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    Oh, so you only want me for the rough and kinky stuff You bet Now order me around Kai and Cole are fuck buddies for than three years now They meet every Friday night Nothing , only sex they haven t even seen each other in daylight Kai lives a very well organized life, and this Friday fun is perfect and enough for him On the weekends, I m out of town unless it s raining and sometimes even if it is I might be climbing, camping, sky diving or mountain biking You name it, and I probably do it It s my time Me, my adrenaline and nature I really don t need much .Now Friday night is release night Friday nights I get fucked, and while how good it is does depend on my fuck buddy, I have been lucky so far. But one day something unusual happens between them, and whatever it is, Cole wants to explore it And he wants it with Kai Something had changed between us in that moment and it was something big Kai is scared of being in a committed relationship, but Cole is insistent I loved Cole he is so confident And although Kai says that neither of them are relationship material , I think Cole is actually very good at this I d never been so aware of my own sexuality Although it was frustrating at times, it was also close to feeling high, only completely natural I loved it The story is told from both Kai and Cole s viewpoints, in first person I usually don t like first person narrative, because it can be very limited, but here the dual viewpoint is excellent and it allows you to see the whole picture It is a light D s erotic story with a very little pain inflicted, but the main emphasis is not here Don t worry, the erotica is hot as hell, but it is about how casual sex can turn into a serious, committed relationship.It is a great story No insta love, no hasty love confessions Kai and Cole really take it slow, and it is amazing how they fit each other Highly recommended Originally posted on my blog on April 6, 2015.

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    Plug and Engage was just right for my kinky litte heart and it was a perfect short read to make me happy before getting back to work for university Since three years, Kai and Cole are fuck buddies they meet each Friday and have satisfying vanilla sex, but they don t know a thing about each other However, one Friday night is about to change everything Something had changed between us in that moment and it was something big.They both realize that they have hidden desires and while Kai is afraid of having than sex with Cole, Cole is insistent and definitly wants to explore his needs with Kai only with Kai Hot and kinky sex follows and you might look at some of your furniture with new eyes after reading this short story The story is told both from Kai s and from Cole s POV and I definitly liked to get an insight into both main characters 4 stars

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    Ever just want a friend with benefits Nothing complicated, just hot sex Kai has it made with his Friday sex buddy, Cole Neither Kai nor Cole are out They keep their relationship quiet and it works well for them For the past three years, they meet at a set time and enjoy themselves no talking, just sweaty sex.One Friday, it changes and Cole can t stop thinking about Kai This is when things becomes complicated.Ms Heart writes the fear of being ousted as a gay man so well I could feel the terror in Kai I could also feel the desire Cole had for Kai to be than just a tight moist hole to stick his dripping dick in This story of becoming than just a weekly one night stand moved me I loved Cole s push to be intimate What really pushed me over the edge was the hot domination by Cole The bedroom scene with the bedpost had me on fire I wanted so badly to be in that room watching Kai and Cole together Ms Heart describes her sex scenes so well I can see each position, thrust and lick clearly I love it What truly moved me in this story was how lovers become friends Generally we see the opposite, friends taking that next step become lovers This backwards method comes across as intimate, purposeful andmeaningful.This story was a bit too short for me I want to read about Kai and Cole I want to know what happens after the accidental sighting I want to know how their families handled their relationship Who am I kidding I want to read hot sex scenes between two hot sexy men I recommend this story to m m lovers who enjoy two men coming together as than just a weekly one night stand.

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    3 bedpost stars This is the first story I ve read where it felt as if the prompt was written after the story was written It wasn t of course The author managed followed the prompt perfectly, writing the story exactly the way it was prompted Kudos to the author The promptee asked for a hookup that sparks an unexpected connection between casual fuckbuddies as they discover that they are both much less vanilla than they ve pretended to be in the past and connected than they d ever realized And it really did The story was good I loved that Kai and Cole were good together and found out they could be even better together, even though they d known each other as just fuck buddies for the last three years What are you doing I stiffened, my post climatic bliss dispersed by his out of character behavior I m holding you Cole explained calmly, making me feel like an idiot A panicky idiot Why I almost squeaked Because I want to The promptee also asked for this story is really about coming out of the extreme buttsex fetish BDSM closet And gosh, did the story do that plot spoiler view spoiler Bed post ball, anyone Listen to me, Kai I want you to slowly move backwards, as if you re going to sit down, and when you touch the ball, position is right Beautiful Do you feel it at your hole, is it cold Yes He answered as he squirmed on it, slowly circling with his hips His breathing increased as he took it all He squirmed, moaned and whimpered and I knew it kept rubbing against his prostate, I felt it in the size of his cock in my mouth in the pulsing and twitching Is it good I asked, with a smile on my lips Yesss Kai hissed just before he moaned again hide spoiler

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    A hot and sexy short And kinky as hell I enjoyed it a lotAs for such a short read Kai and Cole are quite easy to like even if we don t know almost anything about themThe only problem nagging me is a little over dramatic and rushed ending We could find out that the guys really care for each other in a better way, IMHO Hence, 4 stars Recommended for kinky readers

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    Um, wow This story was something else Vale managed to write a kinky, hot, sweet story that I absolutely loved Vale always manages to put something unique in her stories which is why I love them so much I definitely think whether or not you like fisting, bondage or any other element in this story, you should try it out It s a really great story.

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    Holy crap that was a hot little story I ll never look at a bed frame the same way again I would love, love, love a longer version of this story these characters need to tell us about themselves highly recommended if you like to read about kinky fuckery.

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    Valentina I don t know how you did it, but you definitely wrote what Damon asked for I m generally not a BDSM fan although HSD is seriously making me rethink my position , it was Kai s emotional pain and uncertainty that really gave this story depth beyond the physical acts I loved how Cole realized that there were emotions involved it was beyond kinky sex yet remained steady under the onslaught of new feelings Even better was his strength and protectiveness when Kai s world started falling apart I am your boyfriend now and I will be there for you Every step of the way, through every tear, every fall out, every fight and I ll enjoy all the make up sex When others turn their back on you and there will be those who won t even hesitate I will still be here To hold you, comfort you and to tell them to go fuck themselves This is not a convenience for me, or a way to get sex than just once a week I already told you, I want something permanent.Beautiful Thank you Valentina.

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    Damon certainly placed a tall order for this one and Valentina filled it to overflowing You both have my compliments, Damon for your very creative and challenging prompt and Valentina for writing one of the most compelling and memorable stories in the Hot Summer Days collection under that kind of pressure Thank you You have blown my mind into tiny little pieces and I m having a hard time gathering my thoughts to express just how much I love this story I was thinking how much I loved Kai s voice and how I was completely connected to what he was thinking and feeling Then along comes Cole adding his voice to the mix and from that point on the two voices, blending as one created such a beautiful resonance I was just totally mesmerized and 100% THERE, lost in their world soaking in every single moment and feeling it.

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    I love, love, love a good BDSM story and we definitely got than that I didn t think it was possible to come up with anything remotely close to sweet from that picture, and yet the author made the transition from once a week fuck buddies to a sweet and caring relationship seem effortless Understanding the mindset of the characters involved is so important in a BDSM relationship, so I really appreciated the transition between the POV s I loved Kai s responsiveness and Cole s protectiveness Forget about that See only me I m here, Kai Mmm, totally hot and amazing adored it Thank you

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