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Drawn (Hammer, #2) summary Drawn (Hammer, #2) , series Drawn (Hammer, #2) , book Drawn (Hammer, #2) , pdf Drawn (Hammer, #2) , Drawn (Hammer, #2) 5c3dbee2ee Giles Is An Artist, A Man Who Is Intense And Totally Focused On His Art In Fact, A Lot Of People Including Some Of His Own Family, Think He S A Little Bit Crazy Harrison Meets The Artist As Giles Is Running Away From Setting Up A Showing At A Gallery, Totally Freaked Out Harrison Is Immediately Intrigued He Doesn T Think Giles Is Crazy, But He Does Believe That Giles Needs Someone Like Him, Or Accurately, Him, To Help Giles Focus On Than Just His ArtGiles Isn T Exactly Easy To Convince That Harrison Is The Man To Do The Job, Though Oh, He Likes Harrison Well Enough And The Sex Is Wonderful, But This BDSM Stuff Harrison Talks About Is Just A Game, Right And Giles Is Worried That All The Time He S Spending Focussed On Harrison Is Damaging His Art After All, You Have To Suffer For Your Art, Right Can Harrison Convince Him That Giles Can Have Love, Happiness And Harrison In His Life As Well As Be A Great Artist Or Will Giles Worries About His Artwork Drive Them Apart For Good

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    Sean Michael has yet again kept me up late reading His writing style is a bit different, and at times I can t follow who is speaking straight away The formatting on my kindle could of been to blame for this though At times, I must admit, that the dialogue doesn t ring true for me, but I still enjoy his writing very much His characters are not complete carbon copies of each other, and how his submissive characters react to meeting their needs enthralls me I enjoy that he takes successful men, and lets them be happy being submissive The journey to this happiness is at times long and hard, but so worth it.I am once again convinced that I will be reading of this authors work.

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    Drawn was an interesting story for me for several reasons.First of all, the characters were fascinating Giles, the sub, is an artist with clear issues, tending to forget reality over his art Harrison is the Dom with a lot of patience, but also a deep understanding of what Giles needs So much so that he s able to flex strict protocol somewhat when Giles has trouble understanding the whole BDSM thing is real.Secondly this was interesting because the story managed to reflect Giles s internal struggle What I mean is that Giles s thinking was somewhat circular, like a dog chasing his own tail Without a clear reference point outside himself, that is to be expected But the story was just as circular which can either annoy people or, in my case, it led to me admiring Sean Michael s ability to bring that across on the way the book is written.Thirdly, and this isn t unusual for a Sean Michael book at all, the sex was hot, if somewhat different, clearly focused on the tantrums Giles had and getting him out of that destructive mental space Distraction played a major role here and there was lots of it The emotional attachment didn t happen until fairly late in the book, and while I see that this was necessary to make the story work, it did somewhat reduce my enjoyment If you like reading about a slightly unusual D s relationship with interesting characters, both of whom need time to figure out how to make things work, you will probably enjoy this book.

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    I struggled some with Drawn and I absolutely didn t like the abruptness of the ending Again, there was almost way too much constant sex going on, to the point where no wonder Giles wasn t understanding the BDSM world He couldn t get a straight answer out of Harrison I understood Harrison s position as a Dom and I definitely think he knew what Giles needed, but a lot of it came across as Harrison getting his way via sex with Giles rather clueless.I m having a tough time right now trying to really explain my thoughts and feelings In my opinion, this is a well written but difficult book to read that I wasn t always comfortable with.

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    Okey doke, I did what I said I would I tried the next one in the Hammer Series efter DNF ing the first one And this one worked pretty well for me.I loved Giles Eccentric painter checkALL over the place checkFunny checkIn need of some grounding help guidance without loosing their backbone free will marbles checkThe last point especially is why I keep returning to the D s books even though I promise myself I wont I m not saying that the Dom Sub relationship can cure mental problems, but the way the relationships are often described I can imagine a really giving rewarding special connection between 2 people whose dispositions are dom my and sub by hehe.I liked this story, I thought both MC s were fun and I liked that Harrison could do something positive for Giles in regards to his flight instincts and his view spoiler self harm instincts hide spoiler

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    A solid story, but not outstanding like I think it could have beenWarning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS Rating 7 10PROS Michael captures the fractured mind of an obsessive artist very well Giles is flighty and endlessly distractable, and he sees everything in terms of its artistic merit He injures his feet at one point, and when Harrison wraps them for him, Giles wonders, idly, if his feet will leave interesting patterns on the gauze Harrison is the perfect complement for Giles, as is the case with every Sean Michael Dom sub pairing Harrison has infinite patience, and he knows exactly the best way to talk or touch Giles down when he starts to freak out Giles is sensitive about his psychological issues, but he s also got a sense of humor about his tendency toward madness I really liked Giles sister She s understanding of his personality, but she s also tough She doesn t belittle his emotional and psychological problems, but she doesn t baby him either.CONS The book is short, and although it feels complete to me, I was also left with the impression that it would have been a stronger story if it had dug just a little deeper into the characters lives, particularly Giles neuroses Especially when compared with some of the longer Hammer stories Bent, for example, or Found , this one seems a bit shallow Sean Michael s novels all have a problem with editing, so listing it as a con is almost unnecessary But when the errors are blatant and when the first one occurs just halfway through the first PAGE of the book you know it s a pretty serious problem Sometimes I wonder whether the author even rereads the stories after having written them, not to mention an editor.Overall comments There are about five paragraphs in one of the earlier Hammer stories about these two characters, and ever since I read that story, I ve wanted to know about Giles and Harrison I can t say that I was blown away by this story some of the other Hammer books simply have depth and are thus interesting but I enjoyed it If you re a fan of the Hammer universe, this is another good installment.

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    I have mixed feelings about all of the books and stories in Sean Michael s Hammer series The Doms tend to be all knowing and their subs tend to be what some might describe as mentally ill Drawn fits in with that overly simplified description of the characters who inhabit the Hammer BDSM club, and yet it doesn t.Mr Michael continues to develop the Hammer series as a showplace for diversity in D s lifestyles The plot in Drawn is unique and the character development is multifaceted I enjoyed this book and recommend it to fans of Sean Michael, the Hammer series, readers who enjoy exploring BDSM, as well as to readers of m m romance.

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    So my first and major complaint about book one in this series was it was sooo long Over 400 pages of the sub fighting till the last page I liked it, but it was not a fast easy read So I get this one and its 230 pages so half of the first book Well this book needs at least 100 pages I don t feel like Giles ever did come to accept the BDSM life That he liked Harrison s attention but love way was out in left field Giles kept saying he wasn t crazy But I m not convinced even with Harrison s pain therapy he still was not in control of the situation It seamed very rushesd.

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    I am loving this series.This book was as good as the first one.But I wish it was a little bigger.Author finished it in a rush I felt so.Giles our crazy hero was so lovable as was Harrison the dom.I think I get romance fix from MM books than any other.I am reading the 3rd book right now and seriously I cant put the book down.Its that good.

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    Giles and Harrison were or less a little bit of the formulaic clueless sub with the Dom who instantly knows what s best for him, but it s still my form of crack because I obviously keep coming back for We did get a bit substance in this one as the author tried to help us understand Giles and what drove his issues, so I appreciate that For me, this was just pure kick back, relax, and read time.

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    The storyline is actually good with an obsessive painter being helped by his Dom to achieve a better focus and decrease his bouts of craziness He is not crazy but very hyperactive and needs a keeper.I did not enjoy this story at all as the whole book was full of sex Harrison is a Dom and he manages Giles the artist by having sex whenever distracted I was expecting Dom Sub interactions rather than just sex all the time.

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