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    Re read March 2017 Love this I re read this yummy cowboy tale in August 2013 and bumped it from 4 to 5 stars LOVED IT Two smoking hot closeted cowboys, living on the same ranch, make for some serious mind numbing sexual tension It was absolutely delicious When these two finally came together, the sex was spectacular fans self I m on a big L.C Chase kick now and must read everything that brilliant woman wrote.Highly recommended for all M M romance fans, especially those who love their cowboys no brainer This review is also posted at Gay Book Reviews

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    2nd time around Just as sweet xoxoOverall book rating 4Audio Book N ABook Cover 4 StarsFirst of..it s been too long Way way too long since I ve read me a book with a HOT Cowboy.I ve only read one other book by this author heaven only knows why because I really enjoyed it before and so I m happy to say I ve read another now.Still not disappointed I really needed something fluffy after all the dark and disturbing I ve been dabbing around with and I LOVED THIS.From Trav s swagger to Ray s controlling calm, to Miss Dot and her shotgun and JesseJessewhat can I say I was so disappointed when I finished this and saw that it s NOT A SERIES Why I want Jesse What I really found refreshing in this story was the slow burn between the MC s Well the Burn itself wasn t slow exactly, so maybe that s totally the wrong way to put it But I liked how the draw between them was so overwhelming from the get go and yet they both fought it in their own way I LOVED how it was done And even the bigoted assholes in this story was handled the right way Not overpowering the whole story like some authors tend to do sometimes I really love Dot and I really love Jesse and Clay And I SO wanted a book about them Maybe there is one, I ll have to go through all the blurbs of the current books and see I m that desperate This really was exactly what I was hoping for I m all floating around on a happy cloud this morning.

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    More than 5 stars are needed This story is beautifully written, and you ll love these cowboys Tall Travis is 33, with dirty blonde hair, green eyes, and he s also a world famous horse trainer He s headed to the Ford Creek Ranch, which is renowned for quarter horses and cattle He s hitchhiking, so a red Dodge Ram truck picks him up, and he finds out Ray Ford, 39, with brown hair and eyes, who owns the ranch, is the driver of the red truck Right away the poetic descriptions and vivid pictures of what was seen, and happening, are putting us in the story with these characters It s a big ranch with lot of hands, and there is always action and movement Dot stepped up to finish raising Ray, and runs the house and meals Being gay in Montana ranch country wasn t accepted, so Ray left town to find company Young Jesse makes fast friends with Travis, but Sam, Jesse s dad hates the gay man Travis had been beaten and kicked out, so he was ready to defend Jesse when the trouble came, and it did.This is so beautifully written with lyrical language, and is engrossing It is hard to put down, or as a friend says unputdownable We get magnificent characters for our full enjoyment, with deep anticipation and sexual desire, plus a great flow of the plot which draws our complete attention LOVED IT When Travis s past is told, Ray s heart melts, and so does ours These two men belong together, but their lives, the ranch and workers, and the reputations are all at stake We get awesome sexy, erotic times with these two, so hot Jesse s dad and idiot friends come to wreak havoc with gay slurs, drunkenness, and start a fire.There s also some excitement when Travis is air lifted to the hospital from a different event The men bond even deeper after that, and they come out to family and ranch hands The end and epilogue are marvelous This is an amazing story.I highly recommend it ENJOY

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    4.5 starsImmoveable object Meets Unstoppable Force.Travis Morgan is a drifter Being thrown out from his own home when he is 15 years old because he is gay, he becomes a well known horse trainer, since he thinks horses give love unconditionally He is not one who lay down roots Until he meets Raymond Ray Ford The owner of Ford Creek Ranch, the ranch where Travis heads for a new job Ray makes him think of home But it isn t easy for Travis to crack Ray s emotion Ray has been living the gay part of his life in secret Being a gay rancher is not an easy thing and he is so scared if people find out But their attraction is too strong to fight Soon it s a battle of wills as immoveable object meets unstoppable force.I first read story by L.C Chase in the M M Goodreads Hot Summer Reads event It s a short story and I enjoy it very much it s actually one of my favorites So when I find out she has a longer story released, I definitely want to read it And my, what an amazing story it is It is basically, ALMOST perfect It is very well written, with strong, vivid characters, a well orchestrated emotional roller coaster plot that moves me to tears, in addition to great description of cowboy s life.The tension between the two cowboys is SO THICK, I feel like I can cut it with a knife which is hard since I read this as ebook lol As Ms Chase plays it just right There aren t overwhelming sex scenes, and the push pull factor is done in just the right amount Adds with colorful secondary characters like Dottie, a woman who has taken care of Ray, and Jesse, a young gay rancher who works for Ray and who Travis has taken under his wing.It s a satisfying well rounded story This will be a perfect 5 star rating for me IF ONLY view spoiler I don t feel like the accident with the snake rattler is a bit too neat for the two of them to realize what they mean to one another I guess I wish that their acceptance of love can be achieved without bringing Travis to the brink of death the second time This considering another incident that involves fire is already written to push Ray and Travis to their first love making hide spoiler

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    I really loved this story A light and easy feel good book I could feel the chemistry between Ray and Travis from the beginning but it was nice that their coming together didn t happen right away, sometimes slow is perfect and it was for these two I could feel their frustration and at times wanted so badly to hit one or both to get them moving It s a beautiful love story with a small amount of angst and a few places oh please no and then sigh my favorite an HEA If you like a sweet love story with, bonus, cowboys then this may be for you This book has my recommendation

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    Yummy cover

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    I really loved this story I put off reading it for so long because I thought it would contain a lot of smut but imagine my surprise when it was the exact opposite I loved the attraction and intensity between Travis and Ray It was so thick that every interaction between them was layered with sexual tension It was so nice to finally read a cowboy story that didn t have them jumping into bed right away These boys are so different but they crave the same things Travis is a drifter, he s a great horse trainer but he moves from one ranch to another before cowboys figure out he s gay He likes his carefree life but deep down, he just wants a home he can be safe in Ray is the owner of Ford Creek Ranch He s content with his life even though he wishes he could be out and proud When Travis and Ray meet, there s an instant attraction and when Travis asks for a job and Ray accepts, things start to get a little too heated on the ranch I really loved these boys but I also liked the ranch hands especially Jesse because they were so accepting of Travis being there I also liked how Travis found a kindred spirit in Jesse and took him under his wing It was rather sweet.My only reservation is I felt like the ending was too abrupt I wished things hadn t ended so soon after Travis accident because I really would have liked to see if coming out affects Ray s ranch business or not I d also liked to have seen how the ranch accepted Travis and Ray So much emphasis was put on the consequences of coming out but then when they do come out, none of it was seen, which I found a little sad.Other than that, this was a very well written story although sometimes it was overly descriptive , the characters are well developed, and the secondary characters bring enough support to make them stand out without taking over the book I really enjoyed it and I sincerely hope there s a sequel in the works for Jesse and Clay

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    I loved the sexual tension between these characters in the book They were also great characters you can connect to and so were the secondary characters My complaint about the book is the kind of abrupt ending of the book The characters hide the fact that they are gay because of what people will think of the business Then at the end they decide they are going to actually have a relationship, but you don t get so see what happens with other people accepting or not accepting it I did hear that there will be a couple books in this series so I am hoping they will address this fact.

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    This is the story of a very closeted ranch owner and the rud to be gay horse trainer who comes to work for him I liked both of the MC s, especially Travis, and there was some palpable heat there The plot felt a bit familiar, especially in its resolution, but the writing was good I ve read two books by this author, and she writes characters who pull me into her stories.

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    This is Travis and Ray s story Ray owns a ranch in Montana and on his way back from seeing his lover who he must keep a secret he picks up a hitchhiker who turn out to be Travis a renowned horse trainer who is on his way to take a job at the neighboring ranch There is instant attraction between these two men There were things about this book I really liked, and there were things that were distracting as well Ray and Travis were both very likable characters, even the secondary characters and their views which I vehemently disagree with I was able to understand and see where they coming from I love a book with angst and sexual tension, and Ray and Travis had plenty of that There were funny moments, toe curling moments and insanely frustrating moments At times though I felt like it was bit too much.The imagery was interesting in this book, there were moments like when the author wrote about horses, that it was fantastic and really vividAt other times I felt like there was a little too much being described at once, and I was somewhat overwhelmed.I thought this book was good, and actually on the cusp of being very, very good There is plenty to enjoy in this story and look forward to see where this author goes with her future stories.

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