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Ethiopian Tattoo Shop pdf Ethiopian Tattoo Shop, ebook Ethiopian Tattoo Shop, epub Ethiopian Tattoo Shop, doc Ethiopian Tattoo Shop, e-pub Ethiopian Tattoo Shop, Ethiopian Tattoo Shop b96ca552b72 This Collection Of Twenty Two Challenging And Intriguing Parable Stories Will Take You On An Adventure Journey Into The Timeless Realm Of Truth, Self Discovery And Growth Parables Are Stories With Numerous Meanings Two, Four, Or Many Once Again Edward Hays Unlocks A Treasury Of Original Parable Stories As Traveling Companions For Those On The Spiritual Quest Parables Are Unique Because They Are Stories With Silent Spaces, Using Imaginative Symbols To Lead Us Toward Answers To The Great Questions That Surround Our Journey Through Everyday Each Parable Holds Hidden Insights That Point The Way To Happiness And Happily To The Way Open The Cover And Enter The Magical World Of The Story Through The Door Of The Ethiopian Tattoo Shop Each Story Is Accompanied By A Brief Interpretation, A Key Provided By The Author Which Serves As A Starting Point For Your Own Explorations Intricately Illustrated With A Blend Of Ethiopian And Other Ancient Art, This Book Brings Together A Remarkable Blend Of Beauty And Insight

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    There are some really intriguing stories in here, a few that I will be thinking about for days While some of the stories were less interesting or powerful than others, there were enough really good ones to justify the time I spent with this one.

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    Very thought provoking and unusual stories A good way to start the day with a short story to ponder.

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    The Ethiopian Tattoo Shop is a collection of short stories told by author Edward Hays The book s introduction is about a man traveling in Ethiopia who enters a tattoo shop The tattoo artist tells the man a series of stories, the stories told in the book, as a way to numb the pain of getting a tattoo The short stories all give a unique view of religion and a new way of looking at the world My favorite stories were The Magic Folger s Coffee Can , The Mountain , The Alien , The Board Meeting , The Medicine Man , The Revolutionary , and The Judgment Day Overall, this was a great story collection.

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    THE ETHIOPIAN TATTOO SHOP BY EDWARD HAYS A friend gave me this book, and said be ready for different What she didn t say was be ready for wisdom This book is no longer in publication, so you will have to find it at a used book store or at a book fair I ll tell you this, you must seek this book out As it says in the bible Seek and you shall find.

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    A precious book of 22 parables presented as stories told by a tattoo artist in the city if Jerusalem to distract someone getting a tattoo from the pain.Very engaging.They nurture anyone on a spiritual quest and belong in that genre.A keeper for me.

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    great Collection of short stories fables spiritual up lifting My NEW FAVORITE AUTHOR

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    An extraordinary teaching tool offering unique insight into faithing and discipleship.

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    An interesting collection of parables can be reread and offer additional insight There is a feeling of manipulation in some.

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    Another enjoyable books by Edward Hays He has a way with parables that just makes them a pleasure to read.

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    Full of magical tales

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