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Jumping Into Things explained Jumping Into Things, review Jumping Into Things, trailer Jumping Into Things, box office Jumping Into Things, analysis Jumping Into Things, Jumping Into Things 2dce Jed And Ross Thatcher Live Charmed Lives They Both Do What They Love, They Both Have Anyone They Want, And Neither One Of Them Is Tied Down Then Jed Meets Eli Marshall, And His Nice Quiet Life As A Pilot And Hobby Farm Owner Goes To Hell In A Handbasket Eli Is A Smoke Jumper, A Man Who Parachutes Into Wildfires For A Living Too Bad He S Not Ready To Jump Into Jed S Bed As Easily As He Does A Burning Forest Eli Frustrates Jed As Much As He Arouses Standoffish And Prickly, Eli Makes It Hard To Get To Know Him, But Jed Is Determined And He Always Gets What He Wants Meanwhile, Younger Brother Ross Is Following In His Big Brother S Footsteps In Ways Than One An Army Paratrooper, Ross Is Making A Name For Himself At Jump School Though He S Always Been Fond Of Women, It S Kevin O Donnell Who Really Makes Him Hot, Makes Ross Start Thinking Of Forever Type Things As Soon As They Meet In The Middle Of A Barroom Brawl Wild As The Colorado Landscape They Both Love, Ross And Jed Live Hard, Love Harder, And Fight Often Can They Make It Work With Men As Stubborn And Independent As They Are

  • Paperback
  • 204 pages
  • Jumping Into Things
  • Julia Talbot
  • English
  • 10 August 2019
  • 9781933389202

10 thoughts on “Jumping Into Things

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    This is a double feature with two brothers The first is the story of smoke jumper forest fire fighters who jump out of planes Eli and pilot Jed Eli is from Oregon and comes to Colorado to work He ends up spending the night at Eli s because they don t have a hotel Before he knows his, they ve slept together and Eli freaks out and pushes Jed away Things are a bit prickly but eventually Jed convinces Eli to give it a go, especially after he breaks his ankle and is stuck in town unable to travel However when he s cleared to fly he can t seem to get out of town fast enough, but eventually he agrees to move back to Colorado and give it a whirl Book 2 is Ross, Jed s straight brother who s a skydiving instructor in the military He meets Kevin, a civilian employee and is surprised to find himself attracted but goes for it all out At first Kevin is freaked out because he thinks Ross is playing at being gay, but soon he settles down and they are living together In general I liked both stories I especially liked Ross and Kevin although the whole DADT thing was never addressed My issue lies in the sequels which I haven t even read yet and won t be In 2 Kevin and Ross have issues and in 3 Kevin leaves him and Ross finds romance with someone else Umm No, just no If someone is with a jerk and they break up great If the first guy dies, fine, but I adored Kevin and I don t know why he breaks up with Ross and I don t wanna know I m disappointed I checked it out Well, maybe not, because I d be really annoyed if I bought them, so I m just going to pretend that didn t happen and they all are living HEA.

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    There are two novellas in this book, both featuring characters who jump out of airplanes for a living Hot ShotsPilot Jed and firefighter Eli meet when Eli comes to Colorado to help out with a wildfire I wasn t super feeling the chemistry in this story Eli seemed to have a hair trigger and was constantly getting mad or picking fights with Jed over nothing The two of them didn t do much than fight and have sex, there wasn t really any conflict in the book aside from Eli getting mad There were some funny bits though and once they stopped fighting they were sort of cute together CiphersRoss, an Army jump trainer, meets geeky cryptographer Kevin at a bar and slowly inches his way into Kevin s life I liked this one, both Kevin and Ross were very likeable and really cute together The story was very lighthearted, there was pretty much no conflict, just the slow build of their relationship over the course of the book, which felt very realistic and worked well for me I did think it ended a bit too abruptly though, I wanted to know about how Ross was going to handle being in a gay relationship while being in the military.I liked the second novella in this much than the first Both were pretty lighthearted easy reads, but the first one dragged a bit for me This needed much better proofreading as well, there were lots of little typos e.g., an instead of and The capitalization and punctuation were occasionally very weird This book definitely needed an introduction to ellipses and italics I also would have liked to have learned a little bit about the characters jobs, since they were so unusual Overall, I still liked it though, mostly because of the cuteness of the second story.

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    First of all, desperately needs a copy editor Second, the second story is just a series of vignettes, not a cohesive story.

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    3.5 stars I enjoyed the two novellas that make up this book Hot Shots and Ciphers but the niggles have increased rather than faded since I finished reading Both turn into a series of vignettes towards the end which show how the relationships develop, but they aren t tied up with a neat ending They just stop at an upbeat point.There were situations in both that were left hanging for a long while before being explained in any way In Hot Shots Eli is established as gay on the first page when he admires Jed s body and hopes he won t get caught ogling Jed announces that he is gay shortly afterwards Eli doesn t reciprocate, or even seem to be affected by the news, so Jed thinks he is straight When Eli accepts Jed s offer of a blow job, several days later, Jed still thinks he is straight The next morning Eli is running scared, but there is no reason given As this story switches pov between the two there could have been a hint Eli continues to act strangely for a while It is revealed that they had unprotected sex after the blow job, which might explain some of Eli s behaviour, but by that time I d started to dislike Eli Later still it is revealed that Eli is afraid of committment, but I was still not feeling the sympathy.In Ciphers Kevin has a roommate who happens to be out when he meets Ross The roommate is not mentioned again until near the end of the story when Ross has been all but living with Kevin for weeks Ross asks about the absent roommate and is told that he moved in with his girlfriend the night they met Not such a big problem as far as the plot goes, but it bugged me until it was explained.They are both fun reads providing you don t think about it too much while you are reading

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    Two stories, about the love lives of two brothers Jed and RossEli and JedFast paced read, little angst and lots of sex Any angst there is is caused by Eli s relectance to enter into a proper relationship and once his mother appears, it is understandable I quite enjoyed it for what it was a light, easy read Would have liked of the smoke jumping, any there was was off page.Ross and KevinLots of sex in this one by the end I was skipping much of it.Ross is Jed s straight brother, until he meets Kevin After a brief bromance, they begin a relationship, and that is about it for plot.

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    This is a fun series, enough sex to make it very hot Enough back story of cowboys and fire jumpers to make it really interesting and plenty of unique characters to keep it extremely entertaining.My favorite are Jed and Eli probably because they are the most consistent.3 novels and 1 novella and they should be read in order Not sure if I will re read it again because Kevin kind of ruined it for me in the 2nd book.

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    Liked the second book in the compilation better than the first All of the main characters were lovable Cute interactions in both books There was a ton of sex in the first onewhich I am generally a huge fan ofbut it was sort of blah in the description department The sex in Ross s book was much better The scene on the couch at the beginning was especially hmmm, satisfying.

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    Another reviewer said this about the series view spoiler In 2 Kevin and Ross have issues and in 3 Kevin leaves him and Ross finds romance with someone else hide spoiler

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    This book actually contains two pretty good m m romances The first is about pilot Jed Thatcher who falls for a prickly fire jumper The second is about Army Airborne instructor Ross Thatcher, who hasn t ever been attracted to another guy before.

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    First part was good, second not so to much sex and not enough storyline for me

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