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Nothing Ever Happens summary Nothing Ever Happens , series Nothing Ever Happens , book Nothing Ever Happens , pdf Nothing Ever Happens , Nothing Ever Happens d5c6e01b9c Andrew S Life Is A Clich He S A Gay Man Trapped In A Loveless Marriage, Thanks To His Religious, Overbearing Mother Then A New Couple Moves In Down The Street, And Andrew Finds Himself Falling For Nathan In A Big Way Nathan Is Straight, Married, And Just About To Be A Father, But After One Fateful Night Out Together At A Club, Nathan Has To Face The Fact That His Feelings For Andrew Go Way Beyond That Of A Friend And NeighborWhen Andrew S Wife Asks For A Divorce, Both Men S Lives Are Thrown Into Disarray Arguments About Their Responsibilities To Their Wives And Children, Doubting Themselves And Each Other, And Some Harrowing Lies Pull Them Apart But They Never Leave Each Other S Thoughts

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    2.5 starsWell this book was just RIDICULOUS.Bad writing, horrible editing, and just outrageous story points.I will try and save you by telling you to run the other way from this book However, if you have the itch for a poorly written, unbelievable GFY plot than close your eyes as I spoil away in this review 2 married men, one in a beard relationship, the other blissfully happy hetero Love at first hug Cheating Club sex I can t do this I can t do this Fake pregnancy Emotional breakdown Perfect new boyfriend, to become husband Let s all be friends Oh, didn t I tell you we re in an open relationship More club sex 100 different characters who all have relationships with each other Child pornography Zealous religious mother The older man x1000 why do author s LOVE to overuse this as a descriptor And PS the guy was only TWO years older Let s share each other That s not weird at all Near death experience HEAOk, ok in list form, it s worse than in actuality It was interesting enough to get me to finish I guess that s saying something

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    I find myself not writing a lot of review s this year, but I thought I needed to for this one since I loved it so muchI ve had this book on my kindle for a very long time Every time I came to it thinking it was time for me to read it I would see so many mixed ratings that I thought, maybe not right now But finally I thought I d read one of the reviews that marked it at 5 stars and one that marked it at 2 stars just to see which one would lead me to either finally reading the book or passing it by again Obviously by me having read the book the 5 star review won me over and I am so glad it did This just reminded me that we are all very different and we are not going to love or even like the same books That, I personally, just need to read the damn book for myself and see what happens.Now with saying that, I really loved this book The characters are all very flawed and most importantly to me, very much real The struggles within these men, these families, and even in these women are very much a reality to a lot of people who are either feeling this way or living this very life being told in this story Sue Brown has created a story that is very well written with well developed characters I loved the rollercoaster she put me on and that this book had my feelings all over the map Like I said, this book was a rollercoaster of emotions with so many ups and downs that I never knew where I would end up One moment I was loving Nate and Drew and the next moment I was yelling at my kindle for what they were doing to each other, themselves, and their families I couldn t help but get very involved with these characters considering their so well developed and I really enjoy that with my reads I like being able to connect to the characters and go through the emotions with them It makes them and their situations that real I think what I loved most about this book was how honestly written it is Their is no sugar coating and no excuses made for the actions made by these characters It was like here it is, this is what they did, here s how they felt, and this is what happened because of their actions I liked the reality of it and how at the end it wasn t wrapped up in a big HEA bow I know people in other reviews have stated this is a HEA but I disagree to a point In the end they re still going through struggles and everything isn t perfect It was one of the most honest realist endings I have ever read I loved that even though some things worked out some things were still being worked through I loved the imperfections of it all I look forward to reading from this author.

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    I love angsty romances It s almost all I read I ve survived some of the best of the genre I ve forgiven cheaters, accepted characters who were total bastards, MCs that had done bad things in their past reread them all Twice But this one I just can t bring myself to re read I just think it broke my heart and made me angry one too many times.I really loved this book I did I love epic romances I love seeing how love can survive through time and stress stop making fun of my optimism, it s all I got, k I wanted to see these guys together and the stupid things they let keep them apart pissed me off And quite frankly, Nathan s cheating pissed me off, but it wasn t some lost in the moment gratification they didn t have sex until they d fallen in love That broke my heart in a shitty way I don t understand Nathan s wife trying to hold on to a man that s not in love with her any A man who is in fact in love with a MAN I d say that means your relationship has crashed and burned Nathan s in his early 20s which is why I think marriage that young is dumb anyways because you still have so much to find out about yourself, in many people s cases it s their sexuality That was obviously Nathan s problem And while I was happy for the guys when they got their HEA I was not satisfied because Nathan was forced He never made any decision for himself His marriage was what was expected, as was his fatherhood, then it went on and on until ALEX decided it was time to finally cut her losses and drop the gay boy silly girl If he hadn t been forced I have no doubt they would have done their silly dance for another 20 yrs which leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth toward old Nate Goodness, now I m just ranting.I d say give it a read if you re down with the angst It won t disappoint but know this it s frustrating as hell.

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    This book was well written, a great story and would rate 5 stars if it weren t for certain things that I think a decent editor beta reader could have pointed out One of them, and it s a particular pet peeve of mine, is the use of words that are British in origin when the story takes place in Texas Like calling a kitchen counter a dresser I had to read the scene three times before I understood why there was a dresser in the kitchen Or saying in hospital or have a coffee Or use of the world whilst A Texas boy would never, ever use the word whilst and he would be in THE hospital and have a CUP of coffee This is picky, I know, but it does break up the flow of the conversation and rip me out of the story.Another thing that drove me crazy was the use of M or S preceding a word to denote sleepy or lazy speech It s so overdone in this book that it s become a huge distraction Example S not m alarm, or M phone, m pocket, These are scattered all throughout the book and not always when someone has just been woken up I dunno but s driving m crazy I will read of this author because I think she is a good story teller but a little attention to detail would go a long way in making her books great rather then just good.

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    My feelings about this book are so mixed as to make it impossible to rate so I m not going to There were parts that I hated, and parts that had me totally sucked in It was such a roller coaster not just the story, but my enjoyment of it I don t know if I would recommend it to anyone, it s just all totally up in the air There were characters that I not only disliked but thought were poorly written There were dialogue and events that I thought were unnecessary and made no sense But for me, I find a love story the most romantic when the love between two people is stronger than anything else and even though there are obstacles, they can t help themselves Maybe it s not the most realistic scenario, but it s the kind story I like best and that s what this was so I enjoyed it despite myself.

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    I was not expecting to enjoy this book as much as I did But I enjoyed every messy second of it I loved how credible it all was How there was no right answer, no right path to take Just trying to make the best of an impossible situation.The pacing of the book was just right for this kind of story Mostly set in a sleepy small town, were everybody knows everybody and secrets are impossible to keep.And as for the cheating I can t say that it s right or wrong Don t get me wrong, lying and hurting people is never right, but this was also an impossible situation that they found themselves in and people were bound to get hurt no matter what I can t honestly say there was a right path to take I do think that this is a book that can make you question what s right or wrong, to look at things from other perspectives, to see that things aren t always what they might seem from the outside Life is really messy and hard at times, and this book clearly shows that But it also shows amazing loves, friendships and families that are there for each other no matter what It s hopeful, beautiful and heartbreakingly sad, but it s definitely a book I d recommend you to read.

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    I am having a really hard time reviewing this book properly I expected a nice romance that involves married men who fall for each other, but what I got was a full on drama I ve read lots of mixed reviews on this book and I have to say, they re all true There are many flaws about this story that you can either overlook and accept or decide to abandon this story because of them.One of the biggest flaws is clearly Nathan and his refusal to leave his wife for Andrew But let s start at the beginning.Andrew is a gay guy caught in a marriage raising his son with his wife Why he is married was never clear to me Obviously his bigot mother forced him into it and his wife just went along Whatever.Nathan is a newly wed young elementary school teacher who just moved to the neighborhood with his pregnant wife Since Andrew hails from Texas just like Nathan both men immediately bond and start hanging out together Andrew even tells Nathan that he is gay which is another major flaw in the story Why would Andrew confide in his new neighbor if he doesn t want his sexual orientation to be public knowledge For all he knows, Nathan could be a homophobic jerk.Andrew has a fuck buddy, Gary, with whom he frequents gay clubs to get laid or get an occasional blowjob to work off some steam Andrew even drags his straight friend Nathan along to the club one night and Nathan walks in on Andrew and some stranger going at it in a toilet stall.Of course, Nathan is shocked while simultaneously thinking Why can t it be me doing this with Andrew Yeah sure, the confused straight boy has a crush on the married gay guy.Their friendship is suffering over this and long story short Nathan falls for Andrew Andrew falls for Nathan, but Nathan doesn t want to leave his wife, job and children behind to be with Andrew.I don t really understand what Nathan and Andrew see in each other which is probably another major flaw I mean, Nathan is a hot young guy I can understand the attraction, but on an emotional level What glued these guys together Somehow this important part was missing So the story spans over 7 years with Nathan longing for Andrew and Andrew finally deciding to pursue his life as a gay man leaving his wife and having a gay relationship and everything that he could never have with Nathan before things wind down due to a rather extreme tragedy, mind you to a nice HEA.As a gay man, I did not feel comfortable with the portrayal of the relationship that Andrew shared with his partner This open relationship with the older guy dictating what or who will be done is quite insulting I know such things exist in real life, but I don t feel comfortable about them Especially the way his partner tried to rekindle the affair between Andrew and Nathan was a very weird concept for me It made sense, later on, but it was still weird.Although the main flaw was, I simply couldn t understand why Nathan didn t simply leave his wife It s not like he still loved Alex So many rainbow families consist of gay fathers leaving their marriage to be with a male partner Why would Nathan torture himself and Andrew over SO MANY f years I just don t get it.And last, but not least The name issue Gary and Gabe I had a hard time separating these two characters when they were mentioned How can you choose names that are so alike Andrew and his partner Mr Andrews So ultimately Andrew would be Andrew Andrews And this is rather funny, though Principal Skinner Bart Simpson would be so proud On the positive side, I have a weakness for epic stories that span over several years By the end of it, I could not suppress a tear upon witnessing their well deserved HEA But let me tell you, I don t wanna go on an angst ridden ride like this again anytime soon 3.5 stars

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    3.5 stars.In theory this book hit so many of my buttons, but the ending left me frustrated This is a long read that covers 7 years in the lives of Andrew, Nathan and their families Andrew has a wife and son and an arrangement He is gay and his wife knows and accepts that They live their life in a way that has worked for them for 10 years When Nathan and his very pregnant wife move into the neighborhood, Andrew and Nathan instantly click, but Andrew must remind himself not to fall for the straight, married, Nathan, who is also his son s new teacher Eventually one thing leads to another and the story becomes an epic soap opera of love, lust, friendship, family drama and lies Through these 7 years, there is never a question that the two will always love each other Andrew really has had a difficult past and is put through the wringer in this book I really felt for him and was happy that he had so much support from his wife and friends Nathan s issues are mostly of his own making, however What frustrated me most is that at the end left me with a HFN feeling rather than HEA When it all ended, I never felt comfortable that Nathan would not just up and leave Andrew view spoiler it seemed he didn t really ever decide of his own volition to finally leave his wife and only did so when he was basically forced to and in the epilogue Nathan s ex wife and new husband are moving out of the country for at least two years with his kids hide spoiler

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    W O W This is another one that I d give 6 stars to if I could This will go on my Absolute All Time Favorites shelf I stayed up until 4 30 a.m to finish it, because there was no way I could put it down without finising it It was an absolute rollercoaster of angst and emotion This is one of the very few books that I actually did shed a couple of tears for and that is a BIG rarity for me I feel like I need to catch my breath now that I m done, like I m emotionally drained This story spans seven years in the lives of Andrew and Nathan Andrew is a gay man who is married with a kid He was forced into the marriage by his abusive homophobic mother at a young age because in her mind, that would make him be straight So although married, and having gotten a son out of the marriage, he and his wife live separate lives, but are good friends Nathan and is young pregnant wife move into the neighborhood and he and Andrew immediately become friends But for Andrew, his feelings for Nathan run deeper, despite being warned by his friends not to fall for the straight, married, and very unavailable straight guy Andrew and Nathan have a somewhat hot and cold kind of relationship They bicker like lovers do, because before long, Nathan can t deny that they are like gravitational bodies that pull each other together, and it s not long before others start to notice and warn them to cool it and stay away from each other Finally, one night at a gay club, Nathan sees Andrew with another man and is upset by witnessing the act as well as jealous which causes another big fracture in their relationship The angst in this story is about as heavy as it gets These guys want each other so badly that it hurts to read about it Their pain is palpable The grief that they feel over the times that they nearly have each other, only to realize that it s not going to happen then is heart wrenching There are losses and pain and fiercely protective family and friends that surround both Andrew and Nathan There are some plot twists and surprises There is infidelity in the story and other reviewers have taken issue and I ve seen some that didn t read the book because of that fact I don t condone it, but is addressed by the characters and things do work out in the end and all of the characters get a HEA to some degree or another Now having gushed, because I seriously LOVED this book, I would like to take a moment to plead with authors to take the older younger man phrase and wipe it out of existence I find it obnoxiously annoying It becomes repeated over and over throughout the book and pulls me out of the story It just sounds funny And in this case Andrew was only several years older than Nathan so to me, he wasn t really an older man Why can t authors just refer to characters by their name GRRRR That was really the only thing about the book that irritated me But anyway, FANTABULOUS book

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    Let me try this again Silly internet didn t save my review Nothing Ever Happens was an emotionally charged read that had me wrung out by the end It had the perfect amount of wit and humor infused with the heartbreak and Pain The characters were well developed and I at least at one point throughout either hated or loved Drew and Nate Sue Brown created amazing characters that kept me riveted and I have to confess I missed a lot of what was going on around me for a couple days as I simply had to keep reading to find out what happened next There were only a few minor things in this book that had me rolling my eyes but not once was I pulled from the story Highly recommended read

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