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Fisted!!! chapter 1 Fisted!!! , meaning Fisted!!! , genre Fisted!!! , book cover Fisted!!! , flies Fisted!!! , Fisted!!! 4096bdb03416b Welcome To The Wild Side London S Raunchiest Gay BDSM Club And One Of Its Specialities Is Fisting Night Sadly The Show Has Gone A Bit Lame And The Owner Is Thinking Of Pulling The Show That Would Be A Disaster For Mitch, Who Stars As The Fister, But He Comes Up With A Cunning Plan To Keep His Lucrative Job Fisting Night At The Wild Side Is About To Take Off Again With A Bang When Mitch Convinces His Flatmate, Harry, To Join His Act During The Course Of A Week, Mitch Takes This Hunky Anal Virgin Along A Seductive Path Bringing Him Out The Closet, Getting Him To Audition And Bear His Stunning Ass, And Popping The Big Man S Cherry Then Finally It S Show Time When Harry Gets Publicly Fisted In Spectacular Fashion A Night That The Members Will Be Taking About For Very, Very, Long TimeWarning This Book Contains Explicit Gay M M Content And Is Suitable For Readers And Above

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    This title is accurate and the book is a delight to read This book is the final straw for me to create a new bookshelf sbank I really enjoyed reading the couple of hawt graphic fisting scenes As a lover of all things anal the enema, fisting, cherry popping and other items shoved into the ass of a big manly guy is delightful Mr Brighton wrote a hot smexy tale with a clear focus and some cute characters The plot here is obviously very light but really, who cares I just want to read the reactions of the virgin anal slut and his corrupting roommate Adding a petite Asian guy in contrast to a burly Brit is well done A few other characters added to this story helped enhance the heat Now if this was all non con, I probably would have had a melt down and lost several hours to the book Instead, it s all consensual and just a pleasure to read If only all of Mr Brighton s books were so graphic in detail with the character s feelings vulnerably exposed This m m sex book is highly recommended to those who need a little me time.

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    Because I have constantly read great things about the Wild Side series, I decided to try again read this book after my failed attempt with reading The Wild Side I have come to the conclusion that Jack Brighton I will never see eye to eye I will not try reading any of his books.I read books for a variety of reasons To learn To entertain To titillate The two books I have read in this series just pee me off BDSM groups, blogs books all tout the homily Safe, Sane Consensual yet Brighton tosses all three out with wild abandon.If you like your kink to have heavy doses of humiliation, coercion, blackmail, dubious consent heading toward rape as GBH is known as the rape drug , unsafe sexual practice, no romance no emotional connection between Dom sub then Jack Brighton s Wild Side series is for you I prefer to have some human emotional connection with my erotica so will be moving onto other authors to slake my appetite for reading.

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    Well, not sure what to say about this one I really need to read the books in order for starters.Harry shares a flat with Mitch Harry is in debt and unknown to him Mitch works at The Wild Side BDSM club where he specialises in fisting.He asks Harry if he wants to make enough money to clear his debts by appearing at the club.What follows is some hot fisting with a variety of objects including a double fisting.

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    I think the title and blurb is explanation enough

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    Ummmmm I enjoyed this a lot I usually do when I read Jack Brighton.There was some things that really didn t feel safe It was hotyepReally Hot, but I got a little squeamish at the bend , and really I m not the squeamish type.Fisting scenes don t faze me, but that one was a bit extream Still hot, but not something I d ever want to see in real life, and DAMN SURE it s not something I d ever want to experience first hand Go ahead and read ityou know you want to.

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    Oh hell no

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    I was really not okay with two things 1 drugging the bottom without informing him2 not discussing the terms and limits of the play humiliation is one thing, but a full on hard as you can hit across the face is anotherThat and a strangely proper tone paired with myriad editing issues, and even less backstory than a 20 page short story.Did not enjoy Read because of all the good things I d heard Sadly disappointed.

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    Right this is not my first Jack book but if it was I would of been shocked as hell In this one we have Mitch who convinces his flatmate, Harry, to join his act During the course of a week, Mitch takes this hunky anal virgin along a seductive path bringing him out the closet, getting him to audition and bear his stunning ass, and popping the big man s cherry.Oh my lord this book got me gooooood I was stunned at this and I have read a lot of different stuff but this..THIS book flabbergasted me an all in the good ways lolThis is super hot and Jack s books are always really smoking but this OMG It was pure filth in my brain and I loved every word of it.The name is exactly what your getting lol the plot was nice an it didn t make me ask question s or go on google to find out some stuff because I m not an expert on fisting rolls eyes but it filled in all the blanks when I was a bit like that s not gonna fit bwahahahaIt was a really good read and I will be on the lookout for on The Wild Side

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    Having very much enjoyed Jack Brighton s The Wild Side , I was pleased to find this spin off book and thoroughly enjoyed it as well The title speaks for itself and trust me, the fisting is seriously hot But the book has a lighter side as well the spoof production of the film Kill Bill that is played out at the Wild Side a BDSM club is hilarious as well as hot Apart from having lots of steamy sex with fisting as the major theme, there is a story line that is clever and well crafted as well There is enough information about the main characters to care about them but not so much that the story gets bogged down and boring The journey that the sub character takes from closeted virgin to being publicly fisted, is actually very credible in the way it is handled The grand finale is beautifully over the top but hey, WHAT A CLIMAX Looking forward to from this author, and PLEASE, a few Tales From The Wild Side What about another story with Charles as the main character I can t stop fantasising over him.

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    Umm what it says on the cover.Rather a lot to learn about the gentle art but I didn t like Michio Mitch because he was too arrogant and scheming and sure of himself and Harry came across as a fool duped into something for the money.Storyline is poor, sex is hot as you would expect although there is only one actual coupling

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