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Lorcan's Desire txt Lorcan's Desire, text ebook Lorcan's Desire, adobe reader Lorcan's Desire, chapter 2 Lorcan's Desire, Lorcan's Desire 3ab2ee Despite The Loving Support Of His Family, Lorcan James Wants To Try Life On His Own, So At Twenty One, He Finds Himself Walking Half Way Across The Country In Search Of Adventure What He Finds Is Desperation, Desperation That Leads Him Straight To The Whispering Pines Ranch And Right Into The Path Of Its Strong, Arrogant, Gorgeous Owner, Who Awakens Something In Lorcan He Didn T Even Know, ExistedQuinn Taylor Is Up To His Neck In Grief And Frustration Dealing With A Neighboring Rancher Who Wants Nothing Than To See Him Go Belly Up He Doesn T Need Complications, But From The Moment He Lays Eyes On Lorcan, His World Turns Upside Down Despite Finding In Quinn What His Heart Craves, Lorcan Refuses To Be Quinn S Dirty Little Secret And Quinn Isn T The Only One Vying For Lorcan S Attention Ranch Hand Jess Will Happily Declare His Love For Lorcan To The World, Something Quinn Won T Offer Something Lorcan Needs Above All Else

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It s been an amazing journey since DSP first contracted Lorcan s Desire in January 2011 I ve published 2 free reads with the M M Romance group, my back list is growing, met some great people and have made some amazing friends.I m still in shock that I m listed among the many talented authors at Dreamspinner Press The little voice in the back of my head is screaming, You are so out of your leagu

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    This story threw me for a loop but it was an amazing ride I loved Quinn and I loved Jess So who do I cheer for SJD Peterson knows her characters and when she writes in their voice, wow You can hear them talking This is a must read, in my opinion No cookie cutters for this author.

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    In my humble opinion this is really sad and awful story, I mean here we don t see true love at all, we got the wish for loving someone, wishing for that someone to love you back and being true to himself I definitely didn t like Lorcan He was immature and childish Quinn was someone I did understand The plot was simple, about two man who didn t know how to communicate with each other and that leaded to broken hearts, hurtful feelings and bad plotted story In my opinion everyone has to grow in one relationship Not just wish for something, but to fight for it Lorcan could have been mature not just childish hurt from Quinn behavior He could be open with Quinn, telling him what was bothering him and if there was something between them they could or should work for it This story is just to silly and idiotic In my mind the negative aspect wasn t just about communicating, the plot could have been better About trying to building a relationship with patience and understanding If you like someone so much, that it hurs to be without him, them for sake talk it out and work it out, not just run home because it s easier Lorcan was as a character an idiot, childish and wasn t the right one for Quinn He was a kid scared to stuck to what he wanted, and rather run back home, because it was easier.

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    I admit I was not enjoying this as much as I hoped in the first half I found it slow going, and Quinns internal thoughts centred around his hard on for Lorcan were repetative Lorcan I never warmed up to Maybe its because I m the blend in quietly type, but I wanted to scream at Lorcan that if he hates the way people look at him like he s different then maybe he shouldn t deliberately invite it by growing his hair down past his ass Then again that could just be because I hate any hair thats longer than shoulder length be it man or woman lol But saying that the second half picked up The emotion started to come through and I finally started to care The trouble with seeing both sides is it makes it much harder to know who you want to win I totally felt for Lorcan when we get to see how Quinn s actions made him feel, but at the same time the way Lorcan acted had me wanting to scream at him I think overall I m finding Lorcan a little shallow Jess I started out thinking he was gonna put me in a sugar coma he is so sweet, to the point of sickening, but he at least went after what he wanted, unlike Quinn who just sits around drinking and bemoaning his fate These characters are certainly getting a reaction from me Good and bad There are times I want to hug them but there are when I want to wring their stupid necks, and I really hope Jess can find another pet term for Lorcan because Pretty Boy is starting to drive me nuts lol These characters are now in my blood and I have to see how this plays out Normally when reading I know exactly who I want to end up together, but this book has me all muddled.

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    A really good read and 4 stars from me, but only a very short review What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object lots of fireworks definitely The unstoppable force is Lorcan, and the immovable object is Quinn To understand the phrase I ve used, you ll have to read the book, but as this story isn t finished by any means, I m going to defer my full review until I ve read Quinn s Need, yeehaw

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    What the hell did I just read That was not what I was expecting at all Passing on the rest of the series.

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    As I m a somewhat firm believer in the happy ending of romances, I shocked I didn t mind the ending Instead the characters and their internal monologue left me bored silly and I didn t care for any of them I think the story is trying something interesting, giving a definite not happy ending but trying to show that there is than one potential mate for people Perhaps not the perfect mate but a good person that can develop into a good relationship I like that concept a lot, even if some die hard romantics aren t going to, but the writing is bulky and filled with unnecessary details Then whatever potential the story has is killed by the weak characterization and ultimately while I give credit to the author for trying something different, the execution isn t good enough to pull it off Lorcan is a young, na ve virgin who may look effeminate but isn t afraid to fight if anyone assumes he s gay He left a comfortable home and family to look for an adventure and found himself broke and homeless on the verge of giving up He lands on the Whispering Pines Ranch and immediately forms a connection with the owner, Quinn Quinn is struggling against the town s homophobe and isn t quick to give into his feelings When he finally does his fears about being exposed to the community push Lorcan into the arms of another man The main relationship is clearly between Lorcan and Quinn, who establish a strong and dynamic connection Unfortunately this relationship never really solidifies over the course of the book First Quinn pulls the classic romance hero move of ignoring and scowling at Lorcan all the time because Quinn can t control his desire for Lorcan I find this kind of tension and deliberate misunderstanding very silly and clumsy It s not well executed and feels like so many other bad romance books When Quinn finally gives into his feelings for Lorcan, their passion is short lived with a dramatic event and then of course Quinn fears coming out Lorcan and Quinn spend much of the book mooning over each other from a far but only get together once After they finally sleep together, Quinn then spends the rest of the book alternatively avoiding Lorcan in public and apologizing the rest of the time It s very tedious and not interesting Quinn is supposed to be this strong, quiet cowboy type that struggles with his feelings but he comes across needy, clingy, and indecisive He frequently lets obvious misunderstandings stand because he d seemingly rather angst over the situation than clear it up.Likewise Lorcan is a brat He s spoiled from a good home life, that he left for no particular reason than teenage angst, and has no compassion for Quinn Not that Quinn deserves much but Lorcan quickly falls into a relationship with another man even while in love with Quinn The other man is frustrating because he s so insecure and weak that he accepts scraps of affection from Lorcan This lets all the men in the book act like immature, whiny men instead of the strong cowboys they re supposed to be At the same time the writing is very clumsy The novel is littered with rhetorical questions, lazy descriptions, a very predictable plot, and weak characterization The main relationship between Lorcan and Quinn basically doesn t exist so it s hard to invest in it Lorcan s secondary relationship is actually shown to have depth and potential leading me to think they are better suited to each other than Lorcan and Quinn This of course makes me wonder why I m reading this book at all I didn t find it romantic, interesting, or clever I think the idea is still good showing that the true love concept can be turned on its head if a suitable person is also there but the execution never pulls it off I don t believe Quinn and Lorcan have some great love I think they want to sleep together Overall I found this book difficult to get through because it drove me nuts for all the above reasons It s not the non happy ending that bothers me but the fact that the writing couldn t convince me the characters are interesting or worthwhile The main relationship is practically non existent so I can t imagine I d want to read either of the two additional sequels No doubt it ll work out somehow but not sure they deserve it or I care about them.

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    ZERO STARS FOR THIS BOOK A friend of mine convinced me to read Syd Peterson s Lorcan s Desire a few weeks ago I decided that I would take the effort to read the book since my friend continually gave it high praise, and I did like one of her other books that was not in this series.I don t know what he was talking about In total, there are five characters in this piece they are Quinn, Lorcan, Jess, Conner, and John Quinn is a rancher in Oklahoma, Lorcan is a drifter who is taken in as a ranch hand by Quinn, Jess is a temporary hand on the range, and John and Conner are elder family family members who each play the part of wise old gentlemen whose advise Lorcan never agrees to follow So, in reality, their characters are useless The story starts out with a young drifter named Lorcan who comes upon the ranch with a request to be a ranch hand Quinn, a closet case who is very concerned about keeping his ranch together since it provides the sole income for his family , falls instantly in love with Lorcan, and offers him a job and Lorcan moves into his house Over time, the relationship deepens, and although Quinn has some problems facing his homosexuality due to the potential stigma in rural Okahoma, he welcomes Lorcan into his heart and into his bed Lorcan feels like his one month relationship is not complete because Quinn refuses to acknowledge it to the entire world that they are partners In the veritable blink of an eye, Lorcan goes from saying that he is in love with Quinn, to jumping into the sack with a ranch hand named Jess in a mere twenty pages of the book The development of the relationship between Lorcan and Jess is pathetically thin There is no love relationship to develops between them, and, in fact, the author acknowledges throughout the last Four chapters of the book that Lorcan does not love Jess as a long term partner, but instead, he is settling for him because he doesn t want to go through the trials of pursuing a relationship with the acknowledged man of his dreams, Quinn One can only wonder how scarred the author s own point of view is to allow her main character in a romance to foresake true love in order to find convenience This is a copout this is a terrible story this is a story that I cannot believe a friend would recommend to me Do you hear me SC There is no happily ever after in the story all of the main characters have their hearts crushed by the end of the book it is about as uplifting as a funeral mass This gets ZERO stars from me I have never given a goodreads review zero stars but this book deserves it I am shocked that a friend would recommend such a book I m also shocked that this particular piece of crap is the first in a series As a courtesy to the author, I thought that I would read the second book in the series but on second thought, I can t bother reading another piece of jaded prose that professes to be a romance novel HERE S THE WARNING If you are jaded and want to be thoroughly depressed and uninspired by a work of fiction, then this is the book for you If you are looking for a true romance, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE avoid this book like the plague

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    1.0 Splenetic StarI m tired and peeved Let me back up I m an S.J.D Peterson fan Plan B much Having said that, this book was a total bust for me It wasn t badly written nor was it objectively crappy It s me not you this book.Here s the problem I don t do love triangles and this here was a celebration of a love triangle It was seriously messed up and infuriating It was painful to read, it upset me so much I stayed up late into the night seething as I turned each page I loathed Lorcan because he was a pitifully inadequate MC prissy, bitchy, and woe is me you know the type your basic loser To add insult to injury, everyone and I mean EVERYONE was fawning over Lorcan I loathed that too Quinn was TSTL and pathetically pussy dick whipped And, Jesse He was such a sad sap oh, and also dick whipped Conner and John characters who I would have expected to like , sadly also drank the Lorcan Kool Aid so they were a bust as well So, that left Jeb, the horse, and Kitten, the bull I liked them What I didn t like I don t like users i.e., Lorcan or whiney bitches i.e., Lorcan Nor do I like the men who pine for them i.e., Quinn and Jesse Bottom line If you like love triangles centered around selfish, flighty, pricks then by all means, read this book As for me, I have ZERO desire to revisit Whispering Pines Ranch.

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    I liked the characters, I liked the plot, but I found the writing uninspiring EDIT the writing improves a lot in book 2, so don t let this put you off It s no spoiler to say the premise is a love triangle Quinn likes Lorcan but is in the closet and staying there Jess likes Lorcan and is out and proud Lorcan likes them both, but doesn t like being a dirty little secret.Lorcan thinks to himself The way Quinn averted his eyes from Lorcan while others were around, the way he d exclude Lorcan from casual conversations with others, made him pretty sure they didn t see thing the same way.Later he says to Quinn You made me feel like I was shit Like I didn t fucking matter one bit to you The thing is, we never got to see any of that We never saw a casual conversation from which Lorcan was excluded We never saw Quinn treating Lorcan in a particular way, and how that made Lorcan feel Instead, between the end of chapter 11 and the beginning of chapter 12 there s an non specific gap of perhaps one or two weeks, in which this happens At the beginning of chapter 12 Lorcan summarizes for us how bad Quinn has made him feel over the last few weeks.Between the end of chapter 12 and the beginning of chapter 13 there s another gap of one week At the beginning of chapter 13 Quinn tells us how he hates excluding Lorcan the way he had been in that week, and gives a one line summary of their contact in that time.It s a really, really simple rule Show, don t tell It s a classic for a reason.There is exactly ONE scene within the narrative that shows us Quinn keeping Lorcan a dirty little secret They re rebuilding the barn Lorcan couldn t help but smile as well at the childlike awe on Quinn s face He d never seen the man so happy A happiness that faded quickly as Quinn noticed Lorcan watching him and quickly averted his eyes Lorcan knew from the look in Quinn s eyes before looking away that his fears were well founded Quinn didn t want anyone to know about them Lorcan felt a sting of rejection like a physical slap He had wanted to share the excitment with Quinn, wanted to be part of the happiness he was experiencing, but Quinn wouldn t include him in it Lorcan watched as Quinn steered Clint around the edge of the barn and out of sight without even a glance backNow because the author skipped over the previous few weeks, Lorcan s reaction to that seems extreme Lorcan felt sick to his stomach, pain in his heart, and an unbelieveable amount of rage A deluge of so many emotions all at once left him feeling as if he were drowning He wasn t sure if he wanted to puke, cry, or beat something to a bloody pulp.Because the author hasn t taken me on the journey with Lorcan, through the previous few weeks, I can t empathise with his strength of feeling I know it and understand it intellectualy, but I don t feel it This should be a very emotional book, but the author didn t have the skill to make it work Now I m wondering if they got any better in the 2nd and 3rd book I d like to see how it ends up, but so many m m books, so little time I want someone who can manipulate my emotions and thoughts with their pretty little words.

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    enter life threatening situation and I am out of hereDNF at 39%.For me Lorcan was a chick with a dick and I so didn t dig the Laurell K Hamilton memorial hairdoThe prose went into flowery, not hot, incredibly stilted territory and I was so embarrassed to read this awful, awful sex sceneAlso totally crashed any kind of plausible characterization of Lorcan as a confused virgin who wasn t even sure about his sexuality when Quinn touched himwowhe went up in flames and the moaning and groaning festival startedI am so very tired of the cliche ridden, totally sappy, so not realistic m m romances, where you could just alter name and sexual equipment and have a bad m f romance I would concede that I became quite critical with the many m m books I read, even hard to please if there weren t so many great authors around who can write heros that are vulnerable or effeminate but clearly still guys I can t even pinpoint it But some are just girls in disguise, and really, for that I could have stayed with m f.

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