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Gunmetal Magic pdf Gunmetal Magic, ebook Gunmetal Magic, epub Gunmetal Magic, doc Gunmetal Magic, e-pub Gunmetal Magic, Gunmetal Magic c64e00ab54c Some People Have Everything Figured Out Andrea Nash Is Not One Of Those People After Being Kicked Out Of The Order Of The Knights Of Merciful Aid, Andrea S Whole Existence Is In Shambles All She Can Do Is To Try To Put Herself Back Together, Something Made Easier By Working For Cutting Edge, A Small Investigative Firm Owned By Her Best Friend Kate DanielsWhen Several Shapeshifters Working For Raphael Medrano The Male Alpha Of The Clan Bouda And Andrea S Former Lover Die Unexpectedly At A Dig Site, Andrea Is Assigned To Investigate And Must Work With Raphael As Andrea S Search For The Killer Leads Her Into The Secret Underbelly Of Supernatural Atlanta, She Knows That Dealing With Her Feelings For Raphael Might Have To Take A Back Seat To Saving The World

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    Sowe have to go a year without a Kate Daniel s book I admit, I cried, I fell to my knees and howled to the moon whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyy in most most despairing tonebut once they let me out the padded room major over reaction by the way, just because you howl at the moon, it DOES NOT make you crazy and ate some chocolate my rational brain smoothered my crazy brain and I started to think I like Andrea, she is a kick arse female, I wanted to know what would happen with her and Rapheal and Kate and Curran would surely peek in at some point all is not lost So I pulled on my big girl panties, went back to work and put the pint of emergency Ben Jerrys ice cream back in the freezer for another day And now after reading Gunmetal Magic I am currently eating my celebration tub of Ben Jerry s yes, I have a pint for all occassions quite simplyit kicked goods bottom and immediatly upgraded to awesome As if Andrea would have it any other way.In all honesty this wasn t actually that much different from a Kate Daniel s book, it had the action packed plot full of freaky imaginative creatures and self obsessed demi gods set in the backdrop of a wild Atlanta where quite literally anything can happen It also had that dash of romance as we get to see Andrea and Rapheal play out the mating danceagain only bigger and better this time This quote really caught my eye and explains thier relationship perfectly If you put up with me, I will put up with whatever you can throw my way, he said Bad days, good days, I ll cut you if you look at me the wrong way days I ll take them all But most importantly it had a great female lead character Andrea She might not quite have Kate s great mix insanity and sarcasm but Andrea as her own kind of crazy which was just as enthralling to read as she begins to accept parts of herself that she has been trying all her life to ignore These parts of her though have breasts, furry breasts that the men in this book couldn t seemed to ignore, best recurring joke ever And Gunmetal Magic does funny really well, although some serious things are happening and Andrea is an intense person I love that humour is still included, especially when it is between two of my favourite gals If you paste some stars on her butt, you ll be riding My Little Pony Kate Bugger off I patted the mare s neck Don t listen to her, Sugar You are the cutest horsey ever The correct name for her color is strawberry roan, by the way Strawberry shortcake, like it Does Strawberry Shortcake know you stole her horse She will be berry, berry angry with you I must also mention Ascanio, our teeange delinquent Boudaif I were 10 years younger there would be posters of him all over my wallokay I have a slight crush on him, it feels wrong, but I can t help it I can t wait to have a book about him hint hint He is charming, lethal, gorgrous, funny and very very wicked Did those nice church ladies come by again He nodded I asked them if a man died and then the woman remarried, and the three of them met in heaven, would it be a sin for them to have a threesome, since they were all married in God s eyes And then they decided they were late to be somewhere else This was the right blend of action, humour and romance that has created a fantastic read that I all but devoured and reminded me not that I would ever forget why Ilona and Gordon Andrews are my favourite authors I promise I will never doubt you again opens up a second pint of Celebration Ben Jerry s ARC provided by publisher May Update I was lucky enough to get a ARC of this.and although Dave didn t pop up sad face I was right 5 Stars despite the lack of nekkid Curran appearances sigh ah well you can t have it all Another fab tastic book and I will post a full gushey fangirl review nearer to the release date.At first I was annoyed that this wouldn t be a Kate book, but now I like the idea of Andrea getting her own book Frankly, I love this series so much that by July they could do a book about an orange spotted monkey called Dave and so long as Kate and Curran arrived in it at some point I would still give it 5 stars Awww who wouldn t want to read a book about this little chap

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    The Adventures Of A Brave Little Kitty Buddy Rerererereread TAOABLKBR with the IA Addicts And the moral of this particular rererererereread is Roman I want moar Roman Because Eeyore pajama pants reasons And also because ex army ranger turned Dark Volvh reasons And also also because hahahahaha reasons And stuff Until next time and stuff August 2018 And the moral of this particular rererereread is NEVER open an Ilona Andrews book by accident You won t be able to resist reading it if you do It s an immutable law of the universe and stuff And the other moral of this particular rererereread is see moral of previous rererereread Thank thee kindly Oh, and by the way Don t ask. The Grand IAA KD Buddy Rerererereread Extravaganza GIAAKDBRE , aka the yellow brick road to Magic Triumphs And the moral of this particular rererereread is I Andrea Duh.I Roman the Riveting Russian Rake, aka R Too bad he doesn t date, and only steals virgins to sacrifice Damn.I Barabas, his serrated teeth and frightened hedgehog hair Raphael is a heartless bastard I Ascanio, aka Robin of Loxley, aka the Underage Screwing Machine USM.I Cuddly Fluffy Cutesy Jackals CFCJ.I Roman the Riveting Russian Rake aka R , especially when he wears Eeyore pajama pants Raphael is a heartless bastard I slightly deranged snake people.I purple ultra long shag carpet.I Roman the Riveting Russian Rake aka R , especially when he flex his biceps muscles inconspicuously Raphael is a heartless bastard I the Psychotic Consort and her sugar woogums view spoiler DUH hide spoiler

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    Since I decided to hop on the Kate Daniels train a few months ago, I ve gobbled up every book in the series Now what do I do Sit patiently, and wait till some unknown time in 2015 for the next book to come out I don t think so There are a plethora of novellas to keep me occupied in the meantime I will read them ALL Gunmetal Magic is listed as Kate Daniels 5.5, so when I requested this one from my library, I was fully expecting to get handed a shorty You know, something I could read in an hour or two A little sumpin sumpin to take the edge offWhoa This sucker was HUGE All this shock goes back to my refusal to read blurbs properly 300 plus pages does not equal a novella.Anyway, I did my awkward Happy Dance, and the librarian God bless her didn t call security, so I was able to walk out of there with my prize.This story takes place before Magic Rises Kate Daniels 6 , so you finally get to find out how Andrea and Raphael kiss and make up I lovedlovedloved them both in this one They have that over the top psycho shifter thing going on, and while it got a bit crazy at times, it was never dull.The plot is just as good as any of the books about Kate Same high energy pace, and filled to the brim with magic, mystery, and mayhem Andrea is such a solid female character She goes about doing her job to the best of her abilities, regardless of the mess in her personal life Yes, it has an effect, but it doesn t stop her fist pump There s a few cameos with Kate and Curran, but they don t steal the limelight away from Andrea Along with the mysterious deaths, you ll get the skinny on her childhood And while it s touched on in the series, this time around you get the full story.Trust me, it s totally worth it The breakout star of the show is Roman, though.Where is his book Cause I d certainly read about that guy Dark, mysterious, and funny as hell As far as I m concerned, he s the highlight of the story, and not to be missed I know I ve seen his character around in some of the other books, and liked him, but this took things to a whole new level I m really hoping Team Andrews decides to do a spin off with this guy Awesome characters, interesting plot, and great writing And Roman Don t forget RomanHighly recommended for fans of Kate Daniels Also included in the copy I had was Magic Gifts Kate Daniels 5.4 , which was really good, as well.

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    Andrea and Raphael s story Andrea was trying to survive from day to day and Raphael was being an ass by bringing his current flame to meet his ex oh yeah it didn t go well Half of the time, Andrea spent crying over her ex and the other half was spent kicking whoever comes in front of her except Roman Raphael didn t let go any chance of letting us know that he was an alpha and would do everything to get back his mate.it was enjoyable but I kept missing Kate and Curran I kept turning pages to catch a glimpse of my favorite couple Andrea and Raphael were not bad, it s just they were not in the league of Kate and Curran And if you have read those two then everything else pales in comparison, even the best friend and the super hot bouda.

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    3.5 stars Kate Daniels best friend Andrea, a werehyena bouda beastkin, gets her own novel with Gunmetal Magic She s dealing with a rough breakup with Raphael another bouda , a problematic investigation that involves several murders, and her own painful past involving physical abuse as a child There s lots of relationship drama in this book view spoiler It does get resolved by the end of the book, thank goodness hide spoiler

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    Buddy read with Armina, Eilonwy, Asya, and Monty Cupcake.We might not notice it in everyday life or just forgot it, but the modern word processing tools are very powerful One of the things you can do with practically any one of them is search and replace of all occurrences of a word Let us test this feature Take this book, replace all Andrea by Kate , Raphael by Curran , and gun by Slayer Lo and behold, we now have completely different book called Magic Bleeds A couple of people in love with each other suffer from their inability to communicate with each other, but they still have to work together to prevent a magical menace to destroy the Pack shape shifters We have angst, plenty of angst I am not kidding about the resemblance The book starts with Andrea recalling her childhood abuses she does it so many times it stopped being tragic and became boring She then does some bad ass rescue of her neighbor After she is called as an independent investigator to help with a Pack trouble it is all goes downhill from that point Andrea Raphael dynamic strongly resemble that of Kate Curran in the book I mentioned, except that both people of the first couple lost their interesting personalities from the main series and became pale shadows of the second couple In Raphael case he just became a jerk Andrea is complicated.Andrea wants to prove she is a bad ass to herself, I presume To do so she runs around breaking all kinds of Pack laws She only gets away with it because her friend happens to be the mate of the King of the Jungle, I mean the Pack leader Andrea s attitude would get a quick adjustment if this would not be the case as the Pack promptly deals with insubordination The only good parts of the books were secondary characters Ascanio, Barabas, and Roman The latter really shines and steals all the scenes he is in, but unfortunately he does not have enough screen time to make much difference Still the combined efforts of these guys are enough to keep the rating from dropping all the way to 2 stars it is 3 stars, but very weak 3 stars This review is a copy paste of my Leafmarks one

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    Major events happen in this book and they are life changing for Andrea 1 Her position in the Shifters clan in general and in Bouda s clan in particular is shorted out She finally belongs somewhere We take care of our own 2 She successfully deals with Aunt B, Bouda clan s Alpha who is also apparently her future mother in law.3 It is about time to stop the games and decide if Raphael is the man or maybe better the hyena of her life and mate with him.4 She accepts her past her painful childhood, the rejection from the Order and somehow she is making peace with it.5 She will accept the fact she is Beastkin She will wear her skin proudly During these personal matters, over she has to analyze and investigate the death of 4 shifters, meets some scary mythological creatures a huge wingless monster wasps, b huge creatures with feline jaws and twin rows of tiny eyes and long segmented tails with a scorpion stinger, c snake people with snake fangs in their heads etc is blackmailed by a true God the God of the Dead saves a child saves the worldI really like Andrea She has her own personality She is not an imitation of Kate with lipstick.Andrea and Raphael are awesome together They were behaving like the leading stars of a Latin America soap opera Lots of drama, lots of tears I also enjoyed the games Andrea and Raphael were playing before mating especially Raphael s pranks were excellent It was good for Raphael to have a bit of a competition Volhv Roman has a great sense of humor, he is a wizard, he can do magic, he is a gentleman and he can make Raphael foam every time he looks and talks to Andrea.Note You MUST also read the book Magic gifts Gunmetal Magic Andrea s POV and Magic gifts Kate s POV complement each other and they present events that happen the same time period.

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    You ll never take me alive WTF is Gunmetal Magic about Good question my friend Gunmetal Magic takes place in the same world as the Kate Daniels series does post magic induced apocalyptic Atlanta Now, I presume you have read the previous books If not, then you probably should, it helps build up the story.Andrea has a new case A few members of the pack got killed so you know the old story She has to investigate and get to the bottom of it Add lots of actions, fights, bullets, cool weapons, badass monsters, and you get one hell of a book I m not going to get into details Even so, you won t guess who she has to work with Ok, maybe it s pretty obvious who None other than Raphael, her big EX Again, you see where this is going, right I didn t use to like Andrea much She didn t quite make an impression on me I used to see her as Kate s friend Nothing too important A shadow Gunmetal Magic made me have newfound respect for Andrea She stands well on her own She s a strong character A born leader She s smart, and I like the way she thinks and the way she handles her shit She s the reason why I m going to give this book a high score Or part of the reason I ll tell you the other part later.I don t know what to say about Raphael I used to like him at a certain point, but after he broke up with Andrea, I kept wishing that she would hook up with someone better Like, I dunno, Roman.Which brings me where I wanted to reach all along Roman The second part I was talking about earlier He stole away the spotlight from everyone He is currently my favorite character apart from Kate, of course and I really want to have a book about him I fucking need a book about him Dark mage Evil Funny Charming Dude Book Now.Fuck it, ONE book isn t enough Spin off series Pretty please.Favorite quote Did those nice church ladies come by again He nodded I asked them if a man died and then the woman remarried, and the three of them met in heaven, would it be a sin for them to have a threesome, since they were all married in God s eyes And then they decided they were late to be somewhere else.

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    1st read August 2013 4 stars2nd read June 2015 rating Increased to 5 stars3rd read July 20164th read February 20185th Read July 20186th Read July 2019Original ReviewI have loved Andrea ever since she was introduced to the series so I was quite excited when I found out she was getting her own book I love her friendship with Kate and the fact that she is another strong female character who is able to stand up for herself and fight when she needs to I also really enjoyed the novella Magic Mourns staring Andrea and Raphael so after the developments in Magic Slays I was very curious to see how they would manage to fix their relationship.Andrea has been through a lot since the series began, she has spent years trying to forget her upbringing at the hands of an abusive bouda pack and has done everything in her power to push her Beastkin side into the background and live as a human It took a lot of work for her to gain respect in the Order but as soon as they found out about her shapeshifting abilities they kicked her out Now she is left feeling lost and abandoned and is trying to rebuild a new life for herself working alongside Kate Andrea needs to come to terms with who and what she is before she can move forward in her life though It s something she has put off for a long time but when she decides to embrace it she goes full out with a take no prisoners attitude It was great to see her come to terms with her past and start to accept herself and find her place within the Pack hierarchy I loved seeing so much growth in her character, she really did a lot of growing up and is now stronger than ever.I also enjoyed seeing her fighting for her man Raphael did some things that really annoyed me in this story, in some ways he acted like a spoilt child but Andrea wasn t afraid to call him out on it and give him the kick up the butt that he needed They make a great couple and I was pleased to see them start working things out Although the story has a lot of focus on them as a couple it also has all the things you d expect from Ilona Andrews and there is plenty of action to keep you on the edge of your seat It was nice to see brief appearances from Kate and Curran but I m glad that they weren t in the story too much because it would have been too easy for them to take the focus away from Andrea and Raphael Andrea and Raphael will never replace Kate and Curran as my favourite couple but I still really enjoyed spending time with them and would like to see stories from their point of view in the future.Gunmetal Magic also includes Magic Gifts, a novella starring Kate and Curran The timeline coincides with the first half of Gunmetal Magic and although the novella is at the back of the book I would actually recommend reading it first Anyone who has read any of my previous reviews will know how much I adore Kate and Curran so of course I jump at the chance of reading any story containing them and Magic Gifts was a fabulous one._______________________2nd ReadI think I was a little less forgiving of Raphael s behaviour on my second read through and I think Andrea should have kicked his arse for some of his actions I still love them as a couple was pleased with the way things turned out but really wanted to punch Raphael in the face at the beginning of the book_______________________3rd ReadI love Andrea and Raphael as a couple, they both make mistakes but they re both willing to admit to it and apologise when they do I m so happy they ve worked things out.Other random thoughts the friendship between Kate and Andrea is my favourite Ascanio cracks me up Andrea s meeting with Aunt B was brilliant so was her revenge on Raphael this was the book where Roman started to get REALLY interesting Andrea has great scare tactics

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    February 2018 Reread I m mad at Raphael this re read His stunt at the beginning of this book is absolutely ridiculous But, as Kate says at one point, they both need to figure out what they want and what s worth fighting for, and stop being hurt at some point Because if they want each other, they have to get over it.August 2016 re read My opinion of Andrea especially and Raphael continues to grow with each reading Before this read I d always held onto the grudge of Andrea not contacting Kate after the Big Battle at the end of book 4 And I still hate it But for some reason, it s easier to forgive now, too I get the why of it I understand.And if I could get a series about Roman, I d be forever grateful well, hell, I ll be forever grateful if Ilona Andrews just decides to continue writing for the rest of my life.October 2015 re read.Original review Okay, here s the thing I don t love Andrea I know there are a lot of people out there that do, but I just don t I also don t love Raphael I never had prior to this book They re both spoiled, think little of others, and whine when things don t go their way Meh I m not into it.That being said, by the end of Gunmetal Magic, even if I still don t LOVE them like I LOVE Kate , I like them although truth be told, I think it s because the drama between them is over now At least I hope it is Please gods, let it be over.Anyway So, with the fact of not loving Andrea and Raphael, I wasn t expecting to enjoy the romance, but I actually did When the two of them decided to stop hurting each other purposely which didn t do a lot to endear them to me , and get out of their own way they found their HEA I m glad they did They re actually better together than they are apart truly I like them much better as a couple than I ever did them individually And while I also think that Kate and Curran are better together than apart, it s for different reasons Kate and Curran are perfectly awesome, capable, GOOD people They re whole and able to function without each other They re not as happy as they deserve to be, and they are definitely stronger together, but if they had never gotten together they d still be the kick ass people they always were Andrea and Raphael, on the other hand, seem to need each other to truly complete themselves They re not whole, strong, good people without the other to balance them out So, I m glad they re together now.The best part of this book is the plot and mythology I was completely fascinated with it, and love that Ilona Andrews continues to bring amazing mythologies to play in their series.And the saving grace here Roman I adore Roman Black volhv Eeyore pajama wearing Geek Former Army Ranger He s funny somewhat surprisingly , good natured, powerful, and kick ass I definitely want A lot .It s always fun to see Kate and Curran from different points of view, and this was no exception Make sure to check out exactly what Kate s up to during most of this book in the novella Magic Gifts , which is at the end of Gunmetal Magic It should really be read prior to Gunmetal Magic, though you re not really missing out on anything if you read it after, I suppose So, good plot, better than expected romance, and some favorite characters really shining I m happy with this story in the series.I still need Roman, though Can someone make that happen Review to come later I really enjoyed this addition, and LOVE Roman now I need of him, seriously.

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