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There Youll Find Me summary There Youll Find Me , series There Youll Find Me , book There Youll Find Me , pdf There Youll Find Me , There Youll Find Me e6b9526874 Grief Brought Finley To Ireland Love Will Lead Her HomeFinley Sinclair Is Not Your Typical Eighteen Year Old She S Witty, Tough, And Driven With An Upcoming Interview At The Manhattan Music Conservatory, Finley Needs To Compose Her Audition Piece But Her Creativity Disappeared With The Death Of Her Older Brother, WillShe Decides To Study Abroad In Ireland So She Can Follow Will S Travel Journal It S The Place He Felt Closest To God, And She S Hopeful Being There Will Help Her Make Peace Over Losing Him So She Agrees To An Exchange Program And Boards The PlaneBeckett Rush, Teen Heartthrob And Hollywood Bad Boy, Is Flying To Ireland To Finish Filming His Latest Vampire Movie On The Flight, He Meets Finley She S The One Girl Who Seems Immune To His Charm Undeterred, Beckett Convinces Her To Be His Assistant In Exchange For His Help As A Tour GuideOnce In Ireland, Finley Starts To Break Down The Loss Of Her Brother And The Pressure Of School, Her Audition, And Whatever It Is That Is Happening Between Her And Beckett, Leads Her To A New And Dangerous Vice When Is God Going To Show Up For Her In This Emerald Paradise Then She Experiences Something That Radically Changes Her Perspective On Life Could It Be God Convincing Her That Everything She S Been Looking For Has Been With Her All Along

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    Remember I was crazy excited about this book I thought I was definitely going to love this book.Turns out I was absolutely and 100% right Well, kind of I l don t think I imagined I was going to love it this much I read it four days ago and I still think about it and smile, but let s get down to business, here s the review There are times when you like a book because the characters are funny or because the story is good.There are times when you love a book, because you relate to it or maybe because it spoke to you.And then, there are times when a book pulls at your heartstrings and makes you different than what you were before reading it A book that changes your life, they call it There you ll find me did that for me.It was so much different than any book I ve read before It was poignant, and captivating lyrical and beautiful, and much than your ordinary Young Adult book Full review here

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    Wow This book was so much than I was expecting The cover makes you think it s going to be a light romance, and the synopsis doesn t really tell you how serious the subject matter is or how much truth is spoken in the words of this story.At its core, There You ll Find Me is about healing from past wounds Hotel heiress Finley love her name, by the way goes to Ireland two years after the death of her brother hoping to escape her home and party girl reputation She s been through therapy, but she s still grieving I automatically liked Finley, first because of her spunk and later because I sympathized with her pain She s a perfectionist and some of the things she does will really frustrate you You even watch her control freak tendencies slowly screw up her life, and you want to reach into the book and shake her.And while the romance was really quite sweet, it wasn t what made me love this book Sure, Beckett was adorable and a really nice guy so refreshing to see a nice love interest in a YA book , and the fact that he s a teen movie vampire heart throb was hysterical There were so many connections between him and Robert Pattinson, I just loved it But what made this book go beyond a cute romance was the real issues that Jenny B Jones deals with depression, perfectionism, eating disorders, grief While Finely is no longer outwardly grieving her brother, she s still hurting, and she channels her pain into outlets of her life than she feels she can control, like her weight At first, I was a little concerned with the side comments about how much she was exercising and how little she was eating I was afraid that the issue of an eating disorder would never come up, but that subtlety really won me over in the end Finley s border line anorexia is such a non issue at the beginning of the book but blows up by the end, just like it does in real life.There are a lot of books out there about similar subjects, but what separates this one from others is the faith that it s based in There s hope found in this book Finley begins her journey in Ireland totally disillusioned with God and her Christian faith she thinks that just because she can t feel Him, He s not there, that He s taken a lunch break from her life A huge part of her journey is realizing that she can t fix her life only He can.This break from traditional secular values in a YA book was incredibly refreshing It s hard to find faith based YA books Notable exceptions being The River of Time series by Lisa Tawn Bergren and the On The Runway series by Melody Carlson But I think even non Christian teens will be able to relate to Finley and find truth in this story.I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a positive, clean read or who enjoys emotionally captivating stories in sweet, romantic packages.

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    This book was really hard for me to rate. I did liked it a lot I simply LOVED some of the characters in this story , and it could have been a 5 stars book, but all that talk about God and prayers was definitely not for me.Let me get this strait, it s not that I don t believe in God truth being told I don t know how much I do either , but I don t like reading about this subject and I had to skip entire paragraphs.Except for this little discomfort, the book was amazing, that s why the high rating.If there were crickets in the room, they would have provided the soundtrack to the silence that hung so loud Finley I loved Finley and Beckett.They were so cute and funny I laughed at their jokes and couldn t wait for them to realize how great they were together I wanted to be their friend because I loved how fresh and full of life they were together I could have spent a full day watching them fight with each other there was no anger, but a lot of teasing and flirting so adorable.Beckett was not just a Hollywood star, he was smart and caring and I could see why Finley liked him, I could feel her falling for him. It was his charm, the way he treated the people around him, the way he was searching for normal , the way he responded to every challenge, the way he tried to help her every time he could, the way he was such a perfect match for her If I m going to be your bloomin tour guide, I m going to do it right He held out his hand Do you think I d take you somewhere dangerous Beckett You bite people for a living Don t be a chicken If you push me over the edge, my parents will be seriously ticked He grabbed my hand and pulled me along They ll probably send me a thank you note Also Finley was smart and cute, and different from all the other girls he had seen. I could understand why a guy like him could like a girl like her It was not just that she was normal, and that she was playing hard to get, it was the way she talked to himthey were paying the same game, talking the same language, they were like two pieces of puzzle perfectly fitting together. And I loved them both Are you here about the pig Mrs Doyle No I cast a glace over my shoulder Though I brought one with me Finley There were so many funny scenes involving them and I laughed so much that I could almost forget about the Christian references in the book Almost.And there was Mrs Sweeney and her tale.She was cold in the outside, but as warm as summer sun in the inside. She had such a tragic destiny, and I wanted so badly to change something in her life, to bring some joy into her last days, to make her smile, to give her a bit of happiness as a last gift, but I think Finley was better at it.She and Finley were a perfect match as well. The way they didn t like each other in the beginning, the funny little fights they had, the way they responded one to another with the same amount of sarcasm They were both lovely, and they both broke my heart with their pain Are you ready for me to read Finley I took her outstretched cup and placed it on the bedside table I was ready ten minutes ago If you wait any longer I ll have time to write a novel meself If I had one word to describe this book it would be touching, because it touched my heart in a way I didn t think it would be able to, and I m really glad I read this book Review originally posted at ReadingAfterMidnight.com Book Source ARC via NetGalley____________________________________________Blog EN Facebook Twitter Tumblr Bloglovin Blog RO ____________________________________________

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    Two things I love about books is that they take you to places that you have never been and make you feel things that you have never felt I loved this book because not only did it take me to Ireland after reading this I really love to visit Ireland it also made me feel the familiar feeling of loss and pain.Finley Sinclair was struggling after the death of her brother Will Her brother left a journal documenting his trip to Ireland and how he found God there Trying to find out for herself what her brother discovered there she decided to set off to Ireland On her way there she met the famous Beckett Rush who turned out to be than who she thought he was.Finley had to struggle with a lot of things her brother s death, her family, school, her audition piece, a certain boy, God and most of all herself.I honestly don t know where or how to begin this This would probably be the longest review I will ever make This book indeed helped me a lot It helped me face the issues in life that I am currently having It touched so many aspects in my life if not all.When I was reading the book, it was as if I was the one narrating the story and not Finley When I started the book I was like okay she met him at the plane and then what But as the story progressed that s when I really got the whole picture.In the book, Finley kept on complaining that no matter how hard she tried calling to God he never answered She felt alone and depressed She developed an eating disorder that she refused to admit even though she knows that its true She was a walking disaster waiting to happen only she was too preoccupied with so many things that she failed to notice it.She was having a hard time accepting her brother s death She refused to let go of the pain, the loss and the heartache She found it so hard to let go of her favorite brother Her role model Her goal was to finish the audition piece that she dedicated to Will She hoped that after that everything would go back to normal But things would never go back the way it used to be No matter what she does, it would never bring back her brother.You could either stay or move forward, that is one of the lessons I have learned in this book Either you mull over the pain over and over again or you let everything go and let God help you move on.This book helped me overcome my own pain, my hurts and my regrets I try and convince myself and others that I have already gotten over the fact that my ex bf had left me and my daughter but I really haven t nor did I really got over my Mom remarrying I do regret not being able to graduate One other important thing that I failed to let go until now is the death of my Dad I just realized after reading this book that I haven t really moved on from his death He was my Will I loved him than anyone else in my family He was my role model I was a daddy s girl I thought I gotten over it a long time ago but I was wrong I didn t deal with it, I just supressed it It was my coping mechanism I should have known but I was too blind to see it but finally I am free all thanks to this book.God does move in mysterious ways I also thought he wasn t listening to me any but I was wrong He spoke to me He spoke to me through the pages of this book Thank you Ms Jones for making this book I am forever a fan Like Finley, I also selected my own verse Here it is Let us not be weary in doing good, for at the proper time we reap a harvest if we do not give up Galatians 6 9Before I end this review I would just like to add that Finley and Beckett were two amazing characters I loved Finely because she was real and vulnerable and so is Beckett Finley and Beckett s love story is inspiring I think I already gave away most of what the story is about in this review I will just leave you guys to discover why their love story is inspiring I hope every girl would get their own Beckett someday.

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    This was not the light, fluffy read I thought it was going to be It tackled several heavy topics, which made for a much deeper, meaningful read Full RTC

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    I m upset because I really wanted to like this book It s a young adult novel following an eighteen year old girl, Finley Sinclair, as she copes with the loss of her older brother while living with her host family in Ireland on a foreign exchange program excursion There s also a teen heartthrob, Hollywood bad boy serving as Finley s love interest named Beckett Rush, and yes, my apprehension was strong about that aspect So Finley is a Christian And it may seem like a silly reason, but that s the main reason why I so desperately wanted this book to be good I m a Christian, so I want to read books from the perspectives of Christians without them being labeled as a religious book There You ll Find Me is labeled as juvenile religious so this didn t even accomplish that I could relate to Finley s struggle with feeling like God wasn t speaking to her But that was about it.Now, I m going to be rather blunt, but I think what made this book disappointing for me was the poor writing It s lackluster, cheesy, insipid, and predictable It was young I bet if I d read this when I was fourteen, I would ve devoured the whole novel over the course of a weekend Finley deals with a lot in this book, but a lot of her struggles weren t delved into too deeply, making everything about her seem shallow I didn t have a problem with the fact that she was, at times, an unlikable protagonist It made her at least seem real But she s warding off Beckett because she doesn t want to repeat all her wild nights and bad choices which never went into any detail, so it was hard to gauge just how bad she d really beenFinley is the daughter of a hotel mogul, but for all it added to her characterization, I wonder why she was written that way , she s battling an apparent eating disorder, she s hellbent on finding a Celtic cross from her dead brother s journal because she s sure it ll grant her peace, and she s on a quest to show Mrs Sweeney an angry old woman with bone cancer Finley was assigned to spend time with for an English classhow that assignment has anything to do with English, or literature in general, I have no clue that her life is redeemable and forgiveness is possible So, in case you re overwhelmed by all of that, take heart So was I Too much was going on without focusing on any one thing, and it all added up to a boring storyline And I feel so terrible for saying that There s petty girl drama that exists for no other reason than to have a physical human antagonist Antagonists can be inner demons Antagonists can be an eating disorder Anything that keeps the main character from achieving the very thing they re seeking is inherently an antagonist To be honest, I only read diligently until page 203, before I skipped to the last few chapters It ended just like I thought it would Wasn t the book for me, sadly.

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    Sweet and funny YA at its best

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    I thought this was going to be a heart warming story, but I wasn t crazy about it at all.First of all, I could not stand Finley The book description said she was witty, tough and driven, but I thought she was snobby and bitchy She had this been there, done that attitude, and she was so quick to judge people by stereotypes and label them as a certain type She did that with Beckett She did that with Beatrice She did that with Taylor and the actress types And she did that with Mrs Sweeney.With Beckett, the situation was just SO obvious that I cannot believe she could not see it all along especially considering that she was an American heiress who has lived that life before How could she be so blind But of course not She thought she had it all figured out.Which brings me to the next point of a little inconsistency I m not sure why Jones decided to write her as someone famous because I think I would have had sympathy for her if she had been a nobody I would have understood why she would be cautious if she had been naive and didn t want to be hurt by a bad boy heartthrob And if she s been groomed in the limelight, why is she a size 9 I mean, I know she s not a Paris Hilton or anything, but it s really hard to imagine Finley as a person who used to be in the tabloids all the time If she had been heavier than your average size 2 famous person, I m sure the tabloids would have picked on her already.And her condition I just felt Jones tried to jam pack too many heavy situations into one book.The only reason why I m giving this book 2 stars instead of 1 is because of Mrs Sweeney s story On one hand, I do think it was just one thing that Jones added to the heavy, emotionally tugging, sympathy card But on the other hand, I liked the story I think it did a lot to the Christian concept and finding God than Finley s story.Overall, I think this could have been a heart warming story But I think if Finley had been written a bit differently, I would have liked her a lot and liked the book a lot .

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    Wow Yeah So How do I say this I unladylike fell head over heels in love with this book You know that happy place everyone has Well this book took me to mine in a smooth long and laughable journey Mrs Sweeney had me choked up, I had so much sympathy and admiration for her as a person and if her sister hadn t shown and offered her the forgiveness she seeked I would have had some serious ass kicking to do When she went, a piece of my heart went with her I was so sad until I imagined her harrassing everyone up there and that had me in stitches I knew Beckett was genuine from the start Finley got me so frustrated and annoyed at times She s meant to be a heiress herself and all she does is compare herself to others when she s not exactly lower down in the social class scale is she Overall though Loved this book it was cheesy at times but it had a sense of normalcy too it that you find yourself able to relate to it and get into the story quite easily.

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    3.75 starsThe humor was SPECTACULAR, and overall, this was a really good book I give it slightly less than 4 stars because it didn t quite reach my expectations There was so much touchy feely romance and so little of God because Beckett Rush was on the scene 24 7 and Finley believed God to have temporarily abandoned her prayers, her life It s a regular excuse, leaving God on the back burner during the Christian book because the main character simply isn t listening.That being said, this book was very good The romance was okay, if a bit much, and the story was original I found it difficult to put down The ending was a disappointment, with at least two large aspects the novel left unresolved I enjoyed There You ll Find Me However, it dumps me back on the hunt for a Christian book with minimal romance between a guy and girl and LOADS of romance between a girl and Jesus Christ.

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