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Parasite pdf Parasite, ebook Parasite, epub Parasite, doc Parasite, e-pub Parasite, Parasite e0dd5e039a4 A Decade In The Future, Humanity Thrives In The Absence Of Sickness And DiseaseWe Owe Our Good Health To A Humble Parasite A Genetically Engineered Tapeworm Developed By The Pioneering SymboGen Corporation When Implanted, The Tapeworm Protects Us From Illness, Boosts Our Immune System Even Secretes Designer Drugs It S Been Successful Beyond The Scientists Wildest Dreams Now, Years On, Almost Every Human Being Has A SymboGen Tapeworm Living Within ThemBut These Parasites Are Getting Restless They Want Their Own Livesand Will Do Anything To Get Them

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    i m calling it now this is the year of the tapeworm.seriously, TWO tapeworm novels in just a matter of months i am on a roll, boy howdy.and as cool as tapewormy horror novels are, i was going to read this no matter what it was about, because i love mira grant.greg got to this before i did, even though my desire for it was so great, so while he was reading it, i kept grilling him for feedback, and he was having a sort of tepid response to it and when i finally started it myself, at first i was puzzled and scoldy why didn t you love this this is great this is everything a mira grant book should be it felt like a return homebut as i got further along, i had to admit that on every level, it is a lesser version of the glory that is the newsflesh trilogy the characters are a little less sparkling, the science a little dubious, there are some problems with her broadcasting situations that should have been surprising when revealed but honestly, the newsflesh trilogy took a little while to work its magic on me, so i have really high hopes for the rest of this series i want to know where this is going.with this book, we are asked to rally behind sal a young woman who has, essentially, only been alive for six years after a devastating car accident, she was diagnosed as irreparably brain dead, and was about to have her plug pulled when she suddenly woke up with absolutely no memory of her life before the hospital physically, she is 26, but she has had to reacquaint herself with her family, learn how to read, and basically figure out how to become human all over again this isn t always convincing she seems to have picked up too much too quickly, has too much cleverness about her, and has even managed to land a boyfriend reader crush alert she has way conviction and strength than is realistic for someone who has only been alive for six years, and for someone who has been closely monitored and prodded the whole time, without getting much real world experience she has personality than you would expect, and it is frequently an irritating one, but it is one of those go with it situations, and she grows on you she does.meanwhile, in the science portion of this book, the pharmaceutical industry is a thing of the past most of the world s population, including sal, have been implanted with genetically modified tapeworms which inhabit their human hosts and fix every imaginable ailment allergies, diabetes, cancer all are things of the past as the little tapeworms absorb and recalibrate and fix what ails ya they are kind of like those contraceptive implants, only ambitious oh and birth control yeah, they do that, too.and it s all wonderful no pesky pills or injections, and the savings They represent millions of dollars saved in pharmacological costs annually That doesn t even take into account the savings they naturally cause in the areas of preventative medicine and allergy control They ve changed the face of medicine but now, those tapeworms appear to be responsible for an epidemic that has started causing people to go into a sleepwalking mode, and become erratic and violent sal, with her status as human oddity guinea pig to the symbogen corporation the tapeworm pioneers taking credit for her miraculous recovery, her parasitologist boyfriend, and her scientist father and sister, is in a unique position to get to the bottom of the epidemic but as she learns If you ask the questions, best be sure you want to know.this may not be as satisfying as newsflesh, but it is still the warm bath of a mira grant book it is instantly recognizable and comforting all the newsflesh tricks are there each chapter opens with a quote from a major player in the scientific community responsible for the outbreak and it all has that special mira grant plausibility to it, and once the wait, tapeworms intentionally inside me has passed, you are grudgingly swept up in her measured and detailed explanations.also, it has that mira grant humor i like The lab is not prepared for civilian visitors They ll be ready for us shortly Do you mean not prepared like they need to clean up, or not prepared like someone dropped a vial and now it s all melting flesh and screaming I asked I wasn t sure I wanted to know the answer I wasn t sure I d ever sleep again if I didn t know the answer.it also has that tricky to pull off idea that there aren t good guys and bad guys, just better or worse guys No one has only your best interests at heart Not me, not your parents and not view spoiler Dr Cale hide spoiler

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    Even though the ending was reeeaalllyyyyy obvious this was a fun sci fi book to listen to An interesting concept but a forgettable story.I m not planning on continuing the series simply because I don t really care to see where it goes or what happens to the characters

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    The trouble with writing believable science fiction in a contemporary or near future setting is that the reader has to willingly suspend a great deal of disbelief It s a familiar setting, so chances are not a lot of things have changed by then, scientific progress is advancing, things are evolving, but the book s setting and plot should be believable enough for the reader to think holy shit, this could actually happen This book was well written from a fictional point of view, but for anyone with a remotely scientific background, who has ever taken a Microbiology 101 class, or with an amateur s understanding of how the FDA worksthis book requires a lot of teeth grinding to get through The next two paragraphs will mostly deal with science and pharmacology related ranting related to the book, repeat Scientific ranting You have been warned Skip them if you want to get to the meat of the review dealing with the actual characters and plot.I am not a scientist by trade, but I have a good enough understanding of science, pharmacology, and god knows I ve taken way too many lab classes to be a willing skeptic when reading this book I have to admit, Mira Grant did an excellent job with the scientific jargon in this novel The lab write ups, the sterility of the SymboGen environment, the constant exposure to a laboratory and hospital environment, and the italicized scientific names for the parasite species all serve to disguise the fact that it doesn t seem like she ever took an introductory lab class The year is 2027 not so far from now Unless the FDA approval process or standard lab procedures have drastically changed by then, I find this book to be lacking a lot of credibility Within the first chapter, I groaned as we were given the description of a Ph.D doing research on a cadaver in her lab She doesn t use gloves because as she stated, the species is inert and completely safe No No NO You always use gloves in the lab, particularly when you operate on a dead corpse Animal, human It doesn t matter There is always a risk blood, bodily fluid, bacteria, viruses You never know when a lab species is dangerous there is no such thing as complete safety Gloving is not optional, EVER A genius Ph.D scientist who doesn t follow elementary lab procedures Stupid Adherence to lab rules is a must, children I could not help thinking as I was reading this book that so much trouble could have been averted had the actual FDA process been followed I mean, it s not a perfect process by any means, since there have been plenty of craptastic drugs released in the past resulting in horrifying fetal disfigurements, among many other terrible side effects Since then, FDA regulations and the process of getting a drug approved have been much stricter many, many trials on human subjects are absolutely required for a drug to be proven as safe for human use It is an expensive, time consuming procedures, running well past 10 years sometimes, and with a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars Few drugs make it past the approval process, as little as 10% Even then, the drug is not perfect New side effects are constantly regulated and reported every day, and drugs are constantly monitored SymboGengah They got this parasite approved, tested, and implanted within millions of people within ten years MILLIONS OF PEOPLE This is, as the CEO of SymboGen puts it, universal health care With all the hullabaloo going on about universal health care AKA Obamacare these days regarding people not wanting regulation over their own health, does it really make sense that so many people are willing to get an implant within their body, when the implant is a parasite It s supposed to be beneficial, sure Plenty of things are beneficial, it doesn t mean people actually do them Getting millions of people to put down the fucking donut is an impossibility in itself, but a parasite is a whole other matter The thing is, parasites are a really icky thing for a lot of people It s a primal fear of the unnatural Humans prefer structure worms, snakes, spiders, anything long and creepy and crawly and slimy lacking limbs or with excessive limbs are a turnoff The thought of millions willing to go through this, so soon, stretches the imagination The idea that the FDA would allow this extremely invasive parasitic implant to go on the market within such a short period of time, is highly dubitable.Ok, end rant BreathebreatheThe book itself, suspension of disbelief aside, is pretty damn good I am generally not a fan of Mira Grant, but she s done it this time This book was absorbing, informative, the narrative style took some getting used to, but ended up being extremely effective The chapters are interspersed with narratives, slices of information, be it from a supposed interview or a news blurb, or even a poem or quote from a literary work that s somewhat related to the book s theme It annoyed me at first, but the little bit of information ended up being very useful and enlightening regarding the plot as it unfolds.In the future, parasites are a thing They provide the essence of health care Get a parasite implanted in you, and your health care needs are taken care of forever You know those birth control implants No need to take a pill every day Well, these parasites do it ten times better No need to take any kind of medicine again Ever They re like universal health care implant Got a health issue Your parasite will deal with it The thing isthey re acting up Suddenly, people with the implants are developing sleeping sicknessfirst, they fall asleep They fall into a stupor They shamble around zombies Thenthey become aggressive It s like The Walking Dead becoming 28 Days Later The premise is awesome, and the development of the plot is fantastic It is very slow initially as we follow our main narrator, and I admit I lost my patience at times, but it develops considerably faster past the 30 40% mark The twists and turns the plot took hit me like a pick up truck I think I m pretty good at predicting where a story will go, and I thought this book was going to be predictable I was wrong.Our main character is Sally She is, to put it kindly, a brat Sally has forgotten who she is thanks to amnesia resulting from a severe car accident when she was, according to her sister, playing chicken with a bus She may not remember who she was, and that may be a good thing The previous Sally was frankly, a huge bitch Actually, the new Sal is not much better She may not be a bitch, but man is she annoying She is 26, but acts like a teenager Sal behaves like a willful child at times, rebelling against the authority figure, rebelling against SymboGen, while knowing that they held and still hold the key to her survival She has a love hate relationship with the corporation in the truest sense of the word Her life is saved thanks to the transplant, and she is being medically covered in every way while under their protection, but she is also in their control Sal feels like a guinea pig than a functional human at times I could sympathize with her on this, except she is just so whiny She is a petulant, rebellious teenager Her amnesia is quite total, she is barely functional, and had to relearn the English language Sal has done surprisingly well since, but her mental development really seemed to have stopped at the age of fourteen Thankfully, she does grow up through the course of the book, and ended up to be considerably competent than for which I initially gave her credit.I love the supporting characters, and how they re portrayed There is a diverse cast, there are people who aren t white gasp , there are people who are gay, straight, and just experimenting It is never a big deal, there s no underlying Message It is a realistic portrayal of people that any of us could know in real life, and that s part of what made this book so believable, despite the scientific quirks.It may or may not be the author s intent, but I see a lot of moral themes in this book The greed of corporations, the power of pharmaceutical giantsand they are pretty damn powerful There are a lot of moral debates and power plays where pharmaceuticals are involved they are a major billion dollar industry Follow the money It works every time They have numerous lobbyists, and their methods of wooing doctors into prescribing their drugs are questionable at best There s also the question of playing god It s a theme in Frankenstein, and it s a theme in this book It is playing god, what the scientists in this book have done, and it inevitably comes back to bite them in the ass Just because you can do something doesn t necessarily mean you should It s on a microscopic scale, there is no splicing together of salvaged body part, it is genomic splicing, but the results are no less devastating.Overall, this was an enormously enjoyable read, considerably well written and better than the silly premise would have you believe Highly recommended I received this book as an advanced review copy from Netgalley.

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    In short, I didn t like it I ve had a hard time even finishing it The outcome was predictable from the start, the novel lacked action and I just couldn t relate to the main character The novel lacked action in first place It s a very long description of a 6 year old child waking up from a cocoon her family and friends have built around her After suffering from extensive brain damage during a car accident Sal woke up without any memories She doesn t know who she is, doesn t know how to speak, read or write, has forgotten everything she ever learned The story starts 6 years later with her having a boyfriend and sexual relationship while still living under the surveillance of her parents and the company that fabricated the tapeworm and having weekly psychological therapy Without giving to many spoilers away, but This is just so unrealistic A six year old child at least regarding her psychological condition is having a sexual relationship with a doctor specialized in Parasitology while her tapeworm is apparently responsible for saving her after the accident and nobody thinks this is weird Let s forget the relationship and have a look at the rest of the story We get to accompany Sal to a lot of therapist sessions, medical treatments and examinations and nobody in the last six years found out that her tapeworm no longer is there where it should be All this fancy ultrasound gel sessions and examination gadgetry in the future and no one ever considers of looking in her intestinal area I was awed, but not in a good way One other thing had me really wondering Did you ever have a car accident I had one, and I remember it For 6 months I had nightmares of driving and not being able to brake But after all, I still drive my car What I don t understand Sal can t even remember her accident but she is so over the top when driving with people in a car Listening to radio is taboo as well as being emotionally excited people should have both hands on the steering wheel while driving and their eyes always on the street Every person in this book is being characterized by his driving style It really is annoying As much as I like apocalyptic novels about viruses that wiped out mankind this book didn t do it for me With thanks to Netgalley for providing me with the ARC of this book.

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    I WILL TAKE THE PILL, MIRA.I wished the title PARASITOLOGY had stuck, though We re big girls, we could have handled it.

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    I got fair satisfaction out of this medical thriller with elements of science fiction and psychological horror I was aware of the buzz and fandom surrounding Grant s Newsflesh Trilogy kicked off with Feed in 2010, but I avoided them because of my aversion to zombies I figured I might do better with Parasite because it concerns a medical innovation that goes awry, and I love to see exposures of the evils of corporate greed The premise is that a bioengineered tapeworm is developed that confers immunity to a lot of human allergies and somehow maintains a balance of blood chemistry that prevents certain chronic diseases In a setting of San Francisco in 2027, the majority of people have adopted the technology the Intestinal Bodyguard and made the SymboGen Corporation very rich Our first person narrator, Sally Mitchell, age 20, has had some kind of seizure while driving and has a terrible accident which leaves her brain dead But she wakes from her coma, unfortunately with total amnesia She becomes a pet project for SymboGen as a potential example of their product aiding in such a recovery Six years after awakening, she still has no memory of the old Sally, but through therapy and support she has developed into a caring, thoughtful individual She lives under the guardianship of her parents, works in an animal shelter, and enjoys a love relationship with a doctor, Nathan She has a lot of nightmares and anxiety attacks, but otherwise cuts an empathetic figure in her courage, humor, and resistance to agendas placed on her by SymboGen, her parents, or her boyfriend In the prologue to the book, we get a preview of the horrors that slowly build as the story procedes We are presented a scene of her at home alone with some neighbors appearing disheveled in her yard One man has eyes that were totally empty of anything resembling humanity or life Dead eyes He looked at me like a man who had crawled out of his own grave.So we are set up to expect a lot of scary scenarios no, they are not zombies , and one can t escape the presumption that SymboGen has something to do with it But the narrative is a bit slow to get there for me Maybe I ve read too many Crichton thrillers, which are so effective at keeping the tension building Yes, Grant does better at developing her characters, but as a colorful bit character concludes later in the book, Sally is a poster child for dull Also a bit disappointing, as science fiction the advanced capabilities engineered into the tapeworm involved a bit too much hand waving for my taste But then again, others might consider efforts at scientific plausibility to be a drag to the story Some of the drag I experienced in the tale relates to the novel being a set up for a series As a common practice I don t appreciate, big surprises and thrills placed near the end leave you hanging for the next book to resolve.This book was made available through Netgalley publication date expected Oct 29, 2013.

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    Gave up at 37% because this was terrible.It s because of my sick fascination with this type of thing that I bought this book instead of getting it from the library I have a love hate relationship with knowing about parasites, and other creepiness that can gross me out, so I expected to love this book on the merit that it would have me completely freaked out Nope BORING.It was so obvious what was going on with her though I admit I hadn t thought that for Sherman I skimmed to the end once I was done with forcing myself to read it , but that was only part of my annoyance She used some nice language but didn t know dork The whole I don t know slang even though it s been six years was a bunch of bullshit I thought I also didn t fully buy her fear of driving She remembered absolutely nothing before waking up in the hospital, but somehow that fear manifested I didn t need the descriptors for dog behavior either reading those bits made me think of a word count to meet , but beyond that I thought the writing itself was pretty dry and really fucking boring.I ve read Feed and actually liked it pretty well, even though I m not a big zombie fan, but these two books feel as though they weren t even written by the same person I m going to assume this book is a it s not you, it s me issue though, but damn I really wish I d kept my 9.

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    WARNING THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART, FOR THOSE HANGING ON TO THEIR LAST SHREDS OF SANITY, AND FOR THOSE WHO CANNOT TAKE CRAZY PLOT TWISTS IT S INSANE, I TELL YOU INSAAAAANE This is what Parasite by Mira Grant made me feel It made me want to go on youtube to look for videos of carnivorous plants Needless to say, I stumbled upon the weird part of that crazy site again CANNOT UNSEE WHAT HAS BEEN SEEN It made me fucking scared of elongated little buggers who may just have the capability to enter your body and stay there FOREVER It made me want to sit in my little corner and rock myself until the end of time It made me want to put protective gear IN MY SKULL It made me want to die now before I feel nature s wrath upon us BasicallyThis book is both disgusting and fascinating, both disturbing and engaging I ve never read anything by Mira Grant before, but holy hell I ll surely buy her books from now on This one was mad crazy good I mean, sure, I blame the sudden appearance of my fears of parasites worms carnivorous plants or whatever thingies on this author, but to be honest, I regret nothing.Here we have Sal who s had an accident, and thanks to a tapeworm installed inside her body, she finally got the chance to live again When she woke up from her vegetable state, she remembered nothing not even her language, the name of her parents, absolutely nada and had to start at zero 6 years later, she s finally better and is a contributing member of society Yeah, she still gets therapy sessions and medical check ups at SymboGen, the institution who helped her live again, and is still guarded by her parents day in and day out, but at least she s living Then suddenly, people are transforming There s a sickness going around where people suddenly stop being themselves and become empty, lifeless shells moving about SCARY EH For the first 40 or so percent, we re left in the dark about almost everything It was very slow, and it gave us an overview of Sal s life and her relationships with other people But honestly, I didn t mind it very much because it made me understand what the heroine was going through, and the hardships she was facing Grant really has this uncanny ability to make these fictional people feel so real and genuine nothing sounded forced or unnatural at all You can feel Sal s frustration and insecurities overflowing from the pages, while also sensing the tension escalating all around There were small scenes here and there, but you can totally feel the eerie atmosphere building up as you put the pieces of the puzzle together And then everything went loose after 50%, where you get your answers and some shocking plot twists that I didn t see coming I swear, at exactly 52%, my jaw dropped to the ground, with my mind going WTF WTF WTF It s that intense and gripping, dude I have no other words Sure, there were a lot of scientific terms dropped here and there, and I m no zoologist, virologist, or heck, I m not even that good at science, but I still enjoyed reading all about them DO NOT GOOGLE THE TERMS PLEASE THIS IS FOR YOUR OWN GOOD It becomes incredibly fast paced, with lots of creepy and heated scenes with the heroine against the sleepwalkers , against her family, and against the corporation that installed the tapeworm inside her and everyone else At the last page, I was like this Also, there s some good character development here, too, with regards to the heroine At the beginning, I didn t really like her that much although I understood her because she came across as too whiny, and too forceful with her feelings of rebellion against. well. everyone else And the fact that she kept on saying she didn t know what to do, she didn t know what else to do, when the answers were kinda obvious BUT She matures in the end, and I really liked how she stopped whining and finally did something for herself You go, girl You need to respect and love yourself All in all, it was a fricking awesome read I can t wait to read Book 2 and Mira Grant now officially joins the ranks of other authors in my to watch for future novels list This book is hauntingly compelling and amazingly creepy It gives a lot of food for thought when it comes to biotechnology and bioengineering It sure taught me that not all progress is good progress I sure hope the sequel is along the way FINAL VERDICT 4 5 STARS

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    Are you fucking kidding me You make me read 502 pages of mediocre and entirely predictable plot and then give me a TO BE CONTINUED

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    First off. ewwwwwww Parasites Tapeworms Gross And, dangerous.Secondly, this book is pretty boring until around page 130ish Then, it gets really good.Sally was in a horrible car accident and was brain dead after being in a coma for ages Luckily, the world has come up with an amazing new health plan that saves mankind from almost every kind of sickness or malady It s a tapeworm, of course, but don t worry because this is a friendly tapeworm that lives in your body to protect and serve you Like a disgusting slimy police worm He is there to eat all of the bad chemicals, bacteria, allergens, or viruses that enter your body so that you stay healthy So, maybe like a creepy crawly bouncer Apparently, in the near future, just ten years or so from now, we are all going to be willing to swallow these tapeworms, without even being on a reality show and being paid to do it Somehow, I find that hard to swallow, much like I would find it hard no impossible to willingly swallow a tapeworm The book was still good, though Not for a person with too weak of a stomach

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