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Rain and Whiskey pdf Rain and Whiskey, ebook Rain and Whiskey, epub Rain and Whiskey, doc Rain and Whiskey, e-pub Rain and Whiskey, Rain and Whiskey 4c4d76e025d Galen Frost Is Used To Taking What He Wants, And After Years As A Semi Pro Football Player, He Wants To Get Away From It All, Making Himself A Home In A Small Florida Town Shane Is A Beach Bum, Good Time Bartender, Living It Up Every Night, Never Really Looking At The Same Guy Twice Galen Runs A Bait Shop, Shane Works Private Parties, And The Only Thing They Have In Common Is That They Both Like Hot Sex And A Good Time When They Meet At The Bar One Night, Sparks Fly, And The Heat Amazes Them Both, Like The Burn Of Good Whiskey They Come Together Like Rain On The Ocean, Whipping Up A Frenzy Of Weather, Good And Bad Nothing Is Easy With These Guys Though, And They Have To Ride Out The Storm That Breaks Between Them When Galen S Old Life Rears Its Ugly Head Can Galen And Shane Find Shelter From The Rain

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    2.5 StarsI m a big B.A Tortuga fan She writes a lot of cowboy and country boy MC s and I love them like no other The MC s in Rain and Whiskey fall into that category in a way and I was curious to get that MC in a different setting That part of the story worked for me Galen has a country boy background that translates well to the slower pace of small the town in Florida they live in Shane is a good time cruiser who lives day to day, tending bar and being happy The minute the see each other the eye fucking begins and once their dicks get together the full on fucking begins Which is great, good on you two, but unfortunately there isn t much to the story beyond that They pretty much boned non stop for 260 pages I m a huge fan of the boning, don t get me wrong, but I did want I didn t get any of these two that wasn t fuck centric And, since I am such a Tortuga fan, I know that s a thing the author can deliver and I missed it There was the misunderstanding and quite frankly, Galen was a dick about it all I didn t feel like he gave the correct amount of groveling to put their relationship back in balance I do know there are books in the series though, so I gotta hope he makes that happen Shane may be an extremely easy going guy, but I don t want to see him be a pushover I got the vibe that he was genuinely a nice person and I wanted from him from Galen at that point Rain and Whiskey could have easily been significantly shorter and given me fulfillment at the end of it A little boning time turned into conversation instead would have been great and then ditching the phrases like Oh, now, that was fine And Oh, yeah I want And Oh, that was hot And Oh, hot damn, he loved a challenge And, well, you get the idea Oh was used 348 times in a 264 page book That s 1.3 Oh s per page That s too many Oh s About 345 too many It got distracting after too long for me.So, while the execution of this one didn t really work for me, it s still a deliciously decadent escape and if you are down for a country boy fuckfest and some sweet tea, then by all means, do it, you won t be disappointed a copy of this story was provided for an honest review

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    I have read several books by BA Tortuga In most of the books I have read by this author, the chemistry between the characters is smokin hot, and the storyline usually flows quite easily Just between us, this is not my favorite book written by this author There was something about the two main characters that didn t mesh with me I liked it, I just didn t love it.Shane is a very likeable hero More fun loving than serious, he works as a bartender and parties most nights Shane has been on the prowl for a while and doesn t feel the need to settle down into a relationship So, when he spots semi pro football player Galen Frost across the bar he they immediately feel a connection to each other They are opposites of one another, but opposites attract Shane soon becomes enad with Galen, and his one night stands become a thing of the past.Shane and Galen has good chemistry together But, I really think the book was rushed in some ways, and things weren t resolved within their relationship as it needed to be Galen has quite a temper on him, and I wasn t really comfortable with Shane s willingness to give into to Galen s needs and wants all the time especially at the end of the book.Don t get me wrong, there is definately romance in this book, along with some smokin hot Man Love, but although I enjoyed this one, it won t find a place on my keeper shelf.BA has and interesting website if any of you are interestedwww.batortuga.com

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    Rain and Whiskey must be one of the hottest male male romances ever It starts with a bang the main characters getting right down to business minutes after meeting and exchanging names and it only gets hotter from there Galen, a former semipro football player who now owns a bait shop in Florida, and Shane who is a bartender, have matching libidos but there is to life than sex, even for these two horndogs As they manage their way through the storms life inevitably serves up, they get to know each other and begin to figure out how a longer term relationship might work What a ride that turns out to be It s been many years since I read this novel the first time, and it left great memories, so I was glad to get an opportunity to do so again with this second edition I enjoyed their romps and adventures just as much the second time around.Please find my full review on Rainbow Book Reviews.

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    I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads This is a story which is initially at least light on relationship, but heavy on the sexual exploits of two men who first meet in a bar Shane is a barman who lives for a good time, and realises that Galen who may be a man who eclipses any other options Galen is in a comfortable retirement from football, running a bait shop and now slightly obsessed with Shane An enjoyable read, slightly different from the usual B A Tortuga storyline, but still good.

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    Galen Frost, semipro football player, has lived life in the fast lane, but now, bad associates and poor judgement find him escaping to a small town in the Florida Keys where he buys a bait shop and a small house that he fixes up.Galen is at a local bar, the Connection, where he meets bartender Shane Barton Shane s been working at the Connection for seven years he s fun, flirty and rescues Galen from being groped by Old Man Roberts Galen invites Shane to come and find him when his shift is over and they leave together, with one thing on their minds.Shane gives Galen a surprise when he doesn t run away the morning after Galen likes that he can actually talk with Shane, though the fact is, they have nothing in common other than a strong physical attraction Galen has some kinks that he s into, but he doesn t push and always asks Shane before trying anything And Shane starts to learn some things about himself.Galen has a loving momma by the name of Carol Lynn She doesn t hold back and speaks from her heart She comes to visit and takes a liking to Shane Shane doesn t have a relationship with his family, he s useless to them, but he goes on and lives the life that he loves When fellow ex football players from Galen s past show up at the door, trouble starts to brew One night out at the Connection, Galen lets jealousy and anger take over When he explodes, Shane loses everything Pride and misunderstanding keep them apart, but when Galen goes to Thanksgiving at his momma s, alone, she gives him some very sound advice Rain and Whiskey has a different feel to it, and I didn t see this relationship as insta love or friends with benefits BA Tortuga created two special characters who make unique companions, and they keep learning about each other until love starts to grow between them I enjoyed every moment of Rain and Whiskey and can t wait to see what the future holds for Galen and Shane in Tropical Depression, book two in the Stormy Weather series.Reviewed by Maryann for The Novel Approach Reviews

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    Really a 2.5 stars book.It was mostly sex, dialog about sex, and a couple of pages of not sex I read this for an M M Bingo Challenge on which the category was Best Gay Fetish Fisting The fisting, which was on my mind all throughout the book, was implied It never really took place in the story, I only assumed it happened, view spoiler since Shane said he had gotten the fake fist for Galen for Christmas hide spoiler

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    The last fourth of this book redeemed the entire plot in this very sexy, sex driven story I have to begin the review this way because it is simply the truth This book is a marathon of sex between two men, Galen and Shane Shane is a bartender, kicked out by his family, adrift, living moment to moment Galen is recently retired from pro football and living a comfortable and admittedly lonely life by choice, They meet, sparks fly and they spend pages and pages having wild, hot sex and avoiding commitment while craving it totally I almost put this book asidefor truly, after a bit, one needs a plot to fit the endless sex scenes I persevered because I had heard such good thing abut this author, B.A Tortuga and let me say that allALL the things I had heard are true B.A Tortuga is a really fine story teller I do wish the story had gotten developed sooner but the wait was worth it The ending of this book was sweet with a touch of angst and just simply lovely to see characters really sprung to life in the last section and you wanted of them when you finished So, be forewarnedthis is not a plot driven novel but the end is well worth the wait

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    I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads Review Team I liked this book but didn t feel like I connected with any of the characters I didn t know much about them I liked them but wanted Don t get me wrong love sex in books, I didn t think there could ever be too much, I was wrong There was too much sex and not enough of anything else in this book I wanted a story, I wanted of a connection, not just hot steamy sex I will read the next book just to see if things go in deeper with these two though Characters didn t connect with themSex oh yeah Religious noWould I recommend to others yesMore than one book in the series yesGenre M M RomanceWould I read by this author yes Wicked Reads Review Team

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    One of my all time favoritesthis whole series.

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    Impressive and flawed a human rendition of how delicious sex proves to be when everything slots into place A mouth watering example of contemporary romance, even when the ease with which dilemma were resolved left you wondering as to how much the characters feel for each other, so as to cast aside the whole of their respective egos to reconcile A highly recommended read.

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