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Love Means... Healing chapter 1 Love Means... Healing, meaning Love Means... Healing, genre Love Means... Healing, book cover Love Means... Healing, flies Love Means... Healing, Love Means... Healing a7ae44d866939 Seven Months Ago, Len Parker Lost His Partner Of Than Twenty Years, And He Isn T Sure How To Feel About His Blossoming Attraction To Chris, One Of His Farmhands Hesitant And Still Hurt, Len Remains Aloof And Distant Until He S Goaded Into Teaching Chris To RideFresh Out Of A Thirty Year Career With The Marines, Chris Can Explore His Sexuality Openly For The First Time In His Life, But What He Needs Than Anything Is Peace He S Convinced Len Doesn T Like Him Until He Digs A Little Deeper, And Then, Armed With Hope, Chris Sets Out To Prove That Love Can Provide The Healing He And Len So Desperately Need

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    A beautiful story about moving on after losing someone you love The parts where Len was remembering Cliff never failed to bring tears to my eyes and it was beautiful to see Len and Chris find their way to one another I do have one nit pick, though Len told Chris that Cliff was the first and only, before Chris man he had kissed And the only man Len had been with However, I seem to remember Len having a casual relationship with an older man at the time named Tim before Len got together with Cliff.Anyway, I know that over the next few years Chris starts his new business and lets himself get a bit lost in it, leaving Len feeling a bit lonely at times I hope that Chris realizes this and makes a real effort to let Len know that he is number one in Chris life Relationships can be complicated creatures, but I do like my HEA s.

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    This is actually not a sequel, it is a pre sequel as this story is about how Len met Chris, after he lost the love of his life Cliff I remember seeing this couple the first time in Love means no shame But I also remember in one of the other sequels how unhappy Len was with Chris.As Len was mostly alone as Chris was always working hard and making up for his absence with expensive gifts.Wouldn t be better if the Author wrote a real sequel about Len and Chris and how they fix their relationship Also I would have rather if I didn t read this story too late now as the mourning period for Len was so wrong, if you really love a person that much, how do you managed to date another one so quickly I felt in love with Len and Cliff in the story Love Means Courage, and this pre sequel for me was just wrong For those 4 and 5 stars readers I m glad you love it, but this story wasn t for me at all.Me da la impresion que esta historia muestra que es correcto perder el amor de tu vida y reemplazarlo lo antes posible Como dice el dicho a Rey muerto Rey puesto.

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    This was a lovely little read giving us the chance to see how Len started healing A gentle but tearful read for me.While it doesn t detract from the story, I do have a quibble In this book we hear Len has never been with anyone other than Geoff, but in Len and Geoff s book we see Len had a semi relationship with a guy called Tim Sorry if thats nit picking and I probably would of missed it if I hadn t just read the storys back to back, but it did kinda niggle at me.

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    3.5 stars.This was a sweet short read that gives us insight into the Len and Chris relationship that we ve only caught glimpses of in past books I wasn t sure what to expect in this book, but in a previous book we see that Len is sad that Chris is spending time on his business than with Len, so because of that, I was thinking that this short was going to be how Len and Chris are coming to terms with the business taking too much time away from Len This turned out to be a story about how they meet, which was not disappointing in the slightest I enjoyed it But because of that, for some reason I still have some anxiety at the back of my skull that Chris and Len are having some problems I guess I don t know why that was brought up in past books without being fully resolved Maybe I m seeing conflict where it doesn t exist.While I miss Cliff with every page of this series, I m happy for Len that he s not alone and Chris seems like a really great guy Hey, he s a marine, how could he not be Semper Fi

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    This is 6 in Andrew Grey s Farm series It is the story of how Len met his new love, Chris, after the death of his first love, Cliff We have already seen Len and Chris together in Love Means No Fear, but this the story of how they met and got to know each other Another sweet and romantic story from Andrew Grey set on the Michigan farm Chris is a former Marine who needs the peace and quiet of the farm after 30 years of active duty and Len is still grieving Cliff s death when they meet While Len is attracted to Chris but has extreme guilt as Cliff has passed away within the previous year Chris is determined to court Len and see where this will go In the course of their courtship, we learn about the pain that Chris has had in his life as well As usual, sweet and touching and romantic Lovely feel good story just perfect for the day before Thanksgiving.

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    I can always count on the Love Means series to be a sweet, low angst read I love these stories I had wondered about Len and Chris s story, and it was gentle and loving This is set six months after Geoff and Eli s first in the series story, and before 3 5 in the series take place Len is still reeling from losing Cliff, and watching Geoff and Eli together causes some pain as he remembers being with Cliff Geoff recently hired Chris, a retired Marine, to work on the ranch, and Len finds himself attracted to him and feeling guilty for it because he feels it s too soon after Cliff s death to think about someone else Chris is still suffering from PTSD and initially doesn t recognize Len s snappish and aloof attitude toward him as what it is But when a quick episode for Chris causes Len to drop his guard, Chris begins to understand He decides to court Len, albeit slowly and with some mystery And though it takes a while, Len finally releases his guilt and melts in Chris s arms.I really enjoy this series and can t wait to read the next one.

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    Love Means Healing is a short addition to Andrew Grey s Love Means series This book is about how Len one of Geoff s dads and Chris a former Marine become a couple Len was with Cliff for over 20 years They built a life together and raised their son Geoff Cliff died of cancer and Len is trying to go on with his life Chris retired after 30 years in the Marines He has plans to start his own business After his years in the service, he wanted to adjust to civilian life first and is working on the farm short term.It was nice to read about two men who in their late 40s early 50s find love Len has to work through Cliff being gone and moving on Chris has to be patient and let him This short little read is a sweet addition to this series Glad my library added it.

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    Very short and a little sad story, about Len who has lost Cliff, the love of his life When he meets Chris he keeps his distance, although being attracted to the Ex Marine However he feels is too early to love again and he also feels guilty for his attraction For me this was a perfect little story and I definitely enjoyed it, even if not much romance and even less sex none to be exact was included I am not sure if I want to read much about those guys for now I really liked the books, but I get the feeling most stories have been told and already the last one felt like a repeat performance, so I guess I will give it a break after this one I would still rate it 3.5 stars and definitely recommend the series as a great read

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    I have not read the first book from this seriesthe one about Len and Cliffquite frankly, I am crying just thinking about itI know it s life and I know the book is probably greatand I know he actually died in the second one, which I have readit all makes little sense I know D D But I think about them getting together and then I think what happens and I just can tanywaysthis one was so sweetI cried myself through itLen deserved his second strike

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    Ehhh The bar was set really high for me with the first 5 books, so this one didn t really do much for me.

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