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    A cross country skiing outing by dad and daughter becomes the occasion for a consideration of all the critters living mostly under the snow during the winter A companion book with the same level of lovely illustration to Over and Under the Pond, which I may even like a bit , but they re both great, encouraging us to look closely at the outdoors and ask questions about the unseen Comes with an appendix with information about the winter habits of all the creatures featured in the main text.

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    I love these children s picture books that are non fiction and about nature.This is a wonderful book about various animals and how they survive during winter, those under the snow and those over the snow, and some that utilize both.The story proper is a lovely daughter father story and the illustration depict winter and the animals in a lovely way I especially appreciated the detailed author s note at the end, which includes a list of all the animals mentioned in the book, complete with their illustration, and detailed information about their winter lives The author s book dedication nearly made me tear up it s very sweet and apropos 4 stars

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    This tale is about a boy and his father cross country skiing while discovering the wonders of what s under the snow and what s over of the snow A bit long for a picture book though.

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    Over the snow, the fire crackles, and sparks shoot up to the stars I lick sticky marshmallow from my lips and lean back with heavy eyes Shadows dance in the flames.A girl is skiing in the woods with her parents, and she notices animal life and sometimes discusses it with her father.This was really good, I was surprised For a book about subnivean life, it is surprisingly cute and interesting The illustrations are great I especially like the animals The cute fat rabbit, cute fat little mice, voles, and shrews, the realistic fox all cool.The humans are drawn a bit worse than the animals, but okay.This is the great kind of book where kids are learning stuff but it s not obvious If you WANT to be obvious, there are some sections in the back The Author s Note explains about how subnivean zones work.Then Messner offers you an index of all the animals mentioned in the book 12 TWELVE, that s a lot and gives you a little explanation of what they do in winter For example Red foxes often eat small mammals like mice, voles, and shrews, but finding these animals can be challenging in winter The red fox has an excellent sense of hearing, though, and will actually listen for the sounds of animals like mice under the snow When a fox hears a mouse, it will pounce, often with all four feet on one spot, to collapse the snow and trap the mouse underneath Then it will dig until it finds its dinner.She even suggests further reading, listing books and websites you can visit with your child to learn .But if you think your child will be bored by all this obviously school stuff at the end, you can just end the book when the story ends Tl dr Surprisingly fun, educational, and beautiful.Ages 4 6.Available in Russian but not in Spanish.

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    A beautifully told, beautifully illustrated and bonus informative story about the animals that live under the snow and some that live over it in the winter time It s a great introduction to the subnivean zone the network of tiny open spaces and tunnels between the snowpack and the ground The back matter tells about each animal the only thing I would have liked is information about the parts of the country in which the animals can be found for example, white tailed deer are highlighted here but we have mule deer in my area All in all, a charming story and fine educational tool for exploring the secret kingdom under the snow I especially liked it because one of my favorite things about the ocean is knowing so many wonderful creatures live beneath the waves Like the little girl in this story, I will enjoy knowing about all the creatures under the snow next time I am out in a winder wonderland.

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    Both lyrically sweet and factual and primarily presenting a father and daughter on a bracing, exhilarating and also educational winter wonderland cross country skiing excursion through the fields, meadows and woods of a Northeastern continental USA or indeed als an Eastern Canada winter scene of snow and ice , Kate Messner s Over and Under the Snow should be considered as both a glorious family themed reading pleasure and also an informative, enlightening educational teaching and learning tool and experience for both the young narrator and also for us as readers as during the depicted and described cross country skiing journey over white snowy paths, up and down various hills, the father continuously but never preachily takes the opportunity to point out how in winter over and under the snow, various animal species survive the long months of cold, of darkness and icy, snowy precipitation, with his young daughter eagerly learning, eagerly absorbing her father s imparted information and knowledge and then passing it on to us, to her readers.And as someone who has always loved and adored winter as a season and considerably so than the hot and often humid months of summer , Over and Under the Snow with its wonderful and magical combination of Kate Messner s informative and caressingly tender narrative and Christoper Silas Neal s accompanying snow inspired and imbued illustrations is truly what I would consider a perfect picture book introduction to winter as a season and to how twelve specific animal species live and survive during the winter months a both visual and reading for pleasure, as well as an enlighteningly informational feast and treat, with the back materials, with Kate Messner s author s note, supplemental information on the presented and depicted animal species, and that for her suggestions for further reading, both books and two academic and official seeming websites are included being the absolute icing on an already very delicious and sweet cake Five shining and glowing stars and I guess the only aspect of Over and Under the Snow that has once or twice made me grumble a bit is that I do find the loving father daughter relationship portrayed by the author a bit envy producing on my part, which is actually and in truth not at all meant as a criticism, but actually very much the opposite, very much as a compliment, but indeed, I cannot help but feel a wee bit jealous, as the few times we did go cross country skiing as a family during my childhood, skiing as fast as possible, keeping up and maintaining silence were basically or less the order of the day, and questions about winter habitats, about the winter habits of any local animals and such would most definitely not have been either answered or even in amy manner and way really welcomed.

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    A little girl goes cross country skiing over the snow with her father, while he points out the various animals that live under the snow Knowing that little animals are burrowing around in the area between the snow and the ground makes me hesitant now to walk out into my yard or into a field for fear of stepping on something unseen What interested me the most was the picture of the queen bumblebee hibernating in the snow I didn t know that queens survive alone until spring, when they start a new colony Maybe that s why all those bees in my garage died over the winter An author s note at the back of the book tells us that this area between the snow and the ground is called the subnivean zone, and provides further information on all of the animals described in the book This book would pair nicely with Melissa Stewart s Under the Snow and Jennifer Berry Jones Who Lives in the Snow Highly recommended especially for kids who live in snowy places.

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    Our library had all three books in the Over and Under series, so I thought I d check them out While I can t say I absolutely loved this first one, I still think it s a strong picture book.The narrative tells the story of a child and their father who are cross country skiing Along the way, they see many signs of animals Some live above the snow, and some live in the subnivean zone, which is a pocket formed between the snow and the ground Each animal is illustrated in a simple, bold style.I don t love the illustrations, but they re adequate and showcase all of the different creatures in their snowy homes The book also has some fairly extensive endnotes for a picture book, anyway that talk about how each of the creatures featured in the book actually spend their winter.Overall, this is a strong picture book with a non fiction flavour I can see it being a great addition to classroom libraries.Quotable moment

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    I love the art it has elements of collage, screen print, and papercut, as well as pencilled parts adding accents Each page has an animal living under the snow and the design makes great use of the wide open space above and the cozy space below the ground we follow a girl and her dad as they ski across the country over the snow, talking about what lives under the snow Snowflakes fall, and little touches of color are everywhere, although the palette remains largely blues, whites, beiges, blacks and browns but what a variety of those It could be just read for the pictures, but the words have their own fun, and were obviously carefully chosen for sound and effect Over the snow I glide, past beech trees rattling leftover leaves and strong, silent pines that stretch to the sky On a high branch, a great horned owl keeps watch Under the snow a tiny shrew dodges columns of ice it follows a cool tunnel along the moss, out of sight.

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    Part nonfiction, part narrative about a girl and her father on a cross country skiing adventure, this book discusses the hidden life in winter s subnivean zone, or the area right above the ground and below the snow I loved the cool illustrations and the feeling of calm that the white space in each picture provides There s also a helpful index in the back that talks about the subnivean layer and gives a brief infobite on the animals mentioned.

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