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10 thoughts on “The Not-So-Jolly Roger (Time Warp Trio #2)

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    Wow, this is a lively, violent and engaging romp Three boys in New York have found a book that lets them travel through time Wishing for some buried treasure, they find themselves on a Caribbean island with nothing but coconuts Then a pirate ship appears, and matters go decidedly downhill Apart from the unusually high body count, we can enjoy learning a lot, packed in to such a slim volume Like wetting down the powder room on board before a battle Like how gangs, greed and violence will get you hurt, maybe killed Good lesson The illustrations are over the top and good fun This is an unbiased review.

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    I m just not impressed by Time Warp Trio The potty and fart jokes aren t funny, and are way overused this from someone who likes Captain Underpants The relationships between the boys are not ones that I find friendly, and that I would want kids to think was respectful The story ideas are interesting, but the execution is rather boring it s like a weak plot line fleshed out with dry facts about the history we re studying in the book Just not my cup of tea.

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    Fun book with some good facts about Blackbeard I like the history note at the end I still don t like the style of having the book start in the midst of the action and then using chapter 2 as a flashback I d rather we just told the story in order as it s very confusing when you start reading.

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    The guy on the front is named Blackbeard He s scary He has a smoking beard This book was fun.

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    The Time Warp Trio search for answers about the mysterious time traveling magic of The Book But in the process of trying to learn , they accidentally land themselves in the middle of a pirate s treasure burial ground Now, they have to survive a crew of angry bootleggers, an all out battle with the British armada, and Blackbeard himself.In this second adventure of The Time Warp Trio series, the boys are once again thrown into history with nothing but their wits and a few unhelpful magical spells Humor, violence, and a good deal of pirate themed cursing carry the story While entertaining, The Not So Jolly Roger does not provide much in the way of education compared to the other books in the series, except, perhaps, a peek at the life of a pirate.

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    When Fred wishes for buried treasure, the Time Warp Trio find themselves on a desert island with a Pirate ship quickly approaching They witness Blackbeard and two prisoners dig a hole to bury a treasure When finished, Blackbeard shoots his two companions, burying them with the treasure Then, he discovers the three monkeys in the tree and the Time Warp Trio find themselves dangerously close to walking the plank.

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    Now that Scieszka has established his three main characters he can focus time on the setting and history of his story and The Not So Jolly Roger has some nice details about the real life Blackbeard that are based in historical fact It feels like each of the first two books could have been longer, but the epilogue that offers some facts on Blackbeard and the fate of Joe, Sam, and Fred was a nice touch.

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    Joe, Sam, and Fred use the book again and are transported to a tropical island, where they meet the infamous Blackbeard Another fun, mildly educational adventure through time Illustrated and appropriate for lower middle grade readers.

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    The boys like these boys They are fun and pretty short I think they should read them on their own.

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    Quick early chapter book that was liked by my five year old Not sure if we ll continue the series as they were just ok.

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