s a major flirt and a minx and before he knows it Stevie as Zach deides to call him finds himself drawn back to this gorgeous young man and woohoo the hotness begins Considering the length its amazing how much is packed in to this book and it s surprising how quickly you bond with these two sexy guys There s a small misunderstanding between them thats resolved quickly, but the definite heart of this is the connection and sizzling chemistry that s generated when they re together This story is a little cracker and for a bit of lightweight sexy fun its a perfect quickie read Zach is an absolute sweetie and Stevie is yum Second time I ve read this now and it was just as enjoyable Loved it.

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    4.5 stars Zach has got to go on my list of favorite flamboyant characters and the romance was adorable As everyone has noted, this is just plain too short and stops right when the interesting part of the story would be starting The where do we go from meeting here part But the author is entitled to do that it is a complete story, even if I do really want a sequel novel However the reason that I docked the half star was that the plot was a little too conflict free and easy for my preferences But so cute and sweet

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    This was a smile when I needed it Thanks, Jen.Flirty, fun story of one irrepressible Zach who lives life large and loud and the repressed, stable Stephen who exists A chance meeting, uncharacteristic patience, and persistence all pay off here.Favorite quote Why be something he didn t like just to make people he didn t know comfortable

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    This short story could ve gotten better rating for me if not for two reasons 1 It s too short It s only 37 pages and I cannot help to be disappointed when a great story is being cut too short by the author It s like I just start enjoying a meal but suddenly taken away by the waiter without my permission 2 A couple of words chosen are weird I never heard the word a sentence It totes so , ever Duly noted that English is not my native, still this sounds weird.Aside from that, I think it s a wonderful story Zach, the twink, is so adorable He seems so care free and at the same time being smitten to burly Sergeant Stephen Miranda, who is kind and willing to gamble on maybe because he s been alone all these years Their meeting is so cute I hope the gambling pay off for these two guys that I have come to care within less than 50 pages

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    I absolutely adore the story How can you not fall in love with Zach and his mint green workout shorts with YUM written across the butt in pink He lives his life out and proud, no matter the consequences He s bright and bubbly and sparkles wherever he goes And then there s Stephen Miranda a.k.a Officer Hotness Alpha cop, in the closet, so different from Zach I loved them together and can t wait to read the next book

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