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    SO HOT OMG SO HOOOOOT So sweet, so hot, so funny, so super hot, so adorable, so face melting hot, so loving and just fun.SO FUCKING HOT Ok so this book was the sequel to Goldilocks and His Three Bears and we find Brian, Scott and their Daddies trying to make their very special relationship work Paul and Brian are attached still, and very in love and Jim and Scott are also in love, but still working on where to find a good balance Scott is still so insecure, and has trouble accepting that he needs what Jim can give him Brian is having difficulties with Paul being away so much, and is acting out, they all are The relationship between these men is SO LOVING, patient, accepting, safeAll the things that I think make me come back to BDSM themed books I don t have any personal experience in that type of relationship but there is something that I just LOVE SO MUCH about the idea of getting what you need from who you love The discipline relationship that exists between these four men is fascinating, but also nurturing they FEED each other in so many ways It is such an awesome concept I don t know how likely this is in real life, but it is so so so so lovely to read.Now this book might not be for everyone since, it s not only a BDSM thing but very much a established dynamic that is very much Dominant submissive There are four men all in love and all being sexual with each other, and there is A LOT of playing there is one sweet little dress up party in the book that would make Bacchus himself blush O but they are so dear, and it s so fun and just charming to read about them, I wish there were ten books.I love these men They totally draw me into their world and HOLY SHIT THE SEX WILL MELT YOUR FACE This one is going in the to be re read shelf Recommend YES YES YES

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    Oh boy is Brian testing the patience of both Paul and Jim And then Scott is acting up when he s out on a job What in the world are two tops supposed to do Relationships are hard, and one that involves than two people can be extremely difficult Factor in that two of the people living in the house can be gone for weeks at a time with their jobs and the potential for implosion skyrockets I was really happy to get back to my guys in this second installment if AM Riley s Goldilocks series.Brian is a submissive and knows it He needs Paul to anchor him, to ground him, and when Paul is gone, Brian slowly begins to fall apart Scott, on the other hand, doesn t realize that he needs the structure and discipline from Jim, much the same way Brian needs it from Paul Scott gets so anxious within his own skin that he does stupid things, i.e., getting in a fight and landing in jail Scott has to get to this realization in his own way and accept that this is what he needs before he and Jim can really be happy What makes Paul and Jim s lives doubly hard is that when Brian and Scott are near each other they are, to use Jim s phrase, Brats on crack grins So, you have four men, two tops, a sometime submissive, and a bratty bottom submissive, and you throw them all into a polyamorous relationship Then, you mix it all up with insecurities and a little, not lying exactly, but avoiding telling the truth, and what do you have A serious recipe for potential disaster And, when Brian agrees to a six month internship with a company in New York well, I think the miscommunications and misunderstandings could completely explode if these guys didn t truly love one another Scott bringing home a stray from one of his runs doesn t help anything either, and I m not talking about a dog.This was a great sequel to the first book A Man, a Jersey, and a Tight End really explored each of the men and how they all fit together into the relationship they have It dealt with all of the ups and downs, the serious level of trust that was required, and, at the end of the day, the love these men have for each other I would really like to see another story because I know the brats aren t done causing trouble yet.

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    Sign me up for another healthy dosis of Brian, Paul, Jim and Scott Relationships mature a bit on this book but we are also introduced on the second half to Freddie and Joshua and I have to say that that was a refreshing introduction that balance out the polyamory with a good ole monogamous relationship.

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    Long distance relationships suck and when a boy is a sub, he turns into a bratty sub Brian and Daddy Paul are separated due to Paul s job While Paul is out, Momma Jim is the one who has to take care of him It s not as easy as it seems since Brian is hiding his submissive needs To add to the turmoil, Baby Scott had a bad experience with the BDSM lifestyle so he is adverse to it This makes Brian feel something is wrong with him If his best friend finds BDSM to be deviant, doesn t that mean Brian is broken I m really confused with the story I feel like I ve missed something in between the first book and this one I don t understand why the BDSM is such a problem for them It seems like BDSM is a big pink elephant in the room which none of them want to talk about What confuses me is that Scott and Jim have a St Andrew s Cross in their room Paul is a Dom with dominant friends Scott is punished by Jim Why do they begrudge Brian his desires to be whipped, tied down and flogged This was the one thing in the storyline, which confused me throughout the book Why is there this conflict Back to the smexy scenes between the men I loved it They were flaming hot There were several scenes, especially the one where Scott and Brian try out new equipment they should not have opened, which I was over the moon with lust and desire I was literally in stitches in their predicament Their punishment was so hot and turned me on to no end Ms Riley did an excellent job of showing bratty subs topping from the bottom It generated amusement for me I couldn t cease chortling when Brian and Scott pulled their stunts They are right that Jim is scary with his perception, even when he s being distracted by glorious sex.I enjoyed this continuation of the quad relationship I dearly enjoyed seeing Paul, Jim, Brian and Scott again The dynamic between the four of them is unique and fascinating to watch It was interesting to meet two new characters Joshua and Freddie I hope the reason why these two new characters are brought in is because there will be a follow up story in this series I would love to read about a relationship between Joshua and Freddie If the four hunky men were to make a guest appearance, it would only increase my glee I recommend this story to m m lovers who enjoy multiple partners with some kinky hot sex.

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    AhhhWhat a way to end a Book Challenge This was a very funny, smexy, totally hawt read for me I recommend reading the first book

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    LOVED Didn t always agree with the discipline, or the way Paul and sometimes Jim got blamed for everything, but I loved the family dynamic, the relationship and the antics of the subs.4.5 Would have loved to read the new couple s story as they move into their new home.

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    One instance where I found the sequel to be a better story than the first book

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    This book is the sequel to Goldilocks and His Three Bears This book sees Scott and Jim strengthen their relationship, Paul and Scott come to know each other better and Brian and Paul settle deeper into their relationship Brian and Scott have their moments of insecurity and they do test Jim and Paul But in the end it is how 4 of them work together to make the relationship work Discipline is a part of their relationship, but this book was about what makes each of the characters work, rather than being all about sex.Freddie and Joshua came out of nowhere and I not sure how it added to the story.

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    The sequel of Goldilocks and His Three Bears is a very long one, and it s like two books in one In the first part Brian alias Goldilocks learns how to settle in this new relationship of him Paul alias Daddy Bear is again far from hom for works, six months of leave and Brian, who is studying at College, can t have the chance to be with him So he is at home with Jim alias Momma Bear , who also he is far from his beloved, Scott alias Teddy Bear , travelling with his truck in the north Brian behaves badly to call attention to him and Jim is not sure to be the one to properly castigate him On the other hand Scott is sulking, believing that he is not an important piece in the puzzle of their relationship, and so also him behaves very badly Paul with Brian, and Jim with Scott will have to tight the leash on this two bottom brats.In the second part of the book, Scott takes home Joshua, like a child could take home a stray dog Joshua is a young and frightened guy, needing a master figure in his life But Paul and Jim are not the right person to do that, they have their plate full with their two brats Luckily Paul meets an old friend, Freddie, a top without a domestic relationship in this moment.As the previous one, this book is a funny romp there is a lot of sex, but it s always a very relaxing and funny type of sex even when it arrives to some pretty kinky and heavy erotic stuff, the description is always light and funny, than angst I m not against some kinky stuff, here and there, but sometime, reading certain books, it s like reading an how to do books, full of clinical details that risk to ruin all the romanticism of the story In this case, A.M Riley gives us all the necessary inputs to understand what it s happening, but doesn t indulge in the description, preferring a light tone.Of all the characters, the lion share is taken by the bottoms Brian, as in the previous book, has a very prominently role in the first part of the book, and instead Scott, who really didn t shine before, in the second part of the book is the incontrastated hero Seeing the two brats conspiring and involving also Joshua in their plans, allows the reader to fully understand who are the real puppeteers in this strange multipartner relationship.

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    Originally posted at men together make a happy home, but what happens when a stray is brought into the mix Brian and his three bears have somehow made it work all living and loving together But with Scott and Paul on the road a lot for work, Brian and Jim are left to try to keep everything together When Scott brings home a lost twink, some of the relationships begin to change Can this foursome keep it together or is there room to grow A Man, A Jersey, and a Tight End is the sequel to Goldilocks and His Three Bears I d highly suggest reading the first book before tackling this sequel as the relationships are established in the first book and this one is actually much deeper and meaningful In Goldilocks, the two main couples are established Paul and Brian, Jim and Scott while the foursome regularly mix it up and have an open policy for everyone, especially Brian Now those relationships are tested with real life This story focuses on the emotional bonds and how to make such unorthodox couplings really work It still has the same light, playful touch to the sex scenes but the characters feel deeper and real this time around.Also the issues brought up are intense Not all of these issues are well handled Most are glossed over very easily and quickly, for the plot point of the issue than the actual resolution The story does try to bring up in depth issues than the last book Additionally there are numerous sex scenes, enough to please any fan There are almost too many but as always Ms Riley is an excellent writer so this isn t a bad thing If anything it keeps the tone playful and light with a lot of rough housing and enjoyable banter.This is a pretty successful and entertaining sequel, though it s not perfect It would have been nice to see some of these issues really addressed but overall the solid writing and fun characters make for a good story If you ve read the first book, definitely pick this one up and if you re new to the series start now, it s worth your time.

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A Man, a Jersey, and a Tight End summary pdf A Man, a Jersey, and a Tight End, summary chapter 2 A Man, a Jersey, and a Tight End, sparknotes A Man, a Jersey, and a Tight End, A Man, a Jersey, and a Tight End 6198534 Since Brian And His Three Bears First Set Up House, The Demands Of Paul S Long Distance Job Have Put A Strain On All Of Their Relationships Jim Feels That Everything Is Dumped On Him Scott Is Still Unsure About Being A Sub Brian S Brattier Than Ever And When Scott Brings Home A Stray In The Form Of A Young Brat Named Joshua, The Household Is Set On Its Ear Of Course, The Brats Handle The Situation In Their Own Fashion And Jim And Paul Have Their Hands FullThey Ve Got Their Plays Scrambled And It S Going To Take A Lot Of Hard Work To Find The Proper Balance Between Discipline And Love Publisher S Note This Book Is A Re Edited, Revised Version That Was Previously Released By Another Publisher, And Contains Explicit Sexual Situations, Graphic Language, And Material That Some Readers May Find Objectionable BDSM Theme And Elements Including Not Limited To Flogging , Male Male Sexual Practices

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A.M Riley is a film editor and amateur poet living in Los Angeles, California She writes murder mystery, romance and urban paranormal with GLBT characters In addition to writing, Riley enjoys politics, police blogs and ice hockey.