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Death Wish explained Death Wish, review Death Wish, trailer Death Wish, box office Death Wish, analysis Death Wish, Death Wish 080e Paul Benjamin, A Successful Accountant In New York City, Is Enjoying A Three Martini Lunch When His Home Is Broken Into By A Gang Of Drug Addicts For Just A Handful Of Money, They Savagely Beat Paul S Wife And Daughter, Leaving His Wife Dead And His Daughter Comatose Grief Stricken And Forced To Reevaluate His Views, Benjamin Becomes Disillusioned With Society And Plots His Revenge On The Perpetrators, Whom The Police Are Unable To Bring To Justice Armed With A Revolver And Total Disregard For His Own Safety, He Sets Out To Even The Score Adapted Into The Feature Film Starring Charles Bronson, Death Wish Is Now A New Major Motion Picture Starring Bruce Willis, Vincent D Onofrio, Elisabeth Shue, Dean Norris, Camila Morrone And Kimberly Elise, Written By Joe Carnahan And Directed By Eli Roth

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • Death Wish
  • Brian Garfield
  • English
  • 06 January 2017
  • 9780449229781

About the Author: Brian Garfield

Brian Francis Wynne Garfield was an American novelist and screenwriter He wrote his first published book at the age of eighteen and wrote several novels under such pen names as Frank Wynne and Brian Wynne before gaining prominence when his book Hopscotch 1975 won the 1976 Edgar Award for Best Novel He is best known for his 1972 novel Death Wish, which was adapted for the 1974 film of the

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    This one was kind of different If I ever saw the Bronson movie, I ve forgotten all about it I do seem to recall watching one of the later ones, 4th or 5th I guess, which I remember as kind of horrible Even so, the film is what turns up in my head too while reading I guess the book cover movie poster is enough.I highly doubt that this is very much like the movie though, it is a quite slow moving story dramatic as it is through most of the book Much is taken up by picturing Paul Benjamin s descent into violence and non discriminating vengeance, but it is a task that is not very good handled by the author the short format does not help either and I think the explanation is lacking Strangely enough, when we finally get around to the action suspense scenes, these are told with apparent detachment, almost matter of factly Late 70 s New York is not pictured nicely and the support for the vigilante is in itself a scary part The ending quite abrupt is not a very positive one.What I really did like is that the book is very much a period piece everything about it is so 70 s and that fact alone makes it a good and fascinating read Enough for me to want to read the sequel.

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    I finished reading the book a couple of weeks back It was a very interesting read I enjoyed every minute and every page I noticed the differences between the movie and the book For one thing, you don t see the attack on Paul s family Instead it is described afterwards I felt there was emotion invested While watching Charles Bronson you see an action hero, but when you read about Paul Benjamin you read about an average ordinary person While reading this book, you read about a man who has had the worse done to him After his family was attacked by junkies and the police are unable to find the attackers, you see a man fill up with outrage and anger You see a man drop ideals he once strongly believed in and plays with the idea of vengeance If you ve seen the movie then the last fifty pages are going to be no surprise, but there is only a slight alteration with the book and movie endings As someone who is working on a project inspired by the sequel to the movie, this book really helped me out So I recommend this book to anyone who likes to read interesting books And also I like to add that the James Wan directed movie is closer to the message Brian Garfield was trying to incorporate in his books.

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    After Paul Benjamin s wife has been killed by random muggers, he gets a gun and prowls the streets to kill people who assault him Made into a movie starring Charles Bronson.Both the novel and the movie are on the index of banned books It s interesting how the official description reads The main character takes revenge by provoking young people to attack him, so that he has an excuse to kill them.It s been ages since I have read the novel, but in the movie, Charles Bronson provokes the young people to attack him by, for example, sitting in the subway with a grocery bag at his side, reading a newspaper Yeah, that s really a provocation.The sarcasm comes from the fact that here in Germany, there have been several attacks on people in subways in the last two weeks, who provoked their attackers by existing, or by asking them to extinguish their cigarettes, or other such provoking behavior.It s an interesting lesson in perspective How taking a walk after dark, or riding the subway can be taken as provoking an attack by authorities This description of Death Wish also reveals a lot about how German authorities think It s a revelation that destroys even the last little vestige of trust I might have had in the system.

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    Been wanting to read this book for a while as it s such an iconic story It didn t disappoint A book of its time, it s worth reading It is a slow burn More than half the book is just the character in mourning essentially I have to the movie adaptation did a nice job speeding up the pace and was quite inventive in creating energy and depth to the story All in all, I m glad I finally caught up with this one.

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    Did not finish I hate that I really do When I invest time in a story In a lot of ways this was well written but the plot was just monotonous I don t recall much of the Bronson movie But the Bruce Willis remake was bad to the bone and I just couldn t finish it after I seen Bruce Flippin Willis as the protagonist This is another example of the movie being better Death Wish, First Blood, and a handful of others are put in a bin in my brain where I appreciated the movie In a lot of ways I just couldn t relate to the character I guess I m getting old I can watch a good movie and appreciate it but spending hours on the repercussions of grief and loss and revenge was just too much

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    An intense and desperately sad exploration of an ordinary man s nervous breakdown, which follows a loss that his left leaning philosophy simply can t accommodate All politics aside, this story is about grief in its rawest form and how it can wreak absolute havoc on one s worldview The 1974 film adaptation with Charles Bronson was a lost opportunity, IMHO, because it threw aside Garfield s subtle psychological themes And ugh, don t even get me started on the remake with Bruce Willis.

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    Yes, this truly is a blast of a read For me, it was a reread, but I originally read it years ago.It stands up over time.It s important to keep in mind that it was written in 1972 As a result, you ll find some casual slurs that grate today, but were quite normal back then.What I really liked, aside from our main character s righteous vengeance, is that there is some thought that goes into it He fights himself as he starts to see all people of color as the enemy or as he stops himself from killing two gay guys, realizing that these two men are simply going on with their lives It s vengeance, but not blind vengeance.And while he does become a bit of a monster, he still manages to remain somewhat true to himself.It s a good read It entertains while giving the reader some moral quandaries.Happy with my reread of this one

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    Honestly The movie was better Brian Garfield may have created an icon when he created Paul Benjamin renamed Paul Kersey for the film series with Charles Bronson , but as a novel, Death Wish is only mildly satisfying.The plot is well paced, but the prose is fairly hackneyed, and the picture Garfield paints of New York in the early 70s just never seemed authentic.I didn t hate this book it just wasn t as good as I was hoping it would be I suppose that if you re in the mood for some crypto fascist 70s pulp, you could do a lot worse.

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    The book that inspired the film, this is a slim, thoughtful meditation on grief and loss and anger that leads to violence as the only rational response to a dangerous world Whether it s a moral response is left ambiguous This isn t sleazy or exploitative or even sanctimonious Mostly it s just sad story about a man transformed into his opposite by a horrible loss.

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    Much like First Blood Rambo released in the same year, the book has been overshadowed by the subsequent movie franchise And much like First Blood, the literary version of the carachter is nuanced , fragile and interesting.

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