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After the Sunset chapter 1 After the Sunset, meaning After the Sunset, genre After the Sunset, book cover After the Sunset, flies After the Sunset, After the Sunset 50dc36196b5ed Two Years After Riding Off Into The Sunset With Ranch Owner Rand Holloway, Stefan Joss Has Made A Tentative Peace With His New Life, Teaching At A Community College But The Course Of True Love Never Does Run Smooth Rand Wants Him Home On The Ranch Stef Wants An Exit Strategy In Case Rand Ever Decides To Throw Him Out Finally, After Recognizing How Unfair He S Being, Stef Makes A Commitment, And Rand Is Over The MoonWhen Stef Gets The Chance To Prove His Devotion, He Doesn T Hesitate Despite The Risk To His Health And Rand Takes The Opportunity To Show Everyone That Sometimes Life S Best Surprises Come After The Sunset

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    This is the second book in the Timing series and it can not be read as a stand alone Stefan and Rand s story starts in Timing 1, so you should start there I myself loved these two and I know a lot of people think that this series is a lot like The Matter of Time series and they would be right I was actually thrilled about that fact because I absolutely adore Jory and Sam Stefan and Rand were pretty awesome themselves, but Jory and Sam will always be my favorite Mary Calmes couple Let me point out that these books may not be for everyone They are pretty ott and ridiculous at times, but to me, they are like crack and I just can t get enough.Just like in The Matter of Time series everyone freaking loves Stefan He is so awesome, he can turn a straight man gay just with the wink of an eye Rand was a bit different though He was an asshole at the beginning of the first book but he didn t make the same stupid mistakes that Sam did Once he decided what, or should I say who, he wanted, he was pretty dedicated It was very refreshing I really enjoyed this series and I can t wait for the next book, which is about Glenn He is Rand s cousin and he plays a big part in this book actually Highly recommended to Mary fans My reviews are posted on Wendy s Wycked Words Follow me

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    Okay there is something comforting about knowing when you open a book there will be witty dialog, hot, strong men a cowboy in this case and REALLY scorching sex scenes that make you remember that sex is, at its best, one of the most enjoyable and funnest parts of falling in love.That s what reading a Mary Calmes book is like characters who are smart, dialog that is sparkling, and the strong undercurrent of family and kindness and putting yourself out for your mate because that s what having a mate is all about I loved After the Sunset I loved Timing, and Stefan and Rand certainly didn t let me down on the second go round They are not necessarily nice people, but they are nice to each other, and they are gruff and smartassed and generally fun to spend an afternoon with This book did everything I asked for in a romance made me laugh, took me away from myself, and made me yearn Good stuff EXCELLENT stuff What reading for pleasure is all about.

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    One moment for cover love, please Reese Dante has done a brilliant job with the new 2nd Edition covers, in my opinion Love them Two years ago, Rand Holloway and Stefan Joss went from enemies to lovers in sizzling style over the course of Rand s sister Charlotte s four day wedding blowout They bickered, they had steaming hot sex, and they fell in love.Two years later Stefan has taken a job a local community college and is all in his relationship with Rand Holloway.Though they ve had some ups professionally, Rand and his Ranch the Red Diamond are doing better than ever and downs several people, including the mayor of the town Rand grew up in are vocally and vehemently opposed to their relationship He was kicked off every committee in this town as well as having his property lines rezoned so that the Red Diamond is no longer even in Winston but in Hillman instead Rand had been voted off When he had outed himself by moving me onto the ranch with him two years ago, the Winston community leaders had booted him from the seat that his father had held before him They didn t even take the time to make it look good instead they let it be known that the reason for revoking his seat was because of me, because Rand lived with me. They were homophobic assholes, every last one of them, and when they had rezoned the county three months later, officially relocating the Red Diamond to Hillman, that had been the last straw. but they re finally settled down together and happier than ever The new town they find themselves zoned to be a part of couldn t be welcoming and life is good.But the path to true love rarely runs smooth and things around Stef are never boring There s plenty happening in this installment of the series including Rand s father s side of the family finding out about Stef, a rodeo that must be participated in, old family secrets, and various detractors that must be put in their place.But one thing is absolutely certain and shines through in every encounter, passionate embrace, and quiet moment between Rand and Stef their absolute love for one another.What can I say I ve reread this series so many times I could practically recite passages.Stef is stubborn, Rand is overprotective and growly alpha in the best way, and the two mesh so well It just all puts hearts in my eyes.Mary Calmes knows how to pull at the heartstrings, write with real humor, and give enough passion to keep everything spicy But in the end, it s all about the love Jesus, Stef, I love you than anything I will never, ever, let you leave me, and you gotta never think that s gonna change We re gonna fight, but there will not come a time when I want you anywhere but at my side You hear me I nodded Say it I smiled into the hollow of his throat Rand Holloway loves me Yes, I do He hugged me tight You re my whole life This is a fun established couple romance with humor, low angst, HOT passionate sex and a sweet HEA.Recommended Galley copy of After The Sunset Timing 2 provided by Dreamspinner Press in exchange of an honest review. This review has been cross posted at Gay Book Reviews.

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    URGHI ve learned an important lesson as much as I love a Mary Calmes book, I must read in doses Too much Calmes can lead to sudden irritation and aggravation. Man, if I didn t stress enough in my review of Timing , book 1 of this series, I will just drive the message homethis series is EXACTLY the Matter of Time saga, but in Texas on a ranch And just as she did with that series, Calmes blows a perfectly GREAT coupling by separating them to do their own thing in the follow up GRRRRYou can t make me FALL IN LOVE with Rand in Timing only to have him MIA for than 1 2 the book in After the Sunset I don t care about Stef and how everyone loves him and every straight man suddenly wants to have gay lovin with him It irritates me reading about Stef being so friendly and charming that it actually comes across as flirtatious and inappropriate I despise not having Rand around to balance out the aggravation that is Stef If I wanted all those things I would have reread MATTER OF TIME GRRRRR Fine Stef Rodeo Family dramz Homemaker Done The end All I care about are the Rand partsand those were just barely enough to carry this book Annoyed.

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    LOVED Hello second edition cover boy Stefan

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    4,5 starsI loved this second book I was afraid we re gonna get only some sugary sweet scenes with Rand and Stefan, but what we got was super exciting and better than I expected The beginning was a little slow but once Stef sets his mind to help Rand and their ranch, we get action, we get bulls, and horses, we get fights and punches and BIG secrets And oh how much I loved Rand s possessiveness I really enjoyed this story The writing was great, light and the characters were extremely well portrayed It can t be read as a standalone I think it s best to read the first book Timing This is the continuation of their love story I saw the third book is about Glenn So I will miss Rand and Stef It was such a sweet story It s usually not my cup of tea but somehow the writing worked for me and I couldn t get enough Oh and there are some pretty HOT scenes too

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    I love this series Rand being all possessive and Stef being all Stef Some people have complained that Stef and Rand spent so much time apart in this, but that never bothered me I think it was amazing how Stef tried to save the ranch and how much hurt comfort that resulted in.And Rand coming to get Stef and being all MINE MINE MINE was simply amazing.This series is one of my favorites of Mary and I can t get enough of it And I still think it s hilarious how Mac can be Mac Gentry in book 1, Mac Chapman in this book and then Mac Gentry again in book 3 So awesome how you cannot notice this as an author.

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    1st read 14 June 20152nd read 20 to 21 February 2017________________________ You are my life Nothing else means anything if you re not here Have I mentioned I like cowboys Anyways This was a really good follow up to Timing but there wasn t enough Rand for my liking I m greedy like that Still nice to see how Stef and Rand are getting on after 2 years together Not sure about the family subplot but I enjoyed the Rodeo Would have been better with Rand there but whatever.

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    3.5 StarsTwo years later and not much has changed and I m soooo ok with that.Stefan is finally enmeshed in the ranch life In his efforts to help Rand out, he gets himself into quite the situation Have no worries though, because he always comes out on top through his stubborn determination and irresistible charm.Rand unsurprisingly continues to be just as possessive and dominating, committed to his Stefan like nobody s business He s got everything planned out to ensure their future and I like a man with vision.Throw in some crazy, soap opera drama involving family rivalries and secrets, and you ve no doubt got yourself a classic, entertaining Calmes read Meags thanks for keeping me on track Ready for the next I see a shifter Calmes in our immediate future.

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    Best Buddy Read Ever with my pal Red part deux It s been two years since Stef was swept off his feet at Charlotte s wedding and he and Rand are settling into their life together on the Red Diamond The Red Diamond is growing by leaps and bounds and Stef has finally found his niche as a teacher at the local community college But it hasn t been an easy road they ve traveled They ve especially Rand had to face prejudice and ostracism from the citizens of Winston, Rand s hometown Their bad luck, because the next town over, Hillman, has thrown open the gates and welcomed Rand and all he represents with open arms.Red They did what to Rand because of Stef Fuckers I wouldn t build a school in that town either.But the deputies are cracking me up Oh goodness, I had thought at first that it was the money he represented that they were responding to, but it was also the man himself I am moving to Hilman They know an amazing man when they see one JL I love the deputies, but I especially love the sheriff Have you met him yet JL Prepare yourself for the classic Calmes Time Jump a k a Where Stef Gets ADD and Remembers Something For a Whole Chapter.Red LOL I love that explanation We are going to get TMCSS in this one too right Like, these two aren t together for most of the book It s the Calmes way and gives the best reunion sex ever.JL Yep, there s TMCSS in this one It s not nearly as bad as when it happened to Jory Sam or Jin Logan though It doesn t last as long.Wanna know a secret whispers I like this better than book one In Timing we got to see Rand and Stef FINALLY pull their heads out of their asses and ride off into the sunset as they start the rest of their lives together, whereas in After the Sunset we get to see, well, what happens after that sunset I always knew I liked this better but I could never pin down exactly why until this last read I think hashing it out with Red helped me to understand just what it was that made me read this even times than I ve read the first book I figure it s most likely because I like established relationships I ve been with my husband for twenty years and it s interesting to me to see other couples who have been together for a while and are still as in love, if not , as they were at the beginning Mary does such a fabulous job of showing us just how much these two love each other What are you doing I smiled at him, my own hands on his hot skin, having burrowed up under the T shirt and flannel one he was wearing over it The muscles in his jaw corded as he shivered slightly I m lookin at you Christ , I could look at you every day for the rest of my life and never get tired of it They ve been together for years yet they still can t seem to get enough of each other Say it now, I demanded His lips were on my ear I love you so fucking much, Stef You belong to me Who knew I would be just as addicted to the man s words as his actions That isn t to say that they haven t had their ups and downs though Stef had to give up a lot when he relocated to Texas to be with Rand and he has abandonment issues from his worthless family so it s no surprise that he s kept part of himself back in case things go south with Rand But, he seems to finally be accepting that Rand isn t going anywhere and the Red Diamond and Rand is the home he really wants Even if it is in Texas, of all places.JL You know that s how Texans really talk, right We say gonna and wanna , we drop the g from the end of our words, we speak in double and triple negatives and our mothers are always mama I love how she incorporated our way of speaking into her writing It makes it feel authentic to me And a little bit homesick.Red Nope I had no idea and it s great she did that I noticed in Bulletproof, when they were in Hawaii she got a lot of the local talk etc down as well She does really well with that.I adore the whole Rand LOVING that Stef is finally choosing them Rand just gets him on every level and is so patient with him, waiting for Stef to see that he isn t leaving or asking him to leave Just waiting and loving his man and letting him know he is there for the long haul That shit is romantic Stef gets an opportunity to prove his commitment to Rand when family comes calling A cousin needs Rand s help at their ranch for a few days and Rand, being who he is, agrees to lend a hand, not realizing it s the same weekend that the rodeo is being held The very important rodeo that requires the Red Diamond to attend or they lose grazing rights on a prime bit of real estate.Red Okay and take two GLLLEEENNNNNNNN JL You re about to meet Glenn I can t wait to see what your first impression is.JL LOL Our emails crossed Red A TEST Oh shit Someone is gonna be pissed when he gets home JL That is an epic scene, when he gets home EPIC It s one of my favorite parts of the book.Red I have laughed so much already What are you doing in here I m mauling Stef What s it look like Poor Glenn LOLJL See Epic Now you know why I love that scene so much.Red I can t help but laugh Rand is just so point blank about it and Stef is all doing his thing while these people, probably his soon to be in laws of some sort talk shit about the love of his life and think he works for Rand SMH.JL Mary is big on letting people make assumptions of her MCs I ve seen it with Jory and Jin.BTW, Lubbock and Midland are real cities in Texas but Winston and Hillman are not Just a fun fact I m throwing out there Stef decides to attend the rodeo in Rand s stead behind his back of course, cause that s how Mary rolls and this is where we really get to see just how much they ve grown, both as individuals and with each other Yes, there are hijinks and shenanigans Yes, there s a dance and a bachelor auction and fights and everyone loves Stef This is a Mary Calmes book after all But what I loved most was watching Stef interact with Rand s family and the rodeo community on his own without Rand there And I saw him shine I saw him become comfortable in his role as co owner of the Red Diamond, taking charge and getting things done I saw him further his relationships with his ranch hands, letting them get closer to him and not keeping them at arms length But most of all, I saw his relationship with Rand strengthen and become enriched with not just love, but respect Why didn t you tell me you missed this rodeo for the last two years Because it had nothing to do with you or us, so why would I mention it Rand, I don t just wanna know about stuff that affects you and me I wanna know about everything And I definitely want to know everything about your family Rand Why Why what Why do you need to know everything Because if I m really your partner and you want me to stick around, then your family is my family You know I want you to stick around Then He took a breath Okay Okay what Okay my family is your family, asshole They ve both matured these past two years and the continuation of their story in this book is one for the ages Every time I read this story I find myself believing in the world again, believing that there really is true love out there, that there really is such a thing as soulmates Cause that s what Rand and Stef are They are the world to each other They are each other s EVERYTHING You re my whole life Couldn t have said it better myself.Check out the rest of the reviews and all of our emails on the blog ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

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