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Frog chapter 1 Frog , meaning Frog , genre Frog , book cover Frog , flies Frog , Frog 899e3455bd30a Weber Yates S Dreams Of Stardom Are About To Be Reduced To A Ranch Hand S Job In Texas, And His One Relationship Is With A Guy So Far Out Of His League He Might As Well Be On The Moon Or At Least In San Francisco, Where Weber Stops To See Him One Last Time Before Settling Down To The Humble, Lonely Life He Figures A Frog Like Him Has Coming Cyrus Benning Is A Successful Neurosurgeon, So Details Are Never Lost On Him He Spotted The Prince In A Broken Down Bull Rider S Clothing From Day One But Watching Weber Walk Out On Him Keeps Getting Harder, And He S Not Sure How Much His Heart Can Take Now Cyrus Has One Last Chance To Prove To Weber That It S Not Weber S Job That Makes Him Cyrus S Perfect Man, It S Weber Himself With The Help Of His Sister S Newly Broken Family, He S Ready To Show Weber That The Home The Man S Been Searching For Has Always Been Right There, With Him Cyrus Might Have Laid Down An Ultimatum Once, But Now It S Turned Into A Vow He S Never Going To Let Weber Out Of His Life Again

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    Wow Oh, wow.I get now why everyone loves this book I get the high ratings now I get it.This book is like sitting in your front porch swing, drinking sweet tea on a warm summer day, just watching the world go by without a care in the world It s like coming home from a long, hard day at work and having a candlelight dinner ready and waiting for you.It s like walking into the living room and seeing your husband asleep on the couch with your newborn daughter curled up on his chest.It s like sleeping in late, cuddled up under the covers with your love on a rainy Sunday morning.It s like hearing your favorite song on the radio and singing it at the top of your lungs with your best friend in the world.It s like birthdays and anniversaries and holidays.It s like puppy kisses and baby s breath and the squealing laughter of children.It s like home.This book brought tears to my eyes Tears of joy, of happiness and of hope I m not sure why I haven t read this book sooner It is a complete failing on my part that I waited this long From now on, whenever I m feeling down, lonely or depressed, I will most definitely be re reading this beautiful, heart warming story as I know it will pick me up and put me back to rights again.Mary Calmes, I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful gift you have given to me Re read 5 26 14 Loved it just as much, if not than the first time.

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    A lot of people around here call Mary Calmes crack I need some of this sweet, sweet crack I want to smoke it all day and all night when the crack runs out, I will knock over a gas station to get some of this delicious goodness.The MC of Frog, Weber, is the perfect guy he seems a bit rough around the edges at first, but then you find out he s actually an angel who s good with kids, animals, and everything else under the sun I was waiting for the scene where he charms a grizzly bear into dancing for the children in the book.I have seen the Calmes light It s a Hershey s Kiss wrapped in sunshine and tied with a rainbow ribbon.

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    4 stars Frog was a pleasant surprise for me It a lot of sweet with the perfect amount of sexy thrown in I loved the authors writing style and both of the main characters were so damn lovable We both know you could do better than me We believe two different truths Weber Yates doesn t have any family and has spent a majority of his adult life in the bull riding circuit Many years ago he met Cyrus Benning Cyrus is a neurosurgeon He s settled in San Fransisco with his job and his family that lives close by Weber and Cyrus have stayed close over the years, seeing each other when they can, but each time they re together it gets harder and harder to part Now that Weber is a little older and with injuries, he can t do everything he used to He s going to settle down somewhere, maybe as a ranch hand Cyrus is determined to keep Weber with him He wants than the short times he s had with Weber over the years He wants him forever Weber deep down feels the same way Cyrus does He just doesn t feel worthy of him and doesn t know what he would do for work there Cyrus s sister needs help with her boys and her sons start to give Weber a purpose Maybe with this purpose Cyrus will finally be able to keep Weber for good Frog is told from Weber s perspective I love that cowboy He is the sweetest man Such a gentlemen And watching him with the kids was just great He s such an amazing guy and he doesn t even realize it I loved the bond that Cyrus and Weber had They were great together My only complaint and the reason it wasn t a 5 star read for me is that I wanted of Weber and Cyrus s past They had this great love for each other and knew each other for the longest, but besides that one small glimpse into the past when they first met, we didn t get to see any of their love develop and grow Overall, this is a story that I truly enjoyed listening to It brought me to tears at times, warmed my heart and left a giant smile on my face when it was all said and done If you re looking for a sugary sweet and steamy m m romance this is the perfect read

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    Oh, Mary, where have you been my whole life Seriously, my heart grew two sizes while reading this book.And even though I wanted to throttle Web than once for not realizing that he s than good enough and lovable enough and beautiful enough for Cy, I still loved him and want him to come train my children who are little shits and not nearly as perfect as Carolyn s boys no, really, where did she find these kids There are some smexy scenes in this one, but the focus is love LOVE, people, heart pounding, only you, don t ever leave me, fuck me now kind of love, the BEST kind Also, once Web finally gets it, the HEA is so over the top, it makes you feel like your own life is totally inadequate in a good way Because who can compete with the perfection that is Cy and Web together I lost track of everything but the man in my arms, the smell of his skin, the taste of his sweat, and the sound of his breathing How could I have ever thought that I wouldn t be spending the rest of my life with him How indeed

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    Re read June 2016 fucking perfectThere is nothing I can say about this book that will do it justice I can just say, Read it It was phenomenal It will make your heart sing If you don t believe me, you can read the thousand plus other reviews written here at GoodReads I am speechless with emotion at how much I loved this book This will be one I ll come back to again and again when I m feeling blue and need a little piece of sunshine.

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    Audiobook review August 21, 2014 I ve read the ebook version of Frog twice The first time I loved it 4 stars , the second time I really liked it 3.5 stars , but couldn t get past my initial niggles But, what Frog does well as a book is well it serves as a comfort read It s one of those stories you can go back to time and again and just enjoy.The audiobook version is one of those that really adds something to the story Hearing the cowboy drawl in the narrator s voice, making everything Weber says sound like honey it was soothing I found myself enjoying Weber even than I had in my own head And when he shifted his voice to become the all business Cyrus, I believed it was a separate narrator at times.Now, there were moments when the narrator might ve forgotten that he was using different voices and suddenly Cyrus had a drawl that should not have existed for the San Francisco doctor But, shrugs , it didn t happen enough times to be annoying just enough to be noticeable.All in all, a fun book to listen to and short enough that you can get through it quickly.AUDIOBOOK RATING 4 stars Re read March 30, 2014 When I first read Frog, it was gosh darnit the sweetest thing I had ever encountered Weber Yates stole my heart, much as he did everyone else s, both in the book and those reading it I adored it And though I noticed some stuff that could potentially bug me, there was no telling me otherwise this was gonna be my go to feel good book I rarely re read books I just don t want to be reminded about what I liked or didn t like about them because they fit for a time and place But, I needed something sweet in my life to read and I remembered loving Frog so much the first time around.Again, it s hard NOT to love Weber He s a cowboy And he s a good, kind, solid man And he s 6 3 , a ginger, and made of all heart So, nothing changed there But this time around, I came to find that I really really really loved Cyrus too He s a neurosurgeon And he s a caretaker and he s brave and he asks for what he wants I was so smitten with Cyrus during this read through because he represents the things I want to be And he and Weber are so freaking HOT and ADORABLE together.Now, my first reading was back in September 2012 and it was one of the first M M books I d gone through Here we are 1.5 years and 100 s of books later and sure, the issues were prominent There was a LOT of emotional manipulation going on here The sister, the doctor, the parents all forcing Web into something THEY wanted It really got to me this time I was livid, to be honest I found all the parts outside of Web Cy to be despicable, actually And it really bummed me out And that started to overflow into the perfect ending that I found not so perfect this read through.But, then thinking of Weber Cyrus made me feel like I was being hugged in a warm blanket and it s hard to stay mad Frog remains a safe feel good book and I d still recommend and endorse should anyone ask ORIGINAL RATING 4 StarsREREAD RATING 3.5 Stars ORIGINAL REVIEW I could read this book 10 times in a row and not get sick of itthe smile would NEVER leave my face This was such a sweet, endearing, pleasant, heartwarming, tender, adorable, story How can you go wrong with a cowboy and a doctor How can you miss with 2 guys loving each other so dearly How can you not love a family that supports their gay son and loves his partner Weber Yates Cowboy 6 3 , 170 ish lbs Ginger Great with kids, dogs, parents, and a man of respect and manners Slightly unsure of himself Stubborn But, a mountain wants to carry your burden Affectionate and says some of the sweetest things.Cyrus Benning Doctor neurosurgeon 6 1 165 ish Chestnut hair, brown eyes w gold flecks Hard as nails and very seriousEXCEPT when he s around Cywhere he s reduced to a giggling hugger Makes his parents proud Isn t afraid to fight for Cy Adorable when he s drunk.I meanC MON I want to be their wifeI m totally fine w 2 husbands Ok, if not, can I at least be their best girlfriend Ok, yes, the end got to be a bit over the top cheesy, but not too drawn out Only a couple cavities DEFINITELY READ THIS BOOK if you re in the mood to be swept off your feet and feel like smiling for a few hours or PS worst name for this book ever

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    My first book by Mary Calmes and I was pleasantly surprised This book was perfect for my current mood It was sweet and sexy with very little conflict Just a feel good straight up romance with some hot cowboys to boot what can be wrong with that I will definitely be trying Mary Calmes in the future.

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    3.5 StarsSeven months ago, Cyrus had given Weber an ultimatum stay forever or never come back He was just tired of waiting Web left but then he came back again but not for good, so Cy decided it s a good chance to show him when someone loves you unconditionally nothing else matters Told in single POV, 1st person, it s a standalone novella It was insta attraction lust I knew it is the author s specialty so I didn t mind It s low angsty and an easy quick read Web was so headstrong and I loved them headstrong but what I didn t like was his reason It wasn t strong enough, maybe because I don t believe that kind of insecurity in real life Another thing was I liked to see them with each other before Cy s ultimatum Yes, there was one flashback but I wanted of those, maybe emotional All in all, it still was a good read and I hope you enjoy it as well

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    Can I Fall In Love With A Book You Bet Your Sweet Ass I Can Of all the cute, sexy, awesome books I ve been reading lately Frog takes the cake Not only does it take the cake but it takes the cake, body slams all of the other books and stands on top of them yelling I M KING OF THE WOOOOOOOOOORLD.Web is a cowboy and an amateur bull rider at the end of his career He s 44, homeless and has forty two dollars to his name The one sunshiney bright spot in his life is the brilliant neurosurgeon, Dr Cyrus Benning Frog is the story of how these two men, who ve met approximately 15 times in the last three years, settle into being two halves of a whole.Wait, that s not quite rightCyrus and Web are already two halves of whole when the story starts The thing is that Web is scared to stay put, scared to let himself grow used to being loved, scared to settle into a life because his worst fear is that he could lose it all Web, oh Web, you broke my heart Web s inability to see how fantastic he was, how kind he was, how he cared for people and made them feel worthwhile had me wiping my eyes than a few times You see, even though Web doesn t have much materially, he has a good soul and that made him the richest man in the world It was a joy to watch him love Cyrus and bring out a side a Cyrus that people thought didn t existAnd that brings us to Cy Cy had me rooting for him like I ve never rooted for a character in a book He KNOWS how great Web is He KNOWS that Web is damn near a blessing and Cy loves Web with every breath he takes Cy wants Web, and a life with Web, like I ve never seen one character want another character in a book It wasn t just want it was need And then there s the kids Cy s nephews latch onto Web and they are just so damn adorable Pip,who s 4 and miniature cowboy in flannel pajamas Micah, who s 6 and doesn t speak due to a traumatic experience Tristan, who s 8 and needs to trust someone now that the boys father has abandoned them Web is good with those kids He treasures them, gives them structure, rules and someone to believe in Reading this book is reading about a group of people who find home, family and a support system in each other I have not enjoyed a book this much in a long time Am I gushing here Hell yes and I don t give a damn The pacing of this story was excellent Web s insecurities were not dragged on to the point where they became pointless melodrama The writing was good I never thought Oh, this needs editing or anything like that The characters made me fall in love with them I got a good dose of seeing Web and Cy as a settled couple The book ended in a beautiful spot and I didn t feel like there needed to be any less or any I m not really a fan of Mary calmes other books but this was just my kind of story If you feel like you want a hit of sweet romance, family and devotion then I recommend this book I loved it and if you decide to read it then I hope you love it too.

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    DNF at 62%I tried Should I mention, I wanted to like it Though I m not sure I wanted to like it I THOUGHT I needed something easy and cute and hot.I still need something easy and cute and hotbut SOMETHING It was NOTHING About NOTHING And it has at least 3 kids to much for my taste Not that I don t like kids, but I don t like them in this amount in my MM books I know, it is unfair to compare books, but to read it after Joseph Hansen was not a good decision For the book It is a comfortable read that made me very uncomfortable.But it is me You could like it Read Jenni Lea s review before you decide to skip it The book is not bad and I can understand all readers who enjoyed it.It was just a wrong book for me And the next time I m going to ask my personal consulter,Ingela, before I buy me a book She knew that I wouldn t like it before I even started to read it It s why I like GR so much

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