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Through These Veins chapter 1 Through These Veins , meaning Through These Veins , genre Through These Veins , book cover Through These Veins , flies Through These Veins , Through These Veins acfd5bcfa4724 In The Coffee Growing Highlands Of Ethiopia, An Italian Scientist On A Plant Collecting Expedition Discovers A Local Medicine Man Dispensing An Apparent Cure For AIDS As The Medicine Man S Teenage Daughter Reveals The Plants Behind The Cure, Their Lives Become Irrevocably Intertwined Through These Veins Weaves Together The Dramatically Different Worlds Of Traditional Healing, US Government Funded AIDS Research, And The Pharmaceutical Industry In An Intensely Personal, Fast Paced Tale Of Scientific Intrigue And Love, With Both Devastating And Hopeful EffectView HIV AIDS From An Unexpected Perspective, And Help Conserve The Possibility Of A Cure In The ProcessAll Profits From The Sale Of This Book Of The Price Will Be Distributed To The Campaign For Access To Essential Medicines Of M Decins Sans Fronti Res Doctors Without Borders And The Institute Of Biodiversity Conservation In Ethiopia If You Want To Know About This Project, Follow Through These Veins On Facebook If You Want To Do , Please Encourage Your Friends And Colleagues To Purchase The BookAnne Marie Ruff Has Reported On AIDS Research, Drug Development, Biodiversity Conservation, And Agriculture From Southeast Asia, The Middle East, And East Africa Her Work Has Been Broadcast By National Public Radio, Public Radio International, The British Broadcasting Corporation, And PBS TV Her Articles Have Appeared In Time, Christian Science Monitor, And Saveur Among Other Publications A Minnesota Native, Ms Ruff Lives In Los Angeles With Her Husband And Their Two Sons Through These Veins Is Her First Novel

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    This book should be a movie It s cinematic, the action.

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    Through These VeinsAnne Marie Ruff takes us on an adventure in the coffee highlands of Ethiopia The bitter taste of death, sweet almond extract of true love and intrigue are wired together in this epic story.Ruth and Zahara are two strong women searching for truth They want to save those they care for from the tortured death by AIDS A cure is within their very grasp.Stefano, the Italian scientist, is plant collecting before the forest disappears He meets a medicine man who has found katannii leaf extract can cure AIDS Life replicates fiction I understand what it is to collect plants, having been a collector of roses and rare plants Stefano s passion for rescuing the secrets of the forest is romantic and true The charming Stefano streams with life blood.The topic of a cure for AIDS is timely Timothy Ray Brown is the first person to have had HIV totally eliminated from his body Will some plant that is burned or cut down hold the secret to something better than a functional cure Our oldest human relatives come from Ethiopia, a now country suffering with drought, deforestation and death With one Medical Doctor for 100000 citizens, survival rates are low Locals hold to superstitious beliefs that spirits and supernatural forces can cause bad fortune, and illness Ruff stands apart from preaching to us about Pharmaceutical Companies, corrupt governments or political action Pepsi and Coke should start a big political campaign, Ruth says Ruth speaks a profound idea Ruff s writing flows gracefully showing the evil forces what they are.There are passages where Ruff s images are handsome and bitter as raw coffee, as in, She wrapped both hands around her wine glass attempting to steady herself, to prevent herself from descending into the abyss of uncertainty As if the red wine, or liquid of the glass could save her fall Ruff s storytelling is elegant.Ruff inspires us to conserve this beautiful earth s biodiversity without asking or waving a flag Think carefully about how you can stay true to your values Through these veins we are all connected Ruff s novel is romantic, thrilling and uplifting Read it and be changed Link where I compare her work to the beautiful paintings of Mulugeta Gebrekidan as the images do not post here He is an Ethiopian painter using mixed media and oil His work expresses the same longing to save, to stir greatness without explaining.

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    Wonderfully drawn characters and beautifully written mainly from two women s points of view Zahara, the daughter of Ethiopia who carries the secret of the cure to AIDS in her memory and Ruth, the US govt funded AIDS researcher who tries to will the cure through the labyrinthian NIH The exotic locale and finely tuned details of a third world medicinal arts are alluring, but in the end it s the two women s characters who grab the reader and won t let go Who knows how close we ve truly been to an AIDS cure, but the plot Ruff has concocted here seems totally plausible, and tragic, as it seems the cure is close at hand

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    The first time I started to read the book, I stopped after Nataniel was murdered It was such a shock, I couldn t bring myself to continue Fast forward a few years I started it again, and finished it within a week Timing is everything I knew that the pharmaceutical companies can be cut throat, but it was interesting to consider the intellectual property issues regarding who owns the rights to the plants, medicinal properties of plants, etc.

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    Through These Veins asks the question about whether the medicine we rely on for some of the most harmful diseases in the world are the result of a scientific miracle or a sneaky business decision made by some suit on the basis of charts and a chance for profit It s a very real question I think we all want to believe that pharmaceutical companies have their heads in the right places when it comes to what medicines they come out with but those companies are just that, companies While it would be nice if they were truly altruistic, they still need to make a profit so it s conceivable that if a drug would not turn a tidy profit, they may choose not to manufacture it or wait until the business aspect is better looking before they put it out This book explores this topic, which was totally fascinating to me I do wish that the book had touched on this dilemma a little bit .This is definitely a good book for those who like a lot of different settings You get to see Ethiopia and Washington, DC for starters My fellow armchair travelers will definitely enjoy this aspect I don t get a chance to read about any African countries all that much so it was nice to read about a place like Ethiopia that was so new and different to me I really liked the characters in this book for the most part but Zahara was definitely my favorite Zahara is the daughter of a medicine man in a remote village in the middle of Ethiopia s coffee highlands She is incredibly smart and strong Those characteristics are definitely on display as the book goes on She goes through a lot throughout the book but she get through all of that showing so much courage.Bottom line A good read about miracle medicine.

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    One of the things I ve loved most since the publication of my novel is the many opportunities I ve had to meet authors Anne Marie Ruff and I were put together for a radio program, and then we both spoke on a panel at the West Hollywood Book Fair As she and I talked and she described her novel to me, I knew that this was a book I must read Spanning the globe and incorporating a variety of characters, Between These Veins is about an Italian scientist s discovery of an Ethiopian medicine man s use of a plant that seems to be a cure for AIDS It s difficult to describe the plot further than that, since that would require too many spoilers But I can say that I was fascinated by the legal not to mention ethical complexities involving the ownership of a simple leaf and the many factors in the western world that go into deciding how a medicine should or should not be used Ruff is a long time journalist who wrote about the subjects now in her novel, and her expertise shows Best of all, it s woven seamlessly into the story If I have any complaint, it s that I wanted of Zahara, the medicine man s daughter But the book left the possibility open for a sequel, so maybe there will be of this character in pages to come

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    Through These Veins is a gorgeous globe spanning novel that follows the lives of several characters who are involved in the discovery of a potential cure for the AIDS virus Not a new cocktail, not a new therapy, an out and out eradication of the virus from the bloodstreams of those who have become infected.The journey starts in Washington D.C in the year 2004 with the revelation that thanks to the help of an Italian botanist named Stefano Geotti, researcher Dr Robert Kresovich may have just stumbled upon the scientific breakthrough of a lifetime It then quickly flashes backward to Geotti s time spent in a small village in Ethiopia and his discovery that through trial and error and a keen knowledge of the local plant life, a doctor there may have come across a natural recipe for killing the disease Intrigued, Geotti collects some samples and sends them off to Kresovich for further evaluation.READ MORE

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    This book and it s characters drew me in from the start Not only the two main women characters, Ruth and Zahara, but the people who surround them Characters such as Stefano with his charm, Robert with his fears and anxiety, and Ato Worku and his powerful, grumpy presence are so vivid to me this is how I interpreted them the story lines by location in each chapter, by character are easy to follow and flow smoothly The technical and cultural information is also well presented and a handy glossary provided in back I read this book in about a few days time, I took my time reading slowly as to not miss a thing because I was intrigued It was hard to put down I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and I look forward to any future novels by this Author I am very thankful to have won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway

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    Through These Veins sounded like an intriguing book as I wondered what could connect a medicine man s daughter and an Italian research scientist beyond his time in her area of Ethiopia While there was a connection when they met and then again later on in the book when their lives connect again, I think I was expecting during the middle section of the book based on the description.Overall I enjoyed the book even through there were sections I struggled to get through.For my complete review please visit Library Girl Reads Reviews

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    This is a wonderful story about the possibility of finding a cure for AIDS What makes this such a great book is the characters It helps to put a face on AIDS research and makes it personal The story illustrates how the disease and the research affects people s lives Told from a variety of viewpoints, we get a look at all sides of the issue It is mainly the story of Zahara, a young woman from a village in Ethiopia, and Ruth, who works at a pharmaceutical company in Washington, D.C Through These Veins is a thought provoking read with a touching story and I highly recommend.

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