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    3.5 Stars.Jasper is a very uptight British Stockbroker.In a change from his usual vacation he decides to visit a ranch in Wyoming for a week.Calum is a sexy as sin cowboy who helps run his father s ranch.Although his family know he s gay they refuse to acknowledge it.His father and some of the wranglers are extremely Homophobic.I was very conflicted with this one.There were parts I loved and parts I didn t.What really didn t work for meRight from the start there s a vendetta against Jasper that was just ridiculous.Without going into detail the things that happened to him were just unbelievable.God,the poor guy was having the holiday from hell.What did work for meJasper and Calum.I loved these two together.Yes it was insta lust and they get down and dirty pretty quickly but I actually found their love story quite believable.Aside from the OTT drama it was an ok read.I read somewhere that this was one of the first M M books by this Author and her subsiquent books are much better..

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    4 Stars Another great Barbara Elsborg read.not sure how I missed this one She s definitely one of my go to authors and this one had the banter and steam that I love Her books are always a bit angsty but I was glad this one didn t center around relationship drama but outside dramafamily, etc Partly because there really was no relationship until the end Jasper is a stock broker and has come to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for a much needed vacation He s spending a week on a dude ranch hoping to battle some of his past ghosts and maybe meet a hot cowboy in the process Calum lives and works on his family s ranch He s gay but not exactly shouting it from the rooftops At times he was a bit of an ass to Jasper For whatever reason he felt the need to placate his dickhead of a dad, who didn t support Calum being gay I hated Calum s dadalong with a few other people on the ranch Jasper and Calum are of course attracted to each other.duh They start to sneak around and fall for each other Enter the suspense element of the story Things start happening to poor Jasper A lot of things Things that would have made me run far far away from that ranch regardless of my need to find a hot cowboy A some point you have to say, enough is enough.It really was the vacation from hell for Jasper but he stuck it out for Calum OTT drama aside, I liked this one It had great banter and steam It was certainly entertaing There was never a dull moment on that dude ranch

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    I read two Barbara Elsborg books when I was new to the m m romance genre Although one sent me running for the hills, I enjoyed the other so much that it ranks in my top 10 m m romantic suspense novels Since I needed a contemporary western romance for a reading challenge, I decided to revisit Ms Elsborg s catalogue with Cowboys Down.Thisprobably wasn t the best place to revisit 2.5 stars rounded down.Elsborg is a good writer Cowboys Down had absorbing and touching and funny moments But there was too much stupidity I could not handle that someone supposed to be on vacation would remain at a place where people were trying to MURDER him , and too much implausibility I could not believe that a ranch dependent upon tourism to sustain it a ranch whose owners had specifically articulated concerns about reputational damage, even citing a prior social media attack would level such vitriol and abuse against its customers , and too much over the top drama everything but the kitchen sink is thrown into our characters backgrounds and at their relationship and I could not wrap my brain around most of it , and too much sex instead of communication and relationship building I could go on, but I don t like leaving negative reviews and I tend to save rants for when they are deserved e.g., good for nothing cheating scumbags This doesn t deserve a rant Elsborg is a talented writer who pens unique and emotional stories, and I most definitely plan to pick up another book by her But I can t say that I would recommend this one Your mileage will vary depending on your ability to not just suspend disbelief but throw it to the moon Read for SBTB Best Picture Quarterly Challenge A contemporary western romance.

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    Note to Readers Read this book know how to tell the difference between erotic and kinky No When you want to go for erotic you use a feather Kinky, use the whole the chiken Ahahaha D Humor during sexThis book not only made me laugh out loud but also cried silentlyI love the chemistry between Jasper and Calum,you just feel the emotions between them and how they love each other Their playful banter during sex was so funny haha but oh my goodness their burning the sheets it was HOTWell how will you not take notice of the love scenes, if its in full graphic detailsboth men have tragic past that make them very human and believable.you can t help but cry with them..What I hate in the story were the wranglers who hurt Jasper than once, the other reviewers were right it was too much and Calum s father who can t accept Calum s sexualitythat man is a bastard grrr it was a fun read with lots of steam , lovable romance and some heart breaking moments and the humor that catches you.And don t forget the two beautiful Hot men

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    Story Rating 4 starsCharacter Rating 5 starsRomance Rating 5 starsHeat Level 5 starsOverall Rating 4.5 starsThis book could have easily been a 5 star read for me but some of the story line and the way it played out just did not fit the characters of the book.This book had a lot of angst to it and it brought tears to my eye s a few times The romance between these two men was really good and the love scenes scorched off of the pages some even leaving me breathless I could feel the love between these two grow and enjoyed reading how they finally got their HEA ending.Thank You Karla for recommending this book to me

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    4.5 Stars This is a beautiful romance filled with so much emotion, it jumps off the pages From the moment Jasper and Calum lay eyes on each other, you feel how much they re drawn to one another They are both devilishly sexy and their playful teasing so sensual Jasper is a reserved Englishman on holiday at the dude ranch owned by Calum s family Calum, a hot cowboy and gifted artist, is devoted to his family and works on the ranch, although his heart longs to pursue other endeavors Both of them have had tragic events that shaped their lives and neither can seem to escape the ghosts of their past There were no hurdles to overcome when it came to where these men stood as far as their sexuality Jasper was open, and Calum knew what he liked and wanted, but family and setting had keeping his preference under the radar I did some eye rolling at the some of the things that played out with Jasper He was a targeted by some of the wranglers, guests and particularly Calum s father, because he was gay That man was an ass There is an attempt on Jasper s life and when it s brought to light who did it and why, well, in my opinion the explanation was weak at best Now on to the juicy stuff and boy did the juice flow Calum and Jasper melded so well together, they fit perfectly, in ways than one HOT stuff Jasper was putty in Calum s hands, in the emotional sense sexually he was stiff as a statue all the time Sex aside, it was the relationship that develops between Jasper and Calum that had me drawn into this heartwarming love story They help each other overcome the agonizing weight of past tragic events, and the love that ensues is raw and real This is a book that CAN be judged by its cover in this case it speaks volumes and that is the image you will walk away with when you are done with this book Every time I see it, it stirs up the emotions I felt when I read Jasper and Calum s story I want of Jasper and Calum, and I would love a novella that would bring us back into the lives of these charming men I would say Barbara Elsborg s first venture into M M romance is a success.

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    4.5 Stars

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    Well sh t. We re all going to die one day Calum slid his fingers into Jasper s hair Which is why it s important not to let something die inside you while you re still alive Now let me tell you how pissed off I am.I have never encountered a f cked up and disgusting assortment of secondary characters in my entire reading life I mean, everyone gets a bit angry from time to time by idiotic people but this was something else This was the wishing they were real so as to bash in their skulls kind of pissed off.Calum s father.A piece of work No wait Take the word work and change it with the second word of my review Now that s appropriate.So what this guy does, is demean his son every chance he gets, treat him like a piece of furniture and uttelry disrespecting him while giving importance to stupid moronic a holes who think themselves cowboys, blame the man his son loves for every good he has done and finally, when aforementioned stupid moronic a holes attempt to murder the man his son loves, wish that they d actually succeeded.Jasper s mother.I m not going to be insensible Perhaps grief makes you say terrible things Perhaps you never recover from something traumatic Perhaps you feel that the only person left alive is the one to be blamed for everything But come on The father tries to avoid hitting one of his children by swerving the car and hitting the other and suddenly it s the kid s that wasn t hit fault Am I the only one missing the logic behind this And then the father kills himself out of guilt and grief and again it s Jasper s fault I mean WHAT THE EVERLOVING F CK I know she has Altzheimer s but she developped it years after the accident and the suicide You can t just say to your kid that you wish he had died instead of the other It is INEXCUSABLE.Calum and Jasper.I love them They are perfect.Balanced.Funny.Loving.Heartbreaking Calum s gift sat on the coffee table in the lounge A clay model of the two of them making love Jasper on top Oh fuck Where had Calum found time to do that A piece of paper had been pushed under one corner and Jasper pulled it out Hey Dude, don t be sad It s your smile that lights my world even if I can t see it.I love you Calum

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    If I m correct, this is the author s very first book I haven t read her recent books, so I couldn t track her progress over the years, but the writing itself was really good in my opinion That wasn t the problem.I liked the steamy scenes, even though it was a bit too much toward the end.I likedWell, that s about it unfortunately.There was just too much happening all at once, and everything was so far fetched, and just plain stupid, unbelievable and ridiculous Too many problems stuffed into this long book From the moment Jasper gets on a plane to spend a week on a ranch in Wyoming, everything goes downhill for him I would say the poor guy has bad karma or something for all his troubles He wanted to get away from the city and relax, he got exact opposite.And also instalust is so not my favorite Unless it s an ABO book, and the MC s are fated mates.

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    God that was one horrible and plain idiotic story Jasper was poisoned two times, nearly killed and then been told from Calum father, that he was sorry, Jasper wasn t killed at their ranch I mean really What kind of attitude is that to a tourist at a dude ranch And this romance between Jasper and Columthat I don t start with the sex between them HORRIBLE.

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