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    OH MY GOSH, SO GREAT I loved this book And I cried like I actually knew the characters in it It s a great story, and it also made me think You have to read it

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    There really isn t much that I can say in this review without giving anything away In fact, you may be able to predict what happens before reading the book or in the beginning However, I can not get over how much this book hit me emotionally It s a fictional novel but it also is similar to a lot of people s life That alone, I can t get over It also explains how one life can make a difference to many with a rippling effect This book truly makes you think about life or it had that result for me anyway I understand how many won t necessarily agree with different aspects of this novel surrounding politics, military, and religion but I hope they receive the main message of this novel This novel was incredibly well written, meaningful, and very important It definitely will be one that I will remember and continues to have me thinking about now that I have finished Prepare yourself with some tissues but definitely read this book.

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    This was the sequel to Even Now, which I gave 3 stars Even though I wasn t crazy about the first book, it didn t conclude everything, so I felt like I had to read the second one also I have to say, the first one was better This story was way too predictable, and of course it wouldn t be Christian fiction unless there were some unnecessary tragedy that occurs, which predictably happened in this book I think it was supposed to be a sweet book about patriotism and courage and love, but I felt like she was again trying to make a political statement, and this time I didn t agree The book is primarily about the war in Iraq, and the politically liberal character who opposes the war is portrayed as someone who is spiritually lost and confused who eventually finds God and realizes the war is actually something she should support It kind of made me want to gag I still gave it 2 stars instead of 1 because the author does accurately portray the idea that war is complicated, not just right or wrong, good or bad I have to give her credit for that, so that bumped it all the way up to 2 stars.

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    Favorite quote from book Love is not possible without sacrifice, and sacrfice is not possible without love from authors notes When I finished Even Now the prequel to Ever After , I was disappointed in the ending it seemed unfinished I picked up the sequel, Ever After to see if it gave closure The answer is yes, it did I liked Ever After the best of the two There is enough reminiscing to fill the reader in if they haven t read the first book I would read both if you have the time I was so glad that my family was fishing this weekend, I would have had a difficult time explaining my weeping to them I ve been weepy while reading books before, but rarely do the tears leave my eyes Oh no, not this one The tears welled up before the middle of the book, and by the time I finished it they were streaming down my cheeks and onto my neck I must justify myself, first the author herself said that the book flowed out of her in just 5 days and she wept that ever before while writing , second this might not have been the best week to control emotions, and third one main character is 22 years old and going off to warmy 19 year old leaves in 10 days to serve a church mission in Mexico for two years Probably not the best time for me to be reading emotional stuff Even with the weepingI really liked the book

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    SUMMARY In this moving sequel to Even Now, Emily Anderson falls deeply in love with a young Army reservist who is about to serve in Iraq At the same time, Emily s parents seem on the verge of losing all they had gained Will heartbreaking tragedy be the turning point for all of them REVIEW This book brought me to tears As the wife of a Vietnam vet who was engaged when he served his tour, I could identify with every emotion that Emily experienced I also could identify with Lauren s torn feelings between supporting the military and wishing the military personnel would just be brought home Kingsbury handled every facet of this book with the depth, understanding, and intense emotion that these issues bring forth in all who are involved The characters were full of life and the storyline continued the emotions and problems introduced even now Excellent read.

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    I thought I was going to read a continuation of a love story but instead it was a book all about why we should support the war Although the other love story was sad and I shed plenty of tears I found myself skipping over many pages and even a chapter at one point just to get on with it.

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    This book carried across well the truth that one life touches many, and it is up to us whether we will be a positive or neutral influence.

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    3.75 Emily is doing everything in her power to bring her parents back together It was cute.

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    Rating 3 10Super cheesy Even Now was cheesy too but it had the whole reunion thing going for it I used to read these kind of books all the time as a teen and just lap them up but now I see how unrealistic stories like this are Yes, you read books to escape reality but this was just too much Does it make me a terrible person that the saddest part of the book didn t move me at all I also guessed the ending about one third through the book I guess the whole story is super predictable.What bugs me the most is how Emily treats her grandmother In Even Now Emily loves her grandparents and they raise her with love, encouragement and make sure she has everything she needs Understandably, Emily wishes she knew her parents as she knows they are out there, she just doesn t know how to reach them But she takes it one step further and says she always felt empty Like the love she felt from her grandparents wasn t enough There are kids out there who don t have their mum or dad to raise them but another family member might step in and take the place of the parent That s what Emily s grandparents did They loved and cared for her like they were her parents so she should feel secure enough in that to not feel like she is missing out on so much Yes, she can long to know her parents but they would have loved her just as much as her grandparents Then the reunion happens and all the way through that process, Emily is keeping her grandparents in the loop and rejoicing with them Everything seems wonderful Then once Lauren and Shane are in Emily s life, it seems like Emily kind of wipes her grandparents out of her life They are there but it is Lauren and Shane she goes to I don t think there is anything wrong with Emily treating her parents like parents but her grandparents are the ones who put in the hard yards They know her better than Lauren or Shane and they are slowly pulled out of the picture.This happens so in Ever After Emily doesn t contact her now widowed grandmother at all to see how she is going or ask for advice It seems that the only people who keep in regular contact with her is Shane s parents I couldn t imagine what it would be like to lose your husband and then see the child who you raised and love basically replace you with the parents who can t get it together I just think that you can t love enough and Emily could have love them all equally like she now has three parents Meanwhile, it never mentions that her grandmother feels rejected She just accepts it I know that in reality that would never happen Emily s grandmother even says in Even Now that she felt she made a lot of mistakes raising Lauren and she felt like she had a second chance with Emily That would have created a stronger bond because she raised Emily in a way that allowed Emily to feel loved and supported Lauren felt like she had to fit the perfect mould set up for her which is why she happily ditched her parents and never looked back.I am not a parent and have no plans to become one anytime soon, but I think about how my mum would feel and I know it would break her heart if this happened to her Sometimes people don t understand how much parents put all their blood, sweat and tears into their children and then those kids grow up and completely disregard their parents I know that my rant is about such a small part of the book but it loomed over me the entire time I was reading Ever After Where is Emily s grandmother She is not only lost her husband but the child who she gave everything she had to Rant officially over.The Questions Entertaining Addictive It is so cheesy that I rolled my eyes way too many times I listened to the audio book which was easy to follow along to.Writing Style Cheese feast The author writes in a way to try pull at your emotions and make you cry but it was so blatantly obvious that I felt nothing.Impacting Thought Provoking Read my rant aboveClean YesRead it again NoWould I Recommend it No

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    I really loved this book It is not often a book brings tears to my eyes Karen brought the story to life You felt the loss like it was somebody you knew And then it turns to joy and knowing all along God is with the characters every step of the way

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  • Paperback
  • 337 pages
  • Ever After
  • Karen Kingsbury
  • English
  • 11 October 2017
  • 9780310247562

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Karen Kingsbury, 1 New York Times bestselling novelist, is America s favorite inspirational storyteller, with than twenty five million copies of her award winning books in print Her last dozen titles have topped bestseller lists and many of her novels are under development with Hallmark Films and as major motion pictures Her Baxter Family books are being developed into a TV series slated