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  • 01 December 2019
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10 thoughts on “Clouds and Rain

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    Hello and welcome to my review of the wonderful rolls eyes review of Clouds and Rain Sit back and enjoy as I rant about my view of this book.I must admit I started this book and I was excited The blurb drew me into this book It was actually the best part of the book when all is said and done But the I read, the I hated this book and wanted to curl into a corner and cry.This was me when I started the book.That changed very quickly Flynn and Gable were sweet enough together I enjoyed watching them build a relationship I liked both of the MC s It was a nice start to a relationship But, then we hear about the ex Grant That was okay, I hated him, but at least he had his best friend Calley.This is what I thought of the wonderful, Calley and Grant if it was put to me.Calley Gable s best friend cheated on her husband With who You may ask With Grant of course, the then boyfriend of said best friend Wonderful After he left Gable when he was injured And even better, she could not pick sides But the wonderful plot does not finish building Oh no, it does not Calley got pregnant from that affair Yes, she got pregnant With her best friends, boyfriend s baby So, if you are wondering if it could get worse The simple answer is yes It got a lot worse, to the point of it being weird Gable forgave Grant and Calley and all four men Flynn, Gable, Grant and Hunter, who was Grant s boyfriend donated sperm to help Calley and her husband have a baby.I will say one thing, some people may love this and I will look for those who did I added this to my creepy shelf because it did creep me out.Wonderful book As you can tell I loved it sooooo much I am now off to pat myself on the back for keeping my marbles I will leave you now with my reaction, after I read this book.

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    The book was going along swimmingly and then we had to have another horrible female character, the so called best friend I felt very, very sorry for Gabe if that s what he had for a friend view spoiler She was a married woman who couldn t get pregnant so wanted Gabe to donate sperm Then when Gabe said no, she went ahead and had an affair with Gabe s boyfriend at the time, Grant Grant was the guy who cheated on Gabe repeatedly and left him when Gabe had an accident He left him for dead So this guy is some winner Somehow this woman who betrayed Gabe with this loser and then got pregnant by said loser, lost the baby Flynn s reaction is how sorry he felt for her What This is a woman who is so obsessed and spoiled that she cheated on her husband and betrayed Gabe That s the kind of woman that shouldn t ever have kids But no, the four men, Gabe, Flynn, Grant and Hunter decide to donate sperm so this unfit woman could have kids And the poor husband she cheated on, well who cares about him right Stupidest storyline ever hide spoiler

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    I totally loved this book was thinking this was going to go on my favorites shelf Then it went downhill fast, around the 50 or 60% mark I guess.It started out good Flynn a drifter accepts a position at Gable s ranch While the ages of the two were never mentioned I don t think it was stated many times throughout the book that Gable was old enough to be Flynn s dad Gable had suffered a serious accident in the past, though I m also thinking the time lapse between the accident wasn t mentioned either It may have been and I missed it There is instant attraction between the two men but neither is in a hurry to act on it for various reasons I loved watching them come together as a couple There was a lot of talk about Gable s ex, Grant None of it flattering Grant is described as a cruel, cheating bastard who disappeared after Gable s accident A manly man who was deeply in the closet and would brag about sleeping with one woman after another in front of Gable while they were together A total jerk.Then there is Calley, Gable s so called best friend I had a hard time even in the beginning liking her but then that dislike turned into total disgust I totally hated her character completely by the time I got to the end of the book.So what made me go from wanting to give this book 5 stars to totally hating it First it was when Grant came back into the picture Though it took a little while, he was forgiven for what he did to Gable Not only forgiven but became FRIENDS with Flynn and Gabe Huh I understand forgiveness but please That so would not happen in the real world Not in mine anyway Now Calley Calley is Gable s best friend supposedly It is hinted throughout the book that there was some type of history between Calley and Gabe that went beyond basic friendship Also, Gabe is in the hospital after almost dying as a result of his past injury and Grant shows up and Calley is all buddy buddy with him. even after knowing what he did to Gabe in the past Then she tells Flynn I can t choose sides Well yeah, you do You stick by your friend BEST friend when you see someone hurt him her That was the beginning of my dislike for her Then later it comes out that Calley had had an affair with Grant while Gabe and Grant were together Oh and she s married at the time Not only does she cheat on her husband but she cheats WITH her best friend s lover And Gabe accepted that and STAYED her best friend Not just cheated but got pregnant with the man s baby, which she later lost And then later Gabe donates his sperm so that she could have the baby she wanted so badly Even after all she did to him Some best friend.That totally killed it for me Also, there was a lot of talk about Flynn not getting along with his father and having to leave his family yet nothing was explained It was just mentioned in passing Considering that Flynn was basically the only character I liked, I would have liked to have seen his story explained .I didn t understand the point of the 4 men donating sperm for Calley to have a baby Not only was all of that just weird, it made no sense that Calley s husband would go along with the man she had had an affair with Grant being one of the donors.The author took an excellent story. and it WAS an excellent story and totally killed it with the Calley and Grant thing I see that Grant and Hunter have their story after this I can t see where anything would make me like Grant after this book so I m thinking I will definitely take a pass on the sequel I m glad this was a freebie from the publisher I am REALLY glad I didn t pay for this.I like the author I have read other books by her that I liked And as I said, I DID like this one Until it took such a strange turn.

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    FYI Spoilers I m just too lazy to bracket them I was liking this story very much I enjoyed the way Flynn and Gable met, how they worked together and the sexual tension between the two I even liked the fact Flynn and Gable started singing I love you s way too soon I liked Flynn and his need to have a permanent home and how he just wanted to take care of Gable I liked Gable because he was so confused on why Flynn was staying with him and even how self conscious and how low his self worth really was.However, while I liked the story in the beginning, it kind of took a wrong turn somewhere for me I didn t enjoy how Gable essentially was using Flynn as a fuck toy housekeeper when it was clear Flynn wanted an actual relationship with feelings Gable would be lovey dovey one moment then all but running from the room and cold as ice the next It was like he was bi polar and his actions towards Flynn when he was pissed frustrated me.I didn t like the direction the story went in I m not overly fond of ex lovers being in a story Grant is in almost the whole last half of the book and I don t enjoy female characters that much either the best friend, Calley Really, I didn t like how big a part Calley and her pregnancy played in the last half of the story It felt wrong and inconsistent with the beginning Honestly, I felt like it took away from my enjoyment especially when I felt like Calley was kind of manipulating Gable into being the babies daddy while not actually having to be a daddy It just felt wrong to me and like she was dumping all her problems on Gable and expected him to fix them for her so she could be happy and him and Flynn could be miserable instead Okay, I may be over exaggerating on the miserable part but it still felt like she dumped all her problems on Gable and expected him to fix them.The story was also very inconsistent in general Flynn would say one thing and then end up doing something different Gable said he d never donate sperm unless he could physically be the kid s dad then ends up donating sperm There was also the fact that the things mentioned in the beginning ended up being something different in the end Flynn says Gable and him never cuddled in the beginning of their relationship which is inaccurate as they did cuddle, how they never slept close together before the accident when, in fact, they did and other things like that I also felt like the second half of the story was a whole setup for the sequel featuring Hunter and Grant A lot of the scenes in the story were also unnecessary and just seemed like a filler The timeline around the events had me questioning whether it was accurate or not I also felt like the writing ranged between stunted and choppy It made reading a bit difficult especially when it seemed to drag a bit.With that said, I did like the story to some extent I liked the characters enough and I liked the conflict regarding Gable s leg I found that interesting although I had a problem coping with Gable s semi easy acceptance of its loss considering he was so anti amputation All in all, this was an okay story I liked the beginning but I wasn t so fond of the rest I liked Flynn even if what he said was counteracting other things he said and did I think this will be a hit or miss with others, though, so I encourage people to still try reading it and make up your own mind whether you liked the story or not.

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    Now I normally very much like Zahra Owens books but there was too much in this one that annoyed me On the positive side I loved the slow build up between Gabe and Flynn and the fact that life wasn t in the least bit perfect, and if the story had just been about that it would have been lovely, but, yet again we have the obligatory female b f and quite frankly what a manipulative bitch Why she was still Gabe s b f is quite beyond me, firstly the fact that she had an affair with his now ex lover is bad enough but she was married at the time So to me this meant she betrayed to people she was supposed to have loved Next she has the audacity to ask and to receive sperm donnations from 4 men one of which was the man she had said affair with supposedly so that it was pure chance on the father of prospective child, then went ahead and used Gabe s donnation so that she could have a blonde kid The fact that her relationship with her husband whom she cheated on is rocky appears to be neither here nor there This whole senario to me was too far fetched and unbelievably selfish for words and really the story would have been so much better without it.

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    It wasn t terrible, but some of the emmotions rang a little hollow to me I also couldn t get passed the fact that Hunter was building a realtionship with Grant after he was so miserable to Gable Hunter and Gable were friends what kind of friend would hire, let alone sleep with, someone who treated their friend so poorly Not cool Not cool at all My impression of the book was not helped by Gable s name which is part of a roof, and was all I could think of while reading this.

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    Flynn Tomlinson is a young drifter, who comes across a Help Wanted ad to work at a ranch, owned by an older cowboy with a limp Gable Sutton, the cowboy, can no longer work his ranch alone, he needs all the help he can get eventhough he doesn t have enough money to pay Flynn first before selling his horses Flynn does not mind he used to grow up in a ranch and he misses working with horses Besides he is attracted to the grumpy man and is willing to see where it will go Gable has been hurt in the past, when the man he thought he loved walked out of him when he got the accident that damaged his leg It isn t easy but Flynn is determined to save Gable s ranch AND his heart..At first, I m a bit put off when I am faced with sex just within the first few chapters I have always prefer my romance novel not being too overwhelmed with sex BUT, I am wrong because while the sex comes early but this story is mainly about the day to day life of Gable and Flynn and actually has a very good drama to it It s a struggle for Flynn to make Gable open himself for love, as Gable always wonders why the young man is willing to stay for him There are enough plotlines that make me keep reading, including how Gable deals with the fate of his leg spoiler he ends up being amputated and the struggle to keep the ranch I think my only problem is, somehow this story never really reaches a climax, you know It s not FLAT but the tone of this story is not really too high or too low There are a couple of tension scenes, especially when Gable is in the first phase of adjusting with his amputated leg, but throughout the story, I cannot feel too deeply connected with any of the guys The story is good, the writing is good, and I think it s worth reading However, I miss that emotional attachment to the characters, and that s why I can only give it 3 stars.

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    2.3 StarsSo, this book was chugging along on it s merry way to a better than 4 star rating until it went completely off the fucking rails on a level that I just can t evenARGH Seriously, what the actual fuck was that last half of the book I m not going to waste my time typing out why I m frustrated see this review and this review for basically everything I want to say Why the hell didn t I read the fucking reviews before I chose this Because Spellapalooza is clouding my judgment Did you see what I did there Well, that and I ve seldom gone and done a DNFI refuse to allow a shitty book to break me.I m 0 2 with this author and I m going to wait a long, long, looooooooonnnnnnng while before I attempt that last story before I rule her a strike out.

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    It began to get weird and not at all believable DNF around 55%

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    1.5 stars rounded down to 1.0Flynn Tomlinson is a drifter who works odd jobs when he needs the money It s easy come easy go and Flynn is happy with his transient life until he meets Gable Sutton Gable owns a ranch that is falling into disrepair His ex BF left him after Gable suffered a serious riding accident and he is unable to handle the ranch alone Flynn is captivated by the sad and lonely man and decides to set down roots if he can convince Gable they re worth the risk of opening his heart again.Um, I had a problem with this book, namely Calley Gable s so called BFF What kind of BFF view spoiler cheats on her husband with her best friend s boyfriend who, although admittedly a jerk, Calley KNEW her BFF loved Then, Calley gets pregnant from Gable s BF but loses the baby Does her husband leave her No In fact, it s pointed out many times that her husband is not very nice to her and waaaah, isn t that sad Does Gable kick the ever living shit out of her for being a back stabbing bitch Nope In fact, Gable feels like he can t ever make up to Calley all that she has done for him So what happens Well, Gable, Flynn, the cheating ex BF and his new beau all donate sperm so that Calley can have a baby hide spoiler

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Clouds and Raincharacters Clouds and Rain, audiobook Clouds and Rain, files book Clouds and Rain, today Clouds and Rain, Clouds and Rain e9183 Flynn Tomlinson Has Drifted For Several Years, Working Odd Jobs When He Needs The Money And Moving On When He Doesn T He S Content With His Freestyle Life, Not Tied Down, Not Responsible For Anyone But Himself Then He Comes Across A Help Wanted Ad In A Post Office In Idaho And Meets Gable Sutton Gable Can T Pay Flynn Until He Sells His Horses, But A Serious Accident Has Left Him Unable To Work His Ranch AloneWorking With Horses Beats Stacking Shelves At The Supermarket, And So Flynn Agrees To Gable S Terms What Flynn Doesn T Bargain For Is Being Captivated By This Gentle, Lonely Man Who Captures His Heart And Moves Flynn To Take On An Incredible Burden Saving Gable S Ranch

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