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Wer ist Christus für uns heute? txt Wer ist Christus für uns heute?, text ebook Wer ist Christus für uns heute?, adobe reader Wer ist Christus für uns heute?, chapter 2 Wer ist Christus für uns heute?, Wer ist Christus für uns heute? e2e795 Moltmann Formulates Necessary Questions About The Significance Of Jesus The Christ For Persons Today He Offers A Compelling Portrait Of The Earthly Jesus As The Divine Brother In Our Distress And Suffering And Points To The Risen Christ As The Warrant For The Future In Which God Will Restore Everythingand Gather Everything Into His Kingdom

About the Author: Jürgen Moltmann

J rgen Moltmann is a German Reformed theologian He is the 2000 recipient of the Louisville Grawemeyer Award in Religion.Moltmann s Theology of Hope is a theological perspective with an eschatological foundation and focuses on the hope that the resurrection brings Through faith we are bound to Christ, and as such have the hope of the resurrected Christ Praise be to the God and Father of our

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    I was curious about this book when a friend gave it to me not long ago Curious but not expecting a great deal from it I was, however, very pleased and surpised at its depth and thought and relevance It is not very long, and it is written in a very accessible style.There are three sections of this book that really stood out for me 1 The fourth chapter on the Torture of Christ is, I think, a brilliant consideration of the moral issue of torture in our time You cannot read this and come away feeling good about the Dick Cheneys and the Donald Trumps of the world Or anyone else who thinks torture is compatible with faith in Jesus 2 The sixth chapter on the Cosmic Christ was also quite unexpected Moltmann is theology grounded in the Reformation, which makes it than astonishing that he takes quite seriously, though not uncritically, the cosmic evolutionary theology of Teilhard de Chardin 3 The seventh and eighth chapters deal with the messianic nature of Judaism and Christianity and just what one might think about the conflict between the two religions on this subject His final thoughts at the end of the book are well grounded and inspiring.This book has made a distinct impression on my thinking about a number of central elements in my thinking about what faith in Jesus means It does not deal with the teaching of Jesus very much, except for the proclamation of the Kingdom of God But that weakness aside, I cannot recommend this book too highly.

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    Since this book is based off public lectures as opposed to being assembled ex ante as a coherent whole , its quality varies substantially chapter by chapter Some chapters, such as The Passion of Christ and the Pain of God , deliver extremely accessible and impactful theology other chapters, such as The Tortured Christ , delve into very specific applications of Moltmann s theology and ethics others, such as The Cosmic Christ , oscillate between discursion into the facts surrounding Chernobyl and rarefied academic theology Moltmann is at his best when he is speaking directly of suffering, theodicy, and eschatology he is not quite so strong as he proceeds into politics and hard facts, where the conciseness of the volume and potentially the need for some interdisciplinary collaboration with the experts whose fields he discusses quickly becomes apparent That being said, the book functions as an accessible and short introduction to Moltmann I got through it in under three hours, and I m a slow reader who gets much slower the technical the material it might just be worth skimming some of the weaker chapters.

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    An accessible book on christology, addressing Jesus in light of such as fear, torture, and Chernobyl Definitely something to read for those wanting to go beyond the Jesus is my boyfriend popular Christian books and wrestle with what Jesus means for today s world Note that chapter 7, as far as I can tell, is a reprint of chapter 1 in the earlier The Way of Jesus Christ.

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    A compact exposition of Moltmann s theology, particularly themes explored in his systematic contributions The Way of Jesus Christ and The Coming of God There is something so warm, honest and human about Moltmann s writing that never fails to inspire and invigorate me I would highly recommend this to someone who hasn t read any Moltmann before It s a great gateway to his other work.

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    Moltmann is one of my theological heroes, and I think his ideas are truly inspiring I find his theology about suffering, Hell etc very interesting Truly inspiring short book which I would recommend to anyone with an interest in theology.

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    This week I finished reading Jesus Christ for Today World by J rgen Moltmann Moltmann is a German Reformed theologian who is Professor Emeritus of Systematic Theology at the University of Tubingen is known for his own form of liberation theology which is based on the view that God suffers with humanity while promising a future through the hope of Christ s resurrection which points to God who will restore everything and gather everything into his future kingdom In this book based which is based on Moltmann s public lectures we are provided an accessible introduction to the Christology of one of Europe s great theologians The overarching question of who is Christ for us today is answered thematically in each of the eight chapters attempting to answer the key question posed Then each chapter is divided into three sections where Moltmann first looks at the biblical text relating to the topic of that chapter Secondly he then provides his theological reflection on the topic and then proceeds to provide some direction for this theology to be fleshed out in Christian practice He attempts to share the thought that what we know about Christ does effect what we do as Christians He states it this way in one part of this volume Believing in the resurrection does not just mean assenting to a dogma and noting a historical fact It means participating in this creative act of God s Resurrection is not a consoling opium, soothing us with the promise of a better world in the hereafter It is the energy for a rebirth of this life The hope doesn t point to another world It is focused on the redemption of this one J rgen Moltmann, Jesus Christ for Today s WorldWhile this book serves as only as a general introduction to Moltmann s theological thought surrounding Christ may lead readers to delve deeper into Moltmann s other exhaustive academic books which address these questions in deeper larger detail I find this book a great primer to Moltmann s Christology and great addition to anyone s library.

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    This is a series of essays on the relevance of Christ for today which were remarkably orthodox and traditional in their orientation I had expected this great theologian of hope to provide me with a new way to look at the challenges facing people of faith in the world today While he acknowledges his connection to liberation theology, the last chapter on the future offered nothing of any real substance for hope within history only hope beyond history His chapter on Jewish Christian relations lifts up the idea these are my words that the 2nd coming of Jesus for Christians will be the coming of Messiah for Jews Written in the aftermath of the Holocaust and the shadow of Chernobyl, I would have expected greater insights on how to live as people of faith in a world of ISIS, global warming and growing disparity in the world Not so

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    This is a brief introduction to some of the major themes of Moltmann s theology, with a specific focus on Christology i.e., the doctrine of the the meaning of Jesus Christ Because this is a short book aimed at a general audience, the arguments aren t generally fully developed enough to win over a skeptic Someone committed to a traditional form of theism, for instance, likely wouldn t be convinced by Moltmann s revisionist stance on the suffering of God But since I m already somewhat sympathetic to Moltmann s general approach, I found the application of his theology to practical issues to be illuminating I d say the chapters The Tortured Christ and Jesus Between Jews and Christians were the most successful in this respect.

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    Wonderful bookShort, not hard to read, yet profound presentation of Moltmann s understanding of the Gospel People who trust in God know that God is waiting for them, that God is hoping for them, that they are invited to God s future, so that they are holding in their hands the most marvellous invitation they have ever had in their lives.

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    Moltmann is one of the most important theologians of our day He should be read and talked about because he really gives us a positive language of hope to use when most people today just want to get lost in controversy after controversy Moltmann moves us forward Even if I don t always I understand him, I am always grateful after reading his works.

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