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Bright Purple (TrueColors, #10) files Bright Purple (TrueColors, #10) , read online Bright Purple (TrueColors, #10) , free Bright Purple (TrueColors, #10) , free Bright Purple (TrueColors, #10) , Bright Purple (TrueColors, #10) 12948bf6d Jessica LeCroix Drops A Bomb On Her Best Friend, Ramie I M A Lesbian Ramie Grant Cannot Believe Her Ears Jess Her Best Friend, Her Teammate A Homosexual Before Long Other Girls On The Basketball Team Find Out, And Little Jokes Become Vicious Attacks In The End, Ramie Must Decide If She Will Stand By Jessica S Side Or Turn Her Back On A Friend In Need The Tenth Book In The Teen Fiction Series TrueColors, Bright Purple Examines The Subjects Of Sexuality, Identity, And Forgiveness Includes Discussion Questions

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    This could have been an interesting look at how Christianity and being gay can go together or not However, the book ultimately was too overtly preachy, but with flawed logic The narrator acted very unkindly toward her friend, which doesn t do much in the way of portraying Christian values Plus, comparing sexuality to race just doesn t work.

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    I haven t read many in what I will call the Melody Carlson color series but this was one I did It is an easy read geared towards adolescent girls, and it presents the awkwardness and confusion well that comes up when a young person especially one active in the conservative Christian community is open about struggling with his or her sexual identity What I do not like about this book is how it glosses over the questioning person s feelings and experience The message a young Christian person wondering if he or she is gay might get out of this book is that he or she just needs to pray and obey Jesus, and he or she will wake up one day and realize how wrong and confused he she was acting I do not believe it is that simple I do however think the message of LOVING and SUPPORTING one s friends, no matter what they are dealing with, is very important to all young people, regardless of religious belief.

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    Okay So other than the fact that the author is clearly homophobic and the main character STILL wants Jessica to be straight this book was so laughably offensive and ridiculous FIRST The MC is worried Jess is into her Yep Because Lesbians Every lesbian just attracted to every girl ever Yup That s how it goes eye roll same as how people assume bi pan people are into every single person on the planet Don t fucking flatter yourself SECOND, the author tries to make heterophobia a thing with a gay character. like THAT ISN T A THING STOP TRYING TO MAKE IT A THING Also, our MC thinks that if she s seen even within 10 metres of Jessica, people will immediately assume she s a lesbian This is not a book about a girl being conflicted between religion and beliefs This is a book that just consists of gay bashing I m fucking done with Carlson s bullshit This is a piece of crap.

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    This was an interesting book but I think it dealt with homosexuality in an unbalanced way There s no problem with Jessica being sexually abused in the past but why didn t the author show that many GLBT people were not abused There were minor gay characters in the book, why couldn t Carlson elaborate on one of them showing a gay teen who had a happy childhood Also Ramie is quite annoying and un Christian through most of the book Jesus wouldn t support cutting friends out of your life due to their sexual orientation.

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    Ok, this is probably one of the hardest postings I have to make, since the topic in question is oh so controversial I ve always been a big fan of Melody Carlson, especially the first series I read the True Color series Now, Bright Purple, which I just bought for my sis and I, deals with the topic of homosexuality For some reason, this book seemed to attract quite some negative reviews on goodreads.com there weren t enough ratings on librarything.com for me, small sample sizes are not very accurate But anyway, concerning the book I loved it Sure, Ramie starts of as than slightly homophobic, but that s because she needs to make the character transition Otherwise, there wouldn t be a plot Apart from that, her over the top reaction to her best friend coming out of the closet is to let others presumably understand how she feels The other issue that seems to come up is how homosexuals are unfairly demonized as militaristic and pushing an agenda Now, speaking as someone outside the US, I think I can say with all fairness that that is probably true It is true that they do have an agenda they are pushing The net is a fairly terrible filter, so I end up reading all points of view and can form my own judgments As far as I can see, they are not a purely victimized group The ending feels realistic too It s fairly unresolved except for one point that no matter what, she needs to continue loving Jessica unconditionally while she encourages her to follow God s will and pray for God to rescue her.Now, on to the whole born vs choice issue It s been bugging me about whether people are really born this way so I did a bit of research From what I read, it can all be summed up by what Byne s says that what evidence exists thus far of innate biological traits underlying homosexuality is flawed 1 In fact, social and physiological factors seem to play a larger role than any biological factors In short, you re not born that way But needless to say, I think Bright Purple by Melody Carslon should be read by everyone To my friends who are gay, well, I m praying for you You know what I think and you know that I have never judged you intentionally But still, that doesn t mean that I won t tell you the truth, even though it may hurt 1 Byne, W., 1994 The biological evidence challenged Scientific American 270 5 26 31 , p 26.

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    This book frustrated me I hated the gay bashing and how the author just glossed over Jessica s feelings.

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    Ramie s best friend since childhood suddenly announces that she s a lesbian, causing Ramie to flee to the restroom in the mall where she throws up.Following this extreme reaction, Ramie settles into bigoted religious cant and, despite her mother s urging that Jessica needs her best friend now than ever, makes things worse as Jessica s secret gets out at school She worries that people will think she is lesbian simply by association and by her participation in girls basketball, going so far as to quit the basketball team temporarily.The attempted suicide of another student who has been teased for being gay is an eye opener for Ramie, and she starts to realize how much she is hurting Jessica She and another friend reach out to her, and find that Jessica has been carrying an even deeper secret, one that she desperately needs help for This event leads to the author having a gay teen didactically quote the statistics for harassment, gay bashing, and suicide rates among gay teens.Meanwhile, Ramie convinces her Pastor that the church should hold a forum on the issue of religion and homosexuality The forum dissolves into lots of shouting, as well as misguided, but well intentioned attempts by the members of the youth group to show Christ s Love to the gay teens Carlson has a heavy handed agenda, and I don t think the book will change the minds of Christian teens about homosexuality, nor bring other teens to appreciate the Christian point of view Too little has been paid attention to Jesus message of love and acceptance.

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    Aptly titled color me confused , because I found this a confusing novels, with so many issues thrown into the plot that it was hard to see a coherent viewpoint Ramie reacts badly when her best friend, Jess, comes out as a lesbian Her feelings no doubt echo what many teens say and feel about gay teenagers, and Carlson writes well about the hurt and pain this cause gay teens Ramie is a Christian, and is challenged by how to accept Jess The Bible says homosexuality is wrong, but it teaches us to love one another So should she accept Jess Or is that condoning sin That, I think, is the crux of the novel, so all the other issues that appear sexual abuse, dating, seeing inapporpriate movies, being bi racial, being a girl who plays sports clutter and confuse Carlson appears to espouse the conservative Christian view of hate the sin, love the sinner homosexuality is wrong, but you still should be friends and friendly towards Gays I would hesitate to recommend this without letting people know that it has a conservative Christian viewpoint, although I dont think anyone could argue with the message that we should show kindness to everyone.

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    I like Melody Carlson s books, I honestly do, this book wastouchy for me Being bi, her main character who was narrating the story, she offended me Her reactions to her friend outing herself, taking a MAJOR LEAP and trusting her friend with this and she just running to the bathroom mall and puking her guts out just because her best friend is lesbian.If I were Jessica and my best friend reacted like that including getting me to out myself in front of classmates I would have dumped her She acted not even close to a Christian.I read it but I wasn t to impressed by it, granted I expecting to be preached to from this book about how the LGBTQ community is just sooooo horrible saracsm, but at least it wasn t like that Reactions were somewhat believable and overall, I liked it but it didn t leave much of an impression on me.

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    This book was interesting I ve been Christian now for 3 years, and I also am Bisexual It was interesting learning how some strict Christians perceived Bisexuals Gays Although I don t entirely agree with the books approach to this topic, It is realistic in my opinion Its still how many people feel about the GLBT community, and it expressed that well I only wish that Ramie had come to understand her friend a little bit better and not just expect God to heal her, as if being Gay was some kind of disease, which in my opinion it isn t You simply are born that way, or develop in that direction, it can t be helped.

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