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A New Lease of Death summary A New Lease of Death, series A New Lease of Death, book A New Lease of Death, pdf A New Lease of Death, A New Lease of Death 3bf71c46a3 It Was A Brutal, Vicious Crime Sixteen Years Old A Helpless Old Woman Battered To Death With An Axe Harry Painter Hung For It, And Chief Inspector Wexford Is Certain They Executed The Right Man But Reverend Archery Has Doubts Because His Son Wants To Marry The Murderer S Beautiful, Brilliant Daughter He Begins Unravelling The Past, Only To Discover That Murder Breeds Murder And Often Conceals Even Deeper Secrets

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    Can t really go wrong with Rendell To be honest, series aren t my favorite and I much prefer her stand alones, but Wexford 1 was very good, so why not continue This one is a much different book from its predecessor, yes there is also a mystery and Wexford is present, but only tangentially so The actual protagonist is a Reverend set on revisiting Wexford s first murder case to see if the victim might have been wrongly convicted The Reverend has a vested interest in the matter since his son is intent on marrying the murderer s daughter And so the small town s or is it a village s secrets are being dragged into light The general tone was very much that of a drama with a mystery subplot The real star, as often is the case, is Rendell s writing, which I find extremely enjoyable The complexity of her characters and motivations and so on This isn t as deft of a psychological fiction as Rendell s written nor is it as dark or as complex as her novels can be, but it s still quite good and for a three hours invested, plenty entertaining Quite possibly inferior to the first Wexford mystery, but then again a very different book and in its own right worth a read Also, notably not as dated as one might expect of a 50 year old story.

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    Read by Nigel AnthonyTotal Runtime 6 Hours 53 MinsDescription It was a brutal, vicious crime sixteen years ago A helpless old woman battered to death with an axe Harry Painter hung for it, and Chief Inspector Wexford is certain they executed the right man But Reverend Archery has doubts because his son wants to marry the murderer s beautiful, brilliant daughter He begins unravelling the past, only to discover that murder breeds murder and often conceals even deeper secrets . AKA Sins of the Fathers.3 From Doon With Death Inspector Wexford, 1 CR A New Lease of Death Inspector Wexford, 2

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    From IMDb Wexford s first ever successful murder case comes back to haunt him when a vicar starts to rake up the past Was the man hanged on Wexford s evidence actually innocent 4 Going Wrong4 The Keys to the Street3 The Fever Tree and Other Stories4 A Judgement in Stone3 Fall of the Coin4 People Don t Do Such Things3 The Girl Next Door2 To Fear a Painted Devil3 Dark Corners3 Live Flesh4 The St Zita SocietyInspector Wexford series 3 From Doon With Death Inspector Wexford, 1 3 A New Lease of Death Inspector Wexford, 2 3 Some Lie and Some Die Inspector Wexford, 8 3 Shake Hands Forever Inspector Wexford, 9 3 A Sleeping Life Inspector Wexford, 10 3 The Veiled One Inspector Wexford, 14 4 Kissing the Gunner s Daughter Inspector Wexford, 15 3 Harm Done Inspector Wexford, 18 3 The Babes in the Wood Inspector Wexford, 19 3 End in Tears Inspector Wexford, 20 TR Wolf to the Slaughter Inspector Wexford, 3 TR The Best Man to Die Inspector Wexford, 4 TR A Guilty Thing Surprised Inspector Wexford, 5 TR No More Dying Then Inspector Wexford, 6 TR Murder Being Once Done Inspector Wexford, 7 TR Death Notes Inspector Wexford, 11 TR Speaker of Mandarin Inspector Wexford, 12 TR An Unkindness of Ravens Inspector Wexford, 13 TR Simisola Inspector Wexford, 16 TR Road Rage Inspector Wexford, 17 TR Not in the Flesh Inspector Wexford, 21 TR The Monster in the Box Inspector Wexford, 22 TR The Vault Inspector Wexford, 23 TR No Man s Nightingale Inspector Wexford 24

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    This book has a pretty good premise one that they couldn t have today, at least in England, though still in America, unfortunately An man was convicted and executed for a crime, and Inspector Wexford was one of the men who was caught him Now, years later, the man s daughter wants to prove he didn t do it Or rather, the father of the man she wants to marry comes knocking, hoping to prove that the woman his son loves isn t descended from a mass murderer this book has a retrograde notion of hereditary, though it could be just the character who is sort of an upper class ponce Anyway, it causes Wexford to reconsider his own role in the ancient murder and in doing so to uncover other secrets that lead to other crimesA pretty good mystery, though its necessarily somewhat dated with its attitude to crime the daughter is beautiful, kind and Oxford educated and still concedes that if her father is a criminal she isn t good enough for the son Barf o roo, but still its not a bad mystery Rendell s writing now is much complex than Rendell then, but Rendell then was still pretty darn good, so this is a good read.

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    Inspector Wexford takes a backseat to Reverend Archery in this murder mystery The Reverend is concerned about having a daughter in law with a murderer for a father and tries to enlist the Inspector to help him prove that the father was innocent Honestly the whole premise behind looking into the murder was rather annoying The Reverend comes across as a self righteous prat, which if that was the intent it worked really well but it rather ruined the book for me.

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    I m continuing my exploration into Rendell s earlier works with Inspector Wexford 2, and I enjoyed it even than From Doon With Death. Here s the premise Sixteen years ago, a man named Albert Painter was executed for murdering an elderly woman Painter had a wife and 5 year old daughter Now Tess, the daughter, is almost 21, pretty and brilliant, having won a scholarship to Oxford She and a fellow student, Charles Archery, have fallen in love, and she has met his parents She told them that her mother has always told her that her father was not a murderer, and that she believes her mother.Most of the story is told from the viewpoint of Charles s father, the Reverend Henry Archery The elder Archery is opposed to Charles marrying Tess because she is the offspring of a criminal I understand this is off putting to modern readers, but having read a great deal of 19th century literature, I get it It was commonly thought that criminal tendencies were passed genetically, much like blue eyes or a large nose This belief persisted far into the 20th century Archery is in his 50s and this book was published in 1967 so it s very plausible for him to hold such a view.Anyway, Tess says that since his father objects to their marriage, unless Charles can prove her that her father was innocent, she won t marry him Thus, Archery has promised Charles he will look into the crime, and he writes a letter to Inspector Wexford Wexford was in charge of the investigation and it was, in fact, his first murder case.Wexford has no doubts that Painter was guilty and he tells Archery so But as Archery continues to go back over the old ground and talk to all the people involved, he discovers things that weren t brought out at Painter s trial As he follows up all the little trails of information, Archery experiences a person adventure of his own aside from and still adjacent to murder.Like I said, I really enjoyed this one, and I found the resolution quite satisfactory and satisfying.

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    Ruth Rendell s writing style is to my liking.2nd story in the Inspector Wexford series,and yes, I will continue to listen to .This story was even better than the 1st.Narrator Nigel Anthony, did a very nice job.Great voices for each male and female characters..Almost clean, mild language.

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    This particular Rendell mystery I guess will be much better if it s not the second Chief Inspector Wexford book The story is about a sixteen year old brutal and vicious crime of an old woman whose battered to death with an axe by her helper Harry Painter is hung for it and Chief Inspector Wexford is certain that they executed the right man If one is not familiar with Rendell s whydunits instead of the typical whodunit, readers might be disappointed to learn the identity of the killer which is revealed even at the back cover of the book Readers might occasionally ask, what s the point in reading As the Inspector being certain that they hung the right man for his crime, a Reverend suddenly appears unto the scene only to question the killer s execution For Reverend Archery s son wants to marry the murderer s beautiful and brilliant daughter Desperate to find if murder breeds murder and whether his son is in jeopardy for his own decision.As the case being sixteen years ago, Wexford is stubborn to take part on the Reverend s investigation With a second novel about Wexford, a reader is much interested to know about his character but as his decision not to take part with the Reverend s acquisition make the novel about the minor character than much of Wexford himself This is also one of her books that make me stop suddenly from further reading at the middle of the night, not because I find it getting boring but what I ve read is creepy enough for me to continue and putting me to sleep will be a difficult task To top it of, Rendell s chilling prose here is top notched even though this is one of her earlier works The novel is formerly titled as A New Lease of Death and together with its current title, both just justifies the theme of the story.It is still a good read especially coming from my favorite author although I didn t really enjoy this one As I ve suggested before, try to read her latest works before consuming this particular title Doing this might make you appreciate her body of work like I do.Opening Sentence It was five in the morning.Ending Sentence We must go soon, he said to his own It s time we shared all this with your mother.

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    Intriguing story Warning for audiobook listeners Wexford and Burden s accents are not consistent with those used in other audiobook versions of Wexford novels However, loved the story so much I soon forgot this problem Little bit of a slow start but this gives way soon to an absolutely fascinating conundrum New evidence convincing to the reader if not Wexford suggests the wrong man may have been hanged for murder Sound like a trope Not the way Rendell spins it, as she pulls the reader in The above comments were written when I had read approximately 30% I finished this novel appreciating the layered plot and rich characterization but troubled by the main storyline Maybe it is because I live in the South You knowGuns, God and Guns but not marrying just because your intended has a murderer in the family seems strange and limiting In this story, the prospective groom s father, a clergyman, is concerned because his son wants to marry the daughter of an executed murderer He investigates the murder in order to prove or disprove the guilt of the man who was executed In the South US it would become something you filed away to use in some future disagreement Oh yeah Well your Daddy is an axe murderer Instead the main character agonizes throughout the whole novel Almost everyone in Rendell s tale looks upon this as a deal breaker The final resolution is only truly satisfying if you buy into this premise Dated maybe Cultural or regional differences probably Also, I found the father s clergyman fixation on this problem annoying Well told tale, otherwise.

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    Although billed as the second Inspector Wexford book, Wexford is really a bit player in this one The story in the main belongs to the Reverend Henry Archery, who seeks out Wexford looking to re open a case that was closed 16 years before.Wexfords first solo murder case was apparently open and shut, when Bert Painter was hung for the murder of his elderly employer Mrs Primero A woman who was killed with an axe Archery s interest in the case stems from the fact that his son is now engaged to Painters daughter, Tess now 20, but the daughter wants to walk away because she doesn t feel she s good enough because of her background Her mother insists that Tess s father isn t a murderer, but won t go into any further detail.So the Rev turns private detective and become drawn into the lives of those effected by this terrible crime Like the girl who discovered the body, only 5 at the time, haunted by the things she saw that night and tries to drown them out through drink or drugs.This was another very quick read, very clever storywise again considering when this was first published, some stigma might have been attached to it Slightly dated, yes, especially in it s attitude to class.But very interesting when it started to consider the effect of the parent on their children How Tess, considering the fate of her father, was an intelligent woman, with a university education, compared to Lizzie, who had found the body.I could have done without the condescending attitude of Archery s son But otherwise this was a good read.

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