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Tribute chapter 1 Tribute , meaning Tribute , genre Tribute , book cover Tribute , flies Tribute , Tribute 28835bc8f02a1 When The Fearsome Warlord Brasius Chooses Kynon As His Tribute, Kynon Tells Himself It S The Price Of Peace, And That He Can Endure Anything If His Slavery Will Save His Father S Kingdom, Then He Will Be A Slave And Submit To Every Indignity The Warlord And The Senate Of Segasa Require Of Him He Can Live With The Shame It S The Mind Blowing Pleasure That Frightens HimBut The Warlord Wants Than A Tribute Who Will Respond Eagerly To Whips And Bondage The Warlord Might Just Want The Man Underneath The Prince, The Soldier And The Tribute, If Kynon Can Figure Out Who That Is On An Enforced Journey Of Self Discovery, Kynon Learns That Being The Warlord S Tribute Isn T Just About Submission And, To Be The Tribute That Brasius Wants Him To Be, Kynon Will Have To Defy All The Traditions Of Segasa And Risk The Wrath Of The Senate That Really Holds His Chains Publisher S Note This Book Is Primarily LGBT M M But Contains One Or Scenes Of M F Sexual Interaction It Also Contains Explicit Sexual Content, Graphic Language, And Situations That Some Readers May Find Objectionable Strong BDSM Theme And Elements, Dubious Consent, Violence Readers With A History Of Rape Or Sexual Abuse May Find Elements Of This Story Disturbing

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    3.5 You can read the blurb for yourself, so I m going to skip summarizing the plot today Although I recommend taking the warnings into account If only because you won t have to end up feeling obliged to 1 star this book for it not matching your expectations of beautiful submission and star crossed lovers love There s nothing beautiful or swoon worthy about Tribute Not in the conventional sense anyway Harsh, porn packed pain and humiliation and master slave dynamics is what you get instead It was cruel And yet not nearly as cruel as I had anticipated Partly because the characters remained a little distant, I was never terrified Narrator Prince Kynon didn t crawl underneath my skin, thus ensuring that I was merely a spectator and didn t have to join him on his sickening roller coaster ride I wasn t sorry.And this may sound weird, but Henry has such an entertaining writing style that I wanted to grab a bowl of popcorn and happily munch my way through another rape scene instead of gag and shudder Imagine being able to write pulpy non con that s kind of special, right Not that I wasn t disappointed on occasions Warlord Brasius newly acquired virginal tributes AKA war captives were given a magical instant lust inducing potion that turned them into fuck toys I think I would have appreciated a dash of forced seduction, perhaps a little unreleased sexual tension and overall mind fuckery Now Brasius I ended up being vaguely dissatisfied with how he managed his business His business being his tributes Despite his power, good looks and other obvious..assets, he s the kind of master I wouldn t wish upon my worst enemy The man s a contradictory mess Due to his role, it was expected of him to display his dominance over his captured enemies And so he cruelly humiliated Kynon left and right, then he view spoiler tenderly told the confused kid that he wants all of him hide spoiler

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    insanely hot.top shelf master slave fapmatter.erotica with this kind of feel for language is my cuppa i ve learned how to identify it quickly and efficiently within a paragraph or two on the first page i already know whether to fetch extra towels and or a saline drip for the kind of long haul, compulsive onanism that would put a lesser mortal in the hospital.very minor structural conceptual flaws inhibited my opinion of the overall success of the book as a novel i had problems with the story but the sex was spectacular my opinion of the overall success of the book as a masturbatory aidwell.i ran out of clean towels i m down to pillowcases and socks.

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    UPDATE My official review is approved and below I loved this book I realize there has been some very negative reviews and accusations of porn Since I read a lot of porn, I m pretty sure I know porn when I read it I tend to read quite a bit of BDSM stories and I can safely say, this is not porn I did feel ill at ease at times because I was just as confused as the poor Prince I also want to clearly state, this is not your mother s romance novel This is a TPE, slavery, non consensual and medium on the SM side If you have any issues with the following 1 BDSM 2 female genitalia3 SlaveryThis is not the book for you However, if you are a BDSM junkie like me and have NO issues with m m then this is a book for you If you answer YES for your vampires to sparkle, then this is DEFINITELY NOT THE BOOK FOR YOU I enjoyed this book enough I d read another book by this author.My official reviewThe scenes in TRIBUTE blew my mind I LOVED IT Moving from privileged prince to collared slave in one day is enough to break any man The increasing humiliation scenes in this book caused me to whimper along in sympathy Oh how I wallowed guiltily in each stripping of Kynon s pride.All is not what it seems when the losing kingdom pays tribute with twelve young and beautiful aristocratic children Kynon is the youngest prince from the kingdom of Caralis To keep his kingdom whole, under duress, he submits as a sex slave to the fearsome warlord, Brasius Kynon fears this terrible monster who causes him pain, humiliation and betrayals Kynon becomes the whipping boy for his country and pays for the sins of his father in flesh and blood.Ms Henry created a world where kings and aristocrats are looked down upon The Senate is an entity taking over the world They offer treaties first and then conquer if rejected It s the Roman empire in a better light Brasius is their shining star He inspires fear in many yet he also commands complete loyalty from his warriors This dichotomy confuses Kynon as he witnesses it firsthand This theme is similar in Ms Rice s Beauty trilogy but it is so much in intensity.This book covered in detail the art of bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, and sadism and masochism The training regimen for the aristocratic youth kept me aroused throughout the entire book The exquisite sexual tortures Kynon suffers at the hands of his trainer kept me happily humming.TRIBUTE does include many different sexual scenes between two men Since this an m m erotic novel, I expected it The addition of some female to male sex was sweet and unexpected I really enjoyed this journey with Kynon as he learns about a culture and breaks through his preconceived notions Kynon s struggle to submit and enjoyment in the pleasures of forced m m sex is what really engaged me into the book I felt his confusion and wanted to tell him, just submit Although, that isn t really what was desired of Kynon Brasius s desire for Kynon is complicated and rather romantic I highly recommend this book to people who enjoy the intensity of conquered men forced into sexual training and slavery to a powerful alpha male I can only hope the author writes books in this world with exploration into intense and non consensual m m BDSM.

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    Um I agree this book truly is PWP torture humiliation porn I find it hot I may be a bad person

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    Updated for 4 re reads in 2013 2014 2017 I ve upped the star rating to 5 I still have the parts that make me cringe a bit but it seems every time I re read it there is some other whole way of sort of viewing the story that seems completely different than the last way I viewed it The I read the I understand and the my humiliation trigger just isn t there I think I get it The 5 stars is a compliment from me because I nearly NEVER re read a book In fact I can count the books I ve re read in the last 5 years on ONE hand and this one and Finding Zach are the only 2 MM books I habitually re read over and over I should note that I still do not see Brasius as worthy I just don t But the nuances are clear to me and I m o.k with how the story ends Original Review Let me start by saying I read a LOT of non con A lot of slavery, capture, and pain focused books My rating is not because I think this is porn or there are girl cooties in it or because I cannot stand non con On the contrary it is a primary sub genre for me Lisa Henry is an incredibly talented writer She brings characters to life so vividly that you cannot but help to fall a bit in love or hate with them In this one Kynon is a tribute and Brasius is the warlord Tributes are a tradition for the conquering nation and so Kynon, a conquered prince, becomes the property of Brasius The blurb describes what happens I can only say I still intensely dislike Brasius, even after completing the book and getting my HEA IMHO he didn t do anything to redeem himself I mean I got the feeling I should forgive him, like Kynon, at the end but I just didn t If Kynon really did or likely he s just been so conditioned that he doesn t know any other way It is not the pain or the pleasure it is the humiliation And let s be clear that humiliation where it s just the person and an act for me won t bother me The parading through the streets with dried cum on Kynon s chest was fine The training fine It was some of the other pieces that just did not sit well with me SINCE I was supposed to see Brasius as a guy worthy of an HEA with Kynon I didn t understand why the sex slave stuff Yes yes it s an erotic novel but still the explanation just never really made sense The whole concept of tributes especially since they basically free them after they are done with their service I kept thinking if you want to humiliate it would seem to me that having them serve you in all ways would be effective The explanation that the society is open to sex makes it even confusing I mean humiliation via sexual servitude works best when the s of the society treat sex and sexuality as taboo Otherwise it lacks the bite And I didn t get how, after all that happens as a tribute, all these folks just ponied up to be a good citizen enad of the new country As if none of that ever happened Really That s too much of a stretch It s one thing to come to terms with what s been done to you, you liked it because you were drugged or because you grew to like it but it s quite another to go off on a merry way Alysia and end up discussing what type of furniture you are going to allow in the bedroom If the character is going there I NEED to go there with her In this one I just couldn tthere wasn t any development that led me that way so when things happen you have a WTF moment Anyway humiliation is such a hard limit to me that I don t find myself surprised about my reaction to those scenes To some degree that, at its core, is what made Kynon s caring for him less than palatable to me Then he totally bails he s a coward The opposite of what the whole book leads you to believe I felt like a ping pong I get it in war and all that and I could have understood it if the ending was not the way it was WTF with the ending That was messed up completely NO WAY I do not buy that at all There were places I liked the book Truly the writing, dialogue is all very good I normally try to separate my rating from content when I know that it is just something that is a trigger for me and not generally an issue for all I knew going in about the slavery non con aspects I just had a really hard time getting to the HEA sort of ending after all that had transpired THEN with the last little twist Well F k me I don t think so I COULD have gone there is Kynon was just making the best he could out of what his life had become..but that s not what I got He was in LOVE with Brasius The ending IS an HEA To me it seems confused All along it read like dark erotica NOT erotic romance and then BAM at the end you get your HEA erotic romance ending No Just NO It didn t work for me The perfect contrast here is Comfort Food by Kitty Thomas There are many similarities as others have noted But there is a HUGE difference in how the books end In Comfort Food the ending was satisfying in a sick twisted way because it was sick and twisted and it just FIT This one is like that one and, instead of the ending that satisfies the story, you first get a Cinderella feeling conclusion to the romance or Sleeping Beauty It doesn t fit and I could not in any way consider Brasius the hero worthy of the other hero Didn t fit And then to make it worse you get that ending that makes your stomach plunge shakes head

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    This is pure porn BDSM porn I vew only read one or two medieval books so I may be wrong if I say it s set during those times Kynon, th2 19 year old prince from Caralis, is taken by Brasius, the warlord who s conquered Caralis.Brasius takes, of course, other prisoners and one of then is Alysia whom Kynon had had his eyes on since he was 16 Naturally, Brasius who s around 30 years their senior , fucks Alysia and Kynon in front of each other Then later, he lets Kynon fuck Alysia then he does them both And somewhere along, a little later, Rennick, a sort of personal bodyguard in charge of Kynon, is invited to join in Then Brasius has Kynon give his childhood friend, Calon or something that sounds like that a blow job while blindfolded then there s the whipping and flogging by Mistress Hera who, as procurator, has the job of training these prisoners to be sexual submissives.or something to that effect.I m not sure whether there is a plot or not because by the time I got a little past halfway, I was rather exhausted by all that flogging and fucking and I hadn t even quite recovered from the humiliation and rape of these two young people Rennick was a nice guy but Mistress Hera creeped me out bigtime especially when she was feeling up the virginal Alysia.Overall, I can t say I enjoyed this book I found it gave me an icky feeling throughout and I doubt if I ll be reading another book by this author BUTif you are in a mood for porn, being paraded around naked, like girl cooties in your MM soup then you might just enjoy Tribute because it isn t badly written I bought it thinking it was a sci fi slave romance or some sort of slave romance but I was wrong This is just a BDSM themed porn in a medieval type setting.

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    Lisa Henry is a great author Some of my favorite books are hers.But this wasI m not a friend of BDSM stories, but sometimes they can be entertaining, especially in a historial fantasy setting such as this one.But Tribute was actually just a long sequence of sex, violence, character development that consisted of a constant back and forth and an MC so flat and weak, it made me wonder how he ever made it into the king s armyThere s a kingdom that is invaded by an enemy force that bears a striking resemblance to Ancient Rome, both in the fact that they are led by a senate and have a weird taste for sex slaves that they call tributes A tribute is a person from a conquered realm in our case, a prince who is then brought to the capital where the person will be trained as a sex slave In return, the conquered country will not be destroyed, but allowed to continue existing as a province Very much like Europe in Ancient Roman times.Prince Kynon becomes the tribute of warlord Brasius and gets f ed from here to the northpole until he manages to view spoiler get the warlord to fall in love with him hide spoiler

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    2.5 3 stars Review writing in process.This one is hard for me to review On the one hand, it gave me what I was looking for slavery, humiliation, pain, non consent dubious consent On the other hand, I ended the book a little dissatisfied Because I fail at explaining myself without using comparisons, there will be many references to Concubine by Jill Knowles It had the same basic premise as Concubine prince of conquered nation, for the sake of peace in his kingdom, becomes the enemy s sexual slave Tribute had humiliation in front of his countrymen, family and friends, which I appreciated because it showed the beginning of slave training in a way that heightened the sense of misery the prince would be feeling But unlike Concubine which made me empathize and feel as sick to my stomach and conflicted as the prince was, I felt distanced from the pain and humiliation of Prince Kynon in Tribute I suppose that in a way, this distance is a good thing because I might not have been able to get through the book if I were feeling all that Kynon was humiliation, pain, desperation, desire, guilt, betrayal, etc But the distancing also was a factor in my ultimate sense of dissatisfaction at the end of the book I don t mind seeing m f sex, or girl cooties as some will call it, in what is or seems to be primarily a m m story And while some of the scenes with Alysia were pretty hot, I didn t see the purpose of her character in the story unless it was to compare her experiences with Kynon s She was not an interesting character as the author made little to no effort to develop her She was bland, and could have been an inflatable woman for all the value she added to the book Kynon was young, and I thought that the author had written him quite well He wasn t very well developed himself, but at least he didn t sound like a 9 year old nor did he sound too old to desperately want his mother s comfort It felt like a nice blend of situation and age, which I feel like most authors are not so good with The conflict he experienced trying to come to terms with his new life was fairly well done, but I couldn t really believe that he had been an unrealized, repressed pain slut with gay submissive tendencies While in Concubine, the author had alluded to this possibility early on, the author of Tribute did not This is also part of the reason why I was unable to fully accept that what Brasias and Kynon had was a true love relationship In Concubine, the author showed how the Master was breaking in his slave, using the process of breaking in horses as an analogy In this way, I could see how the slave was seduced and eventually grew to love his Master for the kindnesses he had shown In Tribute, although there were occasional acts of kindness, Brasias was heavily into obliterating Kynon the prince, using humiliation to break him The alternating kindness and humiliation confused Kynon, and left me unable to really see Brasias as anything but a little too cruel For me, Kynon s fondness and need for Brasias appeared to stem from some form of Stockholm Syndrome It reminded me of the relationship that eventually developed in Kitty Thomas s Comfort Food In fact, some of Kynon s raging thoughts about his situation and how he viewed Brasias was quite reminiscent of Comfort Food s protagonist Strangely enough, in Concubine, the Master has somewhat sadistic tendencies which would make sense for there to be pain, but from my recollection, the story wasn t very big on pain However, in Tribute, I did not get the strong sense that Brasias had the need to give pain, and yet there was an overload of it Most of it was caused by Mistress Hera Apparently, it was part of that nation s culture to train their Tributes into pain sluts, but this was not really expanded upon so to me, it doesn t make much sense that the excessive pain component was necessary The world building was adequate Expand on laterAnother factor for my vague dissatisfaction with the book was the HEA Now, I like HEA s I read romance for them, and I avoid sad endings like the plague But in this case, the HEA didn t please me because I saw Kynon s relationship with Brasias as of a Stockholm Syndrome type, similar to Comfort Food Therefore, I didn t like it that, to fit in a romantic HEA, the author chose to make the two love each other instead I didn t believe that their love was a true one I also didn t like how, after having gone through the misery of Tribute training himself, view spoiler he might have embraced his new society s views on Tributes It was quite possible for this change in views to occur, but for me, the author failed to persuade me of that hide spoiler

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    4.5 stars for this hardcore fantasy had a Claiming of Sleeping Beauty feel tributes, BDSM, and all things D s This was a unique relationship but one I could see evolving If you enjoy the darker side of fantasy then you will probably love this

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    Tribute exemplifies everything I enjoy about Lisa Henry s writing She puts her characters through hell and puts her readers in the passenger seat for that ride and make no mistake, Kynon goes through hell than once.Kynon s journey reminded me quite a bit of Beauty s from The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty The difference being that Kynon is insightful than Beauty Well, and Beauty was fickle Cute lil thing Anyhoo, Kynon is a born prince of Caralis He s the youngest of the princes and is precocious, outgoing, brave and loyal to the crown When Caralis gets sacked by the feared Segasain warlord, Brasius, he believes he will be put to death as punishment for Caralis daring to defend itself against invasion Instead he and several of his friends are taken as tributes with the intent of turning them into sex slaves.Brasius has chosen Kynon and Alysia for a short time to become his The training process they undergo is grueling The transition from being a prince to a slave is a near constant struggle for Kynon He s humiliated and degraded again and again, sodomized, kept naked, collared, drugged, flogged, whipped, bound, teased and shaved He and Brasius have a brief but memorable backstory which seemingly influenced his choice It s difficult to tell what exactly Brasius desires from Kynon oftentimes which is precisely what I enjoyed so much about this book.Tribute is told entirely through Kynon and we are right there for his struggles with the transition as well as trying to understand Brasius I don t think Kynon has ever failed at anything He wants to please and keep people happy The trouble is Brasius is hard to read, intimidating, cruel at times, plainspoken and demanding At times Kynon hates him and at others sees him as comforting, but there s always a component of striving for obedience It s the motivation for the obedience that vacillates.So many times I read dub non con wherein the slave accepts his or her situation almost immediately which I find absurd To go from being free to being a slave has to be, at minimum, difficult even under consensual circumstances much less having your freedom stripped from you Lisa Henry gets that and showed us just how onerous the experience is especially when you have one too many cooks in the kitchen Mistress Hera complicates matters Her and Brasius are at cross purposes in Kynon s training which complicates everything This was really the only point of the novel that confused me I never understood why she was so fixated on Kynon and Brasius relationship In the end, I wanted to kill her With my bare hands As did Brasius, I m sure.The sex kink is pretty hot with moderately heavy SM even when I knew I probably shouldn t be thinking it was hot I still did I think this makes me a terrible person I blame Lisa Henry There are girly bits, though, just so you know Had they seen something in him that he hadn t even known was there Maybe there was a part of him that had always wanted to be subjugated Truly a stunning debut novel from Ms Henry I m amazed people haven t read it.

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