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Three Cups of Deceit: How Greg Mortenson, Humanitarian Hero, Lost His Way pdf Three Cups of Deceit: How Greg Mortenson, Humanitarian Hero, Lost His Way, ebook Three Cups of Deceit: How Greg Mortenson, Humanitarian Hero, Lost His Way, epub Three Cups of Deceit: How Greg Mortenson, Humanitarian Hero, Lost His Way, doc Three Cups of Deceit: How Greg Mortenson, Humanitarian Hero, Lost His Way, e-pub Three Cups of Deceit: How Greg Mortenson, Humanitarian Hero, Lost His Way, Three Cups of Deceit: How Greg Mortenson, Humanitarian Hero, Lost His Way 5c576f5ab4e Greg Mortenson Has Built A Global Reputation As A Selfless Humanitarian And Children S Crusader, And He S Been Nominated For The Nobel Peace Prize He Is Also Not What He Appears To Be As Acclaimed Author Jon Krakauer Discovered, Mortenson Has Not Only Fabricated Substantial Parts Of His Bestselling Books Three Cups Of Tea And Stones Into Schools, But Has Also Misused Millions Of Dollars Donated By Unsuspecting Admirers Like Krakauer HimselfThis Is The Tragic Tale Of Good Intentions Gone Very Wrong

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    I saw Greg Mortenson speak in Miami in July last year and was captivated by his story Each delegate at the conference were given a copy of Three Cups of Tea the young adult version and a hardback copy of Stones into Schools I thought this was very generous of the publisher, but according to this expos , Mortenson usually buys the books for such events using his charity s funds, so that a he can receive royalties not his charity, mind , which he wouldn t if the publisher donated the books or if they were bought at wholesale prices and b the books can stay in the bestseller lists This is appalling and I would like to find out how the books I received were procured I am going to write to the conference organisers and I ll update this review if I get a response.This title is an excellent piece of investigative journalism and is divided into three sections one section exposes a number of myths lies in Mortenson s books, one section deals with the financial fraud and malpractice of his charity, and one section deals with the failures resulting from him trying to run everything as a one man show It s distressing reading and has made me feel angry and upset about being taken in so easily by Mortenson last July Like Krakauer, I hope the charity itself can continue, but with proper management and accounting practises I also hope something will be done about the financial fraud that has been going on for years.Unlike Mortenson, who receives all the royalties from his books, whilst his charity funds his personal travel and buys the books being given away at events, 100% of Jon Krakauer s proceeds from the sale of Three Cups of Deceit will be donated to the Stop Girl Trafficking project at the American Himalayan Foundation.

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    the moral of the story seems to be don t fuck with jon krakauer s money

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    In 70 pages, Three Cups of Deceit managed to destroy one of my heroes and I don t mean Greg Mortenson, whom the book means to demonize Instead, the fallen hero here is author Jon Krakauer, whose book left me queasy with disgust We all know that it s nothing new for me to hate an author, but Three Cups of Deceit is different because I ve been an ardent Jon Krakauer fan since I was 17 When 20 years of admiration are undone in a 70 page ebook, it s is a weird place to be When Krakaeur appeared on 60 Minutes in 2011 accusing Greg Mortenson of 5 different types of fraud, I did what most probably did I assumed Krakauer was right and shut off the TV But I didn t follow the scandal, or Greg Mortenson s subsequent fall from grace I bought Three Cups of Deceit last year because I love Krakauer s writing, not because I cared about the content Now that I ve finally gotten around to reading it, I do care about the content and I don t think I ll pick up another Jon Krakauer bookever What the hell happened in 70 pages that managed to turn me against my longtime favorite author To answer that, we have to look back on Krakauer s writing over the last several years After writing two of the greatest adventure stories of the 20th century, Krakaeur shifted dramatically It started in 2003, when he swapped adventure writing for expose style journalism That shift in subject also marked a change in tone his curiosity driven prose morphed into rage driven narratives Yet Krakauer s anger fit the topics he was covering Shock and outrage work well in Under the Banner of Heaven and Missoula And though Krakauer s anger borders on crampy adolescent whining in Where Men Win Glory, his rage is understandable, perhaps even relatable.But there s something unsettling about the depth of Krakauer s anger in Three Cups of Deceit Turn to any page, and you ll find barely contained fury But instead of fitting with the text, that fury undermines Krakaeur s credibility the book doesn t read like an investigation, but like a screeching demand for justice by an author out for blood and hell bent on revenge.What gives me the right to make such a claim, other than the fact that it s apparent on every page Well, I ve been reading pissed off Jon Krakauer books for a long time I know his style, and I recognize his shortcomings as a writer He s particularly gifted at persuasion, which he achieves by intertwining facts with subtle plays on readers emotions That makes for effective storytelling, but it s shitty journalism And it s particularly shitty in this book, where Krakauer distorts the truth, and then data dumps in order to pass off his emotions as facts Trying to separate facts from an author s feelings is hard, not to mention irritating But let s see if we can give it a shot anyway.Fact 1 Krakauer has an integrity credibility problem Before we start, let s remember that Krakauer isn t an academic, or a formally trained researcher or journalist He got an Environmental Studies degree in 1976, and he worked for Outside Magazine for a while He s just some guy who writes books based on research gleaned from surfing the Internet The lack of training and credentials is important, because it calls into question Krakaeur s competence This is an important consideration, as many of Krakauer s sources in Three Cups of Deceit have accused him of distorting facts, twisting words, and purposefully misquoting them Fact 2 Greg Mortenson doesn t know how to run a nonprofit The only fact in Krakauer s verbal slaughter of Greg Mortenson is this Mortenson never should have been in a leadership position at the CAI That s it Mortenson was a visionary, a brilliant fundraiser, and excellent at executing projects, but he was notoriously bad at planning, project management follow up, staffing, and bookkeeping He lacked the necessary experience to be in a leadership position, but he stayed in that role because he created the charity.Krakauer says that to a number of people, Mortenson s irresponsible work performance was pathological than quirky Whoa That sounds seriousand ominous Who are these mystery people Have you got a direct quote Wait a minute.opinion stated as fact A claim you can t prove, presented as truth Good one You almost got me there, Jon Well, that s stupid Mortenson s inability to plan, his disregard for rules, his lack of followup, and his obliviousness to financial realities sound like classic symptoms of adult ADHD that s essentially a learning disability, and hardly indicative of some evil embezzling mastermind In any case, Krakauer proves nothing Let s get back to our fact hunt.Fact 3 Greg Mortenson repaid the CAI and stepped down from its board An investigation by the Montana Attorney General faulted Mortenson not for fraud, not for misappropriating or embezzling funds, but for misusing funds aka, sloppy bookkeeping, aka a screwup That s it Mortenson reimbursed the CAI, resigned from the board, and resumed his charity work.Isn t that kind of open and shut Wow It seems Krakauer wrote himself into a frenzy over something prettyminor Fact 4 Three Cups of Tea isn t a literary fraud Few things make me giddier than a phony writer being outed, but Three Cups of Tea was never selling fiction as truth Krakauer would say my assertion demonstrates how difficult it is to correct a false belief afterhaving made an emotional investment in that belief OMG, manipulative jerk.So what of Krakauer s accusation that entire sections of Three Cups of Tea were fabricated Um Duh I mean, come on, Jonny boy, you re not telling me you believed that whole kidnapped by the Taliban bit, are you Oh noyou didn t fall for the Mother Teresa tale, did you Christ, Jon, you should have been able to spot bullshit on the first page I mean, aren t you supposed to be smart or something I m not siding with Three Cups of Tea out of some emotional investment I have none , but because it was obvious from page 1 that the story was largely horseshit It was so glaringly obvious that in 2006, I couldn t even get past the first chapter for months the Christ like figure descending the mountain imagery set off my b.s detector big time And that was little 26 year old, pre graduate degree me, so spotting bullshit clearly didn t require expertise or careful reading When I finally read the introduction, where co author David Oliver Relin explains that he took creative license because Mortenson was impossible to track down, I was finally able to read the book Um.an author admitting in the 2006 intro that he used literary license Uh.the publishing process itself, which requires stories to change again to meet editors publishers requirements Humor me, Jon How is that a scandal How is that fabrication Hey, Jon It s not Relin s fault you fell for the fantastic claims in the book It s your fault You may be an engaging writer, but you re a bad reader Fact 5 No good came from Three Cups of Deceit Here s the result of Krakauer s bad reading and irresponsible reporting the reputational hit cost the CAI millions in donations, which meant that countless Afghan and Pakistani girls lost the chance to get an education Closer to home, the stress from Krakaeur s expose gave Mortenson a heart attack literally , Mortenson s 12 year old daughter tried to kill herself, and Mortenson s coauthor David Oliver put his head on some railroad tracks WOW Taking down a man, his daughter, his life s work, a charity, the benefactors of that charity, and a fine writer, all in 70 pages That s got to be some kind of record Clearly, awesome stuff happens when a personal vendetta is the driving force behind your book And I suppose Mortenson should be the one to bear the blame for all of it Not Krakauer, though, right I mean, don t shoot the messengerright Well Maybe we need to rethink that philosophy, especially when the messenger is a goddamned jerk.Yes, I m pointing the finger at Krakauer Yes, I m saying he s responsible for the negative repercussions of his book Fact 6 Jon Krakauer was one of my favorite writers.but now I want to tell him off I d say Hey, Jon, I get you Seriously There are 3 things unleash the crazy in me people who lie, authors who try to bullshit me, and people who mess with my money You think but can t prove that you got all 3 offenses from Mortenson in one fell swoop Believe me I feel your rage But here s the thing, Jon You re not an untouchable, or somehow exempt from the rules because you re a best selling author Writers all of us have some degree of responsibility for what we write If you were really concerned about misdeeds by Mortenson, you could have pursued the legal route But you didn t You wrote a sensationalist, manipulative ebook in which you let your rage distort the facts, while you tout your assumptions as the truth and you did it not out of concern for the CAI or its donors, but because you wanted revenge Even worse Not only do you refuse to accept responsibility for any of the tragic fallout from your book, but you ve managed to convince yourself that what you ve done in Three Cups of Deceipt is noble That s cowardly and immature And sick Fact 7 Why I ll probably never read another book by Jon KrakauerI think I only ever liked Krakauer s books because there was something so familiar about them No, I m not projecting I m recognizing similarities I know what it s like to show the world how tough you are by pouring rage into dangerous endeavors and extreme sports And I ve lived the pattern Krakaeur describes convincing yourself that brooding and obsession fuel good research allowing frenzied rage to drive your quest for the truth adopting the conviction that exposing a liar is noble and good The problem with rage fueled moralistic quests is that we all misfire at some point, and the wrong people get hurt Krakauer misfired big time here, and he doesn t even see it.I asked Krakauer last week if Three Cups of Deceit was worth it, despite the tragic fallout He looked me in the eye and said, Yes, absolutely before launching into some explanation His response was enough to make my flesh crawl I stopped listening Krakauer s response unsettled me because I realized that he s writing from a dark place And he s in deep This book isn t just Krakauer s compulsive hunger to tear down someone else It s Krakauer s attempt to undermine your faith in someone who was actually doing good Krakauer wants you to join him in that dark place where he resides After all, dark places are no fun when you re all alone That s horrible After 20 years of championing Krakauer, I now feel like the gullible reader, taken in and emotionally manipulated by my favorite writer But let s give credit where credit is due At least Krakauer is talented enough to perfectly articulate how that feels It s difficult to correct a false belief after people have made an emotional investment in that belief being true When our heroes turn out to be sleazebags self deception is easier than facing the facts When our heroes turn out to be sleazebags Yeah, screw this guy SUCKED.

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    I did not read Three Cups of Tea It seemed from a distance like a schmaltzy look at attempting large social change That doesn t interest me, because I feel the terms are simplified to tell a story And in that simplification, things are presented in a way that is too good to be true This simplification loses how challenging it is to create lasting social change Jon Krakauer gave money to Greg Mortenson early on to support building schools in Afghanistan with an emphasis on reaching girls Krakauer has three main concerns with Mortenson 1 his story is not true and likely falsified to make a better story and therefore a better fundraising appeal, 2 he mismanages funds, co mingling his personal and business expenses and then lets the non profit entity, CAI, pay for them, 3 he has not built nor sustained the number of schools he claims to support This has stirred a lot of controversy including a 60 Minutes segment and an explosion of discussion on blogs Krakauer also feels that Mortenson has rejected attempts to make CAI transparent and accountable because ultimately he does not want to change his practice Krakauer then goes on to guess why Mortenson does not want to be transparent It s this lack of transparency that I believe is the biggest problem it hurts Mortenson but it hurts other organizations engaged in this work And by this kind of work I mean than efforts in Afghanistan I mean social change that seems insurmountable Supporters of Mortenson argue there are cultural misunderstandings that have lead to confusion which justify Mortenson s version of events My concern is the US s consumption of celebrity driven activities and causes For me, this is a good example of the cult of celebrity People wanted Mortenson s story to be true I think some people still want it to be true It helps them believe change is possible and feel that they have contributed to that change And small projects are a bit like the question If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound If a project does not receive a lot of attention and no one is around to see it, does it make an impact The answer is yes but will it be funded That is an imperfect comparison but I do believe that people struggle with understanding social change as it is happening We seek simplified stories that make big steps toward progress appear possible in our lifetime Recent update

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    I made three sincere attempts to read Three Cups of Tea before giving up It was poorly written, and so self congratulatory that I started thinking of it as Three Cheers for Me Now I m glad I didn t waste my time slogging through it It s so full of lies, a appropriate title would have been Three Quarts of Wee This little book is easy to understand, even if you haven t read Three Cups of Tea. Krakauer gives direct quotes from that book, then details specifically how they are untrue Krakauer documents the pure fabrication that made Greg Mortenson s story so compelling for unwitting readers and contributors Not only is Mortenson a pathological liar, he s also a thief He spends hundreds of thousands of dollars or in donation money on himself He ignores requests from financial managers of CAI his charity organization for documentation of how these funds are spent A former treasurer of CAI says Mortenson regards CAI as his personal ATM Swindler, liar, narcissist Greg Mortenson has hurt a lot of dedicated, good hearted people, and he has squandered millions of dollars that could have been used to improve so many lives Equally offensive is the way he created ill will in Pakistan and Afghanistan by telling lies about people there who had shown him hospitality and trusted him to bring something good to their countries These people were outraged when they heard what was in Three Cups of Tea. We certainly don t need to foster mistrust of Americans in these countries Only Jon Krakauer could make me read something like this all in one sitting It s only 75 pages, but the print is tiny, so if you have eye trouble, get it for an e reader or wait for a large print version.

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    Having enjoyed Krakauer s work in the past, I picked up this Kindle single on spec Turns out to be quite a read Krakauer was an emotional and financial supporter of Greg Mortenson, the author of Three Cups of Tea One Man s Mission to Promote Peace One School at a Time, the mountaineer who created a non profit empire building schools in Pakistan ostensibly as a way to thwart the influence of the Taliban and Islamic revolutionary teaching He became somewhat of a cult figure and was soon jetting around the country giving inspiring talks about his good works Emphasis on his good works.Krakauer, who had donated 75,000 to Mortenson s foundation, the Central Asia Institute, became disenchanted as he heard and stories of misuse of funds by Mortenson and his lack of accountability This single is the story of Mortenson and Krakauer s investigation into the Foundation.That story is interesting enough, but I have become intrigued by the thesis proposed by Jonathan Haidt in The Righteous Mind As it happens, I poked around the 60 Minutes website, seeking information about the Mortenson case In early April 2011, they broadcast a story detailing some of the allegations against Mortenson and his foundation I didn t watch the show, but I did read all 354 comments about the story on their website Commenters were divided into two camps those who had an emotional attachment to Mortenson and his good works and who accepted everything he said at face value and the other, a very small minority perhaps 10% , who were interested in presenting evidence of Mortenson s malfeasance, arguing that just doing some good was not enough to ignore facts related to his lack of accountability and problems with the CAI Both sides would respond to each other but rarely listen to what the other was saying It seemed to me a classic example of what Haidt saw in the dichotomy between emotional and rational ways of looking at issues I won t try to summarize Haidt s book here but will save that for my review later Nevertheless, it was disheartening to see how little communication surfaced in the comments between the two groups which consolidated based on their respective pre conceptions.A good friend and I discussed this with regard to the Wisconsin recall election, Andy unable to understand why so many union members were voting for Walker, totally against their economic interests, and I trying to apply Haidt noting that it represented a difference in prioritizing values If, for example, you believe in supporting authority and that same sex marriage is an abomination, your view of the world will be less influenced by the economic interests valued highly by other groups That s presented perhaps a little simplistically, but I think you ll get the idea.Since Krakauer s little essay appeared by the way, I love Kindle shorts Mortenson has settled for than a million with the Montana Attorney General he was charged, among other things, with using CAI funds for personal expenses and the IRS was after him also for not declaring those as income The CharityWatch organization American Institute of Philanthropy has also published several articles detailing the CAI s malfeasance References

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    In current condition, I cannot comment much about the content, but there are many sources in the net for your own judgment The book is very thin and some of the details were written for necessity than for readibility This book has too much details for me even for a thin book.

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    Ouch.I remember reading a goodreads review of Three Cups of Tea One Man s Mission to Promote Peace One School at a Time which criticized the book for sounding almost defensive in its relentless hero worship of Mortenson as if the author were responding to attacks on Mortenson s character, the reviewer observed Looking back, I think that reviewer was remarkably prescient.In Three Cups of Deceit How Greg Mortenson, Humanitarian Hero, Lost His Way, Jon Krakauer accuses Mortenson of fabricating many of the vivid anecdotes in Three Cups of Tea One Man s Mission to Promote Peace One School at a Time, failing to follow up on his schools once they re built to ensure that they are fulfilling their purpose many of the buildings stand empty , mismanaging funds and stubbornly refusing to be transparent about his use of his non profit organization s money, being a difficult boss to work for and a poor team player, etc., etc Some accusations seemed petty and poorly established others were serious and difficult to dispute.It s hard to know how to react My inclination is to reserve judgment until we know , for disorganization may explain faults than dishonesty, says Nicholas Kristof in his interesting New York Times article And if there s one thing everyone agrees on, even Mortenson s supporters, it s that Mortenson is disorganized.Kristof adds that in their struggle to raise money, aid groups sometimes oversell how easy it is to get results Helping people is difficult than it seems, and no group of people bicker among themselves viciously than humanitarians This is one of the difficulties of working for a good cause, in my view the legitimate and pressing need for funding can tempt people to resort to all kinds of false advertising and marketing techniques, to an almost Machiavellian extent which seems rather inconsistent with the supposedly altruistic raison d etre of the institution Another tendency I ve observed in people spearheading non profit organizations is a blurring of boundaries between their personal needs and the needs of their organization Certainly, in order for humanitarian individuals to devote full days to their organization, they need to earn a living wage from the organization s funds if they re not independently wealthy They need to be able to eat, travel for the organization, present themselves wellwhere do you draw the line A non profit founder I know of travels first class from Israel to America, justifying the expense by explaining that he works tirelessly during his brief visits and sleeping comfortably on the flight beforehand is a necessity, not a luxury Is this entirely self serving, or is there some legitimacy here I m sure there are lots of gray areas like that, particularly for Mortenson It s hard to know how much slack to cut Krakauer doesn t seem to want to cut Mortenson any I just don t think it s that simple After all, the guy did build his schools as promised even if some of his efforts were misguided and the results were overhyped.As Kristof sums up, the greatest loss will be felt not by those of us whose hero is discredited, nor even by Greg himself, but by countless children in Afghanistan who now won t get an education after all But let s not forget that even if all the allegations turn out to be true, Greg has still built schools and transformed children s lives than you or I ever will.

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    Mr Mortenson is a pathological liar Yes he had nice idea, he performed many good things in Central Asia BUT all that as far as I m concerned because what he was doing behind the scene doesn t justify him a bit Of course I do hope charity will fulfill its mission without him and I hope even that he ll face the justice However, the main thing is a massive disappointment he ll surely raise in hearts of thousands of people who fell in love in his personality while reading his books I m not one of them Somehow I found the guy quite repulsive and I didn t finish his Three Cups of Tea He presented himself as egoistic, self promoting thief but I have to admit I never thought I should add to the list that he is above all A LIAR.I have many friends who were raving about his books and couldn t quite understand how I feel about him I even suspected that they were accusing me of being cold and detached from people s suffering which couldn t be far from truth and I feel such an anger on theirs behalf I found his lies ridiculous I laughed several times while reading this book when Krakauer an amazing journalist presented parts from Mortenson s books and then what actually happened I m SO voting for this book Now I ll browse through my friend s list and whoever listed Three Cups of tea on her his shelf I ll send recommendation for this book 5 stars because of the importance of the story

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    Well, this was a downer When I first heard there was someone challenging Greg Mortensen I was protective and actually pissed off But then I discovered it was Jon Krakauer and 60 Minutes Their allegations are real and valid There is a bit of according to a former employee as well as some he said she said happening, but other than that, it s a pretty airtight argument Basically Mortensen exaggerated his original story, lied about being kidnapped by the Taliban, and misused funding When Mortensen was asked to respond to Krakauer s allegations, he couldn t really do it He talked in circles to Outside magazine, dodged questions, and basically did a shoddy job of defending himself I was a huge fan of Three Cups of Tea, not the writing or the actual book, but of the story, the idea of building schools in Pakistan and other areas of the middle east to combat terrorism in a preventative way The teacher in me was inspired by his ambition and follow through Yes, there are still schools that he built that are in operation The Central Asia Institute has the potential to be a legitimate charity It isn t all bad But is isn t all real either How disappointing is that

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