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Another Way chapter 1 Another Way, meaning Another Way, genre Another Way, book cover Another Way, flies Another Way, Another Way 4d73421e20501 On The Surface, Jesse Ross Is An Average Guy In An Average Relationship With His College Sweetheart, Adele But What His Girlfriend Doesn T Know Is That He S Having An Affair With A Man And Exploring His Sexuality In Ways She Never Could Imagine His Compartmentalized Life Suits Jesse Just Fine, And He Has No Intention Of Coming Out Of The Closet Either As A Bisexual Or As A SubmissiveHowever, Jesse Takes A Tumble When His Master, Will, Admits To Wanting , Wanting Jesse As His Partner, Not Just His Submissive Suddenly Jesse S Conveniently Pieced Together Life Isn T Quite So Comfortable In The End, Jesse Has To Lay It All On The Line For His Girlfriend, For His Lover, And For Himself

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    That was the best m m BDSM book I ve read in forever, I think.I have four main disappointments with BDSM books in general 1 The play is far too mild it s not really BDSM, just a mild bit of fluff It s not even sugar kink, it s sugar free, fat free, flavour free kink.2 The sub is emotionally damaged and uses BDSM as therapy something ends up going horribly wrong and hurt comfort ensues.3 The Dom is emotionally damaged and uses BDSM to compensate something ends up going horribly wrong and hurt comfort ensues.4 The Dom and the sub are both happy, then the outside world crashes down on the sub like a ton of bricks, BDSM pretty much stops and hurt comfort ensues Sean Michael, I m looking at you here.Actually, I lied, and there s a fifth category of disappointment, disappointing than all the rest put together, and that book is called Lord Master by H.C Brown.In contrast, in this book we have a happy healthy sub, a happy healthy Dom, who love BDSM and each other And they do smexy stuff to one another Lots And negotiate a loving relationship in a mature way, so although they disagree at times they always work past it Like consenting, intelligent adults It makes me happy.This is as good as the Deviations series Love, loved, loved it I loved it so much I didn t even mind the m f scene.

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    I found this to be a very likeable and enjoyable story that as well as totally embracing all the aspects of kinky sex, play and scenes that happen in a BDSM and a D s relationship, also turned out to be surprisingly sweet and extremely romantic too The sex is plentiful and the scenes come thick and fast.I knoooow I said come thick and fast get the giggles over LOL but In between there s also a lot of really sensuous moments where Jesse and Will the two main guys actually make love and that s what balanced it all out for me I suppose the fact that cheating is mentioned may bother some but I look at it this way In real life I wouldn t condone it, but in a book its a plot device that s integral to the workings of the book, its what the author wanted, so I might not like or agree with it in the story but if there s an explanation which there always is and it works for the storyline then I can put up with it just fine and at the end of the day its fiction and you know its going to work out in favour of both parties anyway The odd thing is that the blurb makes it sound like its going to be really angsty and terribly dramatic but there s actually not half as much as I was expecting and the split between Jesse and his girlfriend is actually handled pretty quickly and very well so once Will and Jesse become romantic partners it then centres mainly around how they learn to balance being in love and living together with the other side of their partnership, when they play as Master and sub I absolutely love the chemistry between Jesse and Will, its palpable, it sizzles and there s no doubt that its these two who are meant to be together in the long run I loved them both and ended the book feeling really happy with the conclusion and how it all panned out The many BDSM scenes are not glossed over, they re detailed, kinky and they re full on but like I said before they re balanced by the cuddling and sigh worthy love scenes they share when they re just being a couple who are very much in love I can honestly say I enjoyed every moment spent with the two of them and I m glad there s books to come Thanks Tina for persuading me to give this a chance You were right my friend

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    A very good story of a Dom and sub falling in love and transitioning from an arrangement to a relationship Jesse and Will were both so realistic and each enjoyed the D s relationship for what they got out of it, as opposed to it being a cure for something deep and dark lurking in their past.Will falls for Jesse and wants , although he is aware that Jesse is in a long term relationship Will, and Jesse s previous Domme, provides Jesse with something he cannot get from his vanilla girlfriend When Will admits to Jesse that he wants , Jesse is forced to face up to what is and is not working in his life Jesse also struggles with his sexuality throughout the story Although he describes his sexuality as fluid, he has only ever had relationships with women and finds it difficult to acknowledge his deeper feelings for Will It is not easy as the men navigate how to separate their sessions from their day to day relationship, as neither is looking to live a 24 7 D s lifestyle, but thank goodness the two are willing to actually talk to each other and the people around them that are willing and able to help The sex scenes were great, and there is a bit of BDSM 101 in the beginning I loved both of these men and look forward to the next book in the story.

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    This book inspires you to make a list of why you liked it It s not a gushy kind of like it s the slow and steady kind Here s why I liked it in list form 1 Not overly dramatic these appear to be pretty normal folk Nobody is damaged, abused, kidnapped, forced or otherwise screwed up 2 No convenient miscommunications to throw the plot into a frenzy This book is not the avenue to show how messed up people can get with communication Certainly there are communication issues here but eventually they are put to right and dealt with in an adult manner3 Although I d call myself perhaps of a lifestyle fringer this is accurate to what I know and can see in the community in many ways It carries a realism in the BDSM pieces that reflects accurately The BDSM books where the sub is whipped to blood and merrily goes on his her happy way are full of crap I read them, and love them, but the BDSM RealMeter does not come out to play whatsoever in them 4 It shows life is complicated but it doesn t have to be a soap opera I guess that relates to 1 People aren t perfect but they can learn and grow and sometimes we make choices that are not the best and we have to own up and take the steps to change them I was very impressed with the BDSM in this book IRL scenes don t go on forever, not every Dom is a billionaire who can read your mind, and sometimes the next day f in hurts Of course in a good way but pain is pain These guys are so comfortable in their skins this is not a book about exploration of your submissive or dominant tendencies or identification This is a book that explores making things work once those things are established In a land where so many books are exploring my kink I found this very refreshing I really would have liked to see the first time that they had sex though I think that might have leant to the story greatly as the only issue I had is Jesse and his sexuality I d still call him Bi Nothing wrong with that at all and I would have liked to see how he reacted in the beginning with Will I think it would have set the stage a bit better That s why I took a star off I thought this was critical info to really frame the story YMMV.

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    Ok This was kind of a personal experiment for me I ve seen SO many BDSM novels with such a catchy plot but I m DEFINITELY a vanilla guy so I wasn t sure I d be interested in reading about anything else ok, so a spank never hurt my feelings but I definitely draw the line at flogging and gagging I actually found the BDSM in this story fascinating and much intense than the random BDSM that has been snuck into stories I ve read which friends in the D s lifestyle tell me isn t true BDSM It was definitely fun to creep out of my comfort zone for a minute A HUGE plus for this story is that the guys seem SO real I feel like I may know this couple and just didn t realize it The sex was hot and I like the way their relationship develops I was okay with the idea of Jesse jumping into Will s arms the same day he left Adele, but that s because they d been involved for so long and it just made sense The reason I could only give it 3 stars was that it seemed like BDSM erotica than a romance Silly me for expecting story and angst as far as the moving into a gay relationship I m also not a big GFY guy and this seemed to fit the GFY bill well, although it may be my ignorance to the lifestyle that makes it seem so I am not removing any stars for my personal hang ups tho I simply wanted story and GEEZ did I hate how easily resolved the Adele issue was And I wanted to see of the reactions from the parentals and friends Another big one for me is that I knew it was written by someone from the UK before i even read the About The Author The British English was way to apparent That removed me from the Seattle mindset Otherwise it was not a bad read Definitely hot.

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    First, let me say, I love when I find a BDSM novel where no one is only a part of this lifestyle to make up for some past pain Happy, healthy people are a part of this lifestyle, no matter what most authors want me to think Jesse was a great character I understood why he had made the choices he had I felt his confusion as something very realistic.I felt a little sorry for Will at the beginning, but was pleased for him by the end.Adele was never anything then a very small part of the story, so I don t really have any feelings for her, one way or the other I was a little disappointed in how things were resoved with her so easily Hence the four stars, not five The other secondary characters really didn t make much impact on me, but there wasn t any real page space wasted on them They played there part in the story, without being just filler The main storyline here was a couple taking a casual Dom, sub relationship, into a true loving relationship, and for me it worked I love to read about people falling in love, as it is the greatest gift this life has to offer I don t care who is falling for who, I just want the people involved to end up being fulfilled, and this happened in this story.I am so glad that there is a part two, but have been warned not to read it straight away, but I am not sure I will be able to wait long.

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    Ok, so I kept forgetting this was supposed to be set in the US not really a bother It was a bit repetitive in the sexual encounters There were a few places where I wanted to insist on better continuity I also froze at the children conversations because I always do and now I m too scared to read the sequel GREAT story though I loved the D s relationship s as they were portrayed here Loved that while not perfect, Jesse and Will both came to the table as intelligent adults Their friends all respectful and sane Ha No unnecessary drama What I would give to live in their world

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    Didn t work for me at all unfortunately The relationship lacked passion The BDSM was too staged and lacking in spontaneity and sensuality And what was with all those female characters That female Dom dishing out the usual psychobabble BDSM advice annoyed me I didn t really care what happened to them so I stopped around 46% I think.

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    Er, can a BDSM book feel vanilla Like, I was just so bored here Maybe because it s PWP than anything Maybe I ll reconsider after I ve read the sequel.

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