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    Dave Willis Lexical Syllabus was originally going to be called The Lexical Approach , but someone else beat him to it I am glad it happened this way round, as both books benefit Full of insightful facts and clear guidance derived from experience, Willis book provides both a clear rationale for placing lexis at the centre of language teaching and a practical approach to the problem of designing a lexical syllabus This book is now unfortunately out of print However, you can see why a lot of people still have not caught up with Dave Willis by downloading your own copy from here.

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The Lexical Syllabus download The Lexical Syllabus , read online The Lexical Syllabus , kindle ebook The Lexical Syllabus , The Lexical Syllabus 967e3e89e515 Describes A New Approach To Language Learning And Teaching Derived From The COBUILD Project, The Syllabus Has Been Shaped By Extensive Evidence Of What Is Important In Modern English It Documents The Useful Words And Patterns Of The Language, Providing Insight Into Language Use