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Quinns Need (Whispering Pines Ranch, #2) pdf Quinns Need (Whispering Pines Ranch, #2) , ebook Quinns Need (Whispering Pines Ranch, #2) , epub Quinns Need (Whispering Pines Ranch, #2) , doc Quinns Need (Whispering Pines Ranch, #2) , e-pub Quinns Need (Whispering Pines Ranch, #2) , Quinns Need (Whispering Pines Ranch, #2) a50878be4e4 It S Been A Year Since Lorcan James Left Whispering Pines Ranch, And Quinn Taylor Has Barely Recovered Only Two Things Keep Him From Falling Into The Abyss Of Despair His Work At The Ranch And His Escape Into The World Of BDSM At A Club Called The Push At The Push, The Sound Of Men Begging Him Helps Drown Out The Bitter Memory Of His Own Voice Begging Lorcan To StayWhen Lorcan Comes Back To Pegasus, The Same Blistering Heat Simmers Between Them, But Almost Nothing Has Changed Lorcan Is Still With Jess, The Man He Left The Ranch With, And Quinn Has Captured The Attention Of Ty Callahan, A Man Who Will Beg Quinn For Anything, Anytime, And Any Way Quinn Wants It Despite How Much He Wants Lorcan, Quinn Swears He Ll Never Beg A Man Again If There S One Thing Quinn Has Learned The Hard Way, It S That Not Even Begging Can Fill Love S Aching Need

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    I have no idea even what to think of this book let alone how to review it It s like a soap opera for gay men It has all the aspects of what i DON T like in a romance but for some reason it worksit just does I am addicted and will now not be able to rest until i read book 3.

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    Another Jo Peterson book, another 5 star keeper This is the follow up to Lorcan s Desire, and is wonderful.At the end of the first book, we knew that Lorcan and Quinn were in love, but that Quinn was extremely afraid to come out of the closet.and Lorcan refused to be Quinn s dirty little secret Lorcan discovered that his friend Jess was in love with him, and in view of Quinn s stubborn and stupid attitude, he and Jess left Whispering Pines Ranch This book takes up the story a year later, and Quinn Taylor is still in a state of shock at the fact that Lorcan had the nerve to leave him even though he begged Lorcan to stay Only two things keep him from falling into a black hole of despair his work at the ranch and his escape into the world of BDSM at a club called The Push Quinn is not in a happy place He does not get any pleasure from whipping and abusing men, he just does it because he can, he s found a willing outlet for his aggression and resentment at Lorcan s decision He thinks he is a Dom, but the other Doms at the club despise him because he doesn t treat his subs properly, he abuses them, and it takes a long time for him to understand the difference He does, however, with the help of Ty Callahan, a man who very much wants to make Quinn forget that Lorcan James exists.When Jess and Lorcan suddenly find they can return to Oklahoma, something happens that turns everything upside down.and you ll have to find out for yourself, dear reader, what this is, and how this leaves matters between Quinn and the love of his life Lorcan One thing is for certain.Ty is not prepared to give Quinn up without a fight, and this leads us very nicely into Book 3 Ty s Obsession.

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    How does someone get an elephant out of a room without shit breaking It has been a year since Lorcan made his choice to stay in Indiana with Jess and make a life Even though he and Quinn love each other, there has been too much hurt, and he justcan tleave Jess So Quinn stays at the Whispering Pines Ranch and burns with anger and hurt And drinks And treats everyone else badly.When Quinn finds The Push, a local D s bar, he finally finds an outlet for his anger, using every sub who will bend for him And meets Ty, a young man who craves the punishment Quinn is only too happy to give him And give it to him Quinn does, taking what he needs without qualm.When Lorcan and Jess decide to move back home to Pegasus and work Jess family ranch, that means facing Quinn again The only thing he knew for certain was that something would get broken The anger that each feels for the other, and the hurt, is still there After seeing each other, they know the love and passion is still there too But Lorcan is committed to Jess And after one kiss, Quinn knows his heart still belongs to Lorcan, and Lorcan s to him And, if he can use Ty s body, maybe he can make it all work Only the extent of the damage was unknown When an accident happens, the delicate balance between all these men crumbles, and the tensions break Will things ever be the same for these four men, and will love have a chance Will all of the unspoken things will be faced, and all the elephants in the room be named And how much damage, and to whom, will they leave in their exit SJD Peterson had crafted a fine, emotional and devastating, yet oddly hopeful, followup to Lorcan s Desire with Quinn s Need The three men Quinn, Lorcan, and Jess are all lovingly drawn, with faults and cracks and desires and virtues Each has wants and needs, and each are aware that what exists between Quinn and Lorcan is still unfinished business There is a crackling tension that carries over into this book, even a year later Their incompleteness is so true to their characters Jess quietly complacent in his acceptance, Lorcan internalizing and doing his version of the right thing, and Quinn scowling and physically acting out his pain.The new factor is Ty He is all need and want and submission At least on the surface And here, Ms Peterson does what she does so well She thrown a lump of clay on the wheel, and then gently shapes and works the material under hands until she forms something complex and layered and distinct and perfect With Ty, we first see him as a receptacle for Quinn s pain and anger Then he slowly takes shape, and we see a hurt and needing young man, used and abandoned, slow to trust and falling in love Only to be crushed down one time.We see Quinn and Lorcan and Jess grow in their own ways, sometimes hurtfully and sometimes with joy, and we see how abandonment affects each of them, in their own ways And we get angry with each, and then forgive them Because, really, how can a man act against his own nature.And what I really like here is Ms Peterson has made these men real Not one of them is a hero They are just men, going through life looking for love, and hurting others in their search, sometimes intentionally, sometimes not But there are no punches pulled here Not quarter asked for, and none given.And when the elephants in the room are named, they face them Name them And do their best to deal with them.But not all of them And thank God, there will be a third book in this amazing series.I can t wait.Tom

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    Is it a good or bad thing when you start to not really care about the lead characters but feel deeply for side characters This is my dilemma In book one I never warmed to Lorcan, I hated the way he ran out on Quinn and to my mind used Jess But I liked Quinn ok and Jess I liked so they were who I read for In book two my feelings for Lorcan never really changed but I found I didn t like Quinn as much any For me he became guilty of doing what Lorcan did, only he used Ty.I found myself not really caring about Quinn or Lorcan In fact I just wanted Quinn and Lorcan to get out I really didn t care about them My feelings were all for Jess and Ty So again I read for them Ty than anyone stole my heart He was so broken but hiding it and to me Quinn broke him even So how do I rate a book I both got bored with and wanted to read of at the same time I m going with a 4 star rating, after all this book did have me feeling deeply, even if some of it was anger at the 2 lead roles, so thats got to be worth 4 stars right lol Can t wait to get Ty s story, just hope he don t back track and start thinking nice things about Quinn lol.

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    I can t decide whether to give this 2.5 or 3 stars This has to be one of THE most unsatisfying HEAs I ve ever read 1 Was the writing always this bad and I just now noticed, or did it actually get worse 2 Jess s view spoiler accident and complete personality 180 hide spoiler

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    I really have to say, during the first book I really started to strongly dislike Lorcan, in this book I can honestly say I hate both Lorcan and Quinn I thought Lorcan was selfish, self centered, bitchy, and hot headed Flipping out to extremes over small things.In this book I found I really couldnt stand either main characters They break up over miscommunication, make each other miserable, decide to settle with other people they dont love just to move on , than they just disregard and throw said people away like they are nothing I felt like the end of the book where they finally got together I was suppose to say awww or feel like destinies have been fulfilled but with this couple I thought thank god they finally got together so they can leave other people out of their twisted, disfuntional lives Hopefully this will stop them from hurting anyone that is unfortunate enough to come into their life and love them I will probably read the next book or two just because the next one is titled with one of Quinn Lorcan s victims name I just hope the poor guy gets his HEA after being so coldly tossed aside in the name of true love.

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    I really fell for this book I enjoyed the romance and how the author let us feel what the characters were feeling And hey, who wouldn t love a book with hot cowboys Now for those of you not into m m romance, this book is sooo not for you But all others, I really enjoyed it.Unfortunately, I hadn t read the first book So I immediately fell for Quinn and his side of things While reading it, I felt like had I read the first one, I would have been a Lorcan fan But that wasn t the case So I was rooting for Quinn like there was no tomorrow I felt his pain and anguish and wanted him to find happiness I must say, I wasn t a big fan of Ty In the end, my heart was reeling for him, but still there was something I didn t like about the guy.Lorcan and Jess were a perfect couple And even though I wanted Quinn and Lorcan to be together, I think I felt much like Lorcan You ll have to read to understand what I mean about that But Jess really pissed me off with view spoiler how badly he handled things with Lorcan I wasn t sure though how he knew what Quinn was up to He spelled things out in his letter as if he d been a fly on the wall I think that bothered me a bit in terms of the writing hide spoiler

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    A much better and tighter written story than Lorcan s Desire was I was glad to see so much resolved that had been hanging from the previous book Quinn s playing in the BDSM scene was well written even though it really was not Quinn I felt bad for Ty even though he knew that he d never have Quinn It was good to see what a year with Jess did for Lorcan s maturity The story made for an emotional ride with sex that was burning the pages.

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    Review was originally written for MM Good Book Reviews by Pixiehttp mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.coI don t know what to say I am speechless How on earth has SJD done it again Quinn is still struggling with his devastation of Lorcan s leaving him He manages to cope day to day, but only with the help of the subs, at the club He somehow doesn t fall back into despair Lorcan is still with Jess, but although he loves Jess he still has to fight his desire for Quinn.Oh My God this is I just I am freaking gobsmacked When Quinn learns that Lorcan and Jess are coming back he goes to The Push and his favorite sub Ty And he does something he has never done before stayed the night with someone and maybe it s the start of something meaningful.Okay, this one is going to tear you apart and make you wish that you could change everything You will love and hate Quinn, Lorcan and Jess, but you will just love Ty who has a heart breaking story in his past This is again not going to end how you want it to well how I wanted it to anyway , and your heart will break for what the mean author put Jess through It was devastating and I just sat there thinking Oh My God why, why, why did you do that to him I did also feel sorry for Lorcan with what he had to go through, as well, but I was also really pleased that he seemed to have grown up a lot since the last book Quinn is just clueless as to how Ty feels about him I mean Ty helps him a lot and they get along great so I got my hopes up but then they were dashed God Quinn, I know you love Lorcan and all but geeze man where s your balls, he stomped all over your heart for Christ s sake.This book is brilliant, the story line is fantastic, the characters are incredible and they have developed and become better people since the last book The sex is hot, erotic and kinky and there was enough to keep you humming along nicely The emotions that you feel during this book makes your head spin as you just don t know who you want to come out on top, Ty or Lorcan Which one should get Quinn Jess or Quinn Which one should get Lorcan It s just so hard to choose.So, boys and girls, this book will frustrate you, wring your heart out, make you stomp your feet and grind your teeth Will make you wish that you could grab these characters and shake some sense into them Will make you wish that it was inter active so you can say No don t, he ll break your heart and No Ty s better for you So I have to recommend you go out and get this book it is just fantastic.Well, Hell I have to wait til February FEBRUARY for the next book I don t think I can do it I can t wait that long I think I have to go author hunting Bwahaha Mwahaha you were warned.

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    For some reason I haven t quite figured out yet, I didn t like this book as much as the first one in this series I will probably try to figure it out as I write this review.Book two opens with Lorcan in Indiana with Jess trying to make a life together and Quinn coming out of a 3 month drinking bender and finding an outlet for his anger by being a Dom without all the warm tender feelings yes, I said that Both Lorcan and Quinn cannot get each other out of their hearts and just drives the guilt to grow in each of them I guess this is where my frustration comes from Again, i found myself wanting to grab each of them and lock them together in a room and demand they realize they love each other and living this lie serves no purpose What i did see and liked was Quinn growing and getting rid of his anger and self pity I could see him evolving and that made me just too happy So I found myself drawn to the side characters, Ty and Jess I love these two, and my heart broke for each them But like I said in review of book 1, I could see the heartbreak coming down the road for Jess Getting involved with someone who is up front about loving someone else will not end well well duh And again, it s Jess s selfless nature that wins the day and solves everyone s issues Please pin a medal on that man, and give him a man who will truly love him before anyone And please someone get a good therapist for Ty baby The poor man has some serious hurt and heartbreak in his past that needs to be addressed Overall, I enjoyed this book I was deeply involved in the characters and while I was frustrated at times I found the story still captivated me And I will give a big shout out to SJD Peterson for some excellent writing, your characters definitely got to me.

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