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Orchard of Dust summary Orchard of Dust , series Orchard of Dust , book Orchard of Dust , pdf Orchard of Dust , Orchard of Dust abb3a63c2e Product DescriptionPublishers Description A Prohibition Era Novel Centering Around The Occurrence Of A Dust Storm In Southern Minnesota, Orchard Of Dust Follows The Lives Of A Boy And His Father As Their Town Is Invaded By A SpeakeasyFrom The Back Cover In The Quiet Born To The Soil, The Coming Of A Fresh Generation Quaked And Rumbled As A People, Displaced From Their Land, Dreamed Of Once And Tomorrow They Followed Promised Whispers Of Abundance Through A Desolation Where Men Ripped At The Land, Wrenching What Harvest The Fields Could Spit Until A Protestation Came Against Man, Strangling The Fields In Dust And This People Broke Their Homes, Shattering Hearthstones Against The Collapsed Shelter Of Forgotten Desires That Had Turned To Dead Leaves

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    Very, very few books in my life do I begin reading and not finish This is one of them Slow and boring I would NOT recommend this book to anyone The author attempts to capture an atmosphere that he obviously has no experience with Great writers typically have great experiences to influence them This book feels like the author was grabbing from other books he has read as opposed to personal experience In short, the story feels fake.

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    Brian Edward Bahr certainly has a way with words I really appreciated the rhythm and tempo he was able to invoke in his prose I say prose, but the diction is so elegant that it is almost like poetry It has a certain distinct and artistic flair to it that really puts it in a class of its own There are so many lines that I want to commit to memory.Also, I especially liked the way that all the chapters connected in the end, each in their own way This seemed to speak to me about the repetition of history, the way time just marches on, ageless and forever unceasing.I can t honestly say I ve read too many literary pieces like this it had just the right touch of everything and had very strong symbolism.His writing also seems to reflect the character of each chapter And in the end you almost feel like you are trapped in the dust storm that pervades the entire novel I can t recommend this novel enough The story itself is wonderful, but it is a joy to read just for the beauty of the writing.The story is very moving, in its own quiet, subtle way.

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    Orchard of Dust is a rare find.This story has remarkable character analysis even minor characters were given enough life that they have stuck with me months after reading about them Stylistically, Bahr s writing flows with a lyricism that makes each sentence memorable He has a certain way of capturing the sights and sounds and meaning of the Prohibition era, with his precise and evocative prose The result is a story that is immeasurably sad, but ultimately very touching.It deserves to be widely read.

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    Orchard of Dust is truly a fantastic novel with engaging, dynamic characters and an intense, fast moving plot The story revolves around a speak easy, involving numerous characters as they converge on a small town Ultimately, I simply could not put this book down, and I d highly recommend this to anyone who loves a great read that keeps you up well past your bedtime.

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    To call this little novel strange is to understate the matter Orchard of Dust is a curious piece of fiction by Brian Edward Bahr The reason I describe it as strange is because I have never read anything written in the style that Bahr utilizes It is almost a prosaic or poetic style of writing And the abrupt transitions from the past to the present or the present to the past were difficult to follow at times.It is a fairly short novel, as novels go I am not sure how many pages the physical book has, but the kindle version was fairly short The chapters themselves are also short Some are just 2 3 pages in length A few did not even contain a complete paragraph And this was one of the difficulties I had in trying to grasp the entirety of this book The chapters are named after the central character or character in each chapter Even after coming to grips with this naming convention I had a hard time fitting the pieces together to make an entire story Ultimately I have accepted that the totality of the story is not completely related Instead, it is mostly a series of stories that are happening contemporarily to one another Or said another way, the book is not so much a story but a series of vignettes of the various characters Another problem that I had was that the story contained a lot of violence And much of the violence was against the innocent or helpless The violence affected nearly every character in some way or another Much of the violence was somewhat random or mindless It was almost nihilistic in nature I am not sure why I chose to trudge through some of the violence other than to see if there was something of worth or value at the end.Ultimately I came to understand that Bahr was using the dust storm as a metaphor for the moral affliction that befell the small town when a speakeasy sprouted during the height of the Dustbowl It sprouted and flourished when nothing else would grow And not only did the dust act as a metaphor in and of itself It was also metaphorical in that it obscured character s vision of what was happening around them In the end I was disappointed I was looking for something noble to arise from the parched writing on the page But, there is nothing uplifting to be found And the style of writing, although not beyond my comprehension, was beyond my comfort And at the end of the day, I read to be entertained What I read does not have to be full of sunshine and happiness But this book did not entertain It did hold me captive to the very end And maybe that is enough for the author.

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    Orchard of Dust features Bahr s unique writing style prose with a poetic form For me, this book was full of symbolism and moral conflicts, the setting being a dust bowl during the prohibition The raw characters and intriguing plot kept me turning the pages I think each of us can see a part of ourselves in this story I m looking forward to books by Brian Bahr.

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    This book was really a page turner The imagery used by Bahr to describe the wasteland of the Dust Bowl was impressive and riveting I really enjoyed his in depth character creation and the imaginative way he weaves the story together through the lives of his characters.

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    Bahr s descriptive writing style truly drew me into the story and created a vibrant picture of life in the Prohibition era I was glad to stumble upon and enjoy this novel Well done

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