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Sofia the First chapter 1 Sofia the First , meaning Sofia the First , genre Sofia the First , book cover Sofia the First , flies Sofia the First , Sofia the First 478d46065e8cc Meet Sofia, A Little Girl Who Lives A Rather Ordinary Life But Everything Changes When Her Mother, Miranda, Marries The King Overnight, Sofia Becomes A Princess, Moves Into The Castle, Gains A Step Brother, A Step Sister And The Ability To Talk To Her New Animal Friends Thanks To A Magical Amulet Now, Life Is Anything But Ordinary For Sofia The First

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    You can read all of my reviews at Alluring Reads.Sofia The First was a book that was quickly grabbed by my daughter on one of our trips to chapters She was quickly taken with the sparkles and the super cute princess on the cover There was no way I could say no so we came home and read it In the end this was a cute story, but I think it had a lot of missed potential.Sofia is a regular girl whose mother recently married a king Becoming a princess is wreaking havoc on Sofia s nerves as she struggles to fit into the role and live up to her new step sister, Amber Sofia looks for help along the way and gets it from the sorcerer of the castle who is really no help at all and the one and only Cinderella teaches her a bit about dealing with unruly stepsisters I had expected a cute story about Sofia shaking things up in the palace and making the royals realize they didn t need to be so stuffy all the time But what we got was Sofia s struggle to fit in and the lessons that make her perfect, and then she ended up being just that My daughter did let out a few chuckles throughout and really enjoyed the wonderful illustrations but I would have liked to see Sofia being accepted for who she was, rather than becoming the perfect princess.While I was disappointed in the direction Sofia s growth took, I did enjoy her coming together with Amber and them working together to find a solution This is a cute story with no real lesson to be had It definitely has cute drawings, but don t look for anything too deep in this one.

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    Not my kind of book, BUT This could be a great way to transition kids with Disney princess addictions to something with a little depth Since it s published by Disney, it includes real drawings of Cinderella and the three fairies Might be able to sell them on that fact.Could also be a good one to give to girls who are dealing with a remarriage Mix the fun of princesses with the other issues of having new siblings and a new parent but not very deep in to these issues.Overall the story was pretty shallow and felt like reading a 10 year old s made up story of If I was a princess

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    A disconcerting mash up of Cinderella and Rachel Dratch s recurring Debbie Downer character on SNL A self deprecating child who evidently sucks at everything, including wearing frilly dresses hey, girl, we ve all been there , can t make it through a family party without magical intervention I think I resorted to fermented magical intervention once or twice in college, if you know what I mean.Buy this title from Powell s Books.

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    Obviously written based on a Disney show It was a boring read and it s only redeeming quality for me was the idea that Sofia had inside her head than the standard princess fluff Despite my qualms, my four year old princess lapped it up and begged for Winner with the little crowd, but a snooze for the parent.

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    Super cheesy but the girls will love it.

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    Sofia Ensimm inen tarinat p tyiv t meid n lukemistoon ja elokuvahyllyyn pitk llisen v lttelyn j lkeen N in j lkik teen en edes muista, miksi alkuun niin kovin pyrin v lttelem n t t Disneyn nuorta ja uutta prinsessaa Olen ollut kovin hitaasti l mpe v kaikille Disney Channelin tuotoksille, mink uskon olevan perimm inen syy my s Sofian v lttelyyn.Prinsessa Sofia tarinat ovat kuitenkin hyvin hyv syd misi , auttavaisia ja l mminhenkisi Vaikka tarinoissa sattuu ja tapahtuu, niiss ei ole mit n turhan j nnitt v tai pahansisuista Varsinkin n m kuvakirjat ovat kauniisti kuvitettuja, herkki ja omalla Sofiamaisella tavallaan hyvin suloisia Tekstill on leikitelty niin alkuper isess kuin t ss k nnetyss versiossa.Kirja on prinsessafanien ja alle 3 vuotiaiden ehdottomia suosikkeja.

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    This book was cute but could have been done so much better The pictures were awful and many of them didn t look like the characters from the TV show The writing was really choppy and the story jumped around a lot It was interesting that the story was done completely as if Sofia was telling it herself but it needed to be done so much better than it was This book was ok but it was definitely not one of my favorite Sofia books.

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    Cute illustrations with modern elements in the narrative, but the story just doesn t pull my heartstrings The writing reminds me of fan fiction and lacks that authentic voice I would say it s definitely a must have for those entranced by the Disney Princess genre, though.

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    I love Sofia the first I think it s a great show for kids and has really good lessons behind each of the stories This was a very cute picture book Some of the pages lacked interesting backgrounds, or any background at all but I understand that simple is sometimes better in children s books.

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    We enjoyed this story about a sweet little girl who suddenly becomes a princess She learns about herself as she finds her place in her new family The illustrations are lovely.Check out Leeanne and Johanna reading this book on YouTube

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