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  • 14 August 2018

10 thoughts on “Mock Suns

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    Want to know why I will never read this book Look at all those 5 star ratings By people who have the exact same profile picture Or go check out the Best Gay Cowboys listopia list this is number one Over genre classics like Tin Star or Bareback If it was not the author that created all those fake profiles to boost her book, then she has a fan who is batshit crazy I m going with Occam s Razor here.

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    I am normally optimistic and assume that people are not paid to post good reviews of books but I m a bit skeptical here.The above book, Mock Suns by Linda Hines, seems to have sky rocketed through the book lists through an unknown publisher When looking at the statistics of these scores, the book itself only has 28 official ratings, no long reviews, but has somehow surpassed books in older lists like Amy Lane s The Locker Room, Chris Owen s Bareback, J.L Langley s Tin Star and Damon Suede s HotHead.What is surprising though is that despite having only 28 official ratings, on the The Best of Gay Romance list, here, book has picked up 119 votes It does not make sense that a book with only 28 official ratings and no reviews has 100 people voting for it on the list So there is something wrong here The book is now off the list yay Very wrong The following link was the drop that tipped the bucket straw that broke the camels back pound that broke the scale thrust that broke the condomhttp img189.imageshack.us img189 63Yeah not very obvious at all.

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    Damn,I already bought it A big thank you to Fluffy and Nichole Dirty H for pointing out an attempted obvious second link at Fluffy s review here manipulation.At least that saved me from reading this book And if a certain someone you know who you are feels the need to flag this or other reviews for pointing out a manipulation sue me

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    Alright, to make this short If I was one to stop reading a book after starting it, this would have been one of them.It actually made me quiet sad, there were some really lovely moments of descriptive prose in this novel However, the rest of it just annoyed me So, let s make this short and go for a list instead of great descriptions view spoiler 1 The scenes seemed to be written the wrong way around Characters performed actions that seemed out of place, only to have their actions explained three or four pages later.2 The author had a way of telling what was going on, not showing me Too much telling what is going on, often to the point where the reader feels stupid We don t need to be told everything Show.3 I never felt anything for these two characters The only reason they seemed to be together was for sex We are told about emotions between them but I never felt them Never bought it That s annoying.4 Really, rape it s okay, punishment fuck scene That just totally twisted the characters even farther out of wake then they already were They are erratic, inconsistent and all over the place This scene just highlighted that fact.5 The plot had potential but the ending really It all just really fell flat and did not work for me I m not going to tell you what happened but the build up and then the ending Erf hide spoiler

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    Wonderful story

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    I really enjoyed this book

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    Great characters

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Mock Suns characters Mock Suns , audiobook Mock Suns , files book Mock Suns , today Mock Suns , Mock Suns 26f6e In An Age Of Empire Building In The American West, Powerful Men Lock Horns Over Land, Cattle, Women, Lovers And The Sons In Whom They Perceive Their Own Future Mock Suns Is A Tale Of Ambition And Power, Treachery, Family, And The Enduring Love Between Men An Intriguing,endearing Gay Western Set Against A Vividly Drawn Backdrop Of Historical America In The Beautiful Sangre De Cristo Mountains

About the Author: Linda Hines

Linda writes m m Westerns, American Historicals and Contemporary Horse Stories.My books are available at DreamCraft Multimedia, GLBT Bookshelf, , All Romance Ebooks and most other ebook outlets.