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Swirl by Swirl: Spirals in Nature pdf Swirl by Swirl: Spirals in Nature, ebook Swirl by Swirl: Spirals in Nature, epub Swirl by Swirl: Spirals in Nature, doc Swirl by Swirl: Spirals in Nature, e-pub Swirl by Swirl: Spirals in Nature, Swirl by Swirl: Spirals in Nature b21161f4ace A Caldecott Medalist And A Newbery Honor Winning Poet Celebrate The Beauty And Value Of SpiralsWhat Makes The Tiny Snail Shell So Beautiful Why Does That Shape Occur In Nature Over And Over Againbut Also Celebrate The Beauty And Usefulness Of This Fascinating Shape

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    We really enjoyed this fascinating picture book about all the different spirals in nature, some that you just don t realize are spirals at all The unique illustrations are what make the book so interesting It s a book that s simple enough for a toddler yet intriguing enough for an adult 4

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    Gorgeous and eye catching illustrations.Fascinating scientific information about how spirals are so prevalent in nature This goes for individual animals and animal parts and postures , individual plants, ocean waves, clouds, and entire galaxies.I love how this can be read on so many different levels to and by so many ages of kids The simple text information and big pictures can appeal to the youngest child the words used are soothing enough so that this could even work as a bedtime story The slightly older child will love finding the smaller pictures within pictures that give specific examples, which are named And for older kids there is a wonderful two page spread at the end of the book, which both reviews and expands on the information in the book proper.This is the best kind of nature science book it teaches in a way that is so interesting I learned quite a few things I hadn t know until reading them in this book, and it also got me thinking about this spiral pattern.Also, anyone who finds the spiral shape attractive or compelling in any way will find a lot here to love.

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    Loved this Gorgeous illustrations, visually beautiful and full of rich detail The storytelling is fairly simple but is also evocative of all the different types of swirls being described I loved the variety, from swirls on snail shells and animals curling up in their burrows, to the swirls in ocean waves and in storm clouds and in the galaxy Just breathtaking I think the book could be appreciated by young children, while the back matter makes it educational for the older picture book crowd Definitely recommended

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    Swirl by Swirl Spirals in Nature by Joyce Sidman, illustrated by Beth Krommes reveals the many spirals in nature from fiddleheads to elephant tusks, from crashing waves to spiraling galaxies but also celebrates the beauty and usefulness of this fascinating shape.Spirals are described as snuggling, growing, strong shapes that reach out, are clever, beautiful, and can move The spare text features a large font with the pertinent flora and fauna identified in a very small font The poetry is clear, yet descriptive, and in the end comes full circle The text on the cover is curved as it is on the title page The copyright information is given in a spiral arrangement The back matter gives a definition of a spiral, summarizes the types described and includes information on dna helixes and fibonacci number sequences.The beautiful scratchboard illustrations include plenty of details while clearly portraying the varieties of spirals in nature Among the flora, fauna and phenomena pictured that exhibit some spiral features are harvest mice, eastern chipmunks, woodchucks, bull snakes, the nautilus, lady ferns, European hedgehogs, millipedes, land snails, merino sheep, an octopus, spiny seahorses, spider monkeys, Asian elephants, giant swallowtail butterflies, garden orb spiders, breaking ocean waves, gardenias, chrysanthemums, daisies, angel s trumpets, roses, sweet peas, calla lilies, sunflowers, hibiscus, a tidal whirlpool, a funnel tornado, and a spiral galaxy.Among my favorite images are the front and back covers, the endpapers, the expanding animals, the protective curve of the hedgehog, the octopus, clinging monkeys and spiders, breaking ocean waves, beautiful flowers, the tornado, and the spiral galaxy I appreciate the curves of the text identifying flora, fauna and phenomena Additional animals pictured will give young readers further things to identify.The poetry and illustrations combine to give a unique look at spirals in all their natural wonder This book should receive Best of 2011 list status and possibly receive other awards I highly recommend it for school and public library collections.For ages 5 to 8, teachers and librarians, nature, language, poetry, science, spirals, and fans of Joyce Sidman and Beth Krommes.

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    Swirl by Swirl Spirals in Nature is yet another children s picture book by Joyce Sidman packed with intriguing information about the natural world and beautifully illustrated by Beth Krommes employing scratchboard art of which she is a master The detail in these illustrations is extraordinary I am not a sharp eyed observer of nature, but writers and illustrators like Sidman and Krommes may inspire me to change my ways Who knew that spirals could be so fascinating and have so many different uses spirals that protect and grow and move A hedgehog rolls up in a tight spiral to protect itself who would want to tangle with all those quills The hard spirals of certain ferns are able to push up through the soil and then change into feathery fronds A tornado or an ocean wave is a powerful spiral that moves In the appendix of the book information is provided about spirals, including the fact that some plants display a pattern which Sidman describes as, the Fibonacci sequence, in which each number is the sum of the two numbers preceding it 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 I am constantly amazed at the information I learn in children s books But it s not just the information that is compelling, Krommes artwork is stunning and a true complement to the Sidman s writing P.S Check out the copyright information another spiral

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    This is a nearly perfect nonfiction picture book that teaches than it seems possible in just a few simple words I love the way Sidman teaches the various functions of spirals in nature many of which I never really connected together until I read this The illustrations by Beth Krommes are gorgeous and pair perfectly with the text to teach about spirals in nature And of course, don t forget the additional information given at the end of the book This is well worth reading for children and adults of all ages

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    This simple book uses beautiful illustrations to show us examples of spirals in plants, animals, and other aspects of nature Would be a good companion to

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    I m blown away at the bold, brilliant and beautiful illustrations in this book Add to that a solid and somewhat educational story line and viola You have yourself an AH maz ing book

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    A spiral is a clever shape It is graceful and strong It is boldand beautiful This is just one example of the thought provoking descriptions used by Sidman to draw students in to the magic of spirals Krommes illustrations of plants, animals, and other swirly shapes in nature are labeled in a subtle, yet artistic way Beauty in nature is the theme of the book, and would make an interesting addition for a science or poetry lesson about the shapes that occur naturally, as well as an enjoyable read aloud with younger grades The timeless feel of the illustrations makes Swirl by Swirl a book that could be used in a wide range of age groups kindergarten through eighth grade even, depending on the context it is presented The complexity is flexible with Sidman s piece because the labels on the drawings may either be emphasized in a science lesson or downplayed in a read aloud , and at the back is an index that goes in depth with each spiral mentioned Both Sidman and Krommes have been critically acclaimed for their work together, and Swirl by Swirl is no different, having been awarded a Caldecott Medal and Newbery Honor Award.The book is littered with opportunities to expose children to the beauty of nature, some of the science behind this beauty, and introduce some elementary level vocabulary as well.Personally, I think Joyce Sidman and Beth Krommes are an inspiration to children s literature The time I spent with Swirl by Swirl the I wanted to go outside and see find spirals and think about how I would describe them I am confident that elementary school children would have the same impulse Sidman, Joyce, Krommes, Beth 2011 Swirl by Swirl Spirals in Nature Boston Houghton Mifflin Books Harcourt..

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    Swirl by Swirl presents a fascinating examination of one of the most beautiful and prevalent shapes in nature, the spiral After contemplating the examples presented here a nautilus shell, the arrangement of a flower s petals, and a spider s graceful web readers will no doubt discover spirals in their world perhaps the whorls in their fingertips, to start With her keen control of language, Joyce Sidman s captivating and poetic narration marries science and art, much like the spiral itself, which contains both beauty and a myriad of uses the reader discovers on these pages Indeed, her text seems to spiral on its own, describing first the tiny sleeping harvest mouse, then bigger flora and fauna, expanding to global patterns in air and sea, until finally the reader sees spiral galaxies, all illustrated by Beth Krommes, whose pattern filled scratchboard art brilliantly reinforces the repetition experienced in the structure and content of Sidman s language She ends with the harvest mouse once , a gentle conclusion that wraps itself up as neatly and snuggly as young readers will feel when enjoying this book at bedtime.

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