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    I ve read several reviews of this book that expressed the disappointment and disapproval of Karen Kingsbury promoting women staying with cheating husbands I do not believe the author was saying that you have a Biblical responsibility to stay with a spouse who has cheated because you don t Adultery is a biblically justified reason for divorce The main character in this story, Kari, deeply believed that God wanted her to stay with her husband and resolve the problems they had, and there is absolutely no shame in trying to fix a broken marriage I had a difficult time reading this when view spoiler Kari found out that Ryan, her first love, hadn t betrayed her and if she had been a little patient all of her dreams would have come true It makes me wonder how many times my impatience has cost me something I have been so desperately wanting I did want her to be with Ryan, but I knew that it was wrong while she was still married to Tim I think too many people today think it is okay to be with someone while you are separated but still married to someone else Just because the other person ended it emotionally first doesn t mean that your actions are any better than theirs hide spoiler

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    I beyond hated this book I felt like the author was pushing her beliefs Specifically, I felt like, thru her character, she was saying that God wanted women to stay with their cheating husbands Even after getting caught the husband couldn t commit to ending the affair And the wife stayed with him, not because she felt it was where God was leading HER, but because that is what christian women should do Let me say I have no personal experience with being cheated on, so it s not for that reason that this rubbed me so wrong I just think that the path for one person may not be the path for another It felt like the author was making a statement, not writing a fictional situation with fictional characters.

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    Karen Kingsbury writes books that deal with issues all christians face at some time or anotherthe characters are flawed and human yet God is present in all their lives.

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    As I made my way through the cheaters contrition tour, s cross selling carousel Customers who bought this item also bought exposed me to indie and fringe titles I would not normally encounter, including two works of Christian inspirational fiction The tour was all about examining a broad spectrum of representations of cheating in romance and quasi romance fiction, so I decided this was a valid and relevant perspective to read A pop up review of the first inspy cheating book I read Devotion by Marianne Evans stripped of the characters propensity for filtering everything through scripture, Devotion would be a middle of the road straying husband story with the predictable it was just an infatuation remorse, couples counseling and recommitment to the marriage, and an otherwise blameless wife shouldering a percentage of the blame because she got too busy with charitable works to be attentive to her husband The scripture was not a compelling overlay for me, but I don t feel qualified to comment on its effectiveness for readers who do filter their life choices through Bible passages.Then there s the irony that is Redemption.Our story starts with the husband in bed with the OW at her apartment He s a journalism professor she s a grad student in the program They met in his class, though they didn t have sex until the course was over, because that would be unethical He is completely in love with this young woman, who is his intellectual equal as well as hot , and he is so over his beautiful but unintellectual wife.A jealous former boyfriend of the OW phones the wife to tip her off to the affair, giving her the address of the OW s apartment In her doubt, the wife tries to reach the husband at the conference he s supposed to be attending that weekend, only to discover there is no journalism conference at the hotel he named and her husband definitely doesn t have a room there I love the brazenness of his leaving contact details for a fictional conference at a random hotel while he spends the weekend at the OW s place That s some high stakes gambling or a deep desire to get caught The wife then drives to the apartment complex identified by the anonymous caller and sees her husband s car gasp She triggers his car alarm, and he emerges all sleep tousled to turn it off gasp When he spots his wife but makes no move to approach her, she jumps back in her car and drives off The husband returns to their apartment the next morning and flatly tells his wife he doesn t want to be married to her any She declares she will not give him a divorce, and starts in about them seeking counseling with their pastor At this point, I m actually feeling a little sorry for the husband, because he isn t being heard His feelings for his wife are dead His love for her is no It has ceased to be It s expired IT IS NOT PINING FOR THE FJORDS He moves in with the OW, and I google to see if it s actually possible for one spouse to block a divorce Delay, yes Prevent, no So the impact of Christianity on this scenario is that she feels called upon by God to preserve their marriage, and he is deliberately turning his back on God to pursue a relationship with the OW view spoiler The wife temporarily moves in with her parents for emotional support and meets up with an old boyfriend who supposedly betrayed her when they were young then went off to play professional football The cheating husband descends into godless alcoholism The wife discovers she is pregnant, and drops that bomb on a phone call with her husband The husband returns to their apartment, where he finds a letter from his wife which also mentions the pregnancy The wife returns to their apartment, where she finds her husband in a drunken stupor on the bathroom floor No sympathy is spared he is disgusting and unappealing and she can t believe she is called upon to love him, but by God, she will find a way They go through counseling He breaks it off with the OW with the exact same self involved thought process he had re how difficult it was going to be to break up with his wife The consistent weaselliness is really off putting They trudge forward in an effort to repair their marriage, and we re told they re making progress they laugh together, but sexual intimacy is out and frankly I m not seeing a lot of love in this marriage when the OW contacts the husband with the news that she is pregnant The husband feels greatly inconvenienced by this news She s lying, btw I have absolutely no idea what the husband intended to do about the OW s non existent pregnancy, but he decides to visit her apartment to tell her their relationship is definitely over Her stalker boyfriend remember him He told the wife about the affair is lurking outside the apartment and shoots the husband three times in the chest With his dying words, the husband begs the OW to tell his wife he loved her.After the appropriate gestational period, the grieving widow gives birth and their baby gives her a renewed hope and reason to live Also, her former boyfriend the former football player shows up in her hospital room to cuddle the baby and offer to help.Even though the stalker boyfriend and his gun had been recurring characters since the first chapter, I am still shocked this book s resolution to the problem of the cheating husband is to kill him to clear the path for the former boyfriend Like, secular romance women s fiction doesn t KILL THE CHEATER Hats off to the ironically titled Redemption hide spoiler

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    he best TV shows are the ones that end with you wanting to know what happens next The ones that you season pass on your TiVo because you don t want to miss any part of the storyline The ones where each episode leads into the next and is connected to all of the ones that came before it Those are my favorite kind of shows.So it s no surprise, I m a sucker for any books that are part of a series I love that by the end of a good series each of the characters is developed so thoroughly that I feel like I know them personally And I m sad to see them go.Two years ago I did a giveaway on my blog and asked readers for book recommendations One of the top recommendations was the book Redemption by Karen Kingsbury I had no idea when I bought it that it was part of a five book series I just finished reading the fifth and final book of the series and wanted to let everyone know about these great books I used Redemption in one of Fluent Brittish s book swaps, and everyone that read it loved the book.So here I am taking that recommendation and passing it on to you Karen Kingsbury s Redemption series is about people like you and me It s about a family that goes through trials, struggles, and hardships About individuals that sometimes forget their faith but always eventually come back around About relationships between friends, family, lovers, neighbors, and strangers It s about life Life as I know it and life as you know it And I recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a way to remember that no matter what happens, no matter how bad it gets, it will always be okay.So if you re looking for a good book, I ve got five for you Redemption, Remember, Return, Rejoice, and Reunion.

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    I m giving it 50 pages which corresponds exactly to the first four chapters If I don t like it by then, I will abandon yet another book and add to my arsenal of thoughts about why I don t like fiction.Wish me luck.UPDATE I m 140 pages into this book which was described to me as life changing So far, I give it an emphatic eh I ve already read phrases like hit him like a Mack truck, and deeper than a canyon I ve already read through scenes containing the exaggerated speech of a drunken man, and the melodramatic hesitation over dialing the last digit of a phone number.Oh, and a character named Dirk DIRK.So, the writing isn t riveting, is all I am saying It s Christian y in ways that make me want to gag a little And, despite the superficial messiness of the characters involved in the conflict, they are messy in very neat, predictable ways Not messy like in real life It s starting to really read like morality play.And I m getting a little uncomfortable with the continual assertion by the main character that seems to follows this pattern God wouldn t let it happen this way unless he was eventually going to work it out for me.It remains to be seen if she wises up on that score For that reason, I ll keep reading along with the reason I read past my intended 50 pages, which is that I feel like I need to read it all to be able to creditably say that I didn t like the book So, I will finish the book even though I think I already know how it is going to end Only 219 pages left to go But who is counting, right Seriously hoping this book surprises me, but not counting on it.THE FINAL VERDICT Eh.This is basically a Christian soap opera I can appreciate what Kingsbury and Smalley are trying to accomplish through this book I have been encouraged in a few aspects of my faith, but I am not the sort to take a lot of life lessons from fiction So all I am left with is, was this a good story It isn t an awful story Contrived A bit hokey But not awful Being that this book is the first in a series, a lot of groundwork was laid down for the storylines of the later novels However, I can t say that I am dying to know what happens to these characters As real as they were supposed to be, they were just TOO much of whatever trait they were supposed to portray They came in and out of behaviors too quickly and too conveniently And I found Ryan s behavior at the end downright creepy Add in here the believability of having two girls in the same family, both incredibly beautiful, both sought after by anyone with an X chromosome, and both with men who have pined after them since they were teenagers Maybe this is my problem with fiction, but that kind of stuff just isn t believable.As for the story itself, I thought the ending was very convenient, both in terms of the plot for the next book, and also for the romantics who want the perfect ending The writing was pretty weak too On than one occasion, a character felt things with every fiber of his being There is a really bad metaphor of a sinking ship that was totally unnecessary There was a photographer who wore a beret and said things along the lines of work with me baby And, to describe one character, Kingsbury wrote that she could not have been disgusted if someone had dumped ten spiders down her sweater I guess I m just saying that this is not the kind of writing that really draws me in.So the bottom line is this I d read the next novel in this series if I wanted some light, escape reading But the book would probably have to be readily accessible I don t see myself hunting it down and devouring it by next week.

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    This is not my first time reading REDEMPTION from the Karen Kingsbury Redemption series I had read the first three books in the series when they first came out, but then I got out of step I continued to purchase all the books in the set and the series that followed, but always felt I needed to go back to the beginning and re read before I continued on into the other series that dovetail off of this one So, between my other scheduled readings, I have committed to get up to speed on the multiple series put out by Kingsbury All that to say my reviews will probably be short and to the point.The Redemption series follows the Baxter family The Baxter s seem to be a genuine, close knit family, but there are many fractures under the surface REDEMPTION tells the story of Kari Baxter Jacobs When she discovers her husband, a respected professor, is having an affair with one of his students, her life comes apart at the seams Wanting to do everything she can to save her marriage, she refuses to give up on her husband But, when her old high school sweetheart shows up on the scene, and would like to pick up where they left off, Kari is torn between forgiveness and anger, temptation and commitment What ensues is a roller coaster of emotions and a horrible tragedy Kari s strength on all counts will be tested.It took a little while to get back into this book I think it s because Christian fiction has grown by leaps and bounds since this series debuted in 2002 About a third of the way in, the momentum picked up and I remembered why I liked Karen s writing I like stories that are realistic, not cookie cutter, and the troubles that plague the Baxter family make them human I am half way through REMEMBER, the second in the series and will post when I am finished.

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    I think a lot of people rate this book for the message it gives Love is a DecisionIf my opinion would have been based solely on this I would also give it five stars, Karen truly brought the theme through beautifully.But I don t just read for a theme or a messages, I want an intriguing plot and full well developed characters I want a clear line between whose point of view I m reading.For me this was the biggest issue, there were so many characters that sounded the same, that felt the exact same thing, and described it the exact same way I get that this is the first book in a series, but there where so many unwanted characters and thoughts brought in, that at stages it was just to much.This is my second Kingsbury novel and to be honest I was disappointed, the plot for this book and A Time to Dance was almost the exact same plot, cheating husband dedicated wife, supporting family that doesn t quite understand The plot was not really a surprise for me in any way I predicted the ending so accurately when I hit the forty percent mark it was an I told you so ending I really like the christian fiction and would try other books, I m just not sure it will be Karen Kingsbury s books.

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    I can honestly say, I am not someone who pushes faith on anyone I know I am a Christian however I don t read the Bible religiously I don t attend church faithfully and I don t pray on a daily basis With that being said anyone who is familir with the works of Karen Kingsbury knows she is a Christian writer and her writing incorporates versus from the Bible and includes a deep faith in Family, Love, Prayer and most importantly God I belive in all of that however I don t act on it openly But in reading this first book of this series, I have to say this writing was amazing and the story drew me in I loved falling in love with the Baxter family and every turn of the page drew me in I immediately went to the library and checked ou the next 4 books and have read all 5 books This series follows the Baxers who include the parents John and Elizabeth and their 5 adult cihldren who face a world of trials and tribulations from first loves to divorce to death to adoption and other tragedies and celebrations All the while leaning on eachother and God for support, guidance and strength I was thoroughly impressed with this series and I am very happy I was introduced to her work.

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    The First book of an entire three set series called the Redemption series, the forgiven series and the sunrise series All following the life of the Baxter family 6 children, multiple grandchildren, a husband and a wife and the story of their lives and their children This book in specific begins with the struggles of one of the eldest daughters, Kari and her cheating husband We get a sense of the entire family and how much they love one another through the love of Christ The focus, redemption, and how we must trust in God to provide us with our lives and pathways Once you redeem your love for Christ, everything changes and your life has purpose Its hard not to follow the entire series after reading just this book because you ll want to know what happens to each of the Baxter children as time passes on.

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