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Three Day Passes (Jarheads, #3) pdf Three Day Passes (Jarheads, #3), ebook Three Day Passes (Jarheads, #3), epub Three Day Passes (Jarheads, #3), doc Three Day Passes (Jarheads, #3), e-pub Three Day Passes (Jarheads, #3), Three Day Passes (Jarheads, #3) 5e424f5ad0a What Do A Lifer Marine And A Cowboy Flight Nurse Have In Common They Love To Play, With Each Other, And Occasionally With Someone Else They Bring Home Rock And Rig Are Two Rough And Ready Boys, As Tight As Any Two Lovers Can Be, Living And Loving And Feeding Their Pizza And Beer Habit Every Chance They Get Then Rock Brings Dick Home Dick Is A Sweet Cherry Marine, So Green He S Wet Behind The Ears Rig And Rock Have Enjoyed Their Games In The Past, But Somehow Dick Is Different, Worming His Way Into Their Lives And Eventually Into Their Hearts It S Not Easy Being Three, Especially When The Only Time They Get To Spend Together Is On A Marine S Three Day Pass Still, All Of Them Fight To Make It Work, Despite The Worries Of Any Gay Military Man, The Physical Distance That S Sometimes Impossible To Bridge, And The Wounded Feelings Of The One Who Feels Left Out, Whichever One That Is Rock, Rig And Dick May Not Be Great At Showing Their Feelings, But They Manage To Get Them Across Physically, Their Touches Meaning So Much Than Just A Roll In The Hay Let These Boys Draw You In And Never Let You Go, Carrying You Through The Good Times And The Bad

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    Re Read Jan 2012This book is a fuck festBut it is then that The story basically goes from one sex scene to the next but the author uses the sex to tell the story As much as I am a Smut Queen I have to admit that I actually look forward to each scene, not for its sex but for the small slices of the mens lives we see.Each sex scene reveals something new Hidden insecurities, vulnerabilities, strengths, fears, hopes, dreams you get the picture.Rock and Rig have been partners for years But there is something lacking in their relationship not sex thats for sure but it is missing Dick or Richard Main What Dick brings to the relationship is a raw vulnerability and honesty that both Rock and Rig needed If I am truly honest I think Rock would have been happy to keep things going as they were But Rig needed someone that is going to be romantic and emotionally honest While I love this book which spans over 18months to 2 years It is the next book that is a true master piece The emotions come out and I ball my fucking eyes out.

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    Michael s soldiers left me extremely disappointed This isn t about soldiers at all, really It s just about three men whose line of work happens to be soldiering, and for the most part that detail stays firmly in the background It s gratuitous PWP for the most part, and if that s what you re looking to read, it will work for you I, however, was rather disappointed with it.

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    Know what to expect, and you re less likely to be disappointedJARHEADS SERIES VOLUME 3 chronologically , BOOK 1 written first, as far as I can tell Warning This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS Rating 7 10PROS 3 endearing, sexy guys with different personalities Each has specific, unique ways in which to comfort the other two Smokin hot sex For the most part, it s emotional and sweet though in a less obvious, traditional way than in some other m m books I ve read And for some reason, I didn t find it terribly monotonous, which is an achievement considering that literally every chapter has at least one sex scene Conflicts and plot developments are rushed through REALLY rushed through so that the story can return sooner to sex But because I had read others of Michael s books as well as several reviews of this book in particular, I wasn t expecting much plot, so I was okay with not going into detail about Rig s enforced 6 week and later, 4 1 2 month separation from the other two and jumping right back into the story when he gets home We see a few arguments in fair detail, but really I think the sole reason for Michael s inclusion of them is to make the resultant make up sex seem better see cons below also CONS A few things occurred with too little description In Chapter 1, Rock brings Dick home and they all have sex for hours on end In the next chapter, Dick is living with them I would have liked to see a few of the conversations between Rock and Rig not to mention between the two of them and Dick that led up to that happening Didn t like that Rock and Rig have apparently been together for years when this book starts and still refer to each other as f buddies That s such a hollow, inadequate term for them Unrealistically horny virile guys Four orgasms in as many hours And that s not an isolated event in this book But basically, this is porn, so all right, disbelief mostly suspended.Overall comments This is erotica, not romance Don t read this expecting an earth shattering plot or a plot of any kind, really or deep, complicated characters It s about 3 hot guys and the lots and lots of hot sex they have.

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    I only just started this and am less than halfway through so the lone star may change though I doubt it.I was expecting there to be a story, like a real story meaning some plot, of how Rigger and Rock met Dick but it has nothing but sex, page after pageafter page I m also finding it very difficult to follow whose dick is in Dick and whose mouth is full of whom, who s getting his rocks off Rock.I don t know if Sean Michael writes this way for all his menage stories but I hope not because I bought the entire Jarheads series and now I don t know if I can get through all those limbs and appendages going everywhere as friends join the group.If 3 Day Passes doesn t improve, I m going to have to ditch it and move on to Tempering Book 2 , which one reviewer said must be read as that s where the relationship between the 3 men is fleshed out.

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    I love the story underneath the fun that the guys have The new addition of Dick adds another element to the story I truly enjoy the dynamic between all three men and Grimm It is heartfelt story with plenty of fun.Best one so far

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    The thing I learned from reading this was I need at least a little bit of a plot I read don t ask don t tell also, and I do like Rock and Rig and Dick I even found the sex really hot But after a while it gets to repetative.

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    This is book three chronologically in the series It tells the story how the twosome becomes a threesome and what that entails for them.Rock brings home a new Marine, Richard Dick Main, on a three day weekend to stay with him and Rig indefinitely since the barracks are overflowing to either just have a place to stay or also to join them in their play Dick proves that though young and innocent, he s game for whatever they offer up Both men take to Dick and he to them and over time there is no thought to Dick returning to the barracks Each chapter highlights holidays, family stuff, work issues, and relationship dynamics that come with their new family situation No matter what comes their way, all is good when they face it together.Par for the course there are the sexual antics now including the always dangerous truth or dare , spin the bottle and ideas from the internet There were moments I laughed from the shuck and jive between them all and moments I felt sad when bad things came their way Since I have been reading these in chronological order instead of published order, I found it fascinating to see how the threesome worked out since Rock and Rig had been together for so many years It was interesting to see what each guy added to the relationship and what happened when one was missing for a while on assignment They are so good together Look forward to reading of their adventures D

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    Let me start off by saying that I really love the characters in the Jarheads series I wish Sean Michael didn t feel it necessary to put sooooooo much sex in the books and spent time on the stories I reread these for the characters and skim over a lot of the sex.I like Rig, Rock and Dick together but my favorites of the Jarheads books are Don t Ask, Don t Tell and Personal Leave when Rig and Rock are just a couple.

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    Imaginative, hot sex on every page and as I m leading with this, be warned, if you don t want to read about three hot men having almost constant sex, don t read it That said, the characters are warm and well written, a likeable trio but I do feel like I missed a book introducing me to Rock and Rigger Dick is adorable just wish he wasn t called Dick Not much plot but a nice, warm read with no drama oh and did I mention the sex

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    LOVE LOVE LOVE Three Day Passes It was definity my favortie out of the six Minimal family crisis so i didn t cry and they brought me my Pretty Richard I am a big romance junkie so it s great how you can see the love grow between the newfound threesome Reading the holiday scenes with Rig s family is always a treat too and all the wonderful kiddies loved their new Uncle Richard The best part is always them breaking in Richard and debauching the innocent cherry

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