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The Prayer of Jabez:Breaking Through to the Blessed Life txt The Prayer of Jabez:Breaking Through to the Blessed Life, text ebook The Prayer of Jabez:Breaking Through to the Blessed Life, adobe reader The Prayer of Jabez:Breaking Through to the Blessed Life, chapter 2 The Prayer of Jabez:Breaking Through to the Blessed Life, The Prayer of Jabez:Breaking Through to the Blessed Life 53b3ad Dr Bruce Wilkinson, President Of Walk Thru The Bible Ministries, Takes Readers ToChronicles To Discover How They Can Release God S Miraculous Power And Experience The Blessings God Longs To Give Each Of Us The Life Of Jabez, One Of The Bible S Most Overlooked Heroes Of The Faith, Bursts From Unbroken Pages Of Genealogies In An Audacious, Four Part Prayer That Brings Him An Extraordinary Measure Of Divine Favor, Anointing, And Protection Readers Who Commit To Offering The Same Prayer On A Regular Basis Will Find Themselves Extravagantly Blessed By God, And Agents Of His Miraculous Power, In Everyday Life About The Author Dr Bruce H Wilkinson Is The Founder And President Of Walk Thru The Bible Ministries, An International Organization Dedicated To Providing The Finest Biblical Teaching, Tools, And Training His Books Include Experiencing Spiritual Breakthroughs,Days To Experiencing Spiritual Breakthroughs, The Prayer Of Jabez And Many Other Books Bruce And His Wife, Darlene, Live In Atlanta, Georgia, And Have Three Children

About the Author: Bruce H. Wilkinson

Bruce Wilkinson is recognized as one of the world s foremost Christian teachers and speakers But he is best known as the author of the New York Times 1 bestseller, The Prayer of Jabez, and other bestsellers including A Life God Rewards, Secrets of the Vine, and The Dream Giver He is the founder of WorldTeach, a global initiative to train Bible teachers in every nation Wilkinson also founded

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    I got as far as page 20 in this Christian best seller, then I read the following What counts is knowing who you want to be and asking for itI totally disagree with this statement, since when has the Christian life been about what we want rather than what God wants and has in mind for us The author suggests that we can access God s blessings by ritually praying certain words connected to Jabez, a little known Bible character He even tells a story about someone seemingly on a tour of heaven who finds a box of blessings that they didn t ask for and therefore didn t receive If we follow this thread to its logical conclusion, we would spend every waking minute listing all of the possible blessings we can think of in case God has one of them in store for us that might be missed if we don t speak it into existence..This book is another method approach to spirituality yet in reality there are no short cuts The author claims to have lived a blessed life since beginning to pray this prayer but how can he possibly know whether his blessings can be attributed to this prayer or not The Bible makes it clear that good things blessings will fall on the righteous and wicked alike.Don t waste your time with this It is little different to casting spells or speaking positive words over someone or saying abracadabra Unbelievable once again that Christians buy into this stuff..Please just read your Bible and pray every day, it is a discipline, one that cannot be mastered in just under an hour or in less than 100 pages of incantations.

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    I read this book about 10 or 12 years ago when my pastor at the time gave me a copy to read At that time it seemed like everyone in the church was into Jabez and the book was passing hands like hot potatoes but I guess I was a bit the odd ball because I just didn t like it As one author put it so well For Wilkinson, the prayer of Jabez has become the secret to success in every endeavor God is viewed as a butler who responds in a mechanical manner when certain words are recited The book makes a mountain of presumption out of a little verse in the Bible and then suggests that if a person is not enjoying massive material prosperity in their life, then they have not learned the proper method of praying like Jabez SighI found it kinda funny that for thousands of years, no one ever seemed to have heard of Jabez among Christians I certainly don t remember reading about him growing up in church world but then, all of the sudden, we re supposed to believe that THIS is the be all end all key to financial prosperity in life for every ChristianAnother author in response this book wrote a little book of his own called The Prayer of Jesus to which I chuckled because it was obvious that author was annoyed with the Jabez fad as well When the disciples of Jesus came to Him and asked Him how they should pray, He didn t tell them to go look up Jabez in the scroll and pray like that Further, Jesus didn t tell them to beg for prosperity He said to simply pray that God would give them their daily bread and keep them from evil.The opening statement in the book says I want to teach you how to pray a daring prayer that God ALWAYS answers I believe it contains the key to a life of extraordinary favor with God Wow Always answers Really Are you sure Funny that a prayer so critically important that God is ALWAYS obligated to answer doesn t appear ANYWHERE else in Scripture and which God NEVER once commanded anyone on planet earth to pray God s ways are much higher than our ways and certainly His path doesn t always make immediate sense to us Jesus, as a matter of fact, told us that in this life it was a guarantee that we would suffer and even that we would be hated by many just because we followed Him He also prayed for His followers and asked that the Father not take them out of the world to escape from suffering, but to keep them through it The apostle Paul talked about suffering hardship, sickness and poverty but still counting it all joy The apostles repeatedly taught that we should be content with what we have and not greedy Yet, somehow, Mr Wikinson, ignores all this instruction and instead teaches that if you pray a rote prayer the exact same prayer, verbatim from Jabez , every day, over and over, that God must grant you prosperity Strange Did he forget that Jesus said in Matthew 6 7 And when you are praying, do not use meaningless repetition as the Gentiles do, for they suppose that they will be heard for their many words Seems Scripture actually indicates that this is exactly NOT the way to get your prayers answered.Where is the humility in all this Where is the realization of God s sovereignty Where is the trust that God s ways don t always make immediate sense to us and we may have to endure hardship on our path That doesn t mean God doesn t love us or that we re not praying rightWhat really annoys me about this book is that Wilkinson says that THIS prayer is THE KEY to a life of extraordinary favor with God Has this guy ever heard of the Gospel of Jesus Christ God s favor is not poured out on us because we commit rote prayers It s given because HE CHOOSES TO out of His own good purposes God showed the most extraordinary favor of all when He gave His Son on Calvary s Cross What extraordinary kind of favor could there be God forgiving ALL the sins of mankind and taking ALL of their punishment upon Himself THINK ABOUT THIS Such amazing love and unbelievable totally unmerited favor NOT BECAUSE OF ANYTHING ANY OF US DID Who in the world is this knucklehead to suggest that praying the words of some obscure mention of a dude named Jabez in the Old Testament over and over, day after day, is THE key above all keys to God s favor To me this is absolutely disgusting to even suggest and I tend to believe that only a person who has not truly experienced a revelation of the Gospel by the Holy Spirit would dare even think such a thing I also remember reading several Roman Catholic publications at the time that Jabez was so popular and Catholic leaders were commenting that they were encouraged by the Protestant excitement over the prayer of Jabez because, while Protestant Christians have long criticized Catholics for the futility of rote praying i.e the Rosary, etc , now suddenly they were all jumping on board as though this was God s ultimate will for the whole world So Catholics were actually praising Protestants for coming on board with long held Roman Catholic mindsets concerning prayer This book was a TOTAL turn off for me Still is Hey look I m glad things worked out awesome for Jabez God is good and He loves to bless His people It s cool to know that God blessed this man but that doesn t make one little passage a blanket command or guaranteed result for everyone who copies the same prayer and repeats it rote hoping to get whatever they crave The book The Prayer of Jabez, in my opinion, is basically just a form of Christian witchcraft Sorry, but that s how I see it.Maybe the prayer of Jesus isn t quite as interesting for some, but the spirit of those words Jesus spoke as an example for us have always produced blessing in my life and I m not talking about rote prayers of the prayer of Jesus either I believe Jesus simply gave us an example of how our heart should be in approach to God Humility, simplicity, hope, forgiveness, praise, thanksgiving and faithfulnessThe following in closing is the Lord s prayer from the Message paraphrase How different is the heart of this prayer from Wilkinson s Jabez concept Matthew 6 6 13 Jesus said Here s what I want you to do Find a quiet, secluded place so you won t be tempted to role play before God Just be there as simply and honestly as you can manage The focus will shift from you to God, and you will begin to sense his grace The world is full of so called prayer warriors who are prayer ignorant They re full of formulas and programs and advice, peddling techniques for getting what you want from God Don t fall for that nonsense This is your Father you are dealing with, and he knows better than you what you need With a God like this loving you, you can pray very simply Like this Our Father in heaven, Reveal who you are Set the world right Do what s best as above, so below Keep us alive with three square meals Keep us forgiven with you and forgiving others Keep us safe from ourselves and the Devil You re in charge You can do anything you want You re ablaze in beauty Yes Yes Yes.

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    I read this book in a couple of hours which is doable because its so short Its small but mighty After reading reviews on Goodreads, I can draw one conclusion This book is for those who have reached some level of maturity on this walk The idea that the message he is spreading is one of new day American Christianity is upsurd The message he is spreading here is one I can totally identify with There comes a distinct point in your walk where you desire Not money, monetary gain could never fill you What you desire is a thirst to touch lives, to do for Gods Kingdom I prayed this prayer for the first time this morning and I realized in comparison, my prayers put so many limits on God This prayer to me and I believe to others who get it is saying, Lord not my will, but give me the territory you want me to have to make the biggest impact for You I m ready to receive it.

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    A former student asked me about this book, which I had never read So I read it There really are some worthwhile things in here Once you discount for the evangelical cheese, which is certainly there let us be frank , the principles outlined are perfectly biblical and orthodox This is no blab it grab it book I am now inclined to think the send up we published some years ago The Mantra of Jabez was not entirely fair to Wilkinson.

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    It didn t take much time to send this book to its doomed destiny where it really belongs the garbage can I found it in a used bookstore where they give away free books which they get inundated with I was so thrilled to get my own copy for free I love always to read books on prayer The book is very American and I mean here American Christianity , Evangelical style where it is mere business, selling and marketing Indeed, one doesn t swerve too much from the truth when one says that when God came to the East, people there worshipped him and even fought over him, when he came to Europe, they sadly abandoned him, but when God came to America they made a business, a profit out of him The book is simply about how you can use God for whatever you can get from him As a Christian, according to that book, you have to think BIG and dream BIG and pray BiG and so on It reminds me of this big hamburger in America and everything is large and extra large even in foods and drinks I kept reading the book in the hope I would get something out of it, but it is the same flashy, media craving type of religiosity, and no content The author in all chutzpa bragged that he had 9,000 people hearing him preaching on his trademark sermon of the prayer of Jabez It is about him and how much big of a preacher he is This is America where it s full of mega churches and preachers are like movie stars and enjoy being pulpit stars By the way, prayer is a favourite topic of mine I have read as many as I could when I was a Muslim and when I converted to Christian Frankly, I have read Muslim books on prayer that are inspiring and blessed than this book Jesus says to seek the Kingdom of God first and foremost and all else will be added as a bonus when we least expect it, but not what these super star American flashy preachers in the Evangelical Christian media No wonder I get turned off by Christian TV here in the States This is frankly the worst book I have ever read in my entire life on prayer It is a form of prostitution of what is Divine for utilitarian purposes Tagore the Hindu did a far superior job in his prayers, for crying out loud

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    This is pretty much the worst book I ve ever read I would ve give it zero stars but then it would look like I didn t rate it This book highlights what is wrong with modern American Christianity Dear God, please make me rich What a bunch of crap, and yes I read the entire thing Prayer of Jabez serves a very big purpose in my life I shoved it under the front of an old bookshelf so that it won t tip over forward, dumping out all of my good books.Wilkinson is the biggest faux scholar moron who s ever been published Feel free to talk to me if you ever want my unabridged and uncensored thoughts.

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    And Jabez called on the God of Israel saying, Oh that you would bless me indeed,and enlarge my territory, that Your hand would be with me,and that You would keep me from evil, that I may not cause pain So God granted him what he requested.This is a verse in the New King James Version of the Bible from 1 Chronicles 4 10 It seems almost misplaced with the than 500 names of the Hebrew family tree Bruce Wilkinson explains that Jabez means pain Name meanings were a big thing in Jabez s time A person s name defined him Jabez wanted what God did in his life to define him, not his name.Bruce Wilkinson explains the verse, line by line.Oh that you would bless me indeed It s not wrong to ask for God to bless you the way He wants to bless you Jabez didn t ask God to bless him with specific things, he just asked to be blessed This is not being selfish, it s asking God to give you all He has for you.And enlarge my territory Jabez wanted a bigger territory so he could do for God He knew he was born for than just being known as one who caused pain When our territory gets bigger we are reaching people for God.That Your hand would be with me Jabez knew he needed to depend on God to be able to do things for Him Having God s hand on your life is having God s presence and power Jabez wanted to be directed by God.And that You would keep me from evil Jabez knew that with all of God s blessings he might fall into temptation of thinking how great he was Also, because we are doing what God wants us to do, the devil is going to try to stop us, by sending evil our way.This book can be misinterpreted very easily People think that by praying this prayer that they will be blessed with every desire of their heart The truth is that you will, if you are praying the way God would have you pray Our goal in life should be to lead others to the saving grace of God that we found If we are loving God with all our heart, all our soul, all our mind, and all our strength like the Bible says, then we will pray Jabez s prayer the way it is intended.I have been praying this prayer daily for than ten years because I want live the life God has planned for me and not miss out on any blessings from Him I want all I do to be directed by God and not let evil keep me from doing all I can for God You have to read through this book a few times to fully understand what the verse is all about I would recommend this book for everyone Check out this book and see how this seemingly misplaced verse can change your prayer life.

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    For years I ve put off reading this book because I thought it was just a prosperity message Pray this prayer, and you ll get everything you want But I was wrong.Instead I found a book written by someone who has a deep walk with God and who is committed to helping others develop a relationship with Him When discussing the part of the prayer of Jabez that asks God to expand his territory, the emphasis was on asking God to expand your ministry, not on expanding your stuff Overall, I found this book to be very inspirational and motivating I recommend it to anyone who wants to deepen their walk with God.

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    I think this book is great I have read the book multiple times I have also read the reviews on this website I find the negative reviews laughable This book is not for those who are not destitute or not in lack in some way or who do not need God to enlarge your territory in any way This book is for those who have experienced sorrow, who desire increase, who need practice in meditating on God s Word day and night This book takes one Scripture and teaches the principles of meditating on each of God s promises its not just this one scripture that you should meditate on It s each promise of God everyday The prayer of Jabez book clearly teaches increase from God is not always about money He can increase Hope, peace, and increased in love, an increase in a sound mind It is an increase in whatever your soul lacks from God So, to those who thought in buying this book you would find the biblical secret to an immediate increase in wealth, I suggest you go back and re read the book from a different perspective A perspective that includes an increase for your whole self.

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    It bothers me a lot when people try to predict God s behavior based on just one verse or passage I felt like this book was promoting a mantra style repetition of this prayer and telling people that God will act as a result I felt like it was misleading, and I didn t enjoy the book at all.

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